In Mein Kampf Hitler talked about the Bourgoise (rich people aka boomers) and how they view the nation as an economic...

In Mein Kampf Hitler talked about the Bourgoise (rich people aka boomers) and how they view the nation as an economic machine, rather than a nation of a homogenous race. Hitler knew that the bourgoise class would betray its own people to earn a few dollars. By mass importing the third world, the (((boomers))) save a few dollars in wages by hiring foreigners in their businesses, and restaurants etc. The white workers of the nation become replaced as wages and working conditions decline.
Here you must see the clear distinction of how Boomers and Jews view the Nation, compared to a National Socialist. A (((Bourgoise Boomer))) as I said, views the nation as an Economic machine, while the National Socialist views the nation as a race, and values his peoples blood more than a few Sheckels.
Boomers, you must ask yourselves: Is replacing the blood of the people worth it, just to save a few Sheckels?
You have Doomed us all.

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What the fuck? Words have meanings.

they were called Bourgoise back then

fuck off /trannypol/

It's about whether the economy should be run to meet the needs of the people or if the people need to be run to meet the needs of the economy.


Boomers the meme has since evolved into a state of mind, tbh. There are lots of Gen X "boomers" per their mentality.

OP here, by i know there werent boomers pre war (duh)
Same assholes, different time
they have the same rationality as the (((bourgoise)))

Fuck off jew.

Nigger boomers are a fucking age group. There are poor boomers living in poverty while niggers like you are stealing their air.

Bourgoise are spiritual semites and act like so, no surprise about that. You have to keep that in mind when you blame jews for something. For every scummy jew doing what their do by nature, there's 100 spiritual equivalents of theirs doing their bidding in the host country. Merchants rule the world while they ought to be lower than peasants.

modern boomers have sold their own blood, like the silent generation did
we cannot afford to make the same mistake
this is multi generational

It is an economic machine dumbass. Your raceshit is just mind control for the masses.

blood is worth more than sheckels, shlomo

Say that again when you can potentially upload your conciousness to any body you choose lol

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>hey goy, look at those guys in their 70s, aren't you jealous of all the shekels money they acquired from working a whole fucking lifetime?
Fuck off shill.

they collude with the jews you fucking brainlet
they have the same greedy spirits as the greedy generation before them

Hitler loves his people no matter of age unless they are working hard against their interests.

the leftists and the bourgoise want mass importation of the third world for different reasons, and they are all traitors

So do millennials fucktard.

Soft language.

George Carlin was killed for warning us.

Its a bastarized language word, fitting for stupid minds created in these days. Powerful, precise words are dulled.

propaganda -> meme
bourgeoisie -> boomer
1000 adjectives for x type of people/personality traits -> autistic


1. It's not bourgoise it's bourgeoisie

2. Bourgeoisie refers to the merchant class which has accumulated lots of wealth

You're an ignorant asshole, go back to school.

He died because he was a degenerate that abused his body.

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Carlin was a limp dicked jew that blamed white men on stage every 5 minutes and praised feminism

Hitler talked about all kinds of problems in the different classes and people. This is a shitty class and age division thread that is using bastardized English. Fuck off you degenerate cuckchan memer.

This is the most stupid thing I've read all week. Kill yourself.

They don't do anything of the sort. Boomers were the subject of jewish psychological warfare.

That's because he was a shill working Weishaupt's disciples in order to end the prevailing notion of nationalism by becoming the token example of how it is "dangerous"


Hitler was a muslim loving faggot

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don't get mad. your hero was simply an austrian manlet with decent speaking skills who had his horribly misguided passionate ideas played by the powers that be.

accomplished nothing of worth

Israel truly is our greatest ally

I dunno about that all i know is Hitler was gay and he LOVED to ride the islamic muftis Cock then suck his own shit off that muslims dick

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The problem is boomer farmers.

the problem is obivously the jews and the jewish mindset, which they rubbed off onto leftists and the silent generation, and subsequently the boomers

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No, Bourgoise refers to class, and Baby Boomers refers to a generation of Americans. Two completely different things.
Sage for shitty thread

same kind of assholes
they value their wallets more than their children

The only redeeming quality boomers have unlike you fucks it that they were at least educated.

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"Immigrants are good for the Economy!"
"Race war? Ill be dead by then!"

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i have a higher education than both my parents, nigger

Zig Forums just got trolled.
I cant even literally right now.

Its not just boomers or the bourgeois, its all of us tbh.
Complain-consume-fornicate has been our lifestyle for some time now.

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lolz epic trole

Geezus H. Keerist Rabbi… Boomers aren't fucking jews. Stop with the scapegoating.

We boomers were educated because our schools had standards and Universities were subsidized but only for those who had high SAT and grades.
Not anymore - public schools have been dumbed down for negroes and universities sell degrees like whores sell back ally blowjobs.
I started my BS Physics in 1975 paying $100 per semester and then buying books at about $20/pop; that was a little over a week on minimum wage for the fees and 10 hours per book.
You young people can't do that now, because you've been jewed… Jewed by dumbing down the schools, jewed by universities whoring themselves to admit blacks and idiots, and Jewed by the bankers.
Boomers did not do that. Jews did

2/10 bait.

this place sounds more and more like cuckchan /v/ by the day

boomers were the guardians of the white race for the last 20 years. they failed

Lurk, you cunt

He's still whiter than you faggot

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The 65 year old guy who can afford two houses and three ride-on lawn-mowers isn't the bourgeoisie just because your faggot middle-school teacher said he is.
More jewish tricks to further make the youth resent their elders and the elders resent their youth. Breaks up the white family unit even more, fracturing the tiny support network they have to begin with.

No, fuck off. The modern aristocracy should be hung, but golden parachutes hang from the backs of the children of Israel.

do you think the jews got power by them selves? no they are parasites, they take what they are given by their hosts

This board has aids.

Yes, I'm responding to how basic the argument is.

My father is a jew boomer shitlib. Struck it rich during the tech bubble, got richer on the housing bubble, my grandmother died and left him even more. I couldn't afford to go to school and he gave me nothing. I can't find a job and have bad teeth and can't afford a dentist. I want to kill my father. I doubt I'm in his will, he has a 26 year old "sugar baby"

it explains the core difference between the nationalists and the globalists. globalists care more about money than their own people. HURP DERP LUL

Your post is literally meaningless. They have differing priorities, and the right views money as part of a means to an end, rather than the materialist ends itself.

Historian David Irving said in a talk that he can't verify that Mein Kampf was actually written by Hitler. There have been many forged documents over the years. He recomended another book that was a collection of authenticated Hitler writings. I can't remember the name of it, anyone know?

importing thir worlders and then hiring them for lower wages to compete with your own people, reduces the quality of life for your own race. nat soc is still a capitalist system but it only includes your own race

Let's get this thing clear torpedo hitler never bad mouthed people of old and young he only badmouthed those who threatened his nation and people.

anyone who wants to import the third worlders and takes advantage of the declining system is responsible as well

No it isn't, foundation of the NS set of beliefs is not an conservative attempt to marry captlism with rejection of globalisation, but instead the metaphysical struggle between peoples that come to personify ideals in a feedback loop.

if you give money to niggers then kill your self

non sequitur, mutt paranoia?

kike enabler (you)

What's your critique? Have you read Goebbels' writing?

on audiobook, kike
now youre moving the goal post

never do business with shitskins or kikes
if you go to a restaurant and theres a nigger working there, dont buy food

Goalposts? You've not made an argument, retard. What have listened to? What pamphlets?
The foundation of the NS platform is socialist. Goebbels himself agreed with most of Marx.

hitler had a darwinistic view on society, where the smart get richer and the dumber people work hard. not everyone is equal. he was a supporter of property rights etc
socialism wants to even everyone out, hitler did not want this, he knew that the smartest of the people should be rich, and would be incentivised to use their brains more if they had the opportunity to get rich.
hitlers struggle was not class struggle, but race struggle
by goalpost i mean your moving the subject from hitler to goebells

The weimar republic was not Communist. The NS rightly saw the Soviets as a Western backed monolith designed to crush Europe between liberal deindustrialization and state enforced totalitarian multiculturalism.
I never said anything about class struggle. Slow cunt.


Hitler was stabbed in the back by his bourgeois military leaders.
Hitler realised that the only way to save Germany was harness all of Germany. He was not cynical, but naive. Unlike Goebbels.

Goebbels realised the foundation of Marx's theory to be wrong. Class struggle is real, but it is not the foundational struggle.

fuck off commie

How is class struggle wrong? Your own description of Darwinism is "class struggle". As posted, Hitler saw the need to mobilize all of Germany.

if you read hitlers mein kampf you would know he was against the concept of class struggle, because race struggle was the #1 issue

Don't why I continue, you keep contradicting your own argument.


Son you are ignorant.

Can you imagine being such a newfag that you're even a newfag when it comes to simple language and concepts?

oy vey the muslims goy, not the jews, hate muslims!

you know hes a jew when he hates both white poeple and muslims

Hitler isn't a jew..
That was communist propaganda.

Is obivious npc normies have never read Mein Kampf. If they did they woudnt freak out about it. They are a wageslave with no purpose to serve a few Boomers in top. I will do anything to toture those Shekel boomers thinking that every citizen is a brick in the economic machine to fill their own pockets

Hitler had a granfather that was Zio Jew. He knew what the jews really was and did something about it. So what if he had jewish blood in him

Attacking the people who are actually disappearing?
The true middle class, not wage slaves indebted to buy houses and cars, were a reality.

No he wasn't a jew that was communist propaganda.

I even hear this from fat chainsmoking Gen Xers


What does gen x know about race?

Hitler fought for all of his people.

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There is nothing wrong with pointing out evil even if it dwells in some of those in our own race. It is imperative we call out the traitors and their crimes against our people if we are to unite against the commen evil that subverted us in the first place.

Start with the ultra liberal millenials then, most liberal generation in this history of the country. Attacking 70 year old white people is the heigh of judaism.


the boomers are "good times create weak men" part of the cycle, this is followed by "weak men create hard times", "Hard times create strong men", then finally "Strong men create good times". the cycles repeats.

Contest the will when he dies. Just try and get some skills user, certificates mean nothing if you have skills.