Solving the JQ

What is the real final solution to the Jewish Question? How do we realistically solve it? As much as I and I'm sure many of you would just like to $hoah them (except not a hoax this time), it doesn't seem practical or feasible. Mass deportation? Nuremberg type laws?

What do you think?

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The only way to defeat the jews is a global White Revolution.
But we'll never accomplish this because National Socialists refuse to work together.

That's because jews aren't white.

No shit, Sherlock.
Any other amazing revelations for us?

The holocaust didn't happen.

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But it will.

first step: delet 666.000.000 jewz

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Seriously? Make everyone aware of (((the problem))), which at that point (((their))) activities will have been exposed and public perception of them will be bad. Then mount a political movement for (((them))) to be exiled outside white man's borders (preferably to Israel), then pull back any political aid to Israel, then let the Arab dogs loose on them. Our hands are clean and the problem will disappear.

This. This. This.

It was always the three words…END THEIR BLOODLINE

OP sucks dick as usual.

According to E Michael Jones, the answer to the JQ is to baptize them.

You realize that many crypto jews already live as christians while pushing anti-White destruction for the group benefit of their race?
They carry the program for White genocide in their genes.
Read Culture of Critique ffs.
There is only one solution, deletion of all copies of the program.
The jews know this, that's why they created the fake holocaust, so that they could implement a societal and legal structure which would make a real holocaust impossible.

Before throwing them to the wolves I would prefer to extract every penny of their wealth and put it in American coffers, then hold back the muslims only as long as Israel is able to make payments on the wars we fought for them and the American lives they have taken. The moment the money stops they get wiped off the face of the planet.
Centuries worth of Jew wealth would eliminate our foreign debt and give us a large investment principal that we can use to build our main street economy. Any interest or dividends accrued would reduce the individual tax burden.

Maybe not the final solution, but a solution:

Even if we'd put them on an artificial island in the middle of nowhere they'd keep disrupting nations

Only an antisemite bioweapon can save us all

We will defeat them once faggots like you stop using deliberately-misattributed quotes.

1. Deport to israel
2. Let arabs handle it

There really is no other solution other than absolute extermination. Not exile, not physical removal, not everybody just getting jew wise. Only absolute extinction will suffice.
Anything less will not suffice.
How to accomplish this is another question but if you start out with a compromise you have already lost.

Race selective bio weapon that leaves ~100,000,000 total worldwide population that is 100% white. Total peace is the final solution

There is no point in addressing the JQ. The main issue, no the only issue is people stabbing each other in the back. Until you cannot create a cohesive group then having the Jews killing people is probably a good idea. You can think of them as maggots in a festering wound. Disgusting but still better than no maggots.
One of the arguments that Jews use is "You will miss me when I'm gone." Without a clear idea of what will replace their dictatorship that is entirely possible and looking at some of the crap around here almost likely.

The first step is to stop 100% of US taxpayer dollars being sent to Israel for any reasons at all.

A good start would be to totally ditch Christianity. They had 1500 year to address the JQ and failed. (Almost like they never meant to)

Jews need to be recognized as either OUR people, and forcefully integrated and told that they are truly European, and have our blood, or they need to absolutely and utterly leave.

The first option is absolutely terrible, in my personal opinion, but it would be significantly more peaceful. Simply saying, "Our people no longer believe in Jewish blood," and then forcing them to admit that they are True European would most certainly taint us, but imagine if they no longer had to be an outsider.

Imagine how nice it'd be for THEM, if they could just look at us as fellow Europeans, brothers, and instead of working against us, they'd see us as them. We'd be united at last, and no longer working in opposition.

On the other hand, if they cannot simply join us, and if there will always be conflict because they cannot align themselves towards our ideals, then they need to just go away.

They will just ruin everything if they don't leave or utterly conform. Either they are with us, and understand our struggle, or they are the enemy, and not on our side. There are many sides to Europe, so it's not as if you can't find SOME European ideal to hold yourself to.

Roman beauty. Greek aesthetics. French cuisine. German honor. British …something. And of course, all the other nations of Europe and their unique charms and cultures. Even Sweden has those meatballs, right?

If Jews would just join us, and understand us more fully, they'd stop fighting against our traditions so hard. Of course, this also relies on us having decent traditions, a thing that will end if our leaders keep working against the people. Jews or simply evil people are the problem, of course. They do not speak openly, or offer peace talks. They work in a sneaky, cheap way, by taking over the schools or churches in order to subvert our women and children into becoming feministic, or friendly towards foreign enemies.

Forced integration of the Jews would darken our bloodlines for a few generations, but in the end, the subversion would stop and things would return to baseline and the rightful, proper order, where we do not have constant wars and such dark existential fears.

And if they cannot join us as brothers, then they are not brothers, they are not friends, they are not allies. They would then call themselves enemies, and this conflict will continue. I didn't choose this conflict. They did. It's their choice to either end it, or have us simply deal with the issue directly.

Violence immediately springs to mind. Oh wait is it illegal to say that? How about starting with quotas in finance? Banning them from finance? Boycotting their businesses. Banning them from the land was classic. Push them into some isolated area. Reduce it in size.

Do what they do to us. Put them in a situation that reduces their birthrate. Then deny that that's genocide by the UN definition.

Sterilisation and deportation.

They have to die this time for real. We can't look down on them, or pity and empathy will creep in. We need to see them as the disease killing our species and kill them. We will never save this earth and ascend to the stars with them or their golems in tow.

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Once expelled, jews commonly bribe their way back into Occidental nations through corrupt leaders or shameless monarchs. Improve the social and legal consequences for accepting bribes. This would also alienate other racial 'cultures' that intrude by filthy lucre.

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Theres no need to hate jews, niggers yes, but jews no.

All this antisemetic feeling and paranoia is the result of autism, brainwashing, and general spasticity. Too many drugs too most probably.

dumb (((kike))).
We are Working Together.
National Socialists are Working Together.
All (((jews))) are dead forever.

Trips of truth defeat the (((jew))) forever.

Yet more (((kikes))) that are dead.
The (((juden))) must be and are sent into incinerators that are turned on.
Everything (((evil))) is destroyed forever.
We are Free!

More mental illness right there. Hug a jew if u can.

Nice try shlomo

you solve the jewish problem by committing every crime that adolf hitler was accused of doing.

Look at who the Jews blame. Look carefully, at who the Jews BLAME for their problems. One thing is what they point to: Classism.

The division of labor. They argue, why should some people get to possess easy jobs with abundant money, and other people have to do terrible jobs in meager condition? Some are born into money and power, and others are forever on the bottom.

They say, "And Jews are on the bottom the most! We're the "outsider" class in every nation with a hierarchy, and that always puts us on the bottom, no matter where we go."

So that's why the Jews point to hierarchy and classes. They say that among any number of humans, some will rise above others in terms of status, strength, wealth, or sheer power. And then that tyrant will oppress the ones below. So they invented concepts, abstractions, and ideologies that could put them in with the rest of us. They invented Christianity, but that was rejected by the Jews, and utilized by the Europeans instead. Capitalism is tried by them as well. If you're capitalistic, then the people who are most skilled at making money rise to the top. And then there's communism, where everyone is simply forced to work according to the masters at the top. Ultimate dystopia.

No one is appreciating the Jews going to such means though. They can have a fair democratic election, they can have their opinion in *some* media outlets, they're perfectly welcome in our shops and even as a personal friend of mine.

But they have done things that are so severely evil, so absolutely-over-the-top subversive and wicked, that there's simply no way to simply shrug it off. Propaganda of the nature that they have constructed, combined with the factual element of extreme invasion into Europe, the USA, Australia, and soon even into China that immigrants have been flowing into is too much.

The madness must end and no one is innocent.

Not just white. We need national socialist revolutions in all nations. The jew can still survive if left to parasite off of a nation like china.

Jew wealth doesn't really exist. Once they're exiled we would reset each nation's economy on a labor-backed currency. Their central bank funny money wouldn't be of any benefit to us.

I like your post but
is a meme.

First redpill that the Internet revealed was that Christianity was deliberately invented to pacify and enslave the natives of any given location. Don't miss out on the dark truths of reality.

Not going to get into a jidf larpagan derailment argument about Christianity. with you. You guys try to do this in every thread.

You're the one that brought this up.

Don't play this game, fool. You went into my post, and highlighted a mere religious disagreement for no good reason. You're a fucking asswipe and a moron.

You're right actually I'm being a hypocrite. Do you agree that discussions and drawing battle lines between Europeans of different faiths can wait until after jewry is dealt with?

I like to have a friendly debate with pagans, atheists, and Christians in the local pub, but not too often, and we always leave as friends. That's how I see things. You're all my brothers. My worry about Christians is that they would consider me an enemy for not being a Christian.

I prefer blood over religion, and thus I fear Christians will betray their own people, putting ideology over blood and family. It's a personal fear, but I do not know how they feel about this. I can only speak from history.

If Christians were to attest that they will align with blood instead of their religion, eternally, then I can see us being proper friends and allies forever onward. But if they intend to stab us in the back at the last moment… Then that's simply not ideal.

It sounds like Hitler attempted to achieved this through trying to merge the disparate denominations into positive Christianity.

Israel is going to become the world superpower, when America is thrown to the wind. What then? That's the real question.

Doesn't Israel think he's entitled not only to his own soil, but also to reign over all the nations?

(((Hitler))) killed 100 million Whites, helped create Israel and created the "Holocaust" by sending Jews to Poland.

To solve the JQ, one must come understand the CQ christian question.

It almost certainly wasn't a hoax the first time. Anyone who is convinced that it was a hoax is either retarded or lying.

They always do. Alliances with any Abrahamic religion are always temporary. As soon as they get the upper hand they will turn on you.

Didn't work
Didn't work
Didn't work

It's almost like any half measure taken against literal satanists bent on destroying the world is doomed to failure.

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The fact that Jews were involved in concocting Christianity is not disputed.
Many of the central doctrines are shared with the most degenerate aspects of Judaism.
Worship of the Holy Bloodlines of the Priest Class being the most notable.
Yes this is completely contrary to what Jesus and many other prophets taught but it is an undeniable part of the Catholic Church. Protestants just replace the priest class with a heavy handed "Rational" morality which just ends up looking like proto Catholicism.

Consider that there are no jews. Once yiu understand that basis, everything else falls into place.

Sometimes a parasite kills its host.

Well that was the original plan. Mass repatriation back to the middle-east. The grand uprooting, the Final Solution.

Evidently they want to be there too, despite what a hellhole it is, so that's a pretty good solution. Just make sure not to lose the fucking war, make enemies with most of the modern world and have your entire plans twisted like cheese string afterwards to infinitely better serve the agenda of those you tried to kick out to begin with, ey.

bruh, europeans have tried to assimilate jews for 2000 years. Living alongside them and hoping that they will feel loyalty to you is utter foolishness. it has never worked in the pst and it will never work in the future.

propertarianism;punish liars, outlaw usury, remove parasites
civil war is coming, the right will win, install propertarianism

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This is the most obvious way, and despite it seeming too simple and too obvious, will likely be the underlying timeline hidden behind many more sophisticated surface events which produce that timeline.

Get it right.

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They only have the power they have now because they have wrested control of the international finance system, which has only been able to spread its wings on the back of the industrial revolution. Technological power is the root of nihilism.
Take down techno-industrial society, and the jew will be nothing more than a wandering well-poisoning nuisance again.
Take the Tedpill.

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i'll just leave this here

So long as it's in VX nerve agent, we're in agreement!

This user is woke af.

Are you a new arrival from plebbit? No I'm not referring to the "plebbit spacing" derailment meme (I believe line breaks between paragraphs is proper); I am referring to the content of your post however. It just seems so plebbity, or possibly even christiany! How utterly disgusting! The only solution is to go truly final solution, and I mean a full on genocidal effort.

A stupid christian like you would say that. If you are christian, you are no authority on final solutioning the jew menace. You are at best a retarded sideshow, at worst a programmed golem ready to sacrifice yourself and jump in the way of eradicating the jew so you can get the most. brownie points with the highest jew of all of them jeebus!

No one takes you seriously outside of you discord groups chaim. Hitler and national socialist Germany was Christian. There is no escaping that fact.

That's a dirty lie you chaim-golem and you know it! Hitler had to work around christianity to make his vision reality.

What does this even mean? All of European civilization for the last 1500 years was Christian. Natsoc Germany was Christian, fascist Italy was more catholic than it was under (((democracy)), the high point of European power was under christendom and the many pogroms of jews were lead by the most devout Christian kings. In the Roman empire it was the Christian's that wrote polemics against the jews and Christian's who oppressed them. It was the Pagan clique that wanted to ally with jews against christianity.

So where the fuck are you getting this "christianity will always betray you?" When in history has this ever happened you sniveling kike?

Oh shove that tired bullshit, and your bible, up your ass where it belongs. Go back to >>>Zig Forums you dirty cancerous jew whore!

Well lets judge Hitler by what he said

"National socialism is a Christian movement" -Adolf Hitler

Doesnt seem to be any ambiguity there. So if he was secretly anti-christian I guess Hitler lied to his people. I know you have second hand accounts from documents found after the war that purport that Hitler was anti-christian (they also said he was pro-muslim) despite what he said directly in his speeches

Lets judge Hitler by his actions

That natsoc regime oversaw the construction of hundreds of new Christian churches and protected them from the communists who tried to take them down. Service in church always took priority over service in national socialist gatherings.

You faggots grasp at the most comical rationalizations to paint the picture that any great European of the last 1500 years was anything but Christian.

You were presented with indisputable facts that run against your narrative. You faggots never seem to be able offer and argument past "haha or a kike dessert religion" one liners. You're either low IQ edgy ex-atheists who get their world view entirely from image board memes or actual jidf. Either way you need to kys.

1. Forbid usury
2. Disband central banks
There, enough to end it once and for all. NO EXCEPTIONS. All and any debts default to the principal, no interest paid.
Levying interest becomes a crime, working for bank issuing credits makes one a criminal accomplice. The remaining kikes would be effectively defanged.

Not to be confused with owning shares and getting dividends. The shaheowner shared the risks of the enterprise, the usurer does not share the risk of the debtor (quite the contrary, he probably wishes for him to default so as to steal the collateral and get the debtor into the debt slavery spiral).

The trouble with (((christians))) is, if something isn't (((christian))) then it is of the devil. As I said, he had to work around it to see his vision for his people materialize. Do you think it's (((christian))) to euthanize the lame, the retarded, and others who are burdens on society? HAH maybe you're on your first steps to no longer being (((christian))) yourself. Just start asking the CQ, it will lead you to another tasty redpill. :^)

The Atheist position is meritous prima facie, it is you (((abrahamists))) who must grasp at straws to even have a hope of sounding coherent.

You (((christians))) are utter morons! Who is going to lend their savings for zero interest (interest strictly to overcome risk of default/bankruptcy)? Are you going to end bankruptcy protections too? Even if there was no inflation and people though a dollar next year is worth more than a dollar today, why the living fuck would someone with savings lend it when the risk to them is much closer to zero to just sit on it until next year instead?!

Interest is a basic requirement if you want those with savings to lend it! What are you going to do if you're a poor little shit (most of you (((christians))) are) and are in need of something right now that has a high expense? Are you against rent as well? Because if you're going to end rent on principal you may as well end rent on cars, houses, movies, games, etc!

Fucking (((christians))) on Zig Forums need to do some Finance 101 playlists on youtube, lest they remain plebeians for life!

Hey Rabbi, working overtime I see.

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So you're idea that Hitler was secretly anti-christian is pure speculation?

I have a masters in economics and you have no idea what you're talking. There are several ways to avoid usury on loans. Are you even a national socialist? Because National socialist Germany did this exact thing. No-interest loans given out by nationalized banks.

Nobody, that's the point.
You want profit - you share the risks by investing; so you get profit on win and nothing on a loss. A usurious kike profits on a win (he gets the interest) and profits on a loss (he gets the collateral, maybe send the debtor to debt slavery).
Give a kike a central bank to print money on a whim to give loans, get ENDLESS MONEY and EVERYONE a debt slave because losses are sure to happen and the loaner is sure to win regardless. Or the modern clown world.

You have no right to force people to give you additional money regardless of their situation. This is fraud. You don't get something out of nothing, you get back what was taken and do more for it not to become a fraud scheme.
Unless you invest, like any proper businessman does. Then you share a common venture, not fleecing someone in danger.

Can a student discharge his student loan in a bankruptcy? No? Why not?! ALREADY THERE'S NO BANKRUPTCY PROTECTION, WAKE THE FUCK UP YOU DEBT SLAVE.

Of course! That's the whole point, you dense kike! No unearned things! No central banks taxing people by inflations to make stupid proles into debt slaves while saving too-big-too-fail banks risk free every single time. Stop the fraud, end usury, go back to economy of production instead of debt economy ponzi scheme.

Nigger it is Shabbat. Do you know nothing of halakha?

Good day and השם יברך

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Remind yourselves, usury was forbidden in Europe. To anyone but the Jews, hence you get Rothschild, Soros, Schiff and other worthy families.
The difference between a respectable financier and a despicable loan shark is one inch of nose length.

Never post here again. All jews must be exterminated. They don’t convert. They don’t keep to themselves. They don’t ever stop doing what they do. Judaism itself is the problem. Fuck off.

Come on user, I know you want to see those milkers.

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Genocide. Realistically, it was always the only solution. Full mass killing of all jews, nonstop, until they are all dead. You can play as a child and pretend that there is another solution. There isn't. And there never was. Either all jews are killed, or they will win.

you solve it by killing them>>13080175

There are less virulent semites out there, user, if you must. Remember to dispose of the body when you're done.

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can't tell if shoop or not

its a shoop retard

Have another.

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I figured that, but I didn't want it ruined being able to pretend it was real.

Christianity is not just a way for Jews to exploit Gentiles it is the whole reason that Jews exist in the West.
If the Romans kept feeding them to the lions then Europe would be a different place right now. The Catholic church protected Jews and their main sponsor these days are the Protestants of America.
Jews like to suppress and infiltrate Christianity but they are terrified of a Pagan Europe.

Nice larp. But jews are very much alive and that's the problem.
Focus on working with White people of all nations rather than ignoring a deep problem with National Socialism and its fetishization with German supremacy.

That's be nice and I will admit that many Islamic organizations could teach us at least something about actually resisting the jew. But I'm not very confident that anyone would be willing to work with us.
I'd focus on awakening White people before wasting time trying to get the chinks to side with us.

The Chinese will eat the Jews alive and they know it.

The solution to the "JQ" is to inform everyone as much as they can about freemasonry and their codes and such. If everyone knows that "secret" system then there is no elite. Masonry was invented to protect the (((British))) royals anyway.

The Chinese are in the pocket of the British, who are kikes anyway. Ever notice how both chinks and scots have that slant-slit eye thing?

Unironically this.
Most christians are cucked and will willingly bend over backwards to serve the jews
Ban all churches to stop the vaticans propaganda machine
Real Christians will continue to worship in private anyway so theres no issue of muh religious freedom