The Islamic prayer call broadcasted in central London

The Islamic prayer call broadcasted in central London

London officially Londonistan.

The Islamic call to prayer was recited in Trafalgar Square, Central London last night.

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This is such an ugly fucking song, I know I'm supposed to be more angry at the fact they turned London into an islamic shithole but ffs, I really hate raghead music.

yeah but least they are not gnatzees

You know, for a moment there I thought they mounted a loudspeaker on Nelson's forehead or something.

London is well and truly FUCKED.

When idiots ask "how can Christchurch be fake? How could they get every single muslim to go along with the hoax?"
This is how. The goat fuckers know exactly how much they stand to gain by helping out their fellow semites with a psyop.
And here's the fruit. Call to prayer played in central London.
Muslims now unquestionable

Cool story, user. Thanks!


Disgraceful abomination, painful to the ears, and bad for the soul of every Briton.

It's good for the economy.

Not like any one's gonna do anything about it.

This is what the anglos get for not accepting peace from Hitler in WW2.

Hey that looks like nice target practice

You know what have to be done.

Sometimes shocking material is a good reminder for normalfags about what you’re fighting for.



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Imagine one Tarrant there with a couple pipe bombs and a semi-auto. Would kick off the race war that needs to happen before they have majority

Can't wait to see what the Americans get for preventing a total German victory in both ww1 and ww2.

The UK outjews frankistan evertime

NYC 3 days ago.

Theres a difference between ending a destructive war, and not accepting peace.

Fun fact: It was the arabs that told hitler, "Burn the jews."

I recognise that statue to the left at 0:20

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Bro Hitler was the best at sucking muslim cock, he actually had muslim Nazi generals in his gay ass army…fuck you faggot

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The call of the enemy.

There is actually zero effort made by the UK government to preserve their culture. They are throwing their heritage away.
Do this in your homeland, it's where it's meant to happen and if anything its exotic and charming, but not there.

Sad but true. They will go to great lengths to virtue signal their belief in diversity and tolerance, but will only lift a finger to prosecute someone trying to save white girls from stinking, ignorant, peasant mudslimes.

Go back to cuckchan.

Great defence faggot ,is that all you got ??? Its a historical fact that Hiter bent over and took it up the asshole by muslims and he liked it….you know its true pussy

Meeting with someone who shares a hatred for your enemy is taking it up the ass?

sup schlomo

Not only that, he also said that Islam would be a great fit for the germans instead of Christianity.






I would like the Patriarchal God to help fix all this degenerate evil. Please.

At some point I just stopped feeling bad for anglos, the few of you that still have your balls attached are welcome to come over and crash on the couch. PROTIP: going to mexico and hopping the fence is MUCH easier than trying it the legal way.

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Why aren't they worshiping our patron saint,
St Tarrant of Christchurch?

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A PETITION to allow loud call for prayer, known as Adhan, in UK mosques has been signed by more than 25 thousand people.

Its true they had a common enemy but theres more to that, HITLER LOVED ISLAM…the mufti was his advisor…he wanted to push islam into germany…he fucking had WHITE MUSLIM GERMAN NAZI GENERALS and soilders..he was a cuck and a shmuck who loved muslim dick up his ass, hes a disgrace fuck this bozo

lol, context, am I right?
It really is strange that Hitler didn't decide to ally with based fashy jews in the 20s.

Israel, your kike is broken.

You outed yourself.

" Booohooo EVERYONES A JEW" run to momy the jews are comming to get ya .

Look faggot stop witj your autistic inbred antics and say something intelligent for once in your life…why did your daddy Hitler slirp so much muslim cock during his reign??? Did he like fucking kids too???

nice D&C. Nazis and Muslims are friends now kike

Napoleon and Cromwell were cucks! Look at them living in a western civilization on the rise. LOSERS. They love Muslim cock, yes sir.

The random all-caps words makes you stand out faggot

Of course hitler liked to deepthroat the islamic muftis dick, he was the bigist fag in history, which explains why he was such a sensitive emo bitch and blew his own brains out , what a pussy this man was


Read, do you do it?

t. (((American patriot)))
The US is the single most guilty nation in prolonging the war. Without material support to the allies and USSR the war with the allies would have ended after dunkirk and the USSR would have been dismantled by Germany. America deserves the worst fat of all for being the Jews strongest and most obedient golem.

Yeah is that’s what it’s called? Fucking terrible shit whatever it is
Glass all mudshit races Eco Naturism / National Socialism with one hundred million total population (all whites) ethnoglobe.

Seriously, only a brainlet thinks that the Normandy landings did anything except shorten a war that Germany had already lost

It's funny how you fags find a way to blame Americans when the Soviet Union and England were complete kike assets. At least be consistent.

holy shit, cuckchan shithole

The only source that claims Hitler said that were post war Jewish documents. Stop outing yourself as a kike shill.

If England and the USSR were complete kike assets (they were), how was the nation that propped them up and joined the war on their side not also a kike asset?

Lmao this shit is just funny at this point

Your tricks haven't worked in twenty years. Why do you think they'd work now?

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Gross 🤮

It was, I just hate it when Europeans find a way to blame Americans for all of their problems, when the fact is we have both been kiked.

The full thing is minutes long. They do it every day now 3 times a day. Apartment value within earshot has dropped dramatically because normal people don't want to hear this sandnigger shit.

This is all intimidation and nothing more, like when thousands of them gather in parks for mass prayer. The proper response is to ram a truck through them. Turnaround is fair play.

The point on the video I shared is that the date means it was clearly not just "last night" Other videos are available as well with different dates and clouds. This is a thing now, not some one off event.

14 words does not require any death. We simply wish to re-assert our right to self-determination.

i copied it from news site

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you are fucking retarded, america wasnt the country that raped the shit out of german women, it was the russians. you can stop being a dunginist shill already you disengenuous slav rape baby apologist.

Too many dirty pakis there.

don't be a faggot

one is too many

(((White Supremacy))) = (((Jewish Supremacy))) = (((Zionism))) = (((You)))

The USSR and America can both be controlled by kikes.

Monkeys have more intelligence than those sand niggers.

Demographics, dipshit. Move to an all-white community and blast Kenny Chesney from the local strip mall.

And he still didn't do it lmao

These apes should not be in western countries if they do not want to be there to begin with.

Name one General within the Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS, Justice Department (JVA), Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe, or just Volkssturm Units that was in fact a Muslim.

We get to keep our guns

Google it you fucking cock sucker do i look like your maid ?? Bitch

Fear will strike them in London soon enough.

Blast "Ride of the Valkyries" at 10x volume next to them.

Bunch of dirty apes. London was great until they came in.

For all the guns americans have it was an australian who used them against 50 muslims in new zealand
in america a muslim used a gun on 50 faggots
And bowers didnt even kill half that, dylan roof barely killed 13
Americans are such flagrant faggot pussies.

Muslims hate and i mean absolutely hate church bells. Go full on quasimoto's last stand. Heres a list of open churchs with bells read to ring.

ALL HALLOWS-BY-THE-TOWER, Great Tower Street (18: 41-3-0 + 2 disused)
ALL HALLOWS-ON-THE-WALL, London Wall (2: 12 cwt approx.)
ST ANDREW BY THE WARDROBE, Queen Victoria Street (3: 8-0-8)
ST ANDREW HOLBORN, Holborn Circus (8*: 18-1-21)
ST ANDREW UNDERSHAFT, Leadenhall Street (6: 13-2-6)
ST ANNE AND ST AGNES, Gresham Street (1*: 3 cwt approx.)
ST BARTHOLOMEW THE GREAT, Smithfield (5*: 5½ cwt approx.)
ST BARTHOLOMEW THE LESS, Smithfield (3+1: 6¾ cwt approx.)
ST BENET PAULS WHARF, Queen Victoria Street (1: 5 cwt approx. + 1 unhung)
ST BOTOLPH-WITHOUT-ALDERSGATE, Aldersgate (1+1: 12-0-14)
ST BOTOLPH-WITHOUT-ALDGATE, Aldgate (8*: 25-0-7)
ST BOTOLPH-WITHOUT-BISHOPSGATE, Bishopsgate (8*: 17-1-6)
ST BRIDE, Fleet Street (1*: 15-0-8)
ST CLEMENT EASTCHEAP, Eastcheap (1*: 6¼ cwt approx.)
ST DUNSTAN-IN-THE-WEST, Fleet Street (10*+2: 10-3-23)
ST EDMUND KING & MARTYR, Lombard St (1*+1: 14¾ cwt approx.)
ST ETHELBURGA, Bishopsgate (1: 6 cwt approx. + small bell)
ST HELEN, Bishopsgate (3: 4? cwt approx.)
ST JAMES GARLICKHYTHE, Garlick Hill (8*+3: 9-1-25)
ST KATHARINE CREE, Leadenhall Street (6*+1: 9-3-18)
ST LAWRENCE JEWRY, Gresham Street (8*+1: 24-3-2)
ST MAGNUS THE MARTYR, London Bridge (12*+1: 26-3-9)
ST MARGARET LOTHBURY, Lothbury (3: 8-2-23)
ST MARGARET PATTENS, Eastcheap (1*+1: 6-0-6)
ST MARTIN-WITHIN-LUDGATE, Ludgate Hill (2: 3? cwt approx.)
ST MARY ABCHURCH, Cannon Street (1*: 5? cwt approx.)
ST MARY ALDERMARY, Queen Victoria Street (1: 4-3-14)
ST MARY AT HILL, Eastcheap (No bells)
ST MARY LE BOW, Cheapside (12*: 41-3-21)
ST MARY WOOLNOTH, Lombard Street (3*: 13? cwt approx.) ♫
ST MICHAEL-UPON-CORNHILL, Cornhill (12*+3: 32-1-6)
ST MICHAEL PATERNOSTER ROYAL, College Hill (1: 2? cwt approx.)
ST NICHOLAS COLE ABBEY, Cole Abbey (1: 4-3-9)
ST OLAVE, Hart Street (8*+1: 11-3-23)
ST PAUL'S CATHEDRAL (12*+1*: 61-2-12 + 4 large bells)
ST PETER AD VINCULA (aka St Peter in Chains) (1: 3-3-3)
ST PETER-UPON-CORNHILL, Cornhill (1: 10? cwt approx. + 1 unhung)
ST STEPHEN WALBROOK, Walbrook (2: 9? cwt approx.)
ST VEDAST, Foster Lane (6*: 16-2-12)
TEMPLE CHURCH (1: 9 cwt approx.)

* Indicates that bells are hung for full circle ringing.

might be more effective to add in a little radio controlled relay into the control panel(s) so you dont have to be anywhere aroundand can ring them at will. some sympathetic churches might even accidently on purpose let you do it.

God you jews are horrible at your lies.

How was temple?


I bet you worship (((christ))) too!

The most likely outcome, being a cuck ideology.

It's the truth, us americunts are flagrant faggot pussies and we have (((christianity))) to thank for it.

Do I have to buy a plane ticket and do this myself?


Indeed. Anons cannot split the pozzed Christian institution from Christians. I'd never be a Christian, but Christanity must be the last religion standing, not Islam or Judaism.

Go fellate your jew demon elsewhere moshe.

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A white man doesn't need an abrahamic religion to succeed. It is a hindrance meant to subjugate white men to animals.

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Fuck off you faggot and die with the dogs

shraight white christains built western society and setup the best system that created the most wealth, happiness, and freedom ever. Also when mudskins are christian with decent family structure and role models they commit less crime than white people. And the bible warns us about the syanongague of satan what like 75 or 100 times? it says they will make war by way of deception…..which is basically mosssads motto and mission statement. When jesus had the change to goto a temple full jew bankers he kicked their shit over, call htem nasty names, and went full on indana jones on them with a whip. which is how they should be dealt with here also btw and I know they are reading this. Come up with a better system then western society built by us straight white christian males and maybe you will convince someone……

Skepticism of institutionalized Christianity is valid. Skepticism of sanitized Christianity is also valid. But you are correct. The word of Christ and the untainted forms of Christianity, basically Lutheranism and some others(mostly those adherant to the texts and those able to see through the bullshit in the Catholic church and follow its original teachings) are extremely valuable. God warns of the Synagogue of Satan and it is Christ who was rejected by the Hebrews, forever damning them. There is a reason the Romans adopted it and a reason Germanic-Western Civilization was Christian for most of its existance so far.This is not to shit on paganism but it is clear enough there is correlation with the rise of the Faustian man and Christianity being merged with his original paganistic beliefs. Christianity has been subverted, but it was not Christianity, in its earlier days, that told European man to bend over and take it. It told him to honor his people, his god, and all the works of his ancestors and take up the hammer and sword to build it further and defend it. Only it and some Eastern ideologies have pushed certain groups of mankind to strive higher, and to do so without deception, without callousness or other negative qualities or methods. And it carries with it much of the pagan spirit of the various European peoples it touched and molded. Christianity at its core is a white ideology, and only within the past two centuries, like everything else of ours, did malcontents and backstabbers meddle in it and betray it.


Christianity is a dead spiritual force in the west with no patriarchy or force to correct the wrongs of the western civilization now that it has given itself fully to degenerate culture of hedonism.

If Islam has to be the ones to save the west from itself, then so be it. No one else is stepping up.

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great insight there ahmed

No one else is stepping up.

Islam draws its values from low quality savages though. These types were caravan raiders, not great men. The only positive aspect of Christianity is the Roman and Hellenistic influences on the New Testament. The cucked interpretations and worthless churches have certainly rendered it a dead spiritual force, I won't argue with that.

We need a new religion which involves worship of the Ideal. We should strive to become Gods as men, not devolve into hedonism as the urbanites do in their cesspits.

Where is St. Tarrent when you need him?