Columbia University professor says Israel almost identical to Islamic State

He's gotta point there.

Dressed up as "huwite men" to project blame when the shit hits the fan.

So salty. Jews just hate simple irrefutable logic.

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I bet it really set them off when he included the New York Times, too. He's hitting every note.

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Where's the lie? Deserves a meme. Equal is equal.

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The university chapter of Students Supporting Israel wrote in a statement Thursday: “This kind of utterly despicable and repugnant statement is not to be expected from a tenured faculty holder in an Ivy League institution.”

Its as good as a DNA test to ask any suspected Jew to "state the opinions and arguments of the other side in your own words". They simply can't do it. Its like a physical thing. Any other race seems to be perfectly able to do so once they settle down and understand what they are being asked to do, but I've yet to find a single case of any Jew even able to recite "the other man's point of view", much less do so honestly in their own words.


I am shocked he calls both scum of the earth. I am used to people being cucked Muslim bootlickers, sand niggers themselves, or good goys who will say Israel never dindu nuffin.

Almost? Islamic state is pissrael.

They hate everyone and everything including themselves twat.

When did ISIS break away from Israel?

He's wrong. Plenty of journalists on every news outlet in America have defended ISIS by calling them other names, and saying they are native Syrians trying to oppose a dictator.

not really, main point is USA is overrun with Kikes loyal to Israel who always defend and lie about Israeli sins.
USA is hardly overrun with ISIS shills, except for a few Jewish sponsored Mosque internal newsletters.

How can they be "almost identical"? They are literally the same entity.

Jews that bump shit threads are working full time today.

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Naturally, they would threaten the school with withdrawing it's funding in order for them to get a tenured professor fired. Even tenure cannot stop them. They have eaten away at every pillar of society.

He's offering himself up like a canary in a coal mine, naming the Jew, and will probably die for it. Career-wise, I mine.
But Godwin's Law has thoroughly eroded the Jew's holocaust trump card and they've masqueraded as whites for too long. This is just the beginning, the establishment is starting to turn on the zionist infection, since the zionists are the pillars of "problematic behaviour" that the Jews have built up the establishment to despise.

Good work, Jews. This'll be fun to watch.

CIA probably told him to start collecting names of students who agree. All is lost. Hopefags should get on Sackler meds before the price goes up.

It was always a proxy army of zog used to destabalize the region without openly declaring war.

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Zog here. Deus Vult. Happy for Golan. Fuck Islam.

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but Israel has an DNA test now

well thats just a plain lie
whatever you think of Israel its atleast not beheading muslims in the open

You're right, the IDF deliberately shoots children who get too close to their wall trying to retrieve a ball. Israel is worse than ISIS by far