How to save the EU: RoboNat


EU members can issue bonds

How do EU members pay for the bonds?

EU members can't print their own currency, so that's out.

Raising taxes, but that cuts into consumption since EU is already taxed like a socialist paradise, so that's difficult.

Cutting into consumption will rally together corporate players against Brussels, so that's suicidal.

EU member bond irresponsibility gives all the cards to Brussels in the form of assets-for-bailout swaps.

This drives away sacrificial goats like Switzerland and the UK who don't want their currencies to be collateral for such deals.

Brussels wins, forcing the importation of non-union, alien cultures as the new workforce for AI-augmented production.

This drives operating costs for corporations down, which theoretically creates more taxable income for EU member states to pay off bonds.

Isle of Mann becomes the real winner as the boost in corporate profits are allocated through shell corporations, tax havens, and bogus charities.

EU member worker unions are gutted a la America 1960s-70s.

How can EU members prevent this? They ask for their gold back from the US Fed.

But the US Fed won't give up the gold unless its part of a trade agreement.

Enter Robotic Nationalism: The way to allocate gold stores into a type or production that undermines immigration and Brussels concentration.

EU members can now go to war with each other via robotic-vs-robotic warfare to pay off their bonds… bonds payable in gold or cryptocurrency. Oh, and no one actually dies.

Brussels gets fucked.

EU corporations are forced to allocate gains into additional robotic expansionism to stay competitive instead of stashing their money in shelters.

We get a surplus of robotic labor to begin sending into space.

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you have to go back

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Maybe we don't want to save it.

t. literally showed up here after christchurch

I've been here longer than you've been alive bucko

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One would think you'd have been here in the year that OP's other threads had constantly been getting attention then.

Who controls EU members OP. Protip they don't want to prevent this.

Get out.

It's important to force hands from time to time.

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This also lets you rebuild from the ashes, too.

Who's going to force their hands? Your idea will not gain traction. Why? Who has power and how do they hold it. A lot of smart people have thought about these things a lot. You seem young.

I should have mentioned "Pic related."

Oh hey Patrick, how've you been? Anything you can tell us about the current Assange situation?
polite sage for offtopic


If youre implying Brussels has overplayed their hand. They haven't. If you're into making people overplay their hands make an accelerationism thread instead.

seem like an autistic kid to me

go away techno demon

Been good. Waiting for the window to open up to kick start everything. It's here :D

< Epstein deal thrown out because of Acosta.
< Milo gets banned from Australia.
< Cernovich wins his motion to intervene on Epstein's case.
< Judge of the trial dies.
< The Royal family has visited their tour of the Caribbean and finishes it with a celebration of the David Attenborough film "Our Planet" (a very vicious warning, given that American tax shelters pepper the Caribbean, meaning if you take down the UK, the UK will take down the tax shelters)
< Prince Andrew and all affiliated are sweating bullets.
< What are in those insurance files?
< Where is the market to short the pound based on the successful extraction of Snowden?

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Ahhhh, fuck. Sorry, I meant

< Where is the market to short the pound based on the successful extraction of Assange?

Snowden is an op.

Yeah, well no shit. Even the boomers over at qresearch know that.
Thanks for the reply, I check your twitter pages daily since that fateful thread, which prompts me to ask the following:
How the fuck did that thread last as long as it did? I mean, I was one of the fags who made sure it didn't slide, but holy hell man. A thread of that sort remaining on the catalog, for what, 5 months? That was insane.
In any case, love what you're doing. Always immensely interesting to read.
Honk Honk.

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Be less obvious next time.


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Is it so hard for you to make actual paragraphs you reddit spacing nigger? I ought to flay you.

nobody cares about this shitty thread

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and 5 of them told you to fuck off.

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Honestly EU need to die and the interplanetary pro-European Empire need to be created for the sake of European races.

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He's right, the very premise of your thread is jewish in nature, and your over use of reddit spacing only serves to confirm that you're an outside agitator. Fuck off.

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We need to develop the anti-jew and anti-traitor robot police squad to cleanse the world free from the messes.

All these 'oldfags' not even recognizing OP.

These files will soon be easier to share than Pewdiepie's videos.
They can shut down 1 ISP, maybe even 100, but not 8 billion.

Oh, I have a feeling they actually do.

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Fuck off back to whatever cuck shed you crawled out of.

The British suspended the gold standard at the onset of their entry into WW1, dooming every nation in their empire to the calamity of haphazardly managing their own currency and trade relations. After two world wars, the result was stark: The German, Russian, Turkish, Austrian, Japanese, and Korean monarchs/empires were all dead with only Britain keeping its land and monarchical influence thanks to American muscling.

The British have demonstrated that they will let a century of violence endure if that's what it takes to stay alive. I have no doubt they will shut down the entire Internet to stop the spread of the decrypted contents of that insurance file.

I do, too. ;D

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Oh, and the Chinese empire, too

Good point.

youre probably a fed and youve been shilling this stupid shit for weeks nobody cares about your shitty autistic escapism robotic nationalism.

Doing that Boomer rep grind, I see

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Sounds like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands.
Did you have any contingency in mind for that?

While he had eyes from some intelligence agencies, and some tech degenerates, most people didn't knew who he was, what were his plans, and what to expect, as his shit showed effectiveness, well, people paid attention. You only shill, disrupt, what you understand or something you don't want people to talk about. Can't shill if don't have a clue what people are doing.

Now he has too many eyes, and I verified trough multiple means how much valleyfags came to hate him.

Too little, too late. He has some interesting contacts, and it seems other people weaponized different concepts and aspects of his work.

Pay attention on how fast this thread will get deleted. His last two didn't late a day.

Yes. Extremes can be met with extremes. I wouldn't play this game if I couldn't counter that.

Correct. Can't shill what you can't understand.

As the eyes increase, the believed themselves to have adapted, (and my long silence form Zig Forums helped foster that thought) but in reality, the more eyes appear, the more magnified the the fallacy of the panopticon becomes.

Additionally, the more powerful your enemies are, the more powerful allies you attract.

My canary is up, btw.

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Interesting. Only further strengthens my beliefs in our dear OP. Thanks for clarifying, I think I've missed the last two threads.