A lot of people will simply dismiss this as a shirty experimental film. I disagree.
This film is more relevant today than it ever was in 1982. Discuss.

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Nobody that posts here has any excuse to spend time on any sort of entertainment. It should be a prerequisite that you've been clean of TV, movies, music, video games, and fiction for at least 2 years before posting.

Not only are you a brainlet in the sense of completely dismissing any and all form of art, which cinema and fiction literature are - you have no idea what you're talking about. This isn't a traditional "movie."

Well that's one way to put it.

it's a documentary you fuckin tard

I would like to see Koyaanisqatsi for 2019. That would be giant redpill. Cool but old 2 hours of nothing. Back then i smoked weed so i don't know if i would like it now.

And you can't even write a single line about how and why it's relevant or what the movie is even about?


You first, what's your thesis as to why it's more relevant than ever? Great flic btw.

It is 2 hours or random footage of human civilization around the world. Nothing more and nothing less. Some extremly autistic user could do it too. About migration, jews etc. You get the idea.

Fuck off moshe.

The idea was to check back on the thread in the mornin' cuz it's 1 AM for me and i got a flight back home in the morning.

If you've read Industrial Society and it's Future, then you have a general idea on the message the film is trying to convey. Except tenfold thanks to technological boom we had. Now g'night

Meant noon. Brain is fried

Haven't seen the film, yet. But I listened to that Glass song a couple times some years ago, and the term always stuck to me. What makes this special enough for me to watch it?

Also, FUCK Hans Zimmer.

Liberal professors say this shit.
Reddit says this shit.
Fuck off and stay gone.

Trying to derail a thread about a film with redpills? Try harder yid. Fitting though, seen many articles of late in the judenpresse lamenting the fact that the "alt right" is becomming more culture as they have aquired a taste for fine culture and aren't the brainless neyonadzees they wish we were.

This film is based

I think it's something to watch high, like 2001 or Tree of Life

Absolute kino, good thread

bump for saving the planet

Only r*ddit knows what r*ddit would say


Do you have to be on some sort of drug trip to understand this film?

Does Hans Zimmer even write his own music? "Hans Zimmer" seems more like a brand of ghost writers to me.

Wtf? This is Phillip Glass

Only a kike would dismiss the revival of Western art and culture. I'd prescribe a lava dive. It'll purify your evil tendencies.

i like where this is heading.
there is no evidence to it, while still you acknowledge the possibility.
then why are so many opposed to the idea of FE?
it's just an idea after all.
inevitable result of masturbation.

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No, we’re not discussing it, you fucking yid. Go back to your containment board.

You cant just call everything a kike and pretend you're right, nigger.

Looks interesting user, I like pieces that put humanity into perspective. I'll check it out sometime



this was my favorite part of the film


failed 'urban renewal'
why it failed is debated, most claim white flight is why
same architect who designed the twin towers, both his works now destroyed

I'm sorry man, but I can't condone that.

No, he's a known fraud. His best known work, being the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack (the one you hear in your mind now), caused quite the controversy. He blatantly stole it.

Why yes, of course. But you can't hear the similarities with the Interstellar soundtrack? Zimmer (((borrowed))) it.

What are you on about?

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Baraka is good too. These are traditionalist films. Timeless spiritual values prevail (balance and harmony with nature, respect for ancestors), while the petty materialism, cosmopolitan consumerism and fake social progress of the merchant and banker's revolutionary order are condemned. They are what the "right" is all about, where we draw our legitimacy from.

We need to contextualize the struggle of European peoples within this larger frame. When we do this we naturally find ourselves aligned with all other peoples resisting globalization. Our enemies would prefer us to be marginal, insular and myopic, which is why the feds stoke the fires of broad spectrum racial conflict in white dissident communities.

The globalists want to sequester people into small footprint living communities in the form of high tech, highly surveilled aparment blocks.
They use the same argument of being in balance with nature as part of it.
Just don't want to go deeper in slavery than I already am.

It's a meditative film. If anyone watches it, I think you have to go in as if you were about to meditate, it's a good experience to watch it all the way through before bed, on a big screen, headphones on and the lights off. Try it anons.

I don't sleep.


It's ok. I mostly take it as someone whining about transportation policy in 80s California.

The director made a sequel in the mid 00s, it's typical pro-refugee kike propaganda but there is sliver of truth in it: his film predicted climate change and war would instigate massive migrations towards the first world. Even though it's a Jew, it's at least an honest Jews that was clear about it's intentions (the total destruction of western civilization).

yeah i really liked it. wish i did drugs as i'm sure it would be a hell of a trip. his other films are also excellent. no bullshit narration just video analysis of the modern world. very artful

Yeah the "humans in balance with nature" frame is hotly contested by globalists, but in a very superficial way. This is really our territory - everything to do with nature - and winning it back is a comparatively easy fight for us.


why not just take a high dose hallucinogen

looks boring as fuck

A little back-story from Wikipedia: Pruitt–Igoe was a large urban housing project first occupied in 1954 in the U.S. city of St. Louis, Missouri. Living conditions in Pruitt–Igoe began to decline soon after its completion in 1956. By the late 1960s, the complex had become internationally infamous for its poverty, crime, and segregation. Its 33 buildings were demolished with explosives in the mid-1970s, and the project has become an icon of urban renewal and public-policy planning failure. The complex was designed by architect Minoru Yamasaki, who also designed the World Trade Center towers.

There are some, though extremely rare, worth watching. (its a bit anti-pre-christian as is typical)


Not your blog, not politics.



shut up fag
turner diaries and hunter IS entertainment AND fiction