Finally! Hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did
I think this was a great take on something that no one else on youtube besides max igan and vennie eastwood will talk about.
Memes are cool, but a goddamn video analysis was really needed, and this dude has stomped concrete so it makes it all the more juicy. I aint a bootlicker, but ive been fiending content like this! enjoy!

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Then you're on the wrong board, because we're all authoritarian cuck fetishists here.

Video is a schizo wetback boomer talking about false flags.
sage and report all false flag spam

What do you post this retarted boomer cop here?

Shill your kiketube crap elsewhere yid.

All boomer e-celeb analysis seems to be muh false flag. I suspect their brains are starting to malfunction.

Remember anons;
Report D&C threads.
Sage D&C threads.
Filter D&C threads.

Remember anons;
Report slide threads.
Sage slide threads.
Filter slide threads.

Remember anons;
Report duplicate threads.
Sage duplicate threads.
Filter duplicate threads.

Their brains never worked to all. They just had free tickets from great generation. These are people you tease with wall for 8 years and tell them Deep State will go down every month and they feel like freedom fighters.

max igan:
I have been called a shill for disagreeing that it was cgi, because it wasn't cgi folks, because I'm not a shill folks, look into these hypnotic still but animated pictures as I play some meditative frequencies folks, it was definitely multiple guys folks and agents of the state folks, but not cgi folks, not actors folks.
Haha look at that youtube link t=333

what the fuck is this ramblinh nonsense?

The kike brigade got sure in record time, the video must be good. Have a bump, OP.

Now that jews are well known for their first post proficiency, it's now the first six posts of every thread. I've seen this brigade tactic over and over again today on normal threads.

too true

Thanks for posting actual content, cheers

brenton tarrant is a hero

U think it's real?

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It's real.

so this is the power of schizos….

thoughts on the bullet impacts?

He deserves at least he Nobel Peace Prize and a nice monetary bonus

look at how shit the camera quality is.

Attached: what.JPG (688x576, 46.31K)

It would have been cool if there were more impacts with bullets through and into mudshit filth. Next time. Fifty is still pretty fucking awesome though

This part looks hella strange.

Attached: impact.png (1920x1080, 1.88M)

How so? There's no impact? Firstly, the quality is like 4p, lmao. Secondly, that most likely hit a shit skin, just the angle of the camera makes it look off.

You should get the pictures of the Baruch Goldstein massacre, course he only got 19 so there should be less blood and gore really. So go compare.

Fuck off, cops are heros.

At this resolution, there are existing commercially available game engines that can produce real-time rendered environments of this quality.
The scenery itself could have been done 10+ years ago, real-time.
The npcs in the video have shit AI and pathfinding, but the movements etc are a mixture of motion capture and AI-controlled IK.


Fuck off back to reddit.

Does anyone know the model of the first rifle he uses? It has quiet the barrel. The second rifle is a Cali restricted RUGER AR 556 That comes with a monster grip. The end of the barrel has no flash hider or comp, which explains the massive recoil impulse.

I wish he would use HIS HANDS TO DRIVE…FUCK I am appalled that this guy is allowed to drive.

Thanks I almost clicked on the bait.

He has AK's at a Mosque
Why should anyone think that is unusual.

THE SYNAGOGUE 8:30?!?!?!

This guy is a KIKE!

Looks like this mexi kike is doing the merangue…god forbid he keeps his hands on the steering wheel while going 50mph

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finally a white man talks about Tarrant

whats the first rifle he uses?

He's a (retired) cop, he's above the law.

that's actually hilarious. I lol'd.

So in New Zealand you are not restricted to using a gimped RUGER AR like the one shown, In the video you notice that when he uses this ruger, it kicks like a fucking a mule.

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Checked and this

Maybe you are just a fucking retard, and the first 6 people were right?

oh wait, you are just a fucking newfag retard redditor

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reddit go home

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no bullet holes, no wounds, no blood

there are some weird inconsistencies in the video, but because they censored the 720p version we will only have snippets of what people screencapped off of facebook. the car window thing is very odd that got me thinking the first time i saw it. it's very hard to tell though because the videos that were released are blurry as fuck.

I imagine the big on after seeing the video beating the shit out of the little one while screaming "THAT WAS MY VIDEO, YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO DANCE!"

Is he ok? He will put his face back on skull r-right?

TL;DR: Tarrant was a Spielberg produced CGI agent played by a Mossad tranny and pakistani intelligence double agent all in the hopes of demonizing white people but more specifically peaceful,weed smoking boomers

This is correct.



Max Igan is a JEW.


Where's the woke part

I'm a retarded MAGA qtard and i think its a false flag you nazis are stuoid idiots trying to hurt our God Mr Trump!!!!
You are fake news SHILL GLOBALISTS wh need us divided by race!!!! WE Love Q!! Israel first!!!! MAGA WW1WG18($,!!!!!


Which is why we never see an actual picture of him after the shooting.

Real redpill is that Tarrant was played by Tom Cruise with latex mask. For exchange he will get money for next Mission Impossible.

I'm not even saying there definitely wasn't more to the shooting, but all the stuff implying it didn't happen and they were all actors is retarded.

Yes, boomers are retarded because they are cuckservatives who think democracy and optics cucking is the only true rightwing path and anyone who deviates is an agent or fifth column. And that explains everything that they have ever uttered.

Remember when you got bullied in 1960s boomer?
False Flag. Didn't happen. You were a god. Trump ftw. MAGA!
only retards think Tarrant was a FF by the fact that the manifesto has been nearly silenced and most publications are not talking about it despite it being prime "WHITE GUYS SURE ARE EVIL" material. It's because it was not on the menu and too dangerous to give any attention too for (((them))).

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The archetypal American boomer is basically Alex Jones. You can actually use him as a reliable heuristic for what boomers are thinking about an event. Simply ask, what would Jones say?

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I can't stand the guy, not after he showed he cared more about keeping his youtube channel than the right to have an opinion or question things completely
If you have to lie to keep your youtube channel what good is your fucking youtube channel for getting the truth out ?

obvious D&C

not an argument

not an argument

not an argument either cuck

insults aren't an argument

still not argument


Round 2: Fight!!!!

Like we havn't had enough 70 IQ faggots giving us their analysis.

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boomers are youre own parents, un fucking believable.

Can't even bother formulating a legitimate response.


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their time is done, its time for them to take the back seat

I expected people to be discussing thoughts on the ammo used, his accuracy, his ability to clear the stove pipe. his use of weapons, etc*
DISCUSION of the event and thoughts and analysis. and all I get is the typical shill/goy/kike/boomer response, like wtf?

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You're late to the party, user did do a deep dive into the shooting. If there were any particular points you wanted addressed about the shooting you can bring them up after the you have read that thread. Also people are calling you a kike because the boomer you've linked a video to in the OP is retreading arguments that have been debunked since a day after the shooting. Debunking the same claim 1000 times makes user salty.

There is nothing to analyse. Act of Saint Tarrant was miracle. He was send my God to punish muslim devilish spawns. Saint Tarrant will show you way to his father and eternal heaven. But to get there you have to remove kebab in your local mosque. Don't look for answer around you user. Answer is already in your heart. Belive in way and you will be way. Just like Saint Tarrant did.

Fuck your shill meme

Fuck you, shills.

That is nice video. It would be shame if nobody watch it.

Okay thats interesting.

that thread doesn't even cover the weapons he uses. dafuq? It doesn't discuss his tactics.

I cant even get an aswer to the weapons he used or how great his accuracy was? what the fuck?

51 lel



Found the journalist
I could sit an AR on my balls and fire all day, it has almost no recoil

The last AR I tried out was like holding a baby. It was so fucking smooth…it was as if I grew another appendage and we were one together. I have a major hard on to gibs me one of those very soon.

Is this the same person.
Did they cut this reterds face off.
Why would somebody do that.
What the actual fuck.
He better have deserved it.

gee, does the truth hurt that bad?

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compare the recoil impulse of the first ar to the second one, u dummy

polite sage because this thread is a waste of time entirely, including explaining that bodies don't explode with blood when shot you actual dork.

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Its not a waste of time. But slandering otjers is.

Official Zig Forums (((d*scord))), join lads

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There is a important lesson to be learned here…like a good goy this guy, even with police background, only focuses on the propaganda that was presented to him. He only has eyes for the spectacle that was put in front of his eyes, without asking himself what the motivations for the event were, what the consequences are and how all these things are connected in a flow of time. This is the foundation of marxist indoctrination…overloading the students with useless information like names, dates, and events, but never tell them how it's all connected to themselves and the flow of time. A good teacher must teach the students how to seek knowledge, not bury them under it. Don't fall for bread and circuses.

Get out you dumbfuck nigger

still not seen the video, have a link?

I can practically smell the curry and BO.

What looks strange, the fact there isn't a single impact mark from the pieces of 1oz lead flying at them at 3,000 feet per second?
Yeah, that's because the event was a work of fiction.
Pay no mind to the prime minister dyke who was an office clerk before beconing a member of parliament less than a decade ago or her beat cop father who suddenly became a diplomat when his daughter, who resembles him not, was suddenly discovered to have such a knack for politics.
If only we should all be so lucky…

Tips for a god-tier AR-15
-Adjustable gas block, to tune the gas system to use what it needs. Proper torque on a clamp style is preferable, as no need to drill into the barrel.
-The longest gas system possible for the barrel length. Rifle length gas system Über Alles, mid systems are ok, fuck carbine length.
-Rifle length buffer system. Note that a decent spring should be used (I like the flatwire ones), don't use bottom barrel chinese music-wire garbage, they'll lose strength and length after only thousand or even several hundred rounds.
-Low mass bold carrier group, steel only. Aluminum and titanium will gall in the aluminum upper and are for raceguns only.
-A superior oil, like ALG's go-juice.
-A muzzle brake, or more preferably a suppressor.

This all requires willingness to actually tune your gun and test it in freezing and hot conditions, and across different types of ammo. All guns need to be tested for reliability, but a custom setup is a far more deliberate project, and may involve adjusting buffer weights as well. People who can't handle this should just go mil-spec, which is sloppy but designed and proven to work as broadly as possible.

Yeah, even 9mm can make nice neat little entry holes that can seal up quick. These nongun retards spew the same retarded shit every time there's a shooting, ignoring the mountain of war footage that's been generated over the past 20 years of constant normalized war, showing what getting hit actually looks like.

Real guns are nothing like what you see in hollywood, but I'm sure the irony of that is lost on these brainlets. Take vid related, which is an iraqi fighter getting lit up by a burst from what is probably a M249 (saw), the only reason there is gore at all, is because there was a nice headshot.

Attached: Iraq Tango getting Whacked.mp4-adi0uEXXsv0.f133.mp4 (352x240, 388.71K)

I never heard the thing about the music before. I'll have to watch the video again.

This. They have been trying to steer the discourse on this board from the moment the first thread appeared on Tarrant.


Headshots :12%

Bodyshots: 67%

Missed: 21%

Terminated: 51

Survived: 107

Human causalies: 0.0

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absolutely (((organic)))

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kike brigade

Lick my jackboots, pig.

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fucking boomer doesnt even know that Brenton had an mp3 speaker clipped to his backpack and thats why the music is following him around.

this thread needs gone

neither is your schizo boomer posting

You wanted an analysis of the NZ shooting, the thread you were linked to is exactly that. If you wanted discussion of tactics/weapons that Brenton used, you should have put it into the OP instead of linking to some shitty analysis from a boomer. Try asking coherent questions and someone will answer coherently. Some user even found the speaker he used during the shooting so finding out what model of AR-15 he was using shouldn't be too hard.
sage because , this thread is pointless.

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