This brave doctor worked to devolope diseases to target blacks

Imagine the possibilities of a bio weapon that selectively targets based on DNA characteristics of specific races! Think anyone is still working on this?

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lol sorry I know how to spell develop. Im not black

A new hero

israel already has this I think

I'm positive it is possible. It should be developed to its highest potential. Think of the uses it could have in removing non-whites. The logistics of removing so many millions of people from the United States could easily be remedied to some degree with such technology.


Is it going to be called FoxDie?

I am going to call mine FYRE.

Love Saint Tarrant (one of the few men alive with intact ballsack) but I am going to try and break Cain's record.

They wouldn’t use it because they realised that they are likely to be killed along with their genetic siblings because they are genetic thieves.

Biowarfare has always been the most successful at deterring enemies

It was a staple of both Europeans and kikes…we always fell back on it when we needed to do a big job and this job is PRETTY FUCKING BIG at this point.
7 billion big.

IT would be callede NogDie. I hope we can actualy develop some virus one day. AIDS failed to do job. Maybe if white cucks didn't send them money so nigger can breed faster than they die, it could work.

Its only OK when Trotskyite (((NeoCons))) do it

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Sleep Noggie Nog?
Tuberculosis FoSure?
Notorious Dead?
Ice Cold?

We need to name it after a famous rapper. You are right user.

It's called
Everyone knows monkeys came from
Thanks Niggers

niggers with aids

Enjoy your precious white skin. Oh and don’t forget the sunscreen🔥

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At least partly white.. they sure as shit ain't the people the ancient Hebrews were.

This is retarded and dangerous. Living creatures evolve. It could quickly jump from black to white and now we are fucked.

Monkey this monkey that. You albinos are niggers too🔥

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It's a horrible idea, and a threat to our survival.

Viamin D is protective against skin cancer and sunscreen causes skin cancer. The rates of skin cancer were very low before the wide spread use of sunscreen. Cant blame a hole in the ozone layer because there aren't holes anymore.

You will not laugh when whites cut all money to Africa and all you get will be chinese slavemasters and AIDS on steroids.

Did you seen 12 monkeys. Not many niggers underground with based James Cole.

Zip it Busta Artery…take your envy back to your nigger containment board.

I bet forum guiding is a fun job.

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Niggers count as monkeys.

You’re just jealous of the Chinese😏just saying

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There is no light without darkness😏just saying

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Can you even reply to post Pharaon? We want to keep darkness where it belong. In Africa.

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You can not run from your roots. The will find you🔥

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Nigger…blacks are chimpanzees and the youngest of all the humanoid races…you aren't our FUCKING ROOTS…you are 80% chimp in GEDMATCH…you are MONKEYS user…you have no genetic relation to HUMANS at all…

True. You are missing link between humans and monkeys. No need for old model. You was thinking white's are cruel? Wait what chinaman will do it to you. They cook dogs alive and eat dead babies. They don't care about lives of other chinese. Do you think they will care about lives of some demented negros?

Exploitation by the Chinese will probably work out better for them. They might even civilize Africa.

Looks white to me….

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You are the product of a chimpanzee human liaison that happened in Africa 30,000 years ago when some Khoisan bushman decided to fuck a chimp and niggers are a plague upon this planet.

Because you are not white.

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Enjoy your white pride world wide.

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Nigga. You have same skin problems but because you are dark as shit, such scars are not visible on your skin. Even tattoo barely works on you.

shit any pandemic up to and including wiping out 90% of our own population would be preferable to the daily shoah

How much are you getting paid mosshie?

It is all he has…BWAHAHAHAHAHA

He should go back to eating the coagulated blood of his children in his mosquito burgers.

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I know you 'chimps' hate SCIENCE…confounding White man's devilry that it is, amirite?

Top kek, enjoy that top tier IQ and every world invention ever.

I'm not going to read that article. Any such tech will be stolen by, or given to Israel. We all know this. It's not even funny anymore. I imagine it hasn't been used against whites because that would be too merciful and not profitable enough.

I remember some user on here talked about doing this. I wish him luck tbh

Macro evolution is a lie thought

Its extremely possible if you define "selective" as "smallpox to pre-Columbian Mesoamericans vs Europeans".

Barring simply using commercially available oligonucleotides to stitch something together with modern gene drive tech you could wipe out entire populations in 2 generations. If Dr. He was able to CRISPR kids in the back of some Chinese lab without anyone knowing its disturbingly simple to throw together the 13588 nucleotides to recreate the 1918 Spanish Flu.

It honestly has me worried

It's called lead, works on niggers Jews and sand niggers, try it for yourself and see

Europe is under threat from islamists and this doc targets blacks?

Don't we already have AIDS to take out the niggers?

Enjoy your sickle-cell and inability to build civilizations, kike-nigger.

Yeah but two close species can cross breed. It is the only way to explain why their DNA can be traced back 30,000 years ago as its origin. Also, why they have 80% allele GEDMATCH to chimpanzees (fucking SCARY) that explains why they rove in Troops and display suck dead on Chimpanzee behaviors. Have you ever heard a troop of niggers? They sound EXACTLY like chimps. Hooting and hollering.

This guy didn't see 12 monkeys.

Do 12 nigger count?

If one were concerned with optics, could you potentially develop a "gene based sterilisation agent" as a contraceptive and then say "lol whoops total accident" when it ends up spreading to others of the same race?

It might be related to the fact that Arabs are too genetically similar to us. (Even though a lot of them are inbred they do have similar genetics) Blacks are unevolved sub humans that aren’t similar to the genetics of any race. Idk though, maybe the doc is just experimenting and playing god for fun.

Enjoy the incoming ice age when your monkey ass freezes to death. We evolved in that shit, you can only survive it because of the conveniences of (((modern society)))

Arabs are part niggers too…I was going to key off nigger genes when I make FYRE so that I can destroy all the subhumans and men who put their dicks into subhumans and bred animal into their DNA in one fell swoop. Targeting niggers would wipe out all Indians, Semites, Niggers, South Americans/Spics and many of the bug races as well since the kikes liberally spread their animal 'black nobility' as far and wide as they could.

Lol. Since I’m an amerimutt with olive skin, I am freezing when it’s cold and need coats most of the time. I always wondered why my european friends could be shortsleeved in 40 degree weather. Probably related to those ice age genes.
Aren’t Asians evolved in a similar way?
That sounds dangerous, it’s worth a shot if it’s possible though.
By the way, what is an FYRE? If it’s involving dead niggers and eugenics, god speed.

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user…good lord, user put a shirt on, I bet you could chisel rock with your tiddies. Also, it is not a good idea to put a photo out in public. No offense, but I will report you so that they delete your post and you are not doxxed. You are PHYSICALLY FIT user…very nice…keep up the good work!


They've already been working on it.

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Biocleanser released that is airborne. One hundred million of the most fit whites left on earth. Ethno globe , National Socialism with Eco Naturism. It can be done we have the technology

Not only can it be done, but it was predicted to happen and happen using bioweapons biblically a few thousands years ago…it describes it in pretty graphic detail including how long the corpses would lay out being eaten by wild animals before it was all cleaned up and the last of the bones are disposed of in graves.

Its been a while but I was trying to blow the whistle on this a while ago. If you search hydrogen cyanide uranium, you will find a newish compound that was developed which augments genetic structures specifically targeting certain alleles. Obama awarded a black female scientist for her work in getting poor blacks to volunteer for "diabetes propensity testing" somewhere back east. She died of a heart attack shortly after trump was elected. 5500 gallons of hydrogen cyanide were delivered to dhs in Texas, i believe. Fat sister Rothschild was testing the new compound on unwitting subjects.

I tied it all together but phone posting now and dont have the infograph, but its out there if you search it. Uranium One was about genocide by way of genetic weaponry. We would be in a very bad way if Hillary had won. Even you, shills. You're fucking welcome.

Human evolution is complicated. It’s thought that Europeans evolved from an admixture event, the movement of people’s from the central Asian steppes into Europe, followed by mixture of these people with hunter gatherer tribes already present in Europe, resulting in the modern European, as well as some Neanderthal admixture from much earlier.
As for your questions it depends on where those Asians evolved. Are south eastern Asians acclimated to that kind of weather? Of course not. Are Siberian’s? Most certainly.

Race realism is simply a recognition that one should live in climates they evolved in. Ape poster ITT has a point that whites are succipetible to skin cancer and thus should not live in areas with high UV index. Perhaps one with olive skin such as yourself would be more accustomed to such a climate. I’d guess your likely of significant Mediterranean origin if in fact European

So it has come to this..?!.

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Self quoting to say this is the compound. I tried contacting the scientist named as the developer and was ignored.

tetrachloridotetraformonitrileuranium(IV), [UCl4(HCN)4]

Yes, since I think they are bullshiting about the nuetron bomb, yes. Biological is more selective than the neutron bomb and is more compatible with Life and the preservation of Life (not abominations like subhumans, those are caused by human irresponsibility) but Life on the planet. It is either THIS or we are looking at the biological plague that is niggers (all the subhumans really, bugs poos etc) eating EVERYTHING TO THE GROUND, all Life will die as the last bit of it is popped into their mouth so that they can fuck that one last time before they die. We are looking at a planetary reset that takes the Earth back BILLIONS of years in its Life cycle. The 'parasitic so called elite' can't wait that our for BILLIONS of years underground so this is THE AGENDA…it is just a question of who releases the weapon FIRST and who the target is. If niggers or bug live the Parasitic Elite will die waiting in their bunkers for life to renew. So they literally have no choice. Now peoples like NK (KJU sister) think that biologicals should just be targeted towards males only as their targets, but I don't like this plan, I am much more interested in the beneficial RACE that has BUILT the entire culture of the planet so far and has the most potential to advance in the future. European/Whites are in PERFECT harmony with their environment…we are perfect peaceful and productive. We alone deserve to inherit the Planet.

user, I think you just helped me find my main race. You’ve just’d me. I never knew what I was, being a melting-pot American sucks.

That will make for some interesting reading.

Its in the archives. I made a post here on full as well as half but that lasted 2 minutes at best. Not only did they block my VPN but i tried tunneling through my neighbors connection and was still blocked from posting the info. That caused me to cntl-alt-dlt myself from the interwebz for a while and check my car every morning for explosives. I was paranoid af for months. Trump hadn't won at that point, i dont think.

Anyway its in the archives here on full. If you find it please post.

Most definitely they are

what a fucking waste of time

have him make one for jews instead

you people are so obsessed with fucking niggers I swear to god

niggers are animals, they're used as weapons by the JEW

Imagine living in a world where it's literally marketed to the genotype it destroys… For profit.


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Not too worried about the kikes user…chill baby baby chill. LOTS of races have bioweapons and most of them are significantly biologically differentiated between them and us. If you want to worry about the kikes, worry that they will become so FUCKING ANNOYING that another race releases a bioweapon that is AIMED AT THE MURDEROUS KIKES but due to genetic similarities in our DNA wipes us out instead…{shrug} we could have prevented this with the holocaust but we didn't have the backbone to slaughter the mongrel kikes.


This was worked on from the 1950s onwards. It is almost certain that functional variants exist in several places.
Were any of the holders sane, they would have released it the very moment it was finalised. Since 1950, africa's population has doubled every 25 years.

Worth mentioning…
If you have a tism to quench, look into the last 7yrs of New Zealands budgetary analysis reports and check for anomalies surrounding anything to do with department of energy, ngo type organizations, and auditing. Ive exposed my power level and dont shadow post anymore but if I did, thats where my efforts would be placed. Desperate people act desperately and desperate action is sloppy. There are a lot of mistakes to be uncovered surrounding peerage new formation (ie: brenton n co.)

Not only are you incredibly wrong in almost everything in your post, but it smacks of hubris and host-parasite co-evolution. Kill yourself faggot.

they are arabs, 90% of them in that country are indistinguishable from the arabs surrounding them.

Why do they have black facial structure?

I keep telling the CIA niggers via Zig Forums that they will be distributed through the Embassies…no more perfect Hot Zone to distribute a biological agent through than a home base right in the heartland of the most populated cities on the planet.

I was wondering who was working with brenton; he is a curious critter for me. I definitely had a good laugh when Jacinda was summoned to grovel in front of erdogan for INCOMPETENCE in the handling of the Jihadi networks that were going to slaughter Kiwis and Strayans…and another good laugh to see the Kiwis defending the people who were planning on murdering them in some fairly nasty ways. Talked to an interesting Scot this morning who was lamenting the fall of the empire (we shall see).

Well, it is all new to me user. When I decided that there was no way in fuck all that male Europeans would grow a spine and suck it the FUCK UP to defend their nations I dropped my plans of puttering around in my garden with my trees and went back to school to learn how to kill my enemies. I am doing fairly well, (I just received 5 extra credit that puts my grade at 104% kek because I had a 99 from fucking around on our first midterm) but this is just the very beginning for me…so cut me some slack FAGGOT I will catch up and excel far beyond anything that exists today in chem/biochem/bioweapons.

One man had a final solution for the Eternal Anglo.

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The skeletal weights on the guys in the background (driver and front passenger) are OVER THE TOP…LMAO…they practically laying down and sort of lolling all over while they are driving. At first, I thought they were driving while dead every time they go around a slight corner. Very distracting. Super funny.

It is a nice warm fuzzy feeling user, isn't it?

It mentions northern europeans who have a descended immunity from the survivors of the black plague.
All that needs to be done in reality is to send a sample of the black plague to africa, china, india. They have found numerous samples of it over the years. Problem solved.

Was that the chemistry thread? or your own personal thread? I remember someone posting a formula in the chemistry thread that caught my eye as well. I am pretty sure I have that archived somewhere…I could have to look tomorrow…sleeeeeeepy.

It's afraid.

I'm left to believe that the dark forces don't know what they've awakened. Nothing stops a flood.

Put that beutiful brain to work, user. I know what its like, the exileration of discovering that all was needed was reason. All the blocks disappear and we're allowed to twist the throttle til it nearly breaks. Liberating.

When you've finished your studies, join an agency and work from the inside.
If you haven't already, build a dud social media account or two, or you won't pass the recruitment process.

It was my own. Aside from sample + sample x heat / pressure, I don't know a ton about chemistry other that an (((education))) can provide.

Only until people stop seeing it as a Moral Imperative.

Only the dead have seen the end of biowar.
Francis Crick

Bio-war is the way of mankind's future

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This is the best strategy.