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Haven't seen anyone talking about this and it seems very important.

Or just click the link near the top of the page.

Every other month is between 0-2 requests (demands) from the US gov. This is most definitely directly related to what happened in Christchurch.

Be smart.

Or just click the link near the top of the pag

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A thread died for you explaining the obvious to newfaggots

nigger tier posting

No doubt the event brought many good people here that are on our side, but still newfags. And no doubt plenty here are in the habit of skipping over all the random stuff in the header and footer.

if a thread is at the bottom of the catalog it's dead already

Could've formatted better, but it's still something people should be aware of and that I've seen zero people talking about.

sage for doublepost

Fuck off, retard.

Maybe I'm paranoid, but there's a definite possibility all these posts whining about a friendly warning to fellow anons are from feds that are upset about anons getting a warning about the increased scrutiny.


Bump for visibility.

Did they finally get Moarpenis? I haven't seen that fag post in a couple of weeks.

I think he died of terminal autism.


Btw, there's nothing stopping Jim from telling us what these were

I always thought he was cute but I think he left in a rage one day…said something about sacrificing his life for us and that we were all a bunch of stupid fucking faggots and that he hated us. I was sad because despite the fact that he is a semitic turk and needs to die with all the other semites, I actually really enjoyed him.
I wished him farewell, (aka told him to "fuck off…faggot") and I haven't seen him since.

Did ashes and echoes finally fuck off?

Feds in this thread, remember to subscribe to pewdiepie

make them work extra hard lmao they RWDS are already backed up 5+ years from the shutdown and will never ever catch up

He posts on /cow/ now and goes by “Nickposter”, supposedly trying to get anons to PA against Nick Fuentes and shits up their cyclical.

51 kills, 0 deaths. Wonder if they'll kill him or give him the Breivik treatment.

I noticed the cryptome link at the top of the page is dead (or at least won't load for me) so here is an archived version. Required reading.

The Gentleperson's Guide To Forum Spies

Checked, again. I doubt he will though. He's still got hotwheels locked in his basement. No ramp, only steep stairs.


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I have debated if ashes and echoes is that faggot who makes the goat fucker threads about burning women alive and torturing them to death. He is really conflicted and he is as autistic as asses and elbows…IDK I finally had to screen cap some of that shit today. Also I am sure he will be back…I mean the thread today derailed into a rant about Christianity after this post and others talking about him killing me and torturing anons little girls sisters and mothers and wives to death for our feminism (which I presume simply means that we are 'female')…it was just too much.

IDK I just began to suspect it was him based on linguistic similarities.

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Looks like his work.

Either extremely mentally ill, or a really dedicated troll

A degree of respect, either way.


Since when is he at 51?




B……. Ump….

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Nah, that's not asses. Asses never sperged about women needing him. It was always, 'nothing will work, it's all ogre' while begging anons to come kill him because he's too blackpilled to kill himself. I honestly don't know who this poster is.

top lel I wish I had seen that

pretty sure he has some shitty wordpress blog he was shilling everywhere. I don't really care enough to see if he's posted lately

I think he is still around. He just doesn't post his autistic redtext catchphrase anymore, after it turned into the asses and elbows meme. I suspect he's one of those shilling the 'do nothing' brand of (so called) accelerationism: don't do anything / you can't do anything / it's all over etc. I'm pretty sure he's still a total redtext whore though.

Yeah, I'd agree with this assessment

It will be soon. Mark my words.

good. if you faggots can shit poast harder, hopefully we can get the number of FBI NSL warrants up into the triple digits.

i want you RADICAL WHITE SUPREMACISTS to meme harder on edgier topics and as DIRNSA ral Hayden once said, "get chalk on your cleats" by getting so close to the line of committing a verbal crime and crossing over from "Words, not Deeds" into Do It Faggot (in minecraft).

because i want you all to overwhelm the FBINSACIA with too many of you potential acolytes of Saint Tarrant shooting off your mouths with bomb astic threats and calls to violence (in mine raft), that the Glow in the Darks have to triple the hundreds of cyber jockeys who sit and read each of your threads and comments.

because i want you all to do what your big beautiful Autistic brains do best and slowly red pill the FBI faggots. to recruit them to NS. to flip them to our side. to seed the nucleus of what will become the future Gestapo.

no counter revolutionary covert paramilitary force in history has ever won without infiltrating and hijacking the Secret Police. even young Stalin was a triple agent for the Tsarist Okhrana secret police. siezing the secret police is the straighest path from tendies in mom's basement to couping the entire nation.

at the very least, if you all meme harder, you will provide e-cover fire, by causing the FBI to not be able to read amd track everyone's comments, which may give breathing room to Saint Tarrant's next disciple.

I assume "Zig Forums received and complied with two (2) requests from United States government and/or law enforcement agencies;"…..

translates into "give us everything" then two weeks later "give us everything, again"

then maybe "allow us to tap into everything in real time" then "tell us how to do that, or else".

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The link died? Hmmm, (((who))) could be behind this?

I'm retarded?

Bump for, posterity.

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Some of the best threads are at the bottom of the catalog. A majority of people don't look down there because they either don't have time, are too stupid, want threads to die, or are too lazy.

True, but there have been very many good threads. We can't keep them all alive forever. Archive the best of them.

Why isn't there a mention of what posts triggered these requests like for the other boards?

Ask the admins. If you get a response, please post here.

Heh…bump… Kids

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