Force Social Media to ban Joe Biden

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This was just waiting to happen. This should be easy, and probably a bit entertaining.

Biden just can’t keep his hands off kids. It’s like his hand is a magnet to anything below the age of 15.

Already happened to this user who was kicked off for "Violating Community Standards" for sharing the unedited photo. We need more to fall on the sword.

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Sock accounts, comment sections, IRL posters. Whatever it takes. It's obvious he is a constant groper if not worse.

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checked n keked. what the fuck.

Creepy Joe "Hand Slidin" Biden

This one is the most damning.

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the parents know creepy joe likes to go low

poor little lad, the look on his face says it all.

Kelly! is that real?

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4th pic is gold


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Do you have a version where biden is subtitled?

Do you have the one where Biden is holding Jesus sitting on the rock with the AR?

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Thanks for the help.

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Bump nigger


Just made one. Here you go.

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Biden is a Zionist for sure. But there isn't a drop of jew blood in him. He's a Jesuit

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Wouldn't the best tactic be to let him run, then 4 weeks from election date, release the images etc…

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the true evil

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