If I made an artificial Island in international waters, and the age of consent was 6...

If I made an artificial Island in international waters, and the age of consent was 6, and all drugs and weapons were legal.

And it was protected by drones that can fuck up the best military attacks.

Would the other governments report about my island to their people or would my island be classified?

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That's a good question

You could be 1920s Cuba, or Epstein Island

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anyone could invade your island. anyone.
you couldn't maintain the drones for very long i bet, unless you were a almost a billionaire
if you had advanced weaponry and superpower would probably invade your island eventually if no pirates did

Claim your an extinct aboriginal group native to the Island who worships mud gods or some shit and no government will touch you

I'm a trillionaire.

Whatever you say, Mr. Ryan

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why would anyone go to your island if they could do those things in international waters

wrong, anyone can invade your shit
take sentinel island, the only reason nobody invaded them is because they fight back and nobody wants to kill them + they are protected by india

you would need backing from a nation if u want to do this

Wait, are you telling me it is legal to fuck six year olds as long as I do it on a boat?

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Doing this on a boat with drone protection is not as good as doing this on an island with drone protection.

I won't need any backing, because I would be defending myself with drones so advanced, they're alien technology to the world governments.

You gotta be rich and Jewish for that to work, otherwise you'll get btfo.

what would you do if you got sick?

I'm a trillionaire posting from an underground Mars palace using quantum entanglement for FTL communication.

No one could beat me.

I'd heal myself using nanites.

The government doesn't want you to know, but fucking six year olds actually cures cancer and all known diseases.

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Well it all depends really on the general climate region your island is in. Weather would effect your decision of what to wear when you fucking kill yourself you fucking faggot.

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I had to mention what the island's age of consent would be, so that people could factor in whether it would be concealed from public knowledge or not.

That's a negatory, Ghostrider.

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Depends on whether you recognize Israel as a state or not.

No I wouldn't.

A lot of countries have laws created in the last few years that if you commit crimes against children in other countries with lax laws you can be prosecuted back in your home country. Canada, and I think the US also passed these laws.


At some point you're going to want to or need to leave your island for one reason or another. Then they'll get you

Fuck off, commie OP. Lying about other people as though they liked depraved shit is just broken submission to unworthy rulers in the status quo. It makes people look like they’re slaves already, top to bottom, for in the ways of human biology only a slave could have standards so low as to value a 6-yo’s “consent”. If you like the stagnant biodeficient modern techlevel that badly, at least find a more wholesome way to say it. No sane, unbroken person wants an age of consent under 12, and that threshold itself is so dubious that almost no sane person likes it either.

One of the best reasons to legalize drugs, weapons, and prostitution is shared among all three of these: legalizations protect the uncorrupted honesty upon which all advancement is built. We must not be shattered people with so little self-respect that we can appeal only to the kind weakness of children, but we must be people capable of making our way in a world of truth, where we have strength enough to fit our desires into the ethical and causal structures of our world simultaneously. When strength turns against strength, humanity is torn down; we can do better, and empower all people simultaneously. Make of force solely a defense against force, and find in this world a place for all peaceful people, for only pacifism reflects the true strength in whose fire is forged prosperity. The blacksmiths of old armed men who died tormented in wars, while peaceful blacksmiths have died old in every era.

Hey though, I actually came around wondering if there’d be a space elevator thread. The fuckeristic repetitivitous phraseology of the space elevator threads is just like every other stagnant piece of bullshit in this place; the irreparable looping submission of people shattered into self-abusive racist collectivism is a steady reminder that real people don’t actually think like that. So let’s hoist up a new space elevator thread with more novelty, eh? I’ve got a concept fit for the halfwit liars in this place, so gather up your gully girls and try this tactic on.

Run a space elevator thread full of obviously invalid reasons to oppose the space elevator. Throw down guesses about the associated causality - in dubious and probably false ways.

Speaking of pedophile faggotry have you all noticed how Amos Yee is no longer anywhere?

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For the record, I think the age of consent should be 16. Also the voting age.

Though as far as i’m concerned, it doesn’t really matter. I don’t have any overwhelmingly valid reason to have any opinion at all. It’s just an intuition about the age where trying to meddle with people’s sexual choices becomes futile, and so setting the age of consent older than that seems less like modifying behavior and more like asking people to tell lies. Lies suck; the power of hunam society is based on making truth abundant and lies scarce. Ot also doesn’t matter to me because IMO sec sucks; something hit me with lifelong sexual anhedonia, so I’m not in any segment of that market.

I figure a girl who has her period at 9, and is still hot at 6 (when here adrenal glands would be mature enough for sexual attraction) would be a good age of consent. I'm not really into 5 yo girls with matured adrenal glands.

Also since only a girl with matured adrenal glands can consent, because she can actually want sex.

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If you are soros or epstein tier kike, then yes.

Dear “God”, aka narcissist:
I have no idea who you’re talking about, but I know that if you harass pedophiles into seclusion, you’ll lose sight of them in darkness, and society will lose the opportunity to learn what makes them tick. With that loss of knowledge will come a loss of successful mitigations and countermeasures.

My own inability to care about the life and health of child molesters does not make me want to hurt them when they’re outed unless they are also conservatives or otherwise advocates of cruelty in darkness, for those who can be seen are often those who cannot go anywhere near children, yet “conservative” mores would defend darkness and punish light! Reign in the punishment impulse. Accept an imperfect world peacefully, and greater mysteries will be unveiled.

If you’re really an honest person, go write a goddamned research paper demonstrating your views to the public and take your horrifying pillorying with grace. The long arc of civilization is towards truth, not popularity; good info prevails very eventually. And anyways, putting it out in visibly disprovable form makes you believable when you go, “whoopsie, me gots disprovenated!”

Something tells me I don’t have to worry about a person as weak as you containing enough actual truth for that… You’re probably just another bored broken liar trying to get people you hate to take up broken ideas. There are flocks of your kind around here. Learn to shill, weakling; you can’t win forever in submission to the liar’s method.

Honestly the age of consent should be 15 years old because it is less risky to give the birth at home. You don’t want the children to be motherless, do you?

But that would be illegal, so

Africans figured this out a while back