First post...any way to be a good Jew?

Hey all I’m probably a normie fag coming into this all. I’m Jewish as the title says… my family is decently conservative. My parents def. have a higher standard of care for Israel than me.

Anyways, I have been bracing the nationalist movement more and more. I love America and I love that America was built on white Christian values. I constantly fight for these people, even being ostracized by friends.

As I dive deeper I get into the JQ stuff and I really do see where a lot of you are coming from. Jews can be very subversive. My father and I talk about the globalists being evil but I have to throw in there, dad you know a lot of these globalists are jews…

I don’t know I look at these message boards and I listen to nationalist leaders. I’m struggling to see how I can continue to ally myself with the white nationalist clause as a Jew. Hoping there’s some kind of sage advice out there that can help guide me. Thanks brothers. I know I’ll get some trolls on here but I’m still on board with the cause, trust me I know better holocaust jokes than you

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You can kill yourself.

…oh wow didn’t see that one coming

Have you tried possibly killing yourself? Maybe then you would see one coming?

"it's okay to hate jews"

Holocaust jokes first.

Tbh a lot of Jews I do hate on the basis of their betrayal of this country and of the white Christian male. Literally saved us and the graditude is a knife in the back

Can you use your Jewish privilege to gain access to the higher levels of Jewery and undermine them from within?

Cuckchan cancer off the board.

That’s a good question. I’m in the process of working on a large start up and I’m hoping if I make it I can start funneling money to nationalist thinktanks, pundits and candidates

Behold the jew cowers in fear selling out its own kind in a fragile gesture to offset the attacker. This quality will one day work against the one who harbored the jew, as the jew will find a greater threat in which to betray with.

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Tbh most of my holocaust jokes come on the fly usually when there’s fire, ovens or showers involved with anything I’ll crack one. But I’m sure this board has heard everything I have.

Why when we could clandestinely gas him!

Well that's your first lie. On track for being a jews so far.

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Literally LOL. I barely look Jewish and I failed Hebrew many times. Not even religious. But yeah I think people need to make a distinction between Zionist Jews and globalist Jews. They are not the same. Whites should be like Zionist Jews, aka nationalist. Now I’m not a Zionist because I’m an American nationalist. Globalist jews are the real evil ones, they subvert nationalist interests everywhere and are trying to build a mud slave wage race

I'm in a similar situation, but I'm only half-jew on my fathers side but my family is a broken mess of degeneracy. I think you should use your intellect to fight against the jewish poisons in our society. Be a good man and encourage other men to do the same. Don't get hung up on being jewish

Look up Werner Golderberg or any other historic examples. Get your hands dirty in life and don't be afraid of it. Know that your religion perpetuates the tennis-like game with tragedy being represented in the birdie, regardless of how it was ever started. It is a religion of venom, and that your blood and race carries elements that would be best mended with reproduction to someone closely related to your kind in general. Just like anyone and everyone else.

It's that simple, now fuck off.

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I don't like you. I want you to know that right now. You are an immediate threat to my people regardless of your supposed values. You are of a different tribe. This is a matter of animalistic survival, not a matter up for debate or philosophical analysis and retorts.
America being built on Christian values is just Judaism lite. Enlightenment Judaized Masons are the spine of the United States and no, sorry guys, your singular infograph isn't going to disprove this. The America today is a byproduct of the America yesterday, or at the very least the Americans of yesterday and their Jewish owners.
You can be as "helpful" as possible. You can fund "thinktanks", revolutionary organizations, etc. but that doesn't make you the "good Jew" of myth.
You are a biological construction. You are not detached from this because of your values. To keep you around, to accept you in circles, is to be pro-Jew. You cannot be a good Jew because you are a Jew.
You might not understand that. Others may not understand that and will wish to comfort you. But you are a Jew.
Let me repeat that for you. You. Are. A. Jew.
You will not live a life that will make up for this. You have a survival instinct just like me and a lot of other people. You don't want to die. So what good are you?

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Meh. It’s pretty hard to deliver jokes on the internet but fine I concede. Maybe I should’ve left that line out

I don't know man. I don't necessarily hate all Jews.
You being aware of it and not immediately trying to deny it is actually very refreshing. Keep doing what you are doing. Talk to other Jews. Be a vocal

You can arm yourself, arm your buddies, talk openly about the NQ (nazi question) and do your best to make sure these nazi cunts don't rope you. Hopefully most right-wingers are and will be more reasonable.

FYI, these nazis frequently talk about their own global agendas, world conquest and that kind of thing, so where that is concerned they are no better than the globalists.

Do what white sjw's have been trained to do by your elder kinfolk, vehemently attack your own people, subvert them, create opportunities for us within your infrastructure, let us off the hook whenever you witness us "pulling shit," cry racism and give lengthy lectures whenever one of your tribesmen starts kvetching or hustling a gentile. In other words, don't talk to us, you are not welcome here, the actions of your people have necessitated a staunch zero tolerance policy from us. Hitler was merciful and compromising with jews, and they destroyed his country and forced him into exile for it. We will not repeat our beloved fuhrer's mistake. Do not talk to us, talk to your fellow jew. Forget about working with us, work on your own tribe from within, "be the change you wanna see," etc. Honestly chaim, I would recommend you just embrace your culture and get ready for the slaughter. Better to die by the side of your own than as a nigger for your enemies, a fate you have thrust upon millions of our folk. Oh if I could drink from your skull right now, but the can will have to suffice for now, a toast to you shlomo.

There are no good jews. And those that were already convered to christianity a long time ago. If you really are good, the sabotage the jewish community within. Only a jew can defeat another jew.

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Hitler had high ranking jews in the Reich

I’ve acrually have had talks with my father about accepting the possibility I may die because of my views. I told him how whites will be a minority in 2042. I told him I will raise my kids in an environment where they will he spit on for their skin. They will have to sell out their own or risk being ostracized with the rest. If being killed by some leftist activist reverses this course or makes me avoid that world it’s not the worst thing in the world. I think I can be an ally despite being a Jew but I truly respect your opinion.

And the war was lost for germany, we will not repeat our fuhrer's self defeating benevolence.

Fuck off.

no u

Ha okay man. Really had me with the skull drinking part.

Fuck the left vs right dichotomy.

Yeah part of the problem is I lost all my Jewish “friends”. I never got along with jews

Read The Lightning and the Sun to understand why.

I’m listening


But there was a limit he also had other ethnicity fighting in his army. Doesn't mean we should ally with sandniggers.

FYI believing in warhammer 40k prophetic memespeak is about the same as believing anything a trashcan defiling, effeminate fag like you has to say. World conquest is of the future anyways, h'white people don't have to do a thing, China will show you why when they completely bamboozle Africa for resources. You look back on speeches to soldiers in antiquity and stop them from cheering about taking over everything and go "woah woah woah, we aren't going THAT far, haha!".. just fuck off brainlet, most of us are extreme isolationists anyways.

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You ever look up Nazi race laws? As long as you weren't over half Jewish and weren't practicing, you were granted mishling Reich citizenship

ANd honestly you should fuck off. Wanna be of any good for us?
Sabotage the enemy by doing more left vs right divide and conquer, Zig Forums is a third position board, if you don't call out your own and if you don't do anything against your own community that still seeks to be parasites you are still my and many Zig Forumsacks enemy at the end of the day.

Hey thanks man I appreciate it. Fuck dude I even hate saying that I am Jewish. Honestly. Feels gross after looking at a lot of the shit they do and have done. I did not chose to be born into it but if I can help reverse the tide I want to be a part of that. Even if it means my own death. I’d rather the return of white Christian dominance than gay fag multicultural America

Another naive policy to be amended. Lern2reason faggot.

Nice one schlomo thinking anyone will fall for that one?

Wow what a badass revolutionary. Sure you will get a lot accomplished with you grug brain takes

In a sane word it would be applicable due to them simply developing in their own homelands. I would foresee an age where the Reich would make grand allies with people like Gaddafi, Assad and the faggot crown in Iran and such. There would be a lot more balance than we see these days. Today is about destabilization due to profiteering off conflict, and that includes internally too so, the mindsets and abilities for these things are lost to time. Life is shit like that.

Well I do frequently fight with my own friends who are leftists. Lol they even call me a Nazi and just remove me. It’s hard to change their minds. They’re kind of stuck in their ways unless the changes are super subtle which would mean adopting most of their views and slowly grinding away at them if it’s possible

I've found evolutionary psychology can be very persuasive when talking to leftists. It's a subtle redpill to plant a seed

Some (most?) when you consider how many of them are are minimally involved. It's like being relatives with a member of the mafia. I know a couple ones I'd straight up call friends.

I know the Zig Forums rhetoric, I know about the international class, but many of them are legitimately good people.

Pushing awareness of the general issue of powerful people collaborating is one thing. But, indiscriminate approaches are a tactic of a bygone era. We live in a precision based world now.

I'm starting to think Brenton was a genuine Zig Forumslack who got glow'd. Look at his travel history, look at his mysterious crypto gains. We know that the US alphabet agencies were all over TOR and often consulted with the same small population of cryptographers as far as they can reach. Maybe this place is indeed a limited hangout and flagged as a potential meeting ground.

As a group I'd say we're smarter than the average group of westerners, however it's probably someone who is at least on the right side of the bell curve's part time job to try and flag one of us and bait us into an attack on a convenient target.

Any intelligence agency worth it's salt, so maybe 10-15 world wide would be using places like this to recruit useful idiots. This is clearnet, by that factor alone we're a preselected population who present a easily monitored group.

I don't doubt Alphabet, Tencent, or Amazon can figure out I post here. VPN's probably don't offer anything but an instant flag for the top 10-15 nations and their benefactors, corporate or otherwise.

That's why a good deed would be to use your nose to make people knows and shill your way into reasoning people towards something actually truthful. Going "oy vey I'm jewish tho" in those moments sounds kinda applicable, you're not very good at being a yid if you haven't considered the reverse psychology thing yet.

They are useful idiots, nothing more.
Because your people brainwashed them.

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Yeah but this appears to be one of the only places to seek honest opinions. Would you suggest elsewhere or no because of the constant surveillance

This thread shouldn't be allowed due to the fact this question should originally be in questions that don't deserve their own threads.

no just autismo/ledditposting
You're not wrong.

I really can’t stomach the whole faggy ideology of the leftists. I’m trying the whole become a Money Jew and be the opposite of George sorros. If that’s possible. He’s the fucking crown jewel of evil jew

I think Jews are part of the equation but not the entire thing. There are subversive whites, former Christians, atheist types that can be evil.

The Myth of the Good Jew:

And they should be dealt with.
But guess what?
They don't suffer from a racial problem. An inherent problem. They suffer from character issues.
Its not comparable.

BEcause of jews in our education system.
The left and even cuckservatives are both brainwashed with cuckservatives having a less severe than the brain wash the left got.
They are way way worse jews out there.
Despite my animosity towards jews of all kinds, I am willing to give your people one more chance and try out the madagascar plan and have your people monitored.

I'm sorry faggot, are you insinuating that Hitler staffing jews wasn't a logisitical snafu? Or please, expand on this shit-smear-finger-painting line of thinking for us.

Just stop being a jew
Reject that part of your identity

Jews are not white never have been white due to neanderthal genes and other fucked up that made almost every one of them insane.

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So a white subversive can be rehabilitated but a Jewish good goy can’t? Seems like bad policy. Against a lot of odds I stand against the current cabal. What’s their excuse?

Maybe I’m lucky but I don’t have the beak or look like these. Honestly you wouldn’t know I’m Jewish unless I told you.