This is a "starship"

do NOT question it






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also pay YOUR taxes


Anyone got the webm or gif of the astronauts wearing bungee cords to pretend they're in space?

no, this thread is about spacex producing obvious kickstarter scam tier garbage using tax dollars.

this thread is not for low IQs to talk about space being fake.

the USA went to the moon and if it did, why can't we replicate the process?
by the way, where is the telemetric data? If going to the moon was such an important achievement, why tape over the film?
Did buzz alrin and crew honestly take FIVE pictures of he moon to show us? Ive seen thots on instagram go to one bathroom and take 50.

all very good points. i never said anything about the moon landing.

all evidence points towards lots of deception, and i wouldn't feel confident saying it happened.



They don't have to look like much.

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It's beyond obvious that piece of shit never left the Hollywood lot.

You're a retard. Even if it was fake only a fraction of a percent of your taxes goes to NASA.

kek. ok goy.

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Water Tower

Funny video, but just because you can't comprehend how engineering research and development is done doesn't mean it isn't happening.

It's a little better than the official fake but why would we send a water tower to the moon? To terraform it?

C'mon like the fake Einstein stuff right

Space is not fake just the footage provided because the real footage is classified

So they can build golf courses.

wow, what a blanket statement to make in an attempt to discredit my opinion.

care to fill me in on the specific aspects of "engineering research" I am unable to comprehend?

all ears.

pretty much this. space is the absolute high ground, we get carefully edited/selected pictures that don't reveal any strategic locations.

The fact that a prototype has to be built and tested (which is what you're showing) before further development can continue. Of course it looks like shit, its still 3 years away from being space worthy.



fucking goys, i swear. buy anything you will.

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It is, it looks ridiculous. I just don't see why you think space X is stealing your tax money. What are they doing with it then? And if it was a hoax, shouldn't it be all holly wood production value and be made to look as convincing as possible? I really just don't get what you're arguing.

i am not implying any "hoax".

I am saying that this dumpster wagon is a piece of hot garbage, that gets destroyed by high winds, and elon is laughing his ass off all the way to the bank.

and here you are, working for free, to get him his paycheck by backing him up.

bravo sir.

You retard. Just because it doesn't look like the USS Enterprise doesn't mean it's fake.

oh, i get it, you're one of those misinformation jews

Official Zig Forums (((d*scord))), come join lads

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when did I say this? I'm saying its a fucking scam. and elon takes grants like a hobby.

so the citizens are funding this scam.

^you need to brush up the skills here sir.

Checkmate tinfoiler.

Earth is demonstrably flat. Consequently "SPEEECE" is false too. Just go out and do the calculations yourself if you are capable… it's flat and that's that.

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You can watch the livestream right now, but they could only afford a 2MP camera… and it's 6.5 miles away, you know, for the camera's safety.
It is real though, (((BASED))) Elon wouldn't lie. Nor would Elon or NASA use donations and tax dollars to fund black projects.

I've been to space, faggot bitch. You can't handle the truth.

haha. of course! oy vey!

In 1887 Albert A. Michaelson stated that the results, in regards to the direct measurement of the motion of Earth were, and I quote "decidedly negative". The Jew (Einstein) tried to claim there was no aether in a desperate attempt to expalain away the results but, he got BTFO by Sagnac who put the question to rest.

There are no valid arguments for a spinning globe, it's a Jewish deception that includes an entire universe for you goyim to frolic and play in. You should give thanks to your Jewish masters for creating this clown world you live in and, for providing all that you consume you racist and ungrateful bastards!

the jeeews. right……

oh look, a torpedo shilling for flat earth.

he sprinkles in a little truth mixed with bullshit.

first of all, i agree einstein was yet another establishment (((mouthpiece)))

but even he admitted that he could not account for the aether, and admitted his theory was incomplete without that. he never tried to claim no aether.

why do you lie? it does nothing but ruin the foundation of your shilling point.

lol thread anchored.


more like 8spacexexployees

thread literally has to do with government taxation and they anchor it

place is shit

i remember when they used to do mod edits explaining why things were anchored.

now you just got the memory hole treatment

fuck it