It doesn't matter which magical god you worship they are all the same fairy tale that is trying to divide people. It hinders science as well, there are many fantastic scientists whose work was only realised later due to the witch hunting of christcucks preventing greater scientific knowledge.. .
Before you post edgy crusader memes how about you read a history book and find out what you are really trying to larp as?

Attached: 1427249190044.jpg (960x714 107.14 KB, 656.71K)

anyone got that anime screencap that goes about culture putting people in places but it being necessary?

You can have culture/traditions without religion, religion consists of the same traditions being practiced instead of the individuals own nationalitys unique culture

Religions are solely human creations to enslave mankind to the written laws in exchange for empty promises. The natural traits superstition, faith and morality were hijacked into a lie, all the religious scriptures are tales of morality based on natural law, and the principal of God describes nature itself.

It's all about control, and science is an even bigger lie because it's a state of disproving other peoples lies, while being manipulated by funding, military oppression, and hedonistic goals. The mathematical logic behind science is to never trust science, because it's statistically always a lie until proven otherwise.

this, it's 2019 its time to stop the xenophobia and fighting if the christians didnt exist we would all be scientists and have a galactic empire. i love science.

(ironic check)
Shall I continue the beatings until there is an improvement in moral, Sir?

this, ugh those catholics persecuted the scientific islamic scholars

Obvious shills are obvious.

Jesus Christ is Lord!

The Cult of Reason was degeneracy. Choose The Cult of the Supreme Being

I do believe in God, but he's mine God, and no one has written a book about him yet.

The only invasion is when your inbred shithole Turkey will be reduced to ashes and Byzantine restored form your dead corpses.

He's unverifiable and based on historical hearsay. History in itself is not based on the retelling of truth, but the retelling of stories the victors of conflicts are passing on. Now go back to your own childhood and you find out that the majority of humans are not truthful when it comes to the retelling of their victories. Instead they make themselves look better, and that is an instinctual move in children, that gets worse and worse when they get older, because adults create secrets about everything.

The entire human species is in fact build around endless lies. The easiest way to prove this is the game telephone, stille post or Chinese whispers.Take any large group of people, whisper information into the ear of one person, and let them pass it on with whispers. At the end of the line, the information will be lost and replaced with a lie, because mankind are habitual liars.

wow, how weird then that all of early science was funded by the Church and done by Christians???

Sorry, I'll take a moment to illustrate for anons how ridiculous this notion really is. A great sin in Christianity is to withhold the truth, or in other words to lie. That is because it is the Word of God that has said so, and thus because we all are to be judged we should uphold that rule. Let me ask you, what happens if we withdraw that authority? I will tell you what will happen; people, in this case scientists, shall no longer have a moral incentive to tell the truth - but alas, they shall have a tremendous financial incentive not to tell the truth when the large companies that fund their studies demand the "right results". Science is not a truth telling device, it is just a method. Science fundamentally depends on the HONESTY and the INTEGRETY of the scientist.

If you took a moment to actually study the Bible and not spew out garbage notions that Christianity somehow hinders science, you would know this to be true. What you need to understand is that Christianity consist of a system of values derived from God; and what this implies is that no man can act in conscious and willing disaccord with Gods Word and still call himself a Christian, he will have lost that privilege. Our God, the God of Abraham, Isac and Jakob (the God of the White Race) thought us that our world was created, and to better understand the creation was to better understand the Creator, this is what motivated so many of the earlier scientists which brought about the tremendous fruits of technology that we are enjoying today. It was because men put God before himself.

Perhaps you hold the odd and foreign idea that Christianity is about the worship of Khazar Edomites (otherwise known as Jews today…), but this is wholly untrue, and it is so that many people today think this way because the so-called Jews have subverted the interpretation of scripture. Please take the time to read through the few pages I have submitted with an open mind and reconsider your position. Look up Christian Identity and search in your own heart, for you will know what is true and what is not. God bless.

There is more to read in this file, as well, for those interested:

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There is a god, his name is Allah and he is the one true god .

Submit to islam before its too late

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Attached: what.png (1319x650 141.25 KB, 784.28K)

oh wait, lol

23 years it took Mohammad to recite his vision of the Koran, which was wild mix of Judaism and Christianity. 19 years after he died it was finally written down. That concept alone needs an ass full of trust to be believed. Then over the next generations countless scholars have created their own interpretations of the Koran until finally the Caliph Uthman came into power, destroyed ever other interpretation and made his very own version the one you bow down today. Islam today has nothing to do with Mohammad's vision, instead it's a construct of lies and corruptions that created the weaponized jewish slave that is the modern Muslim. Sharia is deliberately inhumane , which is why once a Muslim stronghold becomes big enough for a little freedom, they choose to slowly ditch the strict laws. this creates fundamentalists, who want to enforce sharia, which creates wars, flight into new territory and new denominations. This makes Islam the perfect conquest weapon for the jews, because Islam will naturally always self destruct at a certain size. Therefore it represents no danger to the jewish hegemony of materialism.

Muhammad's Last Sermon is Anti-White!


fuck off jew

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what the hell is this mushroom thing?

Yes, goy! Religion is fairy tale bullshit, stop worrying and enjoy your life! Your existence is meaningless! You are no less than an animal! The Talmud… err I mean "science" says so!

Fuck off kike. I worship as many kikes on sticks as I please.

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You should lurk for 3 more years at the very least.

*whoosh* *whoosh* *whoosh* …

What? Bored from larping as pagans, dear kikes?

Rewarming stale atheism, wont help you either.

Western Civilization is Christendom, and I know how much you hate that , you filthy kike.

Daily reminder: kike literally means "Anti-Christian"

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Different cultures should be separate. This is what's called nationalism. The world can't just join hands and sing kumbayah.

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Yes, I'm calling you a cuck, but for being an ignoramus

Christians suppressed art and science of antiquity, many persecutions of academics and scientists. Later the Black Death decimated their theocratic grip and eventually they had to cuck to the Age of Reason, the rest is history. Europe was finally free to abandon this idiotic Semitic cult.

Obvious redditor is obvious

Nice, you found a picture of (OP)



how many churches you burned today, vag'g?

No u.

but it looks 100 times better than Londonistan and Germanistan

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Myth is the self-organizing principle of large groups. It is no coincidence that the natural or artificial absence of spirituality results in hyperindividualistic tools of ZOG. The area of your brain responsible for this self-organization is underdeveloped and you are congenitally malformed.

Remove all adamite filth and all bugs/niggers/mudshits
Eco Naturism with National Socialism. Less than one hundred million total earth population all whites

Nice doctored picture, roach.

Daily reminder that roach still occupies Europe.

All religions are bad, but saying that they are equally bad is bullshit.

Tibetan monks kind of have it but I’ll take my Egyptian frog god of pee pee poo poo pisssssssssssssssssss and hearty laughs over anything else I’ve ever seen in this shit earth

One of the most interesting concepts occurred to me the other day while I was on Zig Forums reading a 'fight' between a pagan and Christian. It occurred to me that before the (((big three))) became the (((big three; islam; judasim; christianity))) that they were all just PAGAN RELIGIONS of those particular peoples. So judasm was just jewish paganism, islam was simply mongrel semitic paganism, christianity (fore the most part) was simply European Paganism. So basically what we are seeing here was not a war of 'semitic faith' against paganism BUT PAGAN religions of different peoples against other PAGAN religions. There was nothing inherently special about semitic paganism or any of the others, they were all the culturally encoded pagan mythologies that made sense in the culture (IQ DNA etc) that they were born into…so rape, torture, cannibalism, vampirism, ritual human sacrifice, pedophilia, incest, homosexuality, voodoo, usury etc all make PERFECT SENSE to the kike IQ and DNA…but they are nothing 'special' just more jewish paganism. In the same sense, most christian rituals are simply European paganism as well, nothing really special about that either.

Attached: pagan fire ritual burning masks torches.jpg (1896x920, 326.07K)

True story
Back in the day right after high school in the early oughts I traveled with an orchestra to France and England. It was cool. I got to lean on the same railing as Adolf Hitler at the Eiffel Tower and got to visit the Louvre and Notre Dame and al that before the niggers infested. Got to touch the rocks of Stonehenge and that was a rally neat experience. It was old and HUGE. Also I’ve been lucky enough to visit Chichen itza and tulum and all over Hawaii and the United States. To young anons here learn an instrument it could take you all over the word. SIEG HEIL

HAIL user.
That is a very cute story user. I 'play' and I use that word in its most GENEROUS capacity the Bodhrán. I am not very good at it but I LOVE IT…I zone completely out when I play it and my heart beats in time with whatever rhythm I am hammering out on it. It is almost, not quite because it produces a different sort of effect, better than sex. Other than that it is not going to take me anywhere other than into a trance (rhymes with France, at least) but we all have our little crosses to bear.

pagan vs christian shitposting is probably the most easily noticeable kikeop on this board

Yeah, it is REALLY BAD…I never understood it…like who gives a fuck, we will straighten ALL THAT SHIT OUT when the kikes are pushing up daisies.

muh teenage atheism thread

Nice. My son wants to learn percussion and I’m very much encouraging him. Violafaggot here

It really is important. Jesus was a jew and the eauchrsit or sacrament rituals are spirit cooking and ritual cannibalism in communion with a dead rabbi. It’s not ok at all

Jesus was not a jew, he was a Roman. The kikes added that bullshit because they are niggers and their cultural origin is from africa. The mediterranean didn't used to be shitskin…it was WHITE before the kikes fuckied it up with their (((Islamic slave/rape trade)))…but thx, you are cute. More than half the world is part nigger because of the (((Islamic rape trade)))

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Fuck you and your cheap reddit spacing nigger. Take your christcuck d&c elsewhere this is a non-semite beerhall
Maybe you’re lost pal

Becasue he was a Roman? How does that make him a kike?

Born in Bethlehem , in jideah , to a jew mother who had sex with some miscreant and said an elaborate story to not get herself
Stoned to death. King of jews. Rabbi. Mesiach. Bleach my eyes no thanks keep that Semitic abrahmic shit

That is all just bullshit user. Those books were written 60-200 years after he was dead by people who didn't even know him. Would you like someone to write your autobiography 60-200 years after you were dead when they didn't even know you? Never mind that what he was teaching was strange Pythagoras Greek philosophy and Druidism…

Name one historical account that suggest a herodian slaughter of infants for two years. Pro tip you can’t cause it DID NOT HAPPEN pal

O KAY…that was a symbolic representation of the pharaohs slaughter of the egyptian infants…neither actually happened. It is all symbolism…I think you need a refresher on symbolic religious literature before your heart gives out in angst. The NT is supposed to be the symbolic recreation of the Moses exodus story…it lends credence to the mythos to have it cycle. This has nothing to do with Jesus or his history though…He was Roman, Herods grandson BTW by his first wife Dolores and the heir to Palestine, RECOGNIZED LEGALLY BY CESAREAN EDICT WHICH COULD NOT BE RESCINDED. 'King of the jews' is a political station, not a 'spiritual' station. He was the Roman Heir…look if you don't have the background in ancient Roman and Middle Eastern politics of the region at that time, you are never going to understand what happened. The whole story is a political coupe of the rightful POLITICAL HEIR, not anything else.

That sounds like a pretty badass way to escape death. Now I kinda want to LARP as a crusader too.
No, it makes Science more accurate. Back when scientists could be killed by corrupt priests, they had to make damn sure their conclusions were true, because they would be putting themselves in danger for the truth. Nowadays, all you have to do is make up a bunch of mostly believable bullshit, throw in some buzzwords for good measure, and suddenly you're a celebrity/genius/hero. Religion prevents Scientism, not science.


HAIL SAINT a6d0a8!!!


Former mormon here i know ALL of the Masonic semetic adamite BULL SHIT
It and you can collectively felate something

You are cursed by God because you are unwilling to kill the invaders of your nation.

IT IS POLITICS user…NOT RELIGION (though they are kind of one and the same) ALSO not a mason because they don't let people like me in.

Bring invader HERE!

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Good user , fucking same here
I’m genuinely glad we agree on that shit my man

Secularism leads to communism, therefore, it is shit.
It is better to have a world completely dominated by one "magical god" of any religion, than to have a secularist world.
Beauty and organizational societies can only be possible with faith and religion. Secularists must be killed for poisoning societies the same ways as jews do.

It doesn't which argument you use, their all the same ignorant, washed up Atheist garbage that ignores the real differences and realities of different religions.

If you wanted to continue posting your Atheist lies, Atkins, maybe you should head to that loserden called Those faggots and the permavirgin mega loser KarlRadl and his gay butt buddy Forsete will gladly take you back.

Too many atheists are in the White Nationalist movement. Usually masquerading as Pagans now. They all havr to die.

more? i would like more, I need help to understand christianity

Christianity can't come to unified agreement about fundamental principles of society.
here is the list of things Christianity believes are fine and not in the same time (classical left doublethink):

Oh wait my bad, Bible was written before guns were invented so Christianity just conveniently skips this fundamental issues of citizens rights, plays Pontus Pilate, lets other (jews) deicide what to do with this right.

So much for system of values derived from supposedly single Omnipotent entity.

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This entire thread

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The sad thing is, Jesus was literally just a guy who wanted people to be decent to one another and now look where we ended up.

How dare you denounce the son of God you lowly woman

Point is not what is right to do or not. Point is Christians can not find bravery to openly announce what they support and support this with deeds. They just align to the side that is wining and announce at the same time that they have some eternal and objective values.

Literally all politics wanted the same. No one comes with the program: "lets be shit".

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