U.S. to designate elite Iranian force as terrorist organization

The United States is expected to designate Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards Corps a foreign terrorist organization, three U.S. officials told Reuters, marking the first time Washington has formally labeled another country’s military a terrorist group.
The decision, which critics warn could open U.S. military and intelligence officials to similar actions by unfriendly governments abroad, is expected to be announced by the U.S. State Department, perhaps as early as Monday, the officials said. It has been rumored for years.
The Pentagon declined comment and referred queries to the State Department. The State Department and White House also declined to comment.
The Iranian mission to the United Nations did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, a strident Iran hawk, has advocated for the change in U.S. policy as part of the Trump administration’s tough posture toward Tehran.
The announcement would come ahead of the first anniversary of President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of a 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran and to reimpose sanctions that had crippled Iran’s economy.
The administration’s decision to make the designation was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.
The United States has already blacklisted dozens of entities and people for affiliations with the IRGC, but the organization as a whole is not.
In 2007, the U.S. Treasury designated the IRGC’s Quds Force, its unit in charge of operations abroad, “for its support of terrorism,” and has described it as Iran’s “primary arm for executing its policy of supporting terrorist and insurgent groups.”
Iran has warned of a “crushing” response should the United States go ahead with the designation.
IRGC commander Mohammad Ali Jafari warned in 2017 that if Trump went ahead with the move “then the Revolutionary Guards will consider the American army to be like Islamic State all around the world.”
Such threats are particularly ominous for U.S. forces in places such as Iraq, where Iran-aligned Shi’ite militia are located in close proximity to U.S. troops.
Republican Senator Ben Sasse said the move would be an important step in America’s maximum pressure campaign against Tehran. “A formal designation and its consequences may be new, but these IRGC butchers have been terrorists for a long time,” Sasse said in a statement.
Former Under-Secretary of State and lead Iran negotiator, Wendy Sherman, said she worried about implications for U.S. forces.
“One might even suggest, since it’s hard to see why this is in our interest, if the president isn’t looking for a basis for a conflict,” said Sherman, who is director of the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School. “The IRGC is already fully sanctioned and this escalation absolutely endangers our troops in the region.”
Set up after the 1979 Islamic Revolution to protect the Shi’ite clerical ruling system, the IRGC is Iran’s most powerful security organization. It has control over large sectors of the Iranian economy and has a huge influence in its political system.
The IRGC is in charge of Iran’s ballistic missiles and nuclear programs. Tehran has warned that it has missiles with a range of up to 2,000 km (1,242 miles), putting Israel and U.S. military bases in the region within reach.


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"We were always at war with Iran… I mean Iraq!"

1984 reference if it was too broad to be realized

Getting real tired of this

Good thing we got that patch of land over there that is free from any state-side law enforcement investigation. Its really paying off having our greatest ally stirring the genocidal cauldron while head cheer leader riles up the troops!

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It's just the Zognald's next step in provoking a war.

Oy vey, those Iranian terrorists are squatting on Israeli land! Sheesh they've gotta scram. Every day the exist, it's a crime against humanity. We have to kill them before they holocaust all the jews!


Never gets old.

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I translate that into plain English:
The US wont take prisoner as if we didn't know that already

The US military fears now their captured members will get the same treatment, when the US no longer even pretend to uphold the Hague convention any opponent should already know that the the US is not going to honor it and will not reward good treatment of captured US service men in kind

Well, it is not (((his kin))) that will be put in danger.

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Iranians look so white, so aryan, so beautiful.

well this one does at least

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Daily reminder this mindset is only made possible by christcuckery. Everyone else is instinctually repulused by the jews, even the left. But christians see them as chosenites.

Another brilliant chess move! This opens the door to designating other nations' militaries as terrorist groups, so he can do the same with the Mexican Army, justifying the big beautiful wall as a necessity to keep us safe from terror. Not to mention what will happen when he finally gives the IDF the same designation, to get revenge for 9/11.

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us has killed at least 10k civilians as collateral a year in it's airstrikes since 2001 and somehow quds irgc are the terrorists

as much as I hate nonwhites in my country, I hate jews in my government.

World's biggest terrorist organisation calls others terrorists
Maximum projection
Never forget muh weapons of mass destruction

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trump is being the greatest shabbos goy for the jews in the hopes they won’t put him on trial once his term ends in 2020

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Got to smash another one of Israel's rivals.

fucking Z.O.G.

Well yesterday he officially made it happen.

Israeli reaction:
>"Thank you, my dear good goy friend, *puppet President of the United States Donald Trump, for your decision to declare Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a terror organization," Netanyahu wrote. "Thank you for responding to another one of my important demands requests, that serves our interests and the interests of world jewry** regional countries."


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Messed that up.
>"Thank you, my dear good goy friend, puppet President of the United States Donald Trump, for your decision to declare Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a terror organization," Netanyahu wrote. "Thank you for responding to another one of my important demands requests, that serves our interests and the interests of world jewry regional countries."

and? we all knew this was coming. fucking shit they literally told us decades ago.

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The world safe from Iran aggression? I can't recall Iran ever making threats to any EU nation. Why does that jackass have to involve everyone with his problems?