Shouldn't we expose this?

A snapshot of facebook from 2000 shows the same origin story as the one attributed to Zucc 4 years later. A different Jew in Boston.

Facebook has been really pissing me off lately and their malware psyop was way too successful.

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But Zuckerberg is white, why are we attacking him? We should congratulate white success.

If you look at what I posted you'll see it's not the Jew's success.
It's one world government, mind control, malware.

something isn't right through

I mean in my mind, something is going on here where some mothefucker involved in this company did something so fucking righteous that they literally are trying to kill this company now by saying they want external email passwords

It's almost as if they're using one "scandal" after another to lull people into apathy they their thousands of data points are viewable by the elites and their AI.

From the beginning they've created fake scandals to misdirect who and what they are.
If you remember the movie, the whole cast was people he betrayed - none of them Adam Grossman.

It's been Mark's overt mission; To get rid of privacy.

I do wonder if the psyop is to self destruct the company and create whatever the next level malware platform is.

I think Thiel sold his shares and Zucc tried to.

I'd wager that 95% of people here don't use fagbook, and of that 5%, some of them are probably people who use it to red pill, troll, etc. I've never used fagbook in my life. I don't even know what the website looks like. The point is, even if we did give a shit about fagbook, which we don't, who are you going to expose it to? The morons still using it?

Sex Offenders on MySpace was astroturfing MSM News in the early 2000's.
Parents reacted by not allowing their kids and teens on MySpace, kids not wanting to be uncool, told their friends MySpace was not as cool as FaceBook, not that their Parents banned them from MySpace, low and behold FaceBook was the alternative and Parents and the kids themselves redirected there, in epic proportions.
Sex offenders on Myspace
SPOKANE, Wash. - If you have a teenager then you know all about "Myspace". But there are hidden dangers your kids could be facing that you might not know about.
You might be surprised at who's out there talking and typing to your kids.
There are many sex offenders with Myspace pages.
November 7th, 2007: “MySpace Popularity With Teens Fizzles”
February 4th, 2009: “MySpace: 90,000 sex offenders removed”
FaceBook was a sham from the start

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About 2 billion people use it.
You never heard of embarrassing your enemy and putting pressure on a weak point of theirs?

It's not even anywhere on the chans. That's how good a job they did at duping everyone.

Everyone hates Zucc and everyone loves to see the high and mighty exposed.

So the (((media))) was against "sex offenders" huh?
(((No surprises)))

Remember the Facebook movie? The dvd case and tv previews were jam packed with perfect movie critic reviews which were likely all paid for. I think it was released shortly before Facebook went public. Nice example of HollyJew engaged in propaganda.

you have to be careful with this kinda shit, if you're thinnking of the children think of how a jew is also trying to scam you too, because the motherfuckers have no real morals or cares, they just want their goyim slaves

Facebook existed before the movie came out.

As if FB did not have them at the time?
CBS FEBRUARY 20, 2009 Facebook Has Removed 5,585 Sex Offenders "…Connecticut's attorney general said Thursday Richard Blumenthal …"
MS was more established, FB was new, MS got the brunt of the MSM prior to the removals in 2009, while FB got a pass.

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If you saw it, you'd remember it wasn't exactly flattering for (((Zuck))) or for Facebook.
Two years before the IPO, based on a book released in 2009.

It's nothing really. There were so many similar ideas being tried at the time.

Many Boston Jews had and origin stories of data scraped by college classmates and put the site on facebook dot com. Sounds legit.

You're a little late. Does your shift start at 8am in Langley?
Tell us how many Jews died during WWII, just to prove you are.

*had origin stories

>you'd remember it wasn't exactly flattering for (((Zuck))) or for Facebook.

The fake controversy and embarrassment is put on to trigger emotion and block critical thinking.
I the movie and the MSM narrative he's sued for "stealing" the idea of the social network and settling cases. This makes it so that now, when I try to tell people about Adam Grossman they think I'm talking about a character created in the psyop.

They create some embarrassing scandal with all their psyops.

facebook is passe now, only 3rd worlders use it, in 1st world countries now it's all about twitter and instagram and in two years some other shit

The writer of the facebook movie

Facebook is well on the way to becoming Bebo.

What? You don't remember Bebo?

In May 2013, the company voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

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He's a kike.

Sounds like the hedge fund made shit loads of money.

Jews don't like being called white, don't fuck this up.

Global report.

It's a monopoly and will be for at least 5 more years.

Everyone from every angle hates Zucc for their own reasons.

Anyone with a political/ cultural/ news show who wants to get clicks should be rubbing salt in this wound.
Dogging the Adam Grossman chap or Zucc, or anyone related to faceberg paparazzi style.

Is the plan just to argue with shills on the chans here; on the last island of free expression on the internet? Until enough shills make the chans too tiring.

Your understanding is wrong. Facebook required a school email when it started which meant it wasnt plagued with boomers and niggers. The exclusivity and lack of garbage is what can be accredited to its rise. People use it now because you can type in almost any name and find the person you're looking for. You cant kill it without having a suitable replacement ready.

Exposure without violent action is meaningless.


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living a lie that big has to take a toll man, fucking hell

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why are you calling jews holly?

The ecstatic estimate is something like six million


Not exactly, he just wants ALL data to go through facebook. He has a double standard of privacy, look at his leaked email memos

Times are fucked. When I made a MySpace account my parents were paranoid enough to check my messages every day and lock me out of the account if a random person added me as a friend.

This is true. My older brother was one of the people who participated in facebooks beta program in which random schools were selected and kids were given access to the site.

unless you were a liar and murderer from the start and your father invented lying.

The Holocaust Happened

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IIRC the "MASH" suffix is some kind of cartel or intel agency code.

Sinaloa Cartel, user.

Palantir Technologies, Palantir Technologies everywhere!

Valor can't be stolen. Get it through your heads.

Get caught pissing in public, get called a sex offender and put on a list for the rest of your life.

Society claims this is justice. Society is obviously retarded.

Yeah checks out.

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not even once

(solid digits)
Zuck is a thief and a liar. Ever meet a jew that found being a thief and a liar to be stressful? Pffff… it is completely natural to them.

Does anyone have the name of the original CIA program that was abandoned the same day Facebook went live? I forgot the name and its impossible to find with the information i can still remember.

I will hang myself now. Goddamn.

Facebook had black boxes prepped for every college in the nation. Impossible on a shoestring budget. This was a CIA program via InQtel to put out a HUMINT collection program as a social media. Zuck was chosen as the cover story because Kikes control our intelligence apparatus and wouldn't pass up a chance to put their own in power.


Oh as if the government could ever come up with an idea that people would willingly sign up for. No doubt they control it now but the beauracracy is inept. Facebooks success alone is proof that it was a private creation

When faceberg went live it was already embedded in hundreds and hundreds of websites (like CNN, etc). Plus it "went live" with millions of fake users.
Don't confuse Latisha at the DMV with alphabet techs.

When it went "live" after being wildly popular for those that it allowed to use it. Jfc bunch of idiots here today. Fucking gloe in the dark niggers

Beta test of a bot farm = wildly popular

Adam Grossman got jewed.

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Shill begone!

Same shit happens if you try to tell an alt-righter that Lauren Southern is a male-to-female tranny.
She and Rebel media interdicted exposure by running that "Look how easy it is to change gender in Canada" skit.

fuck the borg

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I'm not convinced that these tech companies were ever outside of the deep state. They aren't organic.

Look at their fruits:
Notice how were having problems identical to centralized, planned economies.
Why have FB and Amazon completely bypassed any and all government restrictions?
Why were they essentially given the keys to the kingdom with literally no oversight?
Why are they basically tax exempt?
What use would intelligence agencies (that have demonstrably gone completely rogue) have for companies who deal exclusively in data?

Google, FB, and Amazon are shadow government entities. They don't follow any of the same patterns as any actual private company. They are the public arm of the NWO.

"Google is "different". Google is "visionary". Google is "the future". Google is "more than just a company". Google "gives back to the community". Google is "a force for good"."

"Even when Google airs its corporate ambivalence publicly, it does little to dislodge these items of faith. The company’s reputation is seemingly unassailable. Google’s colorful, playful logo is imprinted on human retinas just under six billion times each day, 2.1 trillion times a year—an opportunity for respondent conditioning enjoyed by no other company in history. Caught red-handed last year making petabytes of personal data available to the US intelligence community through the PRISM program, Google nevertheless continues to coast on the goodwill generated by its “don’t be evil” doublespeak. A few symbolic open letters to the White House later and it seems all is forgiven. Even anti-surveillance campaigners cannot help themselves, at once condemning government spying but trying to alter Google’s invasive surveillance practices using appeasement strategies."

"Nobody wants to acknowledge that Google has grown big and bad. But it has. Schmidt’s tenure as CEO saw Google integrate with the shadiest of US power structures as it expanded into a geographically invasive megacorporation. But Google has always been comfortable with this proximity. Long before company founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin hired Schmidt in 2001, their initial research upon which Google was based had been partly funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). And even as Schmidt’s Google developed an image as the overly friendly giant of global tech, it was building a close relationship with the intelligence community."

"In 2003 the US National Security Agency (NSA) had already started systematically violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) under its director General Michael Hayden. These were the days of the “Total Information Awareness” program. Before PRISM was ever dreamed of, under orders from the Bush White House the NSA was already aiming to “collect it all, sniff it all, know it all, process it all, exploit it all.” During the same period, Google—whose publicly declared corporate mission is to collect and “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”—was accepting NSA money to the tune of $2 million to provide the agency with search tools for its rapidly accreting hoard of stolen knowledge."

I'm willing to bet US dark money went into starting these companies.

Bumping because the Assange article was a revelation for me.


I think it does weigh on him.

He has a team shadow banning any negative mention of him or Facebook.
You'll get "auto logged out" a few days after making a comment and it makes you change your password.

You don't notice he's unusually up tight and constipated during interviews?
Though he got some human debate training for Congress - though the politicians were role playing. Asking Zucc if your info is deleted when you delete your account, yet in another answer Zucc admits Facebook keeps data on you, buys it from companies you DO use even if you've never had an account.

There was a story a few months ago that intimate facebook data on people was shared with these companies.
I can't tell if the constant facebook scandals are a psyop or they really are this inept.

I think a lot of people here claiming he is a mossad operative, had deep state handlers etc. underestimate the jewish capability of corporation building, self promotion and access to financing from fellow jews.

I have known jews myself that built huge companies from the ground up - something that very few whites are capable off handling, me included.

Being the middle man and profiteer off other peoples labor is their number one skill.

Just like negros can't run a simple farm, us whites can't handle the politicking and maneuvering to build modern mega corps as us whites are more focused on producing value rather than building and maintaining power. Mega corps are generally anti human which goes contrary to the white mind set of treating each other like we want to be treated and putting people before profit instead of hellish Amazon working conditions that match Foxconn and the like. A jew can never be rich enough and no matter how much money he has he will never give two shits about non jewish workers and pilpul all day to come up with justifications like globalization, lower management being responsible, workers councils being there with strong rules that are magically never enforced and whatnot.

SMEs is pretty much all that exists in Germany for example and very large companies are semi government or kike run. Whites can't think beyond the tribe while jews have a mass exploitation mindset with the help of corruption of a country on all levels.

Big megacorp is a jewish construct to profit off white labor while giving very little in return to workers and customers alike.

The jewish mindset is having eskimos selling a freezer for the maximum possible price to fellow eskimos at the lowest hourly rate and commission.

It's a mindset of manipulation which is what talmudic debate is all about.

That isn't what this is, my fellow White.
If Facebook was stolen from Adam Grossman's labor this would be the story.
Not a Hollywood and MSM story about the Winklevoss twins and the other Ivy League CIA agents.

And you're not doing this yourself because…

For you op. You want the real unkiked Fb Story….. Ace shrouded in mystery hidden in legend. Sting at the PC my uncle lent me a windows 98 cd for helping my grandmother learn to use Email for the business. Before had pirated windows with 3 folders still with errors as it was mainly where people would put bot/zombie code the distribute. Herd some one got bank from selling pesi .com to pepsi co. I wanted a piece of the dot com property rights. This that all taken . 15 mins ago taken. What makes a valuable domain ? no more then 2 words easy to spell or remember. Ahhhh believe in the ace and you will believe in your self fall down get up that's a part of success. Dub album Arc you know you saw nothing. Ace? taken a b c d e f face? ok what word is as easy to spell as cat? dog? book facebook thats it whats a facebook? It a product that does not exist and has no demand for the brand name. I will become a hacker and figure out what it is……

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First, I started re-coding games something I did with my ti-83 calculator before I got my pc. Studied random events and what is time. Atomic clocks algorithms, background static charting for random numbers ect. Aol chat computers was there a lot learning programs to use and sharing info of what I learned or telling the noobs of with what they wanted to download and stop bothering us. Paranoid Groups if they did not see you for 24Hs its was to them you where compromised by glow in the dark and where trying to sell them out. Put a diabo.exe game file outside of windows 98 in the secret empty folder that acted as a backdoor said if you a hacker here is my IP extract the game code and change the in game sprite text to message me. This would be the first social network.

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If you're going to LARP as a white person please learn to format Chaim.

we hare here for lulz not to congradulate any white cucks

got into network hacking Breaking websites. Would error 12 sites in a day easy cost to bring them back online was 1500 plus then after I crashed them mainly shity porn sites…. Can wait to be fucked up slut.. fuck me, well fuck you crashed. The way I do things I will end up in jail or behind a government computer. I don't think there is any middle ground because I am not a snitch. On some absure website some post of a guy begging for help said he was targeted and his family harassed for exposing a web site child abduction and porn site and the fbi would not help. Looked up open complaint files. 14 formal complaints on this site. went to site ????? Its real. Seek and destroy show no mercy. I was put into spearhead once dude friend came home from work as it turned out they had 30 thousand dollars of security programs. What we need to do original user is get them to argue and reply in the chat box on the main page They just Ignore us but something about how you talk makes them lose it. We need to track them so we can get into the admin records

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News I what can only be called A sOCAIL NETWORK OF HACKERS more then 100 people to bring down a take over a child porn that was also used for other illegal activitys. Then posted that battle on the sites its self for all to see adims ips and anyone who accesed the site and there interaction with it. I would also go on the hack the largest banking data server but only keep a mental note of a kid one year younger with same first and last name and completion in same county. This was 2000 and yea the banks keep that type of info on even your kids. They would later try to kill me. Got a message on my pc though a secured dos link like we used when hacking. The head od the cia wants to talk with you. Ok I a ears. hold on don't go away. Are you trying to get yourself killed or are you just stupid? No, the better Question is what do I want. well what do you want? This Is the head of the CIA I was tell No. I want 15k for cooperating. ok anything else? I want it in the form of a grant for a socail network. Done don't talk to anyone untill you here from us. Nope fuck you buy the story if it ever comes out. Jews will try to kill me over sheckles be restrained on stainless seal tables and torched my sheckles goyim! Met Zuck tld him what to do tryied to get of CIA leash for having my file cleaned working for them.

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The cases of that are minimal. The judge will usually throw it out because they know how fucking stupid it is unless you do it in front of a school or you already have a long record of being a fucktard.

Well you knew I was here.

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Two FB higher employees have Quit in support of me after I called them.


This. That's why the faggot overdid the techie trope with hoodies and shit, to be /oneofus/ to normies who didn't know the difference. Anyone there on day 1 and watching can see the exact same "uncanny widespread success" as Google had.

Want to know a current acute vulnerability of Noseberg's? The fact that he tried to steal native and burial land on Kauai a few years back, had to back down due to bad PR and connections to child rape networks, and is still trying.

anyone with the word Berg in their name is Jewish. Ex: Mossberg, Goldberg, etc.

Took ladder and stairs, because Shrodinger's Cat.

Word literally means mountain, originated with Saxons and Bavarians. Magically means turbo kike in internet speak.

Why? The brain damaged mental patients that use kikebook don't give a dam. The public doesn't give a dam. People are garbage. Nearly all of them are NPC's. At best, you will confuse them even more. Until they forget about it all in 2 or 3 minutes.

Isn't this already known? I'm sure it is…

This has been known for a long time.

Go away, you miserable kike. Jews are ANTI-WHITES. Pharisaical filth. Spread your diseases in Hell, from whence you came.

I've got news for you, too… You vermin are becoming as transparent as glass as of late. Your "shields" are failing. Everyone can see you now. You know that old proverb of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", right? Well, that boy is YOU, and we can ALL see you now. Goddamned fools you all are… Enjoy your self-made hell – you earned it a thousand times over.

No…Google, Facebook, and Amazon are just three of the larger, more visible, fronts of that millennia-spanning, global organized crime syndicate, foisted upon the World long ago, which is commonly – and deceptively – referred to as "Judaism". (And, In reality it is just re-hashed Pharisaism.)

And those "governments" you speak of – "shadow" or not – are also nothing but similar fictional entities [fronts] operated by the same syndicate, but which are operated such as to appear to the unitiated masses as entirely different, and even "competing" institutional constructs.

There is nothing new under the sun, quite literally. Things may look a lot different than what you imagine they looked like a couple thousand years ago, but essentially NOTHING has changed, "under the surface"…. Other than that syndicate is exponentially larger, well-honed, and more effective now. It is also – accordingly – a much larger threat now. It has conned almost all of humanity now. And that won't end well. In fact, most of you cannot even imagine how badly it will end.

But end it will. And, soon..

There were massive mega- corps in Hitler's Germany, and they seemed to do just fine. Krupp, I.G. Farben, etc. Most of the major companies in the US were built by gentiles, they were simply bought out by kikes. I see your game.

go look at any insider trading report on FB stock
zucc has been dumping shares at an increasing rate for like 3 years now

I told you what happened. The CIA never even wanted Zuck to run the company. They thought he was a idiot. I knew everything The bank recorders, secret rating lists of the skull and bones of who is who any there allegiance to the inner circle. That the dark darpa net was a server paid for with tax dollars and guarded on us bases that was the largest host of cp and murder porn ever on the web dismantled in 1998ish. The site the first anons took down and captured in 2000ish was them trying to rebuild it privately. Yea the first money ever put into facebook was 15k from the CIA head. Mr.robot is one big push to controll the narrative to push communism ideals.

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told you all about it.

You think anything in the Tv show is by mistake?

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nope, berg's origins are that of the anglosphere. partially in Germany.

They don't like being called Jews.

Mathis. Right. Sometimes he does see the truth (such as seeing the patterns in numbers and dates), but he does too much 4D conspiracy. Guy doesn't even know when to stop, so it easily rolls into Mandela effect zone.


Man, I don’t know about you, but these elites sound like real sadsack primitives, trying to fuck over society rather than taking part in a brighter future. They could protect a world of happiness, but they’re slaves to emotional fluctuations that shatter and bore them.