Gays should be Exterminated

Hitler was a very smart man and had the best scientists working for him, they already had this figured out lads.

Dont let the Liberals brainwash you, Gays are worse than serial killers, Sodomy is the main source for all STDs (yes ALL of them), when a gay or bisexual man decides to have sex with a woman she is done! She will definitly 100% catch something, they are sick, they dont reproduice and if they did they give us children with Aids / Herpies or some other sickness, they should be clensed off the face of the earth.

The Offical CDC website talks about the dangers of the filthy sodomites.

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I agree!

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They used to throw gays into bogs in Europe. Pretty tough penalties.

if you where to execute 4% of your population you will receive 16% population hostile towards you sine family and friends those people wont be like "well they died since they are mentally ill"

education is key we need to teach our kids in school what is right and what is evil satanic cult

body count by the state on murders don't tell that story. you need the authority behind you to get away with crimes as they do.

They executed them then bogged them. It's a natural reaction, one which every culture shares to some degree. People just don't like parasitism, weakness, and disease.

Just make it illegal to start with, then gradually increase the punishments until it's closer to capital punishment. The boiled fag effect.

This fucking reads like parody.

Light up ze ovenz boys!

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Go back to /mlpol/

Fuck of back to /leftcuckpol/

Where do i cast my vote ?

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This user gets it. fifty years of social brainwashing did its toll. We need to reverse these changes first before we can impose more serious measueres. Anti gay propaganda laws (Russian style) are something to begin with.

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come and try faggot

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*honked* from behind

Nope, as soon as the commies took over China they immediately collectivized all land within a few years and ordered people to slaughter their own neighbors for being reactionaries. People were shocked, taken aback, land ownership was at the very heart of the Chinese social structure. They were offended…but they complied, because they had no choice. The same government is today in power in China with no real internal threats to its existence.

Strength wins, weakness loses.

Don't be so homophobic, goys. Love is love.

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You do realise that 90% of population hate you? The moment (((hate crimes))) laws are revoked and you are no longer protected by the (((state))) ordinary people will take matters into their own hands and you will never again dare to contaminate our aryan public spaces. Was it not thanks to the police, your sick (((parades))) would be stopped in their tracks by ordinary men. People love their children and the moment you sick fucks want to put your dirsty, perverted hands on them, they will not take it lightly. We will always remember what you sick fucks have done to our children. Now get back to Zig Forums you sick fazgg.

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Don't take the bait about pedophilia, keep it to homosexuals. Straight pedophilia is ok.


Shouldn’t we see a decrease in faggotry if homos are socially forced to marry non homos and have children? We won’t because it’s mostly not genetic. It’s from abuse, endocrine dysfunction from a pregnant mother, environmental endocrine disrupters, and cultural conditioning to be non-hetero deviant from media, education and porn, poor role models especially parents. Killing fags itself won’t fix the problem either. All these other causes of faggotry must be addressed to decrease the amount of useless freaks in our world.

Its been done many times you homo, it can be done again.

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Not your blog. You won’t ever do anything to stop faggotry or its attendant poisons.

One of the biggest cause of faggotry is recruitment by other fags, especially through their media channels (many powerful kikes are faggot pedophiles), through child trafficking, through academia where pedophiles run wild, etc. Killing every fag, like your ancestors did, would be a gigantic step forward in eliminating this poison from the society. In the future when the odd faggot shows up here or there in society, you can easily arrest them and execute them one by one.

There is no reason to force these sick fucks to marry. They are useless from begining to the end. There are 1.05 boys born every single one girl so still there will be enough men for every woman. Homos are simply unnecessary and even harmful. Lesbians are a different story, they may be viable as they can potentially give us healthy offspring. Lebensborn birth houses come to mind.

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I expanded that with the other flags. Kikemonkey refuses to allow me to post it, though, so he can just eat shit.


"Who is Ernst Röhm?"

….i think i hate faggots more than kikes, least the fucking kikes do their shit quietly for the most part, every time i turn around there's some faggot trying to shove their flaccid hormone broken gay cock into something i love, my movies,video games, comics, all of society has been fucking raped by faggots at this point, they can't create or make anything of their own so they got to go around and shit on everyone else's stuff….
yeah yeah, i know the kikes are the ones funding and pushing the faggots, they all need to be gassed, but at least when it was just the jew fucking me up the ass i still had bits and pieces of my life that i enjoyed…it's all shit now, kill em all, kikes and faggots and faggot kikes.

You do realise that faggots wouldn't reallly ever leave their closet if it wasn't for (((certain type of people)))? The (((tribe)))) uses faggots and the whole (((LGBTQ))) idealogy as a mean of psychological warfare aimed at a total destruction of white men. LGBTQ shit pollutes their minds, destroys their indentity and makes them totally sexually depraved thus antagonizing our youth with white culture.

I'd gladly kill off one Ernst Rohm if I was also killing off a million Barney Franks, Kevin Spaceys, George Takeis, Perez Hilton, etc. Nice cherry picking though you disgusting pedophile AIDS stick.

Typo. Should not be forced to marry.

Nice ad hom pal

yeah that must be why you edgy larping social failures are so popular with the public.
You do realize that 100% of you cringey internet rednecks are closeted homos right?

I'm shaking in my boots, tough guy. when are you bitter incels actually going to try something? I promise that you won't kill me first.

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No we shouldn't. Put them to work instead.

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First the jews.
Always first the jews.

Seriously, do your homework.
We kill the gays, then the jews will come up with some other inane shit to poison us.

i wonder how many jews thought like this and talked like this before hitler was a thing in germany…keep going faggot,everyday you fucking idiots keep fucking with straight people is another day that you get closer to your own grave…people are getting sick of your shit even if don't realize it yet. IT'S FUCKING MAM! lol

i know,i know, but seriously, it's every fucking day with the god dam attention whore faggots. i wish they would just shut the fuck up so i can go back to being pissed at the jews with the sort of passion i hate the faggots with, i understand this is what the kikes want….still though, i just want some peace and fucking quite for a minute without some faggot trying to shove a dick up the ass of Captain America and all the of rest…

yeah, i get all of that, i'm just saying that feel like it's the faggot fucking with me more even though they are nothing more than the stick that i'm being poked with as opposed to the hand doing it.

I know your ways, slave merchant, Destroyer of civilizations.

All faggots should be burned

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Ok, I agree with this one. Not from a moral standpoint, but from the standpoint that every single homosexual, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE WAS AN IDIOT.

Yeah, it is called SELF PRESERVATION and not wanting to see your son POZZED up and raped…and your daughters infested with killer disease. We could wipe out disease on this planet COMPLETELY but as long as faggots survive they will make more disease by being deviant and disgusting.



Sure after they are dead. They are a HUGE biohazard due to their lifestyle. Their bodies themselves are disease machines. If we were serious about eliminating a wide variety of disease we would burn their bodies and treat them like the biohazard they are…high temp incineration. Also, this would get rid of many semites so I think it is an extremely good idea.

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you sure have a way with words don't you cleetus?
looks like the jews are doing just fine today. the holocaust didn't happen and they pretty much run the world.

every day*
you're like a kroger brand shadow the hedgehog.

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those two should be at least

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All true. Faggots must be exterminated. Kill your local faggots. Mobilize groups to kill faggots. Make every group that already hates faggots start hunting and killing faggots.

Always kill jews, like this one.

So? Eliminating the degenerates is more important than public approval. All masses can be taught to accept killing faggots, sooner or later. Killing many faggots will make it normal and acceptable (as it is) for the masses.

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Freedom of religion unless it offends some kike nigger or faggot. Freedom of speech unless you're white. Outrage and rioting if you get shot but only if the victim was black. Muslims in office and Sharia law theocracy nestled firmly inside our own state like a virus



Once we can no longer speak up we are finished

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This is why no one takes you edgy retards seriously. Your parents would be heartbroken to see how you turned out.

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Fags will always exist. Just keep them in the shadows.

NO LESBIANS NEED TO BE BOGGED AS WELL…NO PARASITIC DNA GOES FORWARD. This is like you saying 'certain' semites are ok and wanting to wash rinse repeat the entire 6,000 years over again.


start with yourself, incel

No they wont we can eugenically select them out of our DNA pool. With concerted effort and FOCUS we can select anything out. Do you think any parent would select a fag as offspring if they had a choice?

TRUST ME, they would NEVER select a faggot via genetic engineering.

We can and will exterminate this disease vector from society.

I am not a parasite on society like you are…you need to be taken out and killed in the street.

Implying you wont be dead of GRIDS by the time you hit 35.

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come and try faggot. your 400 pounds will make an easy target.

You can't remove them. Even if you remove any genetic vectors, they will still be produced from disease or abuse. Again, the solution is to make fags afraid again.

you don't want to have kids without also wanting grandchildren…..i've read some of those coming out stories,faggots always wonder why their parents are disappointed….maybe it would make sense if you weren't a retarded faggot.

faggot tries to shoot back, somehow limpwrists a glock AND a AR15.

Stovepipes his shit and puts a hole in his own foot

That is why all children have to be tested and removed if they display the traits of faggotry.

or we are doomed to this horrific Kali Yuga forever.


afraid of you larping neckbeards I'm sure

try to stop embarrassing yourself, sisterfucker.

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What are you even doing here (((fag)))?

Oh and i almost forgot pic related.

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Not a fag, but trust me…if I wanted to kill you (and I do because you are a rotten disease vector in society) I WOULD KILL YOU. You would never see me coming.


how shocking

maybe not but i'd definitely smell you from a mile away. wash your gunt you pasty larping fatass.

Imagine being so degenerate that you have to remove shit and dead semen from your colon so that other men can use your anus to masturbate with and accusing anyone that objects of having a phobia. lol.

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this isn't your blog, faggot.

no need for that, there's genetic markers, we could test before they ever born and end a vast majority of faggots before they are ever born.

that's rich coming from an actual faggot, your entire existence is an embarrassment, functionally speaking there is no reason for you to exist, i think a lot of you know that deep down and that's why you kill yourselves at high rates.

Yes, this is Sparta now semite. We have standards. We are going to remove your parasitic filth from the planet and institute a disease free World without your disgusting fucking shit behaviors.


faggots have to wear diapers on occasion because they can't keep their shit in their asshole anymore.

that's rich coming from a fat incel who pretends that he's a holy crusader for the white race all day. Go look in the mirror and apologize to whoever wasted their time raising you.

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And get colostomy bags if they live long enough.

pat yourself on the back harder, you're not that creative. that's probably why you're here.

I am simply saying that we can't let 'pity' for what is degenerate stand in the way of DUTY to our nation and people. There is no JUSTICE in this world while people side with what is disgusting, diseased, parasitic and deviant! How could there ever be JUSTICE and HEATH? There can't. We are Nationalists, not 'libertines' and all parasitic behaviors in society have to be exterminated. Born or unborn.


i cant even

Is that what they told you when they mounted you behind the burger king?

to think I actually used to take you people seriously. You are the dregs of society, 99% of the planet hates you and wants to see you die. larp it up while you can. You're going to have to grow up sooner or later.

Pay attention, anons. This is what they call projection.

I didn't ask for your life story.

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like a stuck record. You have a ball gag in atm don’t you, sodomite?

user hit too close to home?

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You can't even talk to your family members about your backwards, centuries-dead beliefs, you pasty virgin.


Oh really? Trying to change the subject are you? Gonna cry? Piss your pants maybe?

90% of pedophiles are faggots.

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You've been expelled from every major civilization until you invented finance capital, and its only a matter of time before you are expelled from the earth for doing that. I couldn't sleep if I were you.

Yes they bribed us with our own effort and labor to let them live. How did that work out for us, for the Earth, for Health, for Honor?

It was an 'experiment' that failed in every comprehensible way that an experiment could fail. Now the only thing left to do is clean up the mess and burn everything that has caused us these problems.

Semites must die. We must never have pity for the degenerate and diseased over an above what is pure, healthy and should have been holy to our people…

lol, goes to show out of touch you are, we are growing stronger, not weaker, the more off the rails you lot go…and it's not just the faggots,it's all of it, all of this bullshit is working against you right now…. the less normal people are going to be willing to put up with your shit. it's not our fault you can't see the writing on the wall…..once the left is done expelling the centrist you're fucked and that's really only just begun…enjoy your echo chambers of faggots, stay in the delusion that things aren't starting to go sideways for you, it's better that way, it's easier that way.

Go back to /cow/ before you choke to death on your boyfriends butt plug.