Big Tech's problem with succesful black women

So just earlier this week google decided to shut down its AI ethics panel because of complaints about one of its members Kay Cole James, an African American grandma who happens to be a conservative. She has previously served as the Director of Personnel Management and is also on the NASA advisory council among other achievements.

This event follows up another event within the Big Tech sphere, a little over a year ago Apple fired its African American vice president of diversity and inclusion; Denise Young Smith, after she suggested that "white males are part of diversity"

Holy shit: this is twice in two years that a priminent African American women involved with Big Tech was removed from her position for having a different opinion that her peers, who happen to be mostly white males.

Gismo Senior writer and white male millenial hipster went as far as labeling Joanna as a "ghoul".

Wow. from a sector of society (big tech) that has been so adamant about forcing diversity on the rest of the country, this is insanity. Apparently it is more than clear that even in this sector there is no room for a black woman if she even dares having any sort of differing opinion from the masses. Is it a coincidience that most successful black woman (other than entertainers) also happen to be conservatives? We can honestly run with this and start putting pressure on big tech for being racist against black women. Google just fucked up to be honest, and the fact that apple recently fired another prominant black women is basically a gift just falling into our hands. We need to bring this to the attention of the black community as well as the entire SJW community. I a have a feeling most black women in the country will stick with their own instead of siding with the SJW's on this one. Besides what right does a privileged white male have to call a successful black woman a ghoul?

any thoughts on how to get this idea out to the masses?

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honestly if Trump capitalized on this moment, and made a huge deal about it and then appointed this woman to a new advisory position or something like that then it would be huge. that could send ripples through the SJW community as well as give trump a few points with the African American community going into the next election cycle. Honestly these lefties are retarded,the old saying from the Art of War something like "if your enemy is making a mistake, then sit back and let them" is so true. This is too easy lads, they are destroying themselves wile we are sitting back getting stronger and stronger by the day!

These obama era memes need to die.

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fuck off kike.. Denise Young was basically known as the most prominent African American woman in silicon valley.

Your not gonna shut this one down shlomo…

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(((white males))) op?

I debated it with a highly intelligent tech liberal. They basically say that nobody can ever be not racist and therefore we need to institute racially based policies to force an equal distribution of people based on race aka. skin color.
I didnt really have an argument against that except my old argument that merit should go above everything but his argument does kinda work against that too, because if some hiring director is racist then merit wont be able to come into play for the discriminated against person.
Obviously this is crazy but I havent really found a killer argument against it because at its heart the liberal is basically already a racist, he just draws completely different conclusions from this. He thinks that we will never not be racist and therefore have to make these racist policies to counter the inevitable racist bias.
Hard to debate this. Yes of course we wont ever be not racist because races exist and these differences exist and people like being among their own kind.
But instead of just allowing that, the liberal wants to force mix people together by law.
Again: It's hard to find an argument against this. If you said to them that well, we could just have white people only then they would counter that well, nothing is ever 100% white and are you a nazi or something? Why focus on race?
So not sure. It's obvious that this kind of mixing will never work but in theory it can. In theory if we just apply the law ruthlessly then at some point everyone stops being racist because it's impossible because races are in every job required by law as a quota.
Give me your best arguments if you can, this is what the highly intellectual liberals believe and there isnt really a technical flaw with it except that this is all done for ideological purposes in hopes that one day everyone just wakes up in a world that isnt practically racist anymore because we are all mixed anyway and nobody cares anymore.
I suppose the best argument would be to say that no matter how much you mix people up, they will not stop being racist, they will just find other things to fight over and racism is not a worthy goal to destroy the fabric of nations/companies over just because you think it might result in a bit more peace and a bit less conflict. Then again, their counter argument will be that racism is definitely a worthy thing to destroy even to the point of self-extinction because at least we wont have another world war over race.
Good luck defeating this argument buddies.

The point is that no black woman will ever get far if she is a hardcore SJW. yes she is following the trends and repeating what everyone else says, but for the she is just a follower and doesnt have what it takes to be successful on her own.

Thats why all these women who are high up in silicon valley are conservative, because they can think for themselves and actually have a grasp on reality that allows them to make an impact on the world outside of just "complaining about whitey".

Is this bait?

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your glowing shill.

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Proud sheboons are natural conservatives.

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that's not a response to the argument at all.
I suppose the only real argument is that if other races are actually truly inferior then mixing everyone together would result in an inferior product. Now you can make your own value judgement if you think that making the whole world worse intellectually still is better than the potential for another race based world war (which is never off the table anyway and in any case, race is just one of many different beliefs and
qualities that cause people to go into war)

You're in for a bad time.

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fuck off JIDF….you guys arnt even subtle anymore….

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And a Bix Nood to you too, my fellow internet nazi.

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If you look on youtube, woke (as in jewish woke) or at the very least conservative, black women, are way over represented compared to black males, I have wondered for some time why this is the case and I'm not surprised at this development at all.

nope. you stick out like a sore thumb. hopefully your manager sees this thread and fires you. you really suck at your job. probably one of the worst shills in history. they must be really desperate as they hired you. Cant think of any other reason why they would bring such a moron to the team?

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Those words don't even belong in a sentence together.

That is like saying…

Shove your Fusionist nigger loving bullshit back up your faggot ass, trumpnigger.

liberals think racism has to die and they are willing to kill themselves to achieve it and their own race. These white liberals are so racist, ironically they think that there is something wrong with whites as a race and it should be exterminated. Thereby supposedly ending the problem of racism because apparently only whites are so racist.

lol jesus christ, you really think doubling down on your JIDF shill attack will work? anyone with half a brain can spot you clowns now. lol i miss the days of subtle jidf shilling, at least that was entertaining and kept us on our toes a bit. but the apple has fallen far from the tree. SAD!

They're inbred, what else can they hire?

Shill somewhere else with a dumber user base. You'll achieve more, though I suppose it would be lacking the certain je ne sais quoi you niggers seem to think is present here in abundance.

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The last part of the last sentence can be safely ignored as it typical kike revisionism that poor White people have any common cause with niggers, when it is always the super rich bringing them in, moving them around, putting them to work, and killing poor White people who defend themselves from these monkeys.

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They basically say that nobody can ever be not racist and therefore we need to institute racially based policies to force an equal distribution of people based on race aka. skin color.
But why is equality a good idea, totally not that guy?

Why are other races our concern? 'His' argument assumes universal white altruism which assumes non white reciprocity. Reciprocity that has largely yet to materialise.

But why is it wrong to be racist? If racism is simply recognising the distinct general biological traits of a group of related people and the various differences that arise from that what’s the problem? If you like you can be a 'nice' racist that believes good fences make good neighbours without bloodshed if you insist.

Because 'he' believes in equality and thinks that he can make it real.
But equality cannot exist.

Race can be identified with a near 100% accuracy by genetic testing and anatomy.
If 'he' wants to play the deconstruction game that A blends into B then tell me precisely when food becomes shit. If not they must be the same and 'he' should eat some shit to prove it. In other words: heuristic.

Why is racism bad? Why is proportional representation good?
If niggers have an average iq or 75-85 what benefit is there in having a quota of nigger mathematicians?

Tehh 'him' hes a fucking faggot that sucks nigger balls.

K buddie!

Tech has been a fucking joke.

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The redpill is already in full course. What the masses must do is take violent action.

All niggers must be killed.

Of course race mixing results in worse product. That's the whole premise behind the Kalergi plan.

Siting in advisory council - achievement LOL

Would have wondered me if she would have been CTO

Your arguments are total shit, "hurr i wanna be racist because why not, everybody else is too"
what a childish turboshit argument.

equality of opportunity is good, they just say that racism prevents equal opportunity

because all humans share the same planet? he doesnt really assume reciprocity, it's more like they assume that white people will be able to keep these policies enforced I suppose, which somewhat assumes that one day after white people are gone and mixed away, that these new mixed non-whites and full non-whites will continue the policies. Maybe that's actually a good way to fight this belief of liberals: if white people are gone, do you truly think that blacks will not fight slightly less black people? Do you really think these strong antiracist policies will be continued by blacks and brown people and do you really think they will just continue all this without the pressure of whites?
I think that may be the biggest aha moment for liberals because in their heart they know the truth and that may be the biggest shock to realize that all their self sacrifice is actually in vain because the very fact that everyone is racist means that you cant defeat it, even if you kill your own race, maybe especially if you kill your own race.

Stop dancing around and just admit to being racist. If you want stats, show how companies run by white men do better than those run by diversity hires.

Ahem. Quote:
If racism is simply recognising the distinct general biological traits of a group of related people and the various differences that arise from that what’s the problem? If you like you can be a 'nice' racist that believes good fences make good neighbours without bloodshed if you insist.
Racism is just applying the same criteria to humans that we apply to other animals.
you actual nigger

Equality of opportunity is merit and merit assumes inequality, looks for inequality and finds inequality. It results in hierarchical elitism this is good btw NOT equality.

We share the planet with a lot of things, doesn’t mean i tolerate them fucking up my shit.

The whole point of your post was based on equality but NOT reciprocity? Do you always dribble shit from your mouth like that?

Why permit ourselves to be mixed and 'gone away'? Are you white? If you dgaf about your own people then why not?

Like mosquito’s, your mothers yeast infection and Ebola, non whites are only relevant in as much as they become a problem for whites.

Its not that 'everyone is racist' its that racism is correct because it arises from reality.

Retards or shitty trolls. This is a point of leverage, using the enemy's own flaws against them. It highlights, quite blatantly, that their push for diversity is in fact just an anti white male movement. Like a rebellious teenager, these worthless fucks raised and provided for by what white men built now bite the hand that feeds them and consider themselves capable and intellectual.

JIDF is really on overtime with this thread….jesus you fags suck at your jobs….

no body is falling for your shitty post LMAO

really makes you think.

It is more that barely anyone is attracted to vapid nigger loving thread. Take the hint.

He said nigger LOL, 😭

No, it is NOT a point of leverage. The only people who keep pushing this narrative are niggers and holders of entrenched capital who want to use niggers to kill people in foreign White countries to accumulate more capital. The answer to an anti-White male movement is a White Liberation Army, not another essay, or fracture point, or contention, or red pill campaign. Patriots do not come in all skin colors and we aren't patriots to begin with.

You are missing the forest for the trees.

No, I am not.

Yes, you are..


if you guys really are not JIDF then your just morons. one or the other i cant tell. you dont understand chess….hurrrr durrr i cant see two steps in front of em hurrrrrrr durrrrr"

fucking retard

There is no common cause between niggers and White people – none. We only improve and advance minus your deleterious presence, you only subsist in our midst as brutish parasites. No one here cares about market economics, rule of law, free trade, Mackinder, israel, opposing Russia, or anything else on the "conservative" agenda so this idea of "conservative" niggers is nonsensical from the outset.

Your argument is one of preservation of the postwar mythos that is STRANGLING the West and has it on its deathbed. The only reason why you and are chimping so hard about this is because you are fucking niggers with black skin and you want the failing world order led by Team Niggerjew [represented as Trump and Trump-allied] to stay propped up because it is good for you. Upheaval is YOUR enemy, not ours.

Maybe you're standing too close. Take a couple steps back and use that wide vision of yours. Humans have pretty decent field ov vision despite being predators with forward facing eyes.

If diversity in companies were truly such a positive the moment that minority companies popped up they would destroy the "racist" "white companies not hiring on merit. In reality these jewish owned companies already prop up minority hires and if you attempt to focus on hiring whites you get sued into compliance or bankruptcy.

Of all the places to recruit, you pick pseudo educated pussys?
Poor choice user. Poorer choice is trying to argue within their frame work. These people have a different perception of reality that isn't going to change, no matter how you argue, especially if you stick inside their frame work.
If they aren't open to your reality and why you hold the views you do, they are a lost cause and should be abandoned.
Remember anons, a lion does not care about the opinions of sheep. When possible, dont even give them the validation of their beliefs by arguing the merits. Truth is on your side and only needs to be presented in a digestible way.

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The tale of a colossal twelve year old faggot.

Colossal twelve year old faggot is upset by those ebil racis on Zig Forums. Thinks 'i will destroy them with facts and logic!'
Spends six weeks composing the most bullet proof paragraph of progressive 'truth' he can imagine.
Asks faggot tranny 'dad', tries talking to antifa, eventually goes to an intersectional gender studies professor for tips.
Until one day his quest is complete!
The most incredible paragraph of 'truth' and social justice ever conceived by a colossal twelve year old faggot.
Its amazing. Check m8!
But how to deliver this TRUTH bomb into the minds of the ebil racis of Zig Forums?
'Hmmm' Thinks the colossal twelve year old faggot.
Finds vaguely related thread.
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Gets btfo in one post.
goes into denial mode.
Doesn’t work. Gets btfo again
Begins to cry 'they promised it was bullet proof! They PROMISED!'
Calls everyone JIDF because idk.

And this ends the tale of a colossal twelve year old faggot.
I don’t know what happened to him after, no one does.
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Hell if i know.
The end.

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you dont get it, liberals dont pretend that it's positive for companies. For them it's a tax paid by humanity to avoid another Hitler. That's all it ever is. They literally admit that they dont want merit based hiring.

Reminder this thread is being heavily brigaded by pic related followers. He tells niggers to hate black women and fuck white women.
Zig Forums should not entertain these nerds.

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Equality literally cannot it exist it's mathematically impossible and it's entirely an ideological concept that has no basis in reality - you're not fooling anyone. You didn't debate "your lib shit friend" you are the libshit friend. None of your arguments are good nor is there any logic to it - just pure appeals to emotion.

Look at the history of Haiti to see the end result. Look at Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. See what is happening in South Africa now. Whites are a global minority. Yet, they are expected to cater to the majority groups that invade their spaces. The only explanation given is that they are the majority in the places they reside. It is nonsensical.

you shouldn't.

You don't ever deserve to be taken seriously for implying that it is even a thing. Ok, GTFO and go back to plebbit.