How many races are there really and how would we categorize them...

How many races are there really and how would we categorize them? Especially after all the retarded debates with that fat fuck Kraut and AH, what's the general consensus now?

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Define "race" properly. Can't count them if you can't even properly identify them.
I'd identify at least 4 macro "races" or major clades of sapiens variation:Caucasoids/West Eurasians, Sino-Mongoloids, Australoids, and Africans, themselves divided majorly into Negroid and Capoid. These should be understood as major clades of variation, as there's plenty of peoples who don't fit exactly within those and could be considered stabilized mongrels(or otherwise if stable enough, races of their own).

Though I prefer the word race understood as it was before, less "populist" in a way and more similar to how dog races are understood, which is their correspondence to a certain ideal, not so much about genetic variation. The implication of which is that for instance race can go across national boundaries i.e you could talk about Nordid Italians and Mediterranid Englishmen. Or Nordid Iranians for that matter. Understood like this, race is more about quality than quantity.

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Good question OP.

A landrace is a domesticated, locally adapted, traditional variety of a species of animal or plant that has developed over time, through adaptation to its natural and cultural environment of agriculture and pastoralism, and due to isolation from other populations of the species.

Based on this definition, there are three primary races of Humans.
However, mixing these you get another four, one of which is mixed all three like the Arab.
Obviously, there are many different strains and phenotypes of these "races".


between a few and a lot
with difficulty

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please stop posting that tree; it's from one of the oldest works on genetics, based only on a handful of markers that were available at the time and not truly representative once you actually work with hundreds of thousands of markers as modern population genetics works with
Greeks aren't closer to Iranians than they are to Italians

One. We are called white. The other “races” are mere mudshit mixtures and are lower on the phylogenetic tree of life

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It implies that Africans are not evolved and Europens are the most evolved.

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Paleolithic Europeans/WHG = Cro-magnons
EHG/ANE = Nordic race
EEF = Mediterranean race
CHG = Iranian-Mediterraneans


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Look up the history of the word in demographics and the asshole that categorized jews and arabs along with Nords and Germanics. He called them all the Beautiful RACES, meaning even he didn't consider them to be a single race, but that they were all on the better end of the spectrum.

Classic phenotype of the Blood-Drinking Goblin

Homo goblinus

taxonomic clade: Sneaky Hasbartus

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Read 'The Passing of the Great Race' by Madison Grant.

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You're completely forgetting that

1. EEF constitutes a large portion of even nordic genome (like 35-40%)
2. PIE exists

Worry about it later.. we categorize them by their skulls in the museum after the race war. Leave something for future generations.

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