BASED Dykes intentionally drove off cliff killing family of niggers

Jennifer Hart drove her six children to their deaths as her wife looked up how much they would suffer, a jury says

>(((CNN))) — As a drunk Jennifer Hart drove her six adopted children captured niggers in their family SUV, her wife, Sarah, sat in the passenger seat looking up different ways to end their lives.

>The SUV carrying the Hart family would drive off a 100-foot Pacific coast cliff on that day in March last year — a tragedy police say took all eight lives and sparked questions about abuse and homicide. As the car was in motion, Sarah was busy with the searches: "How easily can I overdose on over the counter medications?" "Can 500mg of Benadryl kill a 125lb woman?" "How long does it take to die from hypothermia while drowning in a car?" One of her last searches was for a no-kill dog shelter. They intended to kill their 6 children niggers, jury finds

>The horrifying details emerged Thursday after a coroner's jury unanimously ruled that Jennifer and Sarah Hart intended to die along with their six adopted children captured niggers: Markis, 19, Jeremiah and Abigail, both 14, Devonte, 15, Hannah, 16, and Ciera, 12. At first, it seemed unfathomable the parents would drive their children from their home in Woodland, Washington, to their deaths in Mendocino County, California. Their social media pages included photos of beaming children holding "love is always beautiful" signs.

>As the national spotlight on the story grew, more details emerged that the children niggers desperately sought help from neighbors. Allegations surfaced that their parents abused and starved the six adopted children captured niggers.

>When authorities entered the Hart home, it seemed neat, orderly and newly remodeled, said investigator Jake Slates from the California Highway Patrol. But while Jennifer and Sarah's were decorated, Slates said, the children's niggers rooms were bare.

>According to a case report, the children niggers also complained of racist behaviors an sheet.


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The feel good story of the year so far. Our attempts to disrupt the cultural zeitgest and scramble the brains of Degenerate Inc.'s foot soldiers via inception is working.

clown world makes me smile at last.

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Nothing of value was lost.

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wew that's some woman "logic" right there

At least this story had a happy ending.

That's some mighty fine reddit tier meme skills you have newfag.

The passenger dyke took like 50 benadryls. What a retard.

Six dead niggers for the price of two dykes. A real bargain.

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Reminder that dykes learned to love Hitler. They are all potential Shield Maidens.

Old news
So Exciting
Much wow

Also liberals are more racist than anyone else and are all hypocrites.

I'm hungover. lulz

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That's an improvement, shit photoshop skills however.

6 dead nigs and 2 dead dykes? That's not homicide, that's pesticide

"Isn't it beautiful?"


I couldn't skim over the irrelevant garbage thoroughly enough. Was there a discovery as to "why" in any of this?

That poor car…

Imagine the smell…


SIX NIGGERS IN A CAR WITH ME AND I WOULD AN HERO TOO…sure I wouldn't make Saint Tarrants high score but think about it user…six fewer niggers in the world. That is a win no matter how you slice it.

Ancient news.

why not.

We already had a thread on this - when it happened.


We had a thread on this at the time it happened. If I recall correctly, the consensus was that degenerate dykes are emotionally unstable, and that the very impulse that led these confused whores to buy their niggers in the first place was the same thing that led to the end of the experiment.

Based Pacific Ocean-chan.

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I can help you get home, newfag.

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I'm just not inspired.

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Well there's two dykes I'd never put my finger in.

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Dykes with niggrs go splat.

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I've been on white websites for almost 15 years now and I have never seen that symbol, but ADL claims its "common".
What a load of shit.

This happened a year or two back IIRC. Feel good story but old news

The one on the right really looks like a jewess..

The CJNG cartel tried that.

If you can fit more than two fingers in she wasn't always a dyke.

hahahaha yeah glad I'm not the only one who noticed.

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Yuri will save the white race

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This is fucking great
Good job for once dykes

Oh my good heavens the car didn’t even make it out into the ocean but barely?
2/10 for effort

Commit suicide, queer.

I've dated more white girls than u, incel. Mad?

At least their intentions were noble.

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How is it possible that they have made every single one of their kids look gay? Not just by now they're dressed but you can see the faggotry in their faces. This is why I am against gays adopting children; they brainwash them to be faggots too.

Just imagine getting redpilled when you're that deep in shit.

easy to recover and clean. these hoes kept the oceans clean too.

They both look kosher.
it's like pottery

Those shnoz pieces…… hmm…….

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Based and redpilled, unironically.

faggot highschooler

These useless dykes gave a wonderful example for all fags, trannies etc to follow. When you take the jump make sure to take the kids with you.


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They found a no-kill shelter for the dogs… but the kids? Just fucking kill 'em.
Dyke logic.

Sounds like they were trying desperately to control them to prove society wrong, but to no avail. Seems like a classic case of the black pill blues.

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They had them on a vegan diet and were punishing them by fasting a lot too. Their neighbors said the kids were often showing up at their house asking for food. Faggotry and malnourishment often go together. Veganism leads to faggotry and faggotry leads to veganism.

Why can't all dykes be as cool as this woman?

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Imagine being an adult male that lets a couple of butch dykes kill himby driving off a cliff.

b-but faggotry is genetic goy

Doesn't it sound like a bad 80s comedian making a wordy non-sequitur?

Sieg Heil

What a fucking tragic case of littering and pollution.

Top kek!

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"fuck this gay earth"

Exactly how Pol said it happened.
Unanswered questions.
How did they afford an SUV on one part time Home Depot Salary.
Goos News, Two less Bernie Votes!

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Intersectional Genocide ftw

look at that Jewish honker on the one lesbo.

it was at that moment that the dykes realized, correctly might I add, that dogs live's > nigger lives

We should make a campaign urging dykes to adopt niggers. Since a typical liberal dyke's intellectual prowess won't allow them to come to an obvious conclusion that niggers gonna nigg regardless of who their parents are, they will surely blame themselves and their sexual orientation for their "family" failing and thus commit suicide, taking their nigger "kids" with them. It's a double win.

Found these…
Had to resist the urge to FAP to the little dead butch…bitch

The bitch driving was drunk but did our civilization a yuge favor.

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Long road trips bring out the true character of everyone involved… The little niggers were probably jumping on the bed and all of them fell down and broke there dike bitches called the doctor and the doctor said no more dyke cunts adopting monkey heads

Poor kids. Evil dyke bitches are mentally ill.

Uhh they weren’t kids dude they weren’t even human. They were merely nigger whelps and the dykes believed that they could fly , all they wanted to do was barrel roll that car full of niglets into the Pacific Ocean but the car merely got moist on impact
topkek 11/10

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They are niggers user. Family i have in the city often complains about niglets asking for dumb shit, annoying my aunt when she doesnt oblige. Really, the best cure to anti-racism is throwing white people in between niggers. No one that knows niggers, will tell you they are wonderful 'people'.

You mean kikes
Two dead kikes and six niggers, worth a glass of celebratory tapwater

Disregarding your overestimation of the power of Zig Forums these days, this is a really bad, stupid and perverse idea.
They were dykes yes, but kikes first. No one should ever adopt niggers. If kikes adopt niggers, they turn the nigger against whitey, if whitey adopt niggers, they turn the nigger against whitey. If no one adopts the nigger, the system kills the nigger slowly.
No one should adopt niggers, and if one insists on adopting, then never adopt outside of your own race.

The system doesn't kill niggers when they are little, it supplies them with gibs, so even if they end up dead or in jail in the end they still have a lot of time to bring a bunch of little niggers into the world before that happens. And those hood niggers turn against whitey either way, no matter who raised them: whites, kikes, niggers, or the system. So I don't think it is a bad idea to make kike or white dykes/liberals adopt niggers and kill themselves and their nigger "children" before those children are allowed to breed.

Dykes cause more domestic abuse than niggers, go look up the numbers for dukes cupples and ones with children.

honk honk

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Pesticide brainwashing works. Mobilize all subhuman groups to kill each other. Make degenerates target niggers, niggers target jews, jews target degenerates, and so on.
Make so all our enemies kill each other quickly, to make it easier for our white ethnoglobe.

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the shadows would have rejected this wastrel.

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It's been proven time and time again that a whip are the only thing that's effective

maybe because they adopted 6 niggers and it turns out, that wasn't such a great idea after all?

based as fuck, values the dogs life over the niggers. too true.too true.

Lesbians are NOT our allies.
Lesbians have been brainwashed by Jewish media into not only hating men, but the white race as well.
The only way for a lesbian to be beneficial to the white race, is if she is kept in a dungeon, and used to breed white children, without being able to influence their minds in any way, whatsoever.
Their fuckhole is the only reason to permit them to live, and even then, it is only to create more white children. Once her productive time is up, then she should be gracefully removed from life, or sold to another of like mind, for nothing more than the use of her fuckholes.

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Imagine how much mental illness and dysfunction must exist on a household with 2 dykes and 6 nigglets.

They must have finally understood their mistake, and come to understand that niggers are not 'human' in the sense Aryans understand the term.

Aryan Bisexuals are allies, or should be allies, yes.

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Bisexual is codeword for abused/molested, and will repeat the cycle. Stop trying to spread your disease-ridden propaganda.

You're both right.

They probably thought they were going to turn Nature into a hugbox, and she bitched slapped them so hard their fell on their own sword which the Jews gave them after brainwashing them with girls children shows into thinking they needed one because of penis envy.

They want a national database of child abusers, as if that would have done dick about this. You think they would reflect on the failure of these two dykes to construct heaven for six kids and reason that attempting to build heaven for 330 million is not gonna go well. But then again, these are CA fags that would have never suspected these two virtuous dykes to begin with, not even after seeing one of their starving nigger kids hug his mortal enemy the PoPo.

smells like fish, and bad decisions!

in 1984 I moved the fuck out of my divorced mothers home. Got a job, no car and used to push a shopping cart about a mile to my shitty apartment, after a year of doing that I'd saved up enough to but a car and a work truck. Didn't need all the pleasant, feel good, making a change in the world bullshit. I busted my fucking ass and banked my savings. guys fucked girls, and girls fucked guys, we did that in our spare time. Called up and pledged $100 to LiveAid, never sent them the fucking money…………. social awareness could kiss my ass along with all those niggers in Africa