Israel could annex parts of West Bank in coming years – Netanyahu

Why has Israel become even more hungry for land lately? We know that the Yinon plan is a thing but after Trumpstein came to power and gave them Jerusalem as their official capital and recognized Golan as Israel Netanyahu’s deciding to go full steam ahead

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It is a mystery.

It's just garbage land in the desert, anyway.

Why? Because people aren't killing jews en masse. That is why.

Come home, white man
Israel is the location of Eden, and it can be remade

Do it for your wife

Don't know how anyone doubts kike influence in the US when such a small, dependent country has a mouth like this to the country that protects it.

The only way to hit the kikes where it hurts, is with the truth and the HollowClaus

Whenever you feel you have had enough of the kikes BS, than start become a fighter for the truth about the HollowClaus.
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This. All of us should convert to """Judaism""" and repatriate to Israel in the white Aaliyah.

Actually more based than i thought at first.
Just mirror the kikes to enrage them

By the grace of Allah, where is Sheikh Usama when you need him?

When Jerusalem goes into the nuclear flames in a burst of light as bright as the sun, the upshot will be that there is a kilometer deep hole where the Temple Mound stood.

That'll leave the Jews without a mandate.

And it will either avert or end WWIII

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The jews saw that coming.

they've been doing it for years.

Remember back when Netanyahu addressed Congress to undermine Obama's diplomacy with Iran.. Fucking CNN aired his entire speech live.

It will happen.

Juden Reich when?

Better get Mecca while your at it.

And all the cities in Africa + Detroit + Haiti… ect

Cant argue with that.

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short term goal

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intermediate goal

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end game

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checked when do we start painting targets in tel aviv?

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If Israel's still on that map, it shouldn't be

" you have three nukes, where do you drop them?" On a world map.

Nowhere. It's unnecessary. I can develop a plan to destroy the economy of any country in a way that it would cause a bigger damage than three nuke bombs.

God hates Jews.

Prove it fag

Kikes hate it when Israel expands and gets territorial guarantees from the US.

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Haha holy shit

And I would set up a mathematical game in which the other player has a limited number of options in terms of next steps or reactions in a way that any of those options benefit me either at the expense of the other player or not (depending on my mood), or options which do not benefit me greatly but cause a lot of harm to the other player or players.

You can play it multiple dimensions, literally any number of dimensions up to 100, to make it impossible for them to win or to stay in power. They wouldn't even know who hit them.

I like the way you honk, friend

The mostly secular "jews"? Yes it is.

The answer is oil btw.

Its a birthplace of christianity too, no need for that, its christian, not jewish land.

Muslims are being shipped into the west so the jews can control the middle east.

Only white men can fix this problem.

or Palestine could get its robbed land back from Isnotreal.
And that would be a good thing for the world.

Muslims on suicide watch.

Long live jews!

Will someone tell this guy?



daily reminder that hysterically redtexting idiots are shills

No. Its christian.

Why not go plural? Tanakh, Talmud, Torah, all the kabbalah stuff and then those weird demon books found in Turkey.

some of his sons are said to live in iran today

Eh I dunno, Hysterical Redtext is pretty consistent with naming the jew, even if it's a little scattershot. I'll give 'em a pass.

Thanks for stealing my rhymes. I'd even be the one to go and do it if someone could get me 15.6kg of U-235 and a Beryllium shell of equivalent weight.

Ashes and Echoes

Then why haven't you done so already? Why are you waiting?


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And not jewish.

Just throw a nuke at Tel Aviv. You don’t even have to be that accurate.

Oh fuck that.

Don't try to disprove it or even acknowledge it.

Just say that was nearly a hundred years ago and it just doesn't matter anymore.

then say.. You win the oppression olympics. No one in all of human history has suffered more than the jews.. Not the Irish,, not the Indians,, not the Australian Abos.. nope no one but you has really suffered.

Then ask them to explain how it gives them the right to take the Palestinian's land.

Diaspora will need living space. When SHTF and the whole world blames them, when they have bled dry and trashed their hosts and have to flee, the diaspora will occupy that new expansion.
Quick quiz: name another expansionist nation bent on more than doubling its size. None come to mind.

I love jews.