Hitler appreciation thread

With all the negativity, infighting, shills, and paranoia on this board, let's all just take a thread to appreciate the man from Austria and what he tried to accomplish.

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I loved this banner. Just bumping for positivity.

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How has Hitler influenced your lives, anons? I don’t drink largely due to my admiration of him and much of my political thought is Hitler-influenced

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He has taught me what real leadership looks like, and why the ancient Germanic warriors considered it a disgrace to outlive a chief who fell in battle. He has also taught me, by virtue of being the most lied-about man in history, just what a funhouse fabrication we live in, thanks to kike textbooks and movies.

He has also taught me, with his rueful last testament, that it is a critical mistake to go easy on the Jews. We shall not make that mistake again. In that sense, his spirit will truly have risen from the grave, and the whole world will know he was right.

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Goodwork op. However pol is infested with (((tarrant))) shills. This thread will be slid just like the rest. Mods. What the hell are you doing?

Hitler dodged the kikes and went with his top men to South America. Many thousands of DACA recipients carry Germany's best stock in their blood!

That boy looks like an Ecuadorian kid I met last week.


We are the Hitler Youth.

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I look forward to being like him in his spirit and way of thinking.
I am almost aligned ideologically anyway and had understood the concept of love for our own volk.
Also the german people serves as inspiration, or sort of "hate-fuel", for the hard times, as even the harsher and most difficult events i had in my life aren't comparable to the disgraces that the german volk suffered at the hands of soviets, allies and jews, especially at the end of the war.

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As a Hitlerist, what is your opinion of the so called "subhuman" Slavic peoples?
How far should Germany push eastwards and what should be done with the so-called "subhuman" Slavic people between Germany's current eastern border and the future border at the Urals?

From another posters that needs to be repeated.

"Hitler gave his word numerous times and crossed his word. He double crossed Danes for example, he gave them a non aggression agreement when he was vulnerable and then invaded.
Such dishonorable people are unfit role models and unfit leaders. In the end, he and his movement lost because they walked the walk of their own (incorrect) ideas.
Hitler single handedly threw Whites into ruin. He destroyed Whites self belief, he caused more White deaths then any other person, he ruined French and British empires, he propelled communism and hedonism to victory. His rule brought a slight increase in fertility rates in Germany and instead of being satisfied for that, he selfishly threw the lives of Germans away for his own glory and impatience.

I am a fascist through and through but Hitler was the worst thing that happened to White race. Before Hitler, Whites were supreme race with race laws, segregation and EUGENICS. After Hitler, his stink disgusted everything race and blood related and IT IS AN OPEN QUESTION… if Whites will EVER recover from Hitler."

I used to be very pro-Hitler.
But I was a National Socialist because I believed that National Socialism was about people and preserving European identities against jewish subversion.
But apparently, I was wrong. Most Hitlerists seem to just want Germany to become the IsraHell of Europe. To invade and slaughter or expel all non-Germans from their own homes.

I can never support such an ideology. It is abhorrent to me.
I am pro-White and only pro-White. Maybe this makes me a Fascist.

So we can keep bumping them.

Your that faggot from that thread aren't you?
Mate you've been answered multiple of times, but you only continously pulling things out of your ass and being full of shit, I didn't post in that thread you were in because it was a waste of time, but holy fuck my man you are one desenegious shill.

All that I have been told is that Slavs are subhuman and that Poland is the Israel of Europe.
Over and over and over and over again I have been told this.

If National Socialism is about slaughtering White people, then it is evil.
Pure and simple.

Wrong torpedo he was the best happen because he showed solutions to what was currently engulfing his nation that is right now currently engulfing ours, you are blaming things that was at fault due to jewish propaganda that declared war on hjim simply because he freed his people for 12 years and with the anglos using any chance possible to declare war.
That was churchill and stalin, they were simply trying to defend them selves for their home, but of course since you repeat this many times over unironically thinking that will change anyone's minds just outed your self easily as a shill and being delusional enough that will change minds at all.
Those were their own fault.
Nope in a way he stopped them from taking all of europe.
No he didn't he loved his people, but war was declared and the germans knew they had to defend their home.

National socialism has never ever been about exteriminating other people it never said so in the ideology, that is like me saying Monarchies kill people because monarchies are the reason why wars are declared.
It's stupid/
That is because you continously to fall for d&c shilling you are either new or incredibly this stupid with a lack of self awareness in your posts.

Shitler killed 100 million Whites for the Jews. Look at Europe now faggots.

Sup shill you spammed this through many threads, wanna know how I know you are inorganic,
That's communism.

Fuck off faggot and your endless Hitler shit.

Look at the Zig Forums banners look at Zig Forums archives, do you know where you are juden? Oh right you have no arguments, because you know you can't convince anybody and you hate being here, due to how you post in such a lazy fashion.

"More than any other State, the existence of the old Austria depended on a strong and capable Government. The Habsburg Empire lacked ethnical uniformity, which constitutes the fundamental basis of a national State and will preserve the existence of such a State even though the ruling power should be grossly inefficient. When a State is composed of a homogeneous population, the natural inertia of such a population will hold the Stage together and maintain its existence through astonishingly long periods of misgovernment and maladministration. It may often seem as if the principle of life had died out in such a body-politic; but a time comes when the apparent corpse rises up and displays before the world an astonishing manifestation of its indestructible vitality…"

"…But the situation is utterly different in a country where the population is not homogeneous, where there is no bond of common blood but only that of one ruling hand. Should the ruling hand show signs of weakness in such a State the result will not be to cause a kind of hibernation of the State but rather to awaken the individualist instincts which are slumbering in the ethnological groups. These instincts do not make themselves felt as long as these groups are dominated by a strong central will-to-govern. The danger which exists in these slumbering separatist instincts can be rendered more or less innocuous only through centuries of common education, common traditions and common interests. The younger such States are, the more their existence will depend on the ability and strength of the central government. If their foundation was due only to the work of a strong personality or a leader who is a man of genius, in many cases they will break up as soon as the founder disappears; because, though great, he stood alone. But even after centuries of a common education and experiences these separatist instincts I have spoken of are not always completely overcome. They may be only dormant and may suddenly awaken when the central government shows weakness and the force of a common education as well as the prestige of a common tradition prove unable to withstand the vital energies of separatist nationalities forging ahead towards the shaping of their own individual existence."

If you fuckers haven't read at least some of Mein Kampf you should get started.

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tis better to have fought the jews and lost than never to have fought the jews at all

Damn man you got me there…
Oh how I feel so defeated… OH.

all these anti hitler shills make me sad

Honestly don't even bother engaging. Kikes can't live without enraged thoughts of their daddy Hitler.

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They've always been here, the main difference is that they are incredibly lazy.
What happened?
No clue.
All the high tier ones are at cuckchan anyway.

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Then why does no one call out these "shills?"
When someone is pro-Trump, they're called out
When someone is anti-German, they're called out
When someone is anti-Nordic, they're called out
When someone is anti-Anglo, they're called out
When someone is anti-Iberian, they're called out
When someone is anti-French, they're called out
Yet I'm a [either new or incredibly this stupid] because I call out anti-Slav posts?

EVERY single thread about Poland is riddled with demands to invade Poland, annex her land, drive out her people, and ethnically replace them all with Germans.

I'm actually comparatively an old-fag and I have seen this kind of shit for years now. The reason I am convinced that they're not shills is because almost no one calls them out on their anti-White tirades. Not anywhere near the amount of people who I and others call out for promoting vote-faggotry, befriending jews/muslims/blacks/chinks, or for advocating surrender to the jews.

A few months ago I started to defend Poland more than usual against what I thought were shills. Now I am the bad-guy for defending people I thought I was supposed to support as brothers in arms against the jew.

Now you tell me that National Socialism is about Europe. Okay, how often have you called out these anti-Slav shills?
According to your ideology, should Germany expand eastwards and drive out the indigeneous European children living there?


Kikes shit themselves when they see this get dropped.


Hitler destroyed Germany for the Jews.

I called you that because you keep falling for it.
Just like this shill

They repeat the same shit all over the threads do not be that kike.

Save the White race yet internet larping faggot?

Plenty of times.
You claim to be an old fag so by now you should know what national socialism is.
Or if you don't know what it is then why the hell did you claim you were on this board for a few years.

Nah been going outside and redpilling people. At least I am not paid to do things for what I do, because I did it out of love for my people what about you?

"Redpilling". Pathetic losers jerking off to a failed leader. Never once have you faggots done anything for Whites IRL except troll Whites for the Jews.

My friends and family aren't losers some of them are very successful in life who learned the truth about hitler and nsdap germany and everything else after that.
Some became national socialist some are getting there.
Ya this "failed leader" brought people back from depression and freed them for 12 years.

I know that, got nothing better to do.

I'm not so arrogant that I believe that everyone who disagrees with me is a paid agent of the enemy.

First of all, if you've been here long, you know as well as I do the vast number of different opinions on what exactly National Socialism is. Ask any 10 anons to articulate what exactly NS is about, and you'll get 10 different answers. Some think it's about survival of the fittest, others think it's about freedom, others about order and security, others think it can be a monarchy, others think that it is the opposite of monarchy. Some think its capitalism others, true socialism.
My personal take on it was that it was less a political position and more of a spiritual one. I believed that NS was about preserving and protecting your people in your own nation. Respecting others in their own nations. And ending the jewish tyranny over our lands.

The problem that I am noticing is that Hitler is being used as a weapon to attack other White people and almost no one seems to have a problem with this.
I believed that Hitler should be the symbol of White resistance against the jews. Not as a justification to ignore the jews, call each other jews, and then go curb-stomp helpless White children in their own lands.

Mate you can go find this fucker repeating the same shit in about 20 different threads it's obviously a shill.
As for national socialism it's already been defined by hitler in mein kampf and interviews with him,
cultured thug and vertigo politix can go into a deep depth about it.
I agree, but the problem you sometimes take things way to far and claiming anons wanting to kill poles despite the fact they've never said such a thing in the first place.
I agree, I do admit hitler has his flaws and was not perfect but was an amazing leader and a rare kind on that.

That is an outright lie
It is well understood that even though the jews mince words, when they advocate population replacement, it is an act of genocide.
Why then is it not genocide to want to invade eastern Europe and force the native Europeans to flee their own homes?

Some anons do, but the ones you were arguing on that thread never claimed to want to kill poles or any slav.

Your making them flee from their home or occupied in the mean time during war, I am pretty sure hitler would've granted them land, since that can be read in his peace offers.
Genocide is an attempt to wanting to kill a group of people and trying to wipe them off.
The nsdap did not attempt to do any of those things at best they tried getting back their lands and getting other lands due to how strategical of value they were.

Hitler was the second coming of Christ. Prove me wrong

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Again, that's an outright lie. Here's map one drew of the future east-Europe.

How can you be so unfamiliar with the definition of genocide if you argue with leftist anti-Whites who claim that it's not genocide to force White people to flee our homes and replacing us with shitskins?

Tell me, if the fucking kikes marched into your home and forced you at gunpoint and everyone in your community to flee to a White reservation in Antarctica, is that genocide?
Pic related is the legal definition of genocide and is the basis for the term White Genocide.

Look it up.

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Jews would have fucked Europe just as hard without Hitler. Jews had total control of Britain, US, France, Soviet Union, etc. It wouldn't have mattered. The difference being Hitler gave birth to National Socialism. That would have never happened without him.

How so? Mate you can look back and read what you posted.
Pic related is the legal definition of genocide and is the basis for the term White Genocide
No they are planning to kill many of us in our homes.
The nsdap did not do any attempts at genocide ever, that is what the lugenpress likes to slander them about.

I already looked it up and read in the un documents, they are going to replace us and then race mix and other bunch of stuff.
The nsdap didn't at best they would've still granted them a place to live in or were planning to get some polish leader to lead poland just like they were originally going to plan with dregelle for france.

That's a claim.
You didn't answer the question either
If the kikes marched all of us into a reservation in Antarctica or Siberia, is that genocide? Yes or no.

The fact that you don't understand that etnically replacing Europeans is literally the definition of genocide actually further convinces me that National Socialism is a bad ideology.

Yes. And according to any liberal you will meet, "Dats nat genocide because… Genocide is an attempt to wanting to kill a group of people and trying to wipe them off."
But the legal definition of genocide is here
White Genocide is genocide because they are ethnically replacing us. It doesn't need to be violent to be genocide.
And btw, ethnically replacing Slavs WOULD be violent anyway because no sane person would surrender their land to invaders.
Would you? Serious question. If the jews told you to leave, would you?

The nsdap weren't trying to replace the lands they were interested in had a high concentration of germans.
Whereas the kikes and the united nations aim to replace us while our numbers dwindle down.
Not only are we breeding and producing so many children we are being outbred.
Again the ideology has never been about killing and replacing people.

Then we come back and take our lands back since they are all going to be filled with shitkins anyway and shitkins can't aim or do anything right.

Also your arguments only further proves that you don't seem to understand the ideology.


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Okay now lets see what the kalergi plan and what exactly they are going to plan to do with us.


jesus christ.
And no. If that happened, that'd be it. We'd all just die.

So, you, a National Socialist, do not believe that it was genocide to force approx. 300,000 Rhodesians to flee their homes of generations.
Nor do you believe it's genocide to replace the White population of France or Germany with invaders.

Were you a liberal, I'd just laugh at you. But this is just sad.

Fucking hell man are we being moved or killed?

Trying elaborating a lot more clearer.

And according to your liberal-based opinion of the definition of genocide, that's not genocide because no killing is involved.

Deporting 200 million people to Antarctica is a death sentence. Why do you think Stalin force-marched thousands of Germans out to Siberia? To kill them.

What more needs to be said. According to your liberal-based opinion, White Genocide is not actually genocide because no state-backed killing is involved.

Sieg Heil - 1488 - It's Okay To Be White

wow don't no where to start with such a fucking nigger mind based statement.
1) Jesus Christ is/was a SEMITIC bastard revolutionary/Schizophrenic/homeless bum

2) Adolf Hitler was axiomatically NOT a fucking kike.

3) God is DEAD nigger ***see Nietzsche
3A) No nigger Nietzsche was also axiomatically not a nihilist or antisemitic fot that matter
4)However doofus Hitler was demonstrably BIGGER that the semi myth that is the white elitist mass crowd control mechanism that is the European (Roman Emperor) created Bible Christianity Roman Catholicism

It's kind of funny because earlier, you accused me of being new. Yet you don't even know the definition of genocide or the origin of the term White Genocide and why it's accurate.
Population replacement is by definition genocide.

Please, listen to these podcasts. They're old but I think they're among the most educational for people new to the pro-White movement.
It will educate you on why what is happening is genocide, what that word means, and how to argue with liberals.

Not a liberal, and no I did not say genocide could only be killing in the camps or being killed with bullets, when I say killed I meant being race mixed, replacing the native population with niggers and being outbred.
Simply moving a group of people to a land and letting them live there is not genocide, and by that logic alone the jews were genocided since they were going to be moved to madagascar.

I know what it is, I am going by the definition with what the united nations put in their documents.
Would say the same to you, since you don't seem to understand national socialism since no where in the ideology said is about replacing people.

I really hope that you young men are just that…a 21st century version of the past template that is the Hitler Youth…the Werewolves……. a globally networked yet leaderless non affiliated non massing and fully distributed to be omnipotent to a decapitation strike or cell roll up by the AI 24/365 centralized fully networked surveillance of all Electronic signatures and able to tap into all computer networks globally borders or firewalls are irrelevant to this multi headed gorgon……the only solution is to hide as mimics adapt and overcome as wolves in sheepskin…..non affiliate….strike weakness always thinking creatively and studying hybrid war 5th gen war asymmetric warfare tactics …always violence of action in mimetic or kinetic…..no one knows you…no public/criminal record…no known affiliation….

Less than 3% of population are actual fighters the rest of you can be supporters and enablers.

I love Adolf Hitler, he saved countless millions from global Communism, he saved you and me. Imagine if all of Germany had become part of the Soviet Union. He was one of the greatest men to have ever lived. He gave everything for his people, even his own life, a heroic sacrifice compatible to that of Christ. Like Christ he fought Satanic Jewry with all his might. Even when the war was lost he continued to fight out of principle, and because putting more Demons back in the ground would give future generations more time. He and countless heroes bought us time with their lives, let us pledge to use it well. God Bless Adolf Hitler, 1488.

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Bravo logical truth applied to counter 80+ yr old kike propaganda talking point and rewritten by victors history.
The only flaw with NSDAP was the core of internecine hate and conflict…ie… 50% of all white folks are Slavic…that is problematic fam…Slavic's not Mongols or Central Asians but SLAVIC'S are family.Period
Hail United Europa

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I hate hitler and germans. Glad you faggots are going extinct in your own nation

Damn you kikes really can't help your selves.

Dont project too hard, dont want annuda shoah

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I am a NatSoc Slav and i find it okay. Hitler did a lot wrong things. But his ideology was never his. NatSoc existed alway indipendent from him as a Philospohy that say that everything has Natural Order and should be keeped so. As also the Idea of preserving the White Race isn't something new. "Its older then Europe itself". The idea of an Empire was also nothing new. A Empire is good to Protect our Peoples and fight for more Land.



It is when the intention is to ethnically replace the native group.

I agree.
Like I've said hitler was not perfect he made his fair share of mistakes, but was a man who is timeless and will become a legend who kickstarted the fight against them.

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Everyone is getting outsmarted by jews to some extent not just the germans.

This is the only correct response to him and the other two anti-Hitler nutcases I see shitting up the board daily. Easily recognizable from their posting style.

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what does Germanic superiority amount to? posting pics of old buildings and Hitler quotes on the internet?

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None of us are saying their superior.
With the help of lend lease and multiple fronts.
due to propaganda
due to propaganda.

I can barely make out what youre trying to say but my dick is hard anyway



that's what I was basically referring to


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