Anti-Semitic, obscene vandalism found in New Hampshire park!

Front page story for New Hampshire news . - Anti-Semitic, obscene vandalism found at Jaffrey playground.

When will the horror stop!

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Kike free first post

That is sick.

you serious, that makes news? I've seen swastikas all over the place, most of the time I think it's just normalfags doing it as an edgy joke

Half the time it's just edgy preteen beaner kids

You're getting better, moshe.

edgy middle schoolers draw swastikas on their desks, then some jew with a pencil does it just to report to the news

it's on a playground dude, it's probably just high schoolers doing it absentmindedly as a joke. if it were on a synoguge then maybe it'd be a jew false flag, but not literally everything has to be jews

It's interesting that this story followed so quickly after the thread here which described the way in which kikes always fuck up the form of the swastika, when pulling a "whatcha doin' rabbi?"
We know they read this website and use it as a source of ideas, material and operational feedback.

Yet out of the millions of "absentmindedly as a joke" swastikas on school corridors, bathroom cubicles, public spaces and play grounds, this one gets mass media attention.
Whether a jew drew it or not, it is now being used as propaganda, because a jew somewhere has decided that the story serves a purpose when published at this juncture.

Isnt that the Microsoft logo.

This state is over 90% white. It wasn't a jew. People around here are open minded to truth.

t. NH

You really need to lurk until you understand the basics.
Yes, everything coming from the jew controlled media is "about the jews". Whether you can see the jew angle or not. Some of us can, because we didn't immediately hop here from reddit and start posting "reasonable and logical middle-position objective beliefs."

You guys seriously need to learn to drive though

Hello Mass. It's you assholes that can't drive. We're expert drivers having to dodge bigass fuckin potholes on every backroad

at first I thought someone drew that in the sky with an airplane. Then after taking a closer look it looks like it was drawn with a crayon. el oh fucking el

Cunts, this isn't kikechan. Don't come back.



This Buddhismophobia must STOP!

You do realize kikes fill the media every single day with stories portraying themselves as poor victims while portraying White people as evil, right? That is why it makes the (((news))).

as a jainist i find this cultural misappropriation of the swastika absolutely shocking!

I do not think you understand goy, how bad this is

zoomed out from the live coverage!

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Marie Curie must have been carrying her microscope that day.

thought it was a flock of birds for a second

I agree.