Two men wield giant machetes as they square off in front of shoppers in Newcastle city centre but one offender gets let...

Two men wield giant machetes as they square off in front of shoppers in Newcastle city centre but one offender gets let off with a suspended sentence after the pair were dragged to court

This is the chilling moment two young men armed with machetes faced each other in Newcastle city centre.
A court heard that an argument between Abdul Kefia and Twayne Bailey turned into a potentially fatal confrontation when Kefia pulled the blade from his hoodie.
CCTV footage then shows Bailey taking a large machete out of his friend's rucksack before the two men faced up to each other.

Cameras recorded Kefia, 26, running towards Bailey, 21, while swinging his machete.
Newcastle Crown Court heard Bailey then threw his weapon in the direction of the older man in a desperate bid to stop him in his tracks.
And as the machete missed Kefia, landing on the road next to him, Bailey turned and fled the scene while being 'chased' by the older man, the court heard.

Now both men have been sentenced for affray and possession of an offensive weapon after a judge told them: 'People arming themselves with offensive weapons can't be tolerated by this court.'
Recorder Andrew Haslam jailed Kefia, who denied the offences but was convicted after a trial, for 20 months.
But he suspended Bailey's 11-month prison sentence for two years, telling him, 'You are in something of a different position.'

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Freemason anti-knife hoax.


If white people weren't selling weapons to impressionable young black men this wouldn't had happened.

The magic 47 hoax code.

machetes are crap weapons. they're just to intimidate

As opposed to miniature machetes, fucktard? Shill your tabloid elsewhere.

The absolute state, Britain is completely fucked whether or not Brexit happens.

Stop basing your weapon knowledge on video games.
A machete is effectively a short to medium length sword and absolutely deadly.

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Except to protect yourself from machete wielding niggers.

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no wonder they are drowning in pussy, such manliness

If this nigger had any sense in his tiny noggin he would have used the steel handle butt to smash the window out first but fortunately he's just a nigger and so retarded

Typical Mossad false flag. That is exactly what they want. Ban all knifes. Just like from textbook. Also notice lines on road so actors knew where to stand. No blood.

It was such good fortune that the plucky little British beat that dastardly Hitler or they'd all be talking German right now and their beloved joops would all have been taken away to some camps or something.

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this. cumsk*ns deserve the rope.


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Not really a big deal, two niggers pull machetes and then both puss out of actually using them and throw them down. It's common knowledge shitskins and other degenerates carry around huge bladed weapons and all times in the United "Kingdom"

Why did this nigger even chimp out like that in the first place? Did the people hit his bike with their car or something?

they're agricultural tools primarily. I should know, I have two.

Not in Rwanda.

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No. He just chimped out in tnb fashion.

Oh fuck there's lines on the road outside my house!

I think there's going to be a fake machete fight tomorrow right outside my house guys.

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Nice try moishe. Another Sloppy job from Mossad. Twayne Bailey is trained Mossad operative. He will be back in Israel next week.

Machete fights are just part of living in large city.

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Lots of weapons are based on tools.

Why the fuck would you get out?

lol, those people were killed at gun point with machetes in order to save on bullets…machetes are fine weapons if you don't have a firearm but if firearms are a option they's fucking stupid….and to be fair, this could have just as easily been chitown as londonstian

Oook #1 pulls out a machete.
Oook #2 pulls out its machete.
Is that an unlikely coincidence, or do all of your invaders carry around these things?

driving through london be like

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O my poor sides. I'm teaching myself to see the silver lining: the collapse of the current world order is going to bring about many hilarious events before eventually bringing about my painful and premature death at the hands of low IQ subhumans who wouldn't even have existed were it not for foreign aid funded by my own blood's tax dollars, so I am best served by laughing the hardest.

I'll laugh as I empty my last magazine into the approaching horde, with the understanding that the idiots who destroy us are completely ignorant of their own inadequacy and inability to sustain themselves. Once whitey's aid is gone, africa goes back to population: stone age.

when are the anglos gonna start sword fighting niggers?
Gotta make up for never winning fencing tournaments.

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lmao they're pretty normal sized machetes, nu-man

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I can't imagine a scenario in which I end up believing that a machete fight is the best path forward. Maybe that's why we lose. The zerg mentality of the third world has its advantages in the big picture.

And so unfortunately the groups which have the most regard for the happiness and longevity of their members are at a huge disadvantage when pitted against chinks or nogs who, due to social pressure and pure enjoyment, respectively, are willing to suffer and die a fool's death in furtherance of their people.

Those willing to kamikaze defend only bugs.
Those willing to machete fight in the street defend literally nothing.
We must become more violent while retaining our appreciation for the journey of a life we'll lived.

That or just nuke it all.

This this this

They already banned all the knives and guns.

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This this this this

holy fucking shit…don't know if this is satire by now

Take your meds.

But obviously they are the true victims as they have been victimized by "society".

In Chicago,, they have guns.

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He's not wrong, ya know…

bitch please

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Britain needs meme bombers. Or whatever they can get their hands on to meme with in Minecraft. Gotta be some hunters out there with scoped Fornite rifles.


Look up the Brazillian duels with machetes to get an idea of how dangerous they are and how easily those things can chop people up.

"Just Take A Walk" just got better.


Do you have no imagination? What if you have a machete and someone else is attacking you with a machete?

They work quickly

So instead of deporting them both back to africa one gets 20 months (so back on our streets in 10) the other gets a warning and is immediately on the streets again.
Drop them in the Congo with their fucking machetes, job done.
Fuck these faggot judges.

If it can could chop a tree down, it could definitely cut through bone

Are you retarded?

What about the 21 foot rule?

Also this isn't the deserts in the middle east, these niggers can pop out anywhere.

Import third worlders and your country turns into savage Africa, what a shock.

I was thinking the next Tarranting should be journos, but I believe the most based message would be sent through a silenced gavel or three.
The politicians pet.

How about the less optic ridden targets, like their "charity" foundations, and offshore equity funds?
Start hitting their secret, and dark criminal shit, and bring it all into the light?
I can feel the Rising Fire strategizing across the world right now, and the self indulgent quivering in angst.


you hardly ever see a white person with a knife

Well of course if someone happened to target the highest court in the land, the unelected UK supreme court, you would completely by chance, that is entirely cohencidentally be attacking jews, because they all are.
So you can't do that.


What program did you make this with, user?

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It's a cuckold porn comic. Why are there literal cuckolds on this board?

Well takes one to know one. You gay for knowing that. I thought it was like a super badass program like Gmod but better.

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gtfo with these shitty threads faggot. this isn't 4cuck.


Fuck it, I'm going in.


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Have a free bump too whilst you're at it.
Actually no, this thread is garbage. Saged.

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the title is from the fucking article itself, which you would realize if you were literate, you drooling retards.