The Jew fears the clown?

We Live in a society
Twitter right now on full-blownf freak out that the joker movie will cause white men to rise up against society. Liberals appear to be taking the gamer rise/ clown world meme seriously. They are afraid.

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> reddit, (((alt-right))) and other "based and redpilled" personalities promote the movie
> level of propaganda consistent with other (((pedowood))) movies

I hate predicting the future so well, but the inevitable butthurt makes it worth it. Protip: SJW tears does not a "good movie" make.

Remember, they are fundamentally retarded. They can not tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

Yeah, the idea of burning it all down seems to gain a lot of traction lately. Maybe clown world really is the Kali Yuga.

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The trailer was full of diversity, the love interest is a nigger, what looks to be the good guy is a nigger too.

Watching anything Hollywood isn't kino anyway

I wonder if they would allow movie like Fight Club or American History X to cinema today. Everything is about anti white agenda. They are creating their worst nightmare.

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If only the clown meme existed already when the It remake came out.

basically this
just because the professionally outraged are outraged doesnt mean it will be anything worth of note. Although, the trailer does look good and I'll see it but I won't spend any money on it.

Played by a Jew, nonetheless.

Beep beep Goldberg

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Wouldn’t reverse psychology marketing backfire and create a generation of jew hating Jews?

best joke hahaha


No yid, no one wants to see your stupid fucking trainwreck.

I still sometimes I wonder how a movie as redpill as demolition man even got passed the censors in Hollywood.

That bastard!

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Joker confirm for secretly redpill.

Are those the trannies and fat feminists that showed up at the #Kickvic rally?

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He's gonna kill her horribly because he's a psychopath, probably.

I doubt it. It will probably have pro-Communist, pro-Liberal overtones. Heath Ledger's Joker was anarchist and did not inspire shit. The film depictions of Bane and Ras'Al'Ghul are more Zig Forums oriented.


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I still like to know why liberals hate clowns so much. Did clowns use to chase jews out of town during ancient Times?

Bane was a Based guy

And Ras'Al'Ghul since he basically compared Gotham to Weimar.

They're probably afraid of looking into the mirror and seeing one.

I would rape that ginger and the one to the far left all rest can die

Wow, remember back in 2016 how people were writing on how to save the white blue collar workers? Yes it was condescending shit like "miners and welders need to learn to code" or how the democratic party needed to target those people in their campaings.
Now they are literally promoting white genocide and that white males are irredeemable monsters that need to be arrested or killed or excluded from modern society and that their problems shouldn't be answered or even acknowledged.

yep. that's exactly where we're at in current year.

It supouse to be unrealistic utopia. Seems like our future now. Except San Angeles will look much worse and you would not find any white people there.

But it is actualy redpilled as fuck. Nigger criminal in society where police is not able to do anything more than collect tickets for bad language.

What is the true origin of the clown world meme, was it really MPC?

no, they just simply don't show any of the leftist shit in the trailer, get the outrage mob to kvetch about it. We see it and are supposed to think "BASED!" honk honk motha fuckas!" then we go see it and the joker has a black gf and is killed by a mexican jewish lesbian at the end of the movie.

Every character and symbol can be corrupted by diferent ideological groups, anarcho joker and anarchy is one of the many elements that constituites Zig Forums, not because there is paper anarchists here, but because is natural from the situation and location we share.

Jews have been using goy script writers and directors to not only push out new degeneracy, but to do so under the guise and in a form that relates to the masses they're wishing to destroy through subversion. That's why many movies are still relatable despite the propaganda. All but the jewiest of jewy movies.

They're only good for the meme's now. Hollywood and everyone that directly works for it should all be thrown in volcanos.


Triggering the libs epic style

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>a (((hollywood))) movie
Something fishy is going on around here. Something makes me think this is pretend outrage to be people see it based on progressives being butthurt over it.

they.. all… look.. the… same… faggy soyboy white goiys with glasses.
i seriously hate fucking reddit, can we add queers with a reddit account to the hate hierarchy, i put them somewhere below the jews but right between niggers and faggots…all of them need the flammenwerferen, but got to calculate fuel costs.

Is there a torrent out there yet?

The blue hair girl is getting me because I lost my virginity to a weird goth girl with vampire teeth. Please don't tell me it's a tranny.

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here's an article on why fight club is sexist

I think it's because there's a time-lag between Hollywood and the Twitter degenerates.
Any white male being portrayed in a slightly sympathetic angle is already triumph of the will for the Twitter crowd.
You have to remember that movies are only profitable now in the third world and Asia, and they don't like trannies or niggers.
If you add a slick editing/composition and characters with more than 5 lines of dialog, it's good enough to be considered a deep movie to be quoted everywhere on Facebook and Instagram memes.
People in non-english countries think that fight club is the deepest movie of all time and quote it everywhere.
They can't make profitable woke films in those regions, it simply doesn't sell.

What if Hollywood broken? Younger Jews don’t know how to make propaganda without it backfiring on them?


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>That file already exists!

Reminder to go bug choadmonkey at >>>/sudo/ about the shitty duplicate file handling.

Honk honk honk honk

if SJWs hate it then they got me interested, what a great advertising campaign.

My gf wants to see Joker when it comes out, I wasn't really into it, that is until I saw the salt ITT, now I'm going for sure.

The possibility is great.

You have to post Shitler in every thread Schlomo?

Remember the 2016 clown sightings?

sorry schlomo simply calling another innocent user a kike is not gonna work, especially of how many of us that know the truth and archives.

At best I'm expecting a cheap imitation of Fight Club.

fight club is a gentlemen club where men pound each other. yes, anally.

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Hopefully someone makes a good redpilled cut


Fuck Off. A jewish movie about a man in makeup only inspires memes and trannies.

Jews love White Nationalists more than anything.

truly is a clown world

the trailer

Genuine lol.

That was never the message of those articles. The message was
The condescending nature of it was intended to demoralize its targets and dehumanize them further in the minds of the typical shitlib audience that reads that garbage.

That's what they were always promoting, but yes, the mask hasn't just slipped off so much as it's been completely discarded.

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Honk honk!

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Burning it all down is literally the only solution, ever since the zombie jew Jesus conquered Europe we've been slowly building a universalist global death trap we can't escape from.
Christian Capitalist civilization is the fruit of a poisonous tree, why do you think the Nazis were neo-pagans?
destroy the ports, abolish trade, burn down the shopping malls, totally eradicate this corrupt and illegitimate society, only then can the true European spirit rise from the ashes.

Isn't the Joker the Baddie that the Superhero eventually vanquishes? So good overcomes evil? The toxic egotistical male justifying his bad behaviour gets his comeuppance?
It's almost like they are so deranged they just want to be put out of their misery….

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Jokes on them this shit is funny

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Even if it appealed to me I wouldn't have paid to see it, faggot.



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Get a load of this fag.

Does anyone remember this girl that was all over cuckchan 5-6 years ago

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Anybody got the one from Vinesauce where Bane and CIA profess their love on a beach?

Honk honk honk honk, honk honk, honk honk honk. Honk, honk honk honk honk honk honk - honk honk. Honk HONK!

Honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk, honk honk honk honk honk: honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk honk.

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Honestly, I have mixed feelings about the clown world meme. But it does have the potential to be incredibly annoying.

Of course I remember pixi payasita

The duo has some potential if memed right.

I didn't give this movie a second thought, but if it's pissing off all these faggots maybe it could be good?

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That was fun. I regret not dressing up as clown to go scaring when I still could.

Its a trick to get us to go, because normalfags and the capeshitters will go no matter what. They're trying too hard with the clown faggotry.

Did the Clownworld pepe effectively affect reality?

Was Zig Forums mememagick at work again?

Yes objectively honk honk

You know the retards that are going to take the bait will be "alt-lite" nu-conservative twitter types, get ready to see Joaquin Phoenix joker profile pic cringe conservative twitter accounts


nah its a jewish trick

hell. made me smile.
What a qt

Chen invented honking.

It's a good trick.

Hollywood marketing team in this thread already


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