Meeting up

Folks from /fa/ met up three days ago in NYC. What would a Zig Forums meet up look like and what are your thoughts on public assembly?

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fuckoff fed

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Heres another picture of the /fa/ meetup.

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It would look like Brooklyn after that rabbi's funeral.

That was a few years back in Australia though

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Is that guy's neck real? You guys interbreed with giraffes down in oz?

This, but with more guns,helicopters, and handcuffs.
If Zig Forums has a putsch then there is gonna be a fight, it's just the nature of it, the feds will be the ones to initiate it as it would be an opportunity to deliver a powerful blow to Zig Forums and the far right in general. If that happened and faggots from Zig Forums actually met up, expect no less than half of them to get killed/arrested, just like in they live, the only anons to survive will be Zig Forums, /fit/, Zig Forums and some other obscure interboard users, with their topic being the sole reason for their survival, although they would likely be high on the priority list for curb stomping.

it's funny cos its true

I dont get it?

top tier shitposting op

It would glow real hard

Old owner of /meadhall/ here, before someone stole/nuked the board. I have been to quite a few, huge variety of people come. Most are just pretty normal. Some have taken the /sig/ stuff to heart which is good, others are degenerate as hell and should be avoided. But the bulk of people I see are pretty normal.

Kind of strange actually.

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I was trying to find a pic from one of those LEO conventions to be accurate, but lost interest.

Also there were the anons who stood outside the Federal Reserve in Alabama at least I think it was Alabama and they didn't look degenerate. Granted no one there took a picture of anyone's face but they all looked like your average white guy.

Get over yourself. Nothing happens when you meet up irl, barely anyone will notice or care unless you do something incredibly stupid. There are tons of ways to fly under the radar, and network. Its a shame that meetups are no longer a part of 8/pol/ culture, with groups like 8 of diamonds and meadhall dead and gone.

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Apart from the non-whites, most of these guys seem like good material, but they need to lift more.

Yea that was a pretty cool op honestly. I wish we had more stuff like that. Anyone have an archive of that thread?

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Dylan Roof get paroled?

a Zig Forums meet-up would consist of 3 guys and 14 FBI agents

Bunch of Retards here, as you can see on the Photo. Well, played Fed.

There is a meet up thread in /pol. Meet anyone that isn't a stormfag and you have nothing to worry about.

Look this guy face on the right. He isnt even 3D, he is 4D. X-D

take the neckpill

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Fa/ is for FAGGOTS

We have even a Shlomo in there.

From the left, the 3 guy with a big nose.

it was atlanta

Dylan Roof was with you three days ago, huh?

No archive, but I had the webm of one of them walking by and filming everyone there from the waist down but can't find it. Can anyone else post it?

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And the guy all the way on the left has long neck.