Why are Leftists our enemies?

I ask this question earnestly, why should fellow potential allies against the cancerous capitalistic status quo that all of civilisation has been thrown into be hated with such ferocity?

And no I don't mean trying to appease idpol radlib tier retards.

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Because leftists are communists and thus jewish in nature.

Their goal is to destroy nations, traditions, properties and everything that made the world great.

Most leftists, yes even the (((moderate))) ones, support faggotry, unchecked migration, the abolition of the second amendment, anti-white propaganda, and rampant metoo bullshit. No amount of sticking it to the "fat cats" will ever erase that fact.

The leftists are right about one thing, but they are completely wrong about nearly everything else.

They are our enemy because they made their choice in the Second zionist War. For all their opposition to capitalism, when it came time for all the marbles that is exactly who they sided with.

Leftists are useful, docile idiots who truly believe they are combating the system. If they ever manage to do something, don't hinder their efforts, and then the neon-nazis clean up house.

Keep in mind that it was either Marx or Engels who wrote a book on the abolition of the nuclear family. From here the hard left have done nothing but promote the decay of our history, cultures, norms, and folk.

When shtf all bets are off. We're political adversaries, because the extermination of the white race is executed in the name of equality and class, but the kikes only use that time to plunder the nation and kill white men. We wouldn't need to be adversaries, if they would put their race and their land above kikery.

Old lefties were right when they talked about the symptoms of capitalism's disease, but they attacked the host body rather than the virus.
Nu-leftists are corporate neo-liberals who support endless war and major corporations taking control of our lives, so long as they say woke things on twitter.

I did not make leftists my enemy. They made themselves the enemy of White children.
Thus, they are evil.

Though let's be a little more intelligent than the idiots who can only think in left and right boxes. There is no such thing as "leftism." Most are just trying to adopt ideals that they have been taught to consider fashionable.
The true ideological struggle is nationalism vs globalism.

because the left is inherently jewish
and judaism is inherently anti humanity
that is why i fight communism

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Stopped reading there. Nothing to see here people.

Always kill a traitor before an enemy
Kill all those were are truly weak, not of the flesh, but of the soul

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fuck they keep getting me

I see where you're coming from user but, you have to understand most leftists idea of overthrowing capitalism is killing you and your family for being white.

There are only 2 kinds of leftists: the ones who are too dumb to see they are manipulated and the ones who manipulate others deliberately. The first are my enemies because I can't stand dumb sheeple. They're useless for me. The latter are my enemy because they are responsible for spreading this desease, knowing exactly that's what they're doing.

Because those faggots banned me from Zig Forums for being a "boomer."

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The normie herd may indeed be useless to you now because they have been demoralized and reprogrammed, but a society is better when the sheep have a good shepherd.

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OP here, mostly wondering regarding those that consider Communism to be inherently Jewish, what do you make of 1967-1988 Poland/Soviet purge of Jewry and other similar events?

They hate us far more than we hate them. After all, many of us used to be just like them. Many of them have good instincts, but their discontent is channeled from a young age in a particular direction - particular frames - by occupied media and educational institutions.

Genuine, but not particularly related to the situation we find ourselves in.

A bunch of atheist ethnic Jews cracking down on religious ethnic Jews. Jews jewing Jews isnt particularly uncommon. I dont think communism was invented to advance Zionism, just to advance the wealth of select Jews throughout eastern Europe who sat on top. just like capitalism :^)

Hello user! I was a militant leftist until last year. My opinion is that we must conquer (((division))) before dismantling (((communism))). The radicalized left and right wings of our countries united is nothing to scoff at.

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No. The purges were genuine and part of a larger struggle inside the USSR that had been ongoing since Stalin.
The embedding of agents in the Russian revolution to secure top positions and direct it absolutely was done to advance zionism. That was a major component of Stalin's counter purges.

It just doesn't have as much relevance to the theoretical space of "left vs. right" today because Russians, on account of being ethnic Russians, are targeted for extermination by the "left" and aren't given any kind of special treatment for those purges. That's because the jew faction understand that was happening in the Soviet Union was a total Russianist victory.

There is nothing in place to bridge the division though.

I understand this. I believe we should start to discuss and plan it in the next few years assuming S doesn't HTF.

leftism is the pre-civilization set of beliefs and values (degenerate, communal, parasitic, amoral, prefers lies over truth, can not comprehend human nature, superstitious and ritualistic feminine)
right is civilization (evolutionary, aristocratic, symbiotic, moral, truth, natural law, scientific and lawful masculine)
hope i understood propertarianism properly

Death to all on the left. NO compromise, no mercy, no quarter. They intend to enslave you and your children forever. Furthermore their wet dream is where they have your children betray all that is scared to your face. There are no innocents, no excuse and no need for empathy towards them and theirs.

I think atleast the current way things are going that unity is probably not possible.
Rn it seems like Natsocs/Fascists would rather ally with the political right, reactionaries and capitalists who have given them a vague promise that they will help carry out their aims.
To the contary of that leftists (not liberals lmao, Americans always conflate the two) have also positioned themselves towards allying with radlibs/other progressive groups who would make any pan-socialist alliance difficult.

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If leftists just stuck to labor concerns like they are supposed to then they would naturally be at least an ethno nationalist and likely a National Socialist. It's in the labor's interest to restrict the labor market. Basically the race or the nation of people want to have a monopoly of labor in that country.

But, leftists aren't just a group of people who are lobbying for the worker's interest. That is basically their front. Leftists in all actuality just destroy every aspect of functional civilization. They are a societal cancer. They grow as a tumor and erode healthy societal functions.

That being said, capitalism is shit, just as jewish and just as bad as Marxist communism and Marxist socialism. That is where a National Socialist society comes in to take the good from each and reject the bad from each all working in the interest of the race

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What world are you living in? In the real world, capitalists are vocally allied with the left and do everything possible to advertise it in practically neon lights. Every single thing Donald Trump's administration does is BAD for White Americans and leads to their complete and irreversible annihilation. You'd have to be very dimwitted to not see the macro here.

Leftists are not our enemy. Kikes are our enemy.

and jews are leftists…

Give me good reasons as to not ally with the group that our system bends over backwards for.

Capitalism is great. The jews are the problem. Not the system.
Leftists are all retards that want everything in the world to abide by their mentally illnesses, to the point that they ignore reality and nature.
Leftists must be all killed, along with jews.

No, it isn't great.

What a dumbfuck. Holy shit, are you retarded? Its wearing a marx tshirt that gets you a job at starcucks you vermin supreme. Fucking commies are ever the loyal bitch of capital.

>(((Capitalism))) is great. The Jews are the problem. Not the system.

Alright big man, kill all the lesser-abled on your side of the fence before asking it of others. Why you so willingly deny allies for being the victims of (((capitalism))) and circumstance is beyond logic.

Capitalists are vocally allied with liberals, there's a difference you know. Most people on the Left I know are incredibly vocal against them even more then they are 'le fascists'.

Capitalism is a race on how much you can fuck over your fellow man, unsuprisingly Jews dominate in capitalistic societies as a result.

Not on the question of White Imperium.

Just leave before you get stoned further.

Is the Huwhite Imperium the future state for muh huwhite race?

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Yes. It's the one Trump is fighting against with everything he's got.


Oh, okay. You were holding on there for a while, but you've lost it in the last couple. It's obvious you're a brown skinned nigger.

Alr ngl I'm a bit of a faggot for helping to derail my own thread, anyways would appreciate if some based posters can try and bring it back to topic.

When they become AWARE jews want blood they will turn 180 so just remember when thr shtf leftist will become far right

Left men will also turn right when they see niggers raping their gf.

I wish McNaughton wasn't a big cuckservative. His art is really good. The Forgotten Man always hit me in the feels.

They're infected with a mind virus created by liberal art majors who're subverted by the Soviets during the 50s and 60s. The Soviets spent major money on circumventing the West's morals, values and cultures in order to make it easier for them to assume control, however when the cold war ended and the money dried up they simply abandoned their assets around the world. These rogue assets were picked up by (((other groups))) or soldiered on with their missions, which is why you see bull shit like 40+ flavors of front hole and warning coloration. Look at religion and how the Soviets were infecting churches and monasteries with gay orgies and agents meant to convert holy men and women. Those on the Left are enemies simply because those willing to betray their own are the first to be killed after victory. The Soviets did this in the past with those who worked with them. Betraying your own shows you as weak, easily influenced and a potential issue. So there.

Filthy degenerates promoting the invasion and destruction of our lands can never be allies, let alone friends.

OP is antifa, leftypol, or a faggot.

In 1930s Germany, the NSDAP enjoyed great success in recruiting disaffected Socialists, Social Democrats, and Communists, but that's unlikely to work in present-day America, since most of our commies are faggots and soyboys.

As a historical sidenote, the phenomenon of Communists joining the NSDAP, and the SA in particular, was widespread enough that there was a slang term for it. They were called "beefsteaks", because they were brown on the outside, and red on the inside. It's probably worth a shot to try and aim a bit of propaganda at white leftists, but it should hardly be a mainstay.

When Leftists are right about anything, its usually by accident.

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Why are you buying into a stupid binary. Sex is binary, political thought isn't.

Leftists hate tradition, race, and anything else they cannot manipulate. Remember they are only "anti-establishment" when that establishment isn't them. They want what you have but try to obfuscate that with all sorts of made up bullshit. It's the political equivalent of an empty suit.

If you're:
Pro-nation state

You aren't a leftist

If you:
Hate financial capitalism/usury
Hate pointless wars

Then you're a Nationalist and maybe a National Socialist or Distributist.

They aren't. Zig Forums is leftist authoritarianism desperately pretending not to be.

Can we restart this without Amerimutts present.

Leftists are parasites who want a system that only benefits parasites.

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Short awnser: hey are sellouts, fake revolutionairies and allround degenerates who want torture you into gore.
Long awnser: fuck you, pay me.

this is a vice writer looking for ideas for his next hot take story about the beliefs of evil internet nazis

where are the powerful elite to shut down vice?

Only race matters, politics derives from race.

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Because they support the replacement genocide of ethnic Europeans. They want us to go extinct. That is why they are the enemy… they want us dead.

Suicidal people are untrustworthy. Genocidal maniacs that want their own race dead are an abomination.

Because most of the people who fall for leftist lies are stupid, unthinking, hate-filled subhumans who want to destroy civilization out of their own sense of inferiority. The left gives them rationalizations for that.

Because they're usefull(less) idiots who would sooner collaborate with the powers that be for easy access to cummies than their self declared hypocritical and entirely controlled attacks on the established orthodoxy. They are the pawns of the black side of the board - just as the Ziocucks are the pawns on the white side of the board. Either way they're hapless victims to a false dichotomy imposed on us.

Engels wrote it but it was lamenting it's destruction at the hands of certain (((((people)))))) for ((((((((((((((((((((((((profit))))))))))))))))))))))))))))). Marx mentioned it in his letters but vis-a-vis black families broken up in America and Brazil by slavery, which he opposed. Marx also rightfully called the outcome of the Civil War and predicted Lincoln's party would have a shelf life of about a half century until socialists took it over (which also turned out to be true, Wilson would become President 50 years after the Civil War ended). Wilson created the (((FRB))) but he also set back nigger rights by 50 years, considering that the Civil Rights Act happened in 1964. 1964 also happens to be the year socialism peaked, with race rioting in America the USSR was comparatively stable and prosperous as America's political parties melted down.

In SHTF it's the far left who is willing to provide nazis with guns so long as bankers hang. This is exactly why actual Nazis (as in members of the German NASDP) merged with the German communist party postwar. There's a reason why the west considered the DDR illegitimate - it was full of nazis and jews were treated like the zionist, money-stealing monsters they are there.

(auspicious digits)
If they actually cared about what they pretend to care about, we'd have literally 0 issue with leftists.

The left controls more money than anyone. They are largely behind the invasion of the US. The good ones are leaving the left in droves, they are tired of the constant bs. 1/3 of the people at Trump's last rally were leftists. My guess is that a solid 24% of the population are rabid lefty nutcases that are beyond hope. I am not against capitalism totally. Corporations have too much power and influence in DC at our expense.

I'd say that most people on the left and right are anti-war. The are war-mongers and war profiteers on the left/right who are in power that thrive on constant war. The world needs a level of Capitalism to survive. People need to be self sufficient as much as possible, that limits the reach of corporations and governments.

Every war waged, only kings and merchants gain. Sike, crash this gay Earth.

I think that's a legit question but I don't think there are any true leftists out there for at least thirty years. The cult that calls itself the left today is merely market liberal capitalist scum that likes to use leftist slogans to feel good about themselves.

Bump for truth, well-put user. Modern "Leftism" is a Hot Topic Che Guevara t-shirt assembled in Saipan.

I call no one my enemy but leftists think attacking me violently is acceptable so what should I do? No one can sleep next to a rabid dog.

Anything that isn't the jewish bloodline is a symptom. You don't attack symptoms, you avoid them at all costs, to protect yourself. Communism, leftism, liberalism etc. are not ideologies, it's indoctrination into a movement that is against whatever the leadership demands. They operated outside of truth, outside of logic and outside of morality. Blatant hypocrisies like them being funded and protected by the same capitalists they denounce matters not to them. Their ranks are filled with shirkers, people who are incapable to take responsibility for their actions, and seek shelter in mass movements. They hide their failed existences inside groups, because the mass consciousness can not be wrong in their perception. They have no loyalty, and once their groups break apart they will seek shelter in whatever mass movement comes next. These people are hedonistic, good for nothing -sheep, and the jews weaponized them as their main diversion battering ram. Being a communist means being against status quo…whatever that currently is.

Just in case there are any leftists here, I'll put it in terms they would understand.
I'll use a pop-culture reference like they do.
The Leftists are like Pokemon.
Once they're captured (indoctrinated), they adapt to their slavery and do the bidding of their masters.
- Attack gun rights!
- Attack gender!
- Attack free speech!
- Attack the border wall!
- Attack science!
- Attack whites!

You see, they are always the Pokemon and never the person throwing the Pokeball.

Next time pay attention to an anti-gun rally, or pro-refugee rally and you'll see that it's mostly LGBT, SJWs and Feminists fighting against the rights they have.

It works like this:
Some jew sends out an email and BAM!
These programmed leftists come out of the woodwork and start protesting against whatever they're told is bad.

Definitely have to agree with you, modern lefitst movements seem like a joke tbh.

Those antifa types are so bad I don't even think Zig Forums likes them last I heard.1

Whether there is to be any 'great triumph' for the sake of the survival of our race then it will lead from politics not the other way around.

Regarding the posts about genocide I honestly don't feel as though a 'white genocide' is a platform for anyone, although a compelling arguement can be made against liberals/progressives who argue for the sake of open borders, miscentigation and other trash.

Also wanted to chuck another question into the thread: Why does Zig Forums sympathise with reactionary/conservative ideas and people?
I always never got this, say in the case of Pinochet vs Allende in Chile. Pinochet was an archetype foreign puppet and traitor to his nation while Allende was a nationalist for his people. (and hell pretty anti-semetic for his time, quote related)
'The Hebrews are characterised by certain types of crime: fraud, deceit, slander and above all usury. These facts permits the supposition that race plays a role in crime.'

Those facts are symptoms. Race is a product in the foundation that is the natural law. Blood stands for family, race stands for the community/society/civilization that families create to protect each other. Blood and Race combine created the individual. If you attack race, then you attack blood, then you attack individuals and create corruption in form of violent responses aka crime. The natural law behind this process is "every action has a consequence".

The Hebrews have corrupted bloodlines, which comes from not having a race, which comes from their nomadic lifestyle thanks to all the persecution for the crimes they've committed. Being persecuted means always being on the run, which means no homeland, no culture, no race. They use race mixing and inbreeding to hide themselves from persecution, which creates further corruption of the bloodlines and ends with more and more degeneracy. All this comes from them rejecting the natural laws, the natural order, and choosing the path of hedonism, which is always self destructive.

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”
- Marcus Tullius Cicero -

Are we not committing the same 'treason' as them by opposing the current order and society?

Not a single thing you said in the first paragraph is true. Marx himself was a Jew. Not that its relevant all because modern leftists care more about social equality than anything else. Why would we need the support of delusional transvestites, niggers and more? Why would we ever allow the Jewish ideology of communism to infect us?

Leftism is what happens when Judaic anti-human principles and teachings infect a gentile. He becomes a destructive cultist, a zombie trying to feed on civilization, if you will.
If a person's natural immunity fails to overcome the infection (there are plenty of reformed leftists out there), the only cure is a bullet to the head.

Typical leftist. Its all about the state, nothing else. You rebel for rebellions sake. Leftists and the state are committing treason against the native peoples. The left supports everything the state is currently doing, they just wish for a faster more radical push left. If given enough time, our current order would eventually reach the extremes of leftism. As always they are misguided. They hate rich people, not jews. They want to abolish the working class, not support them. They want to protect the nation but not its people.

Because they are full of narcissistic, histrionic sociopaths that are waging an atavistic war against civilized values and civilization itself as a concept.
Quoted from Kerry Bolton's The Psychotic Left
Spargo, having been closely associated with the leading
Socialists of both England and the USA observed several primary
personality disorders among them. Spargo observed Hysterical
hyperesthesia among a large number of Leftists:

Archbishop of Aries had his face cleaved almost in two, as he offered his life in the hope of appeasing the bloodlust andsparing the other priests. The old man's death only excited the mob further, and they fired upon the priests kneeling in prayer in the chapel. Other such massacres were conducted on priests imprisoned at the Abbaye in Paris. However, there were more victims among 'the people' than among the aristocrats and clergy. The revolutionary leaders sought to 'amputate' France, and to radically reduce its population, reminiscent of Pol Pot.

Nesta Webster noted a curious transformation of France during the era, which shows that the Revolution was a victory of the 'under-man' and a return to the atavistic on the ruins of civilisation. She wrote that mediocre lawyers such as Robespierre, who now held power, vented their frustration at years of personal failure by trying to eliminate the talented and intelligent. All those who had devoted themselves to scholarship were targeted.

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They also declare in the Communist Manifesto that "the working men have no country".

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Leftists are only our enemy if they actively oppose us. If they are just champagne socialists rather than revolutionary marxists then they are free to circlejerk as much as they want. Nation and race however shall not be infringed upon.

Liberalism is moral syphilis.
Equality is a fantasy.
The blank slate is sophistry.

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They're really only good for economic theories, everything else is 1000% garbage and dumpster fire

Because they are fucking stupid and can't figure out that they don't know everything.


tijuana tortillas is a leper dick
ever seen walls bleed and statues move
u goddamn natioanalautistic fags forget Tuskeegee?
holy hecc fuk
human weapons and child orgies
mithras is gonna poop a party

ever seen walls bleed?

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Let me think about that

because they're agents of the System, retard nigger. this is like asking why Goldman Sachs are our enemy.

Capitalism isn't necessarily Jewish, just that they took to it like a wish does water. Marxism/Communism however, is Jewish through and through. Spawned by a Jew, aided by the top Jews in the Rothschilds and many Jewish people claiming how close to Judaism it ultimately is. Capitalism is salvageable and workable for our people, Communism is not.

It is interesting though, how such a fragile divide keeps us divided while the Jew continues to reign.

Things that never happened
Jews cry at all occasion of "persecution and antisemitism" even while in the act of smashing the skull of a baby pali.

One of the last heads of the Soviet Union Juri Andropov, was former head of KGB and a jew and made Gorbachev a member of Politburo. Let that sink in.

The purges were to disincentive the competition. Competitors that were like the whole communist apparatus overwhelming jewish. Stalins politic victims were mostly jewish because there were not many others and he was helped by jews that advanced by the purges.

Stalins purges removed the last remains of Russian intelligentsia, that survived the initial purges after the revolution. So jews could put themselves in their places. Not only the very top, but also down to simple administrative positions. Only the menial labor was left for the natives. That is one of the reasons why Russia is so deeply kiked today.

Oh my, better wake up now or you are for an unpleasant surprise.

Are you seriously that deluded?

The (real) head of the Stasi was a jew.

While the official head was a brash uncultivated prole, his "lieutenant" was an intellectual jew and Soviet citizen that was in direct communication with Moscow, Marcus Wolf. He was the real head and supervisor of the East-German Stasi. The East-German Nomenclatura was full of "second rank" jews that run the bussines from behind the stage.
East-German jewish communist had even her own little club, the "Friday club". I guess it was pure coincidence that "atheist" jewish communist meet on Sabbath every week.
The head of post reunification communist party was jewish too. The communist in Germany are anti-German. They gave the reminder of the anti-German "Pirate party" asylum after it dissolved when one of their leading member was discovered as an homosexual cannibal killer.

Oh the old 1930's canard, Hitler the "fascist" tool of capitalist…

Trotzkism was, is no canard or Stalinist bogey men. All of the left are Trotzkist today even the "Stalinists" and "Maoists". Guess why would the USA and England grant free passage for Trotzki to Russia their supposed ally? Ever heard of Neo-Conservatives and where they come from and (((who))) they are?

Why not using the occasion to inform the lurker. Here is too much Hurr Durr anway.

All leftists deserve to die in the coming holocaust.


Seems legit.