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Zig Forums's Deep Misunderstanding of Assange, the Marxist

I'm sorry, Zig Forums, but you don't "get" Assange. He is not /ourguy/. He is a Marxist who wants to deconstruct groups, tribes, and nations by sabotaging their secret communications.

Who is Julian Assange, really? What was his mission? Julian Assange believes "authoritarian conspiracies" such as national governments, religious and tribal leadership are the cause of war.

What is/was the purpose of WikiLeaks? Cognitive sabotage!

Open systems? Like the Open Society? Yes! Assange is a supporter of George Soros' Global Open Society project, which he believes can be achieved by SABOTAGING national goverments' cognitive abilities through leaking.

If the U.S. government sentences this one to death, that's no loss to /ourguys/.

Assange's Marxist, Anti-Nationhood Writings
Julian Assange, “State and Terrorist Conspiracies” (iq.org, November 10, 2006), 4, web.archive.org/web/20061114014042/http://iq.org/conspiracies.pdf.

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Why is 50% of the board now just bad faith leftists?
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You don't tell us what we get. You're not one of us.
No one cares what you say.
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That's how jews operate, yes. What's your problem?
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A most excellent post OP, one of which Reddit would be proud. Our governments are not "/ourguys/" either. They are a mix of the foreign and the traitorous. May the leaks continue.
"The truth will set you free."

sunlight disinfects all
But fuck snitches tbh.

Is exposing traitors and enemies "snitching?"

There are many things the jews get right, one of those things is using a person while they're useful to your tribe, and dumping them when they're no longer useful. Assange is useful now.

It's trumpnigger shilling.

Wait. Assange has a beard. Marx also has a beard. Therefore…OP is a raging homosexual. It all makes sense now.


I think you are confusing word nationalist with imperialist civnat ZOG

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people can be what they want as long as I can respect them for something IDGAF

Why can't he be a BASED Trotskyite like GEOTUS?

you fundamentally misunderstand Assange's End Game, at your own peril. Assange laid out exactly what his End Game was way back in 2006.

Conspiracy as Governance


"We can marginalize a conspiracy's ability to act… until it is no longer able to understand and hemce respond effectively, to its environment."

with that Sentence, Assange birthed the idea of Wikileaks.

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It's actually a certain rootless, international clique running those governments that's the cause of war. Assange is practically one step away from naming the Jew

kys Chaim

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Why is this nonsense allowed? Open system = transparent processes
Open society = open borders

Oh, look all the idiots replied to tt…

Because he's a corpse

Lol he is definitely dead.

Listen idiot. If there was a "conspiracy" by a nationalist government to work in the interest of the nation it governed and that "conspiracy" was leaked no one would give a shit.

That pretty much lays it out.
Youtube thinks it might be offensive.


Alex Jones
Bill Zionist Filter Hicks

We are change
Taking names (and shekels)

Assange died ages ago you fuckin idiot

That's it right there. If our governments were serving the people and trying to keep us safe, and Assange was all "HEY ISIS THIS CATHOLIC NURSERY IN YORK IS UNDEFENDED AT 9AM ON WEDNESDAYS *WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE*" then yeah, we would hate Assange. When he is uncovering all manner of false-flags designed to get us into wars that bankrupt us as citizens and see our brothers and sons killed whilst paving the way for the mass invasion of foreigners who, even if they did not hate us before, certainly hate us now that our government has perpetrated false-flags against them IN OUR NAME and then sent the military in to screw stuff up further for them. Yes, we want Assange to expose that crap and we want those bastards who dare to call themselves our 'leaders' to stop doing such evil and be caught for it and executed like the piles of dung that they are.

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Fuck off leftypol nigger, if you think exposing zog is snitching.

That's quite an allegation, got any proofs?

I don't care, jew. Assange is still useful to me, more useful to me, than you are.