7 April 2017

2 years ago today


RIP noble aryan princess

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We cant be motivated by false flags to commit mass murder, that is what the jews want.

Instead we need to wrestle control from them, and peacefully return the weaponized immigrants to their homelands so the jew doesnt profit from killing more white people to drive the Muslims out of israel.

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So nothing about capitalism then or the anti pedophile (anti pedophilia means anti white) agenda?

Take a look at who has been bringing those muslims, spics, gooks and niggers into white countries.

Don't shoot the vultures, shoot the rats bringing them here.

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That doesn't even make sense - there's 0 reason to not go after both. Obviously one is a more dangerous and high priority target but that doesn't eliminate the fact that both are carving us up and debating who gets the flank. The Jews could not have done this alone and that's why it's entirely reciprocal. That's why more Shitskins hate European Whites than hate Jews - the only exception being Muslims who have done nothing throughout their history but prove that to be a hollow statement on their part.


Tragedy - Conflicting Ideas



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Sweden has been promoting the suicide death of White nations through immigration for more than a decade.

Sweden deserves this. And more.

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Brenton Tarrant did nothing wrong.

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This is what happens when children are abused by the very people meant to protect them; their parents. We must liberate white children from the abusive neglect of their indoctrinated parents and the overbearing force of the state.

Proof that Stockholm truck attack was a PSYOP:

I agree. If you kill your enemies, they win.

Innocent life lost because of liberal insanity.

RIP Aryan Angel.

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