Who could be behind this push for diversity in tabletop gaming?

Tabletop gaming and other hobbies are being turned into a political and cultural battleground at an increasing rate.

The latest example is the "New Voices Scholarship", created by Geoff Engelstein.


It doesn't explicitly ban straight white game designers, but it's seeking people from 'marginalized communities' who want to 'change' tabletop gaming.

If anyone wants to get into the business, do apply! I'm sure they will consider you if you have a good STORY about your struggles because of your marginalized identity. If you arrive at the convention and don't look how they expected, they will be grateful for the lesson in their own prejudices.

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Tabletop gaming has been pretty shit since the 90's, so whatever. Wouldn't have spent any money on their bullshit anyway. Besides, I never got into CCGs (obvious scam), and never bought the overhyped d20 shit that they flooded the market with.

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Tabletop have always been d20. The d20 was invented to facilitate probability tables and damage flow charts in the original tabletop war games.

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Well no, d6 dice games existed in antiquity before d20, simply from the fact the d6 are easier to manufacture (it's a fucking cube).

Tabletop gaming is and has been more than just D&D and Magic. Those represent some of the worst, both mechanically and in terms of how pozzed their communities are. Sadly, it's that "oh well" attitude that's coming from within tabletop communities as well that is allowing the infections to spread so rapidly.

everything's getting pozzed and it fucking disgusts me


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The original tabletops were d20. They were created for military commanders during the '50's.

Tabletop games are not board games, they are two different things.

Yeah but during the height of the d20 shitfest, a bunch of people had the attitude "if it's not d20, I'm not playing!", whereas before you could crack out a different game without all this drama. Hell, I used to play RPGs in the military, and it was no big deal for us to bounce between AD&D, GURPS, BRP, and Warhammer. We even tried oddball stuff like Torg too. But less than a decade later, all of a sudden self-proclaimed Internet intellecturals can't do what a few jarheads managed with ease.

Tabletop is just in contrast to computer games. We don't care if it's a wargame, RPG, chess, or dice gambling games like I was refering to.

Why do you trust in International jewish Entertainment to not propagandize to you? Literally go make your own card or tabletop game, if you want to waste time on that sort of thing.

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Gambling isn't tabletop. Wargaming is where all gaming originated, and d20 has been around since the start.

Wargames are actually usefull. The rest onlt teach probability and systems mechanics

Okay, have fun repeating the same argument and going full autismo into Kriegspiel history lessons every time you talk to people. I got better things to do with my time.


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Good, whites need to give up fantasy and begin applying their adventuring into the world.

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a huge chunk of dnd'ers and roleplayers in general are bluepill / mlp / furry awkward fools that don't engage in 'normal' society anyways. lot of 'em probably just want to get laid so they play the sympathy game for the deranged friends they have in the scene. not much thinking involved on the low tier. "be yurself!" bs and colored hair