The IRA Jewish?

I was browsing the HeebBC website, and noticed these curiously Semitic looking "Irishmen". Makes you wonder if its all a Jewish conspiracy to keep the goys killing each other.

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Why would they go against the very center of their power, London?

Playing both sides.

The Rothschilds funded Napoleon and George III simultaneously. Doesn't matter which of the goys wins.

The IRA jewish? The IRA is a NATIONALIST org. Makes zero sense for them to be kiked. Threads like this belong in the trashcan. intothetrashitgoes.jpg

If they're just concerned with being on the winner's side, why fund a small "terrorist" organization?
90% of guerrilla organizations lose. And so far, no terrorist organization has ever overthrown a capitalist-democratic government.
Also, why blow up your own things? Do you have any idea how much the IRA cost the regime in London?

Definition of lamb

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However, terrorism is fundamentally different from these objects. Every act and attack is required, without distinguishing between exploiters and abused people, while there are many ordinary people in the sisters. The city guerrillas oversaw political intentions and attacked only the government, businesses and more empires.

Another factor equally damaging to the guerrilla and the crime that what their strength is revolutionary operate in urban create chaos of banks, thieves, throwing bombs, kidnapping, murder and committing serious criminals it is a good against

He was an opponent of the administration, a member of the town of Gerella, and systematically to the authorities and the people who dominate in this area and use their power. Land-Gerilla task is put, put, demorale military regime and its lack of power, as well as attacking the assets and property of foreign officers and class status in Ecuador and you can destroy it.

The cannons are not afraid to undermine and destroy the current economic, political and social system of Ecuador, because its purpose is to help rural women and help in creating a completely new way and a social and political structure, the revolutionary population, including armed forces.

You can only return to the country form

Yes. Commie juden to be specific. IRA is/was commie jude rats

Video related, Gerry Adams welcoming refugees.
Oohh, if you want to claim that, then let's look at Martin McGuiness:
So nat.
Sinn Fein for anyone who doesn't know, is the political representation of the IRA.
The IRA is just the kike playing both sides.

So you can impose draconian controls on the law abiding population and justify spying on them.
IRA are essentially communist and therefore essentially kiked.
The bombing of civilian targets is a dead giveaway for kike involvement, notice how the loyalist paramilitaries that opposed the IRA did not bomb civilian targets, they went after IRA members, ie: soldiers.

No, not jewish but definitely would have been infiltrated and used given their connections to the PLO.
It's easy, you're an (((Irish American))) who wants to donate to the cause, supply money weapons and intel for a few years, get trusted, get the PLO connections, take out Israels enemy #1 at the time. Get the heads up on any activity going down in the square mile, warn your jewish brethren, and short the market on any businesses that will be affected.
Winner winner foreskin dinner.

Ireland is the lost tribe of Dan, look up of versus old Gaelic languages sound like Hebrew. Also is it any wonder with the victime complex they have, tendency for violence and close in group nepotism.

The city of Germanic, characterized by courage, has a decisive character.
He was a good tactical man with a good shooter.
In the city of Germanic is a very powerful person to compensate the truth does not pitbulls strong terms with cereals, ammunition weapons and equipment.

Irishman here. When the IRA was doing their thing, there was a load of different groups with different aims and degrees they'd go to achieve independence. There was a civil war shortly after we gained it, which resulted in most of the more redpilled leaders biting the dust. The majority of Irish parties in power today are remants from that war, and all of them are kiked in some manner or regard. They all subscribe to the same policies in the end though. What are known as the modern IRA are straight up marxists, with Sinn Fein as their representative in politics. We don't have a sizable UKIP or whatever style party, and anything new that gets started up gets quickly subverted by some fashion. One identitarian party leader got his head smashed on public transport and couldn't make it to his debate later that day. The resounding sentiment was "serves him right".

Ireland is messed up on account that we've grown fat and complacent due to big EU funding schemes and jobs from big multinationals who take advantage of our taxes. It's also partly due to a lack of societal values. Ireland was fought for under the principle of independence. When we got it, there is no other purpose for the country to exist. In order to pull us out of Jewish control, we need a value system that we can carry through good times and bad. Religion might not work, on account of everyone souring to the church what with the relatively recent scandals and constant reposting of past controversies. I'm not sure if you can use identity politics to great effect right now either. I'd say a good starting off point is to remind the Irish people of our pledges to neutrality. It's evident that current kike + EU leadership want to do away with Irish neutrality so this'd be a good starting point. One of the points of Ireland is that it's not supposed to be a threat to any other nation but doing shit like training Mali troops on behest of the EU is completely antithetical to that.

Do modern Irishmen not see the insanity in fighting for independence from London only to meekly submit to brussels?

Nah, the IRA attacked invading Englos, not other Irish.

Irish are time travellers from the future larping as Scottish freemasons.

Jew = Weg = Glaswegian = high level scottish mason, like the chinese are

EU = France. But you guys like Frenchmen just to spite the English.

t. half french half irish

They have more pull in Brussels. It's all about power dynamics.

The IRA were literal Marxists, of course they were ran by kikes

Stop reading wikipedia articles and thinking you're an expert on the topic

Retarded yank with no idea what he's talking about confirmed. The Brits inhabiting Ulster are Scots, not English. And they were not invading considering it was their own country.
The IRA also went around bombing and shooting rival IRA factions all the time too, or just shooting random Irish Catholic children for no reason like in the Rosnaree Hotel shooting or

Irish people are jews hahahahaha….this board is a joke


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>(((taigs))) STILL seething about it

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(checked for Irish jews)
-With Irish-You need to trust your instincts, because if something looks really good, it's better to be safe as you apologize. I was surprised to see that it is not difficult to identify a surveillance team looking for another host. Noble is a seductive strain of software compatible with it. And CUTTHROAT is helpworthy.

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Got any names? Any examples of jewish leaders of the IRA?

Loyalists were funded by Israel.
Pic related.

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IRA was infiltrated and subverted by British Intelligence. Gerry Adams was likely being blackmailed by the Brits and is likely a pedo.
His brother was caught raping his own daughter and some IRA provos were caught raping teenagers in safe houses.
Israel funded and supported Loyalist terrorists to increase violence in NI and as punishment for Ireland's stance against Israel.

There are very few Jews in Ireland but the majority reside in Dublin. Which is also the area where all the degeneracy spreads from.
Look up the (((NGOs))) operating in Ireland.

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