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Yesterday, cops gassed children in a funfair

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what's a kid doing at a protest?

The children enjoy the rides at the fair.
Watch the first webm!

The real question is: what difference at this point does it make?

fucking h8chan servers, the video keeps loading forever.

In other words Isnotreali police (((help))) has arrived. They have lots of experience using chemicals against children.

I sincerely hope that another young girl dies and becomes fuel for the great acceleration.

When will they guillotine the kikes and invaders?

The Yellow Vests are mostly (((Commies))) that want free stuff from the government, the police and military should clean the streets of all (((Communist))) vermin.

fucking whities asking for cheaper stuff, shall only reserve this for niggers

The jew fears the clown.

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This. Anyone who supports Yellow Vests are enemies of Europe.

We are enemies of the (((EU))), no doubt.

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Take your shilling somewhere else.

The Yellow Vests want to free their country from the grip of international Jewry and their globalist minions who have occupied every Western country, kike.

I don't even get the point of this shilling anymore. What does it accomplish exactly?

These retarded cunts actually believes this demoralizes us.
I'm just getting more and more pissed everyday. That' obviously their goal, but they really would have liked us to make much bigger mistakes more often already. Instead, they've exposed their hand, and, very soon, the atmosphere will be set where we can do no wrong in the eyes of the world against this ancient assault against us.
They know, that we know, that we will be perfectly justified in the self defense of our existence into the future.
This paradox we've created of pushing Acceleration while being perfectly patient, and surprisingly accurate in our social targeting, has forced them to make many desperate mistakes.
The FIre Rises as the Toys go Winding Down.
This World is ours.
No one can stop this now.

Lol have you actually read their demands? It's mostly "WAH! Life is too expensive!! Gimme free stuff and rent control!" like a bunch of worthless welfare faggots.

Stop getting our info from the kike media, and/or purposely shitting up this board, you fucking Antifa faggot.


Video compiled and translated for ease of use. Spread it on normie media to lazy American fucks.

It happened in Nantes, yesterday.

Obviously the kids were not at the protest, the protest came to them. It's likely that police ignored the fair and the wind carried the teargas a bit too far. Considering the absolute violent nature of the police at these events it's entirely possible they just didn't give a shit to calculate wind changes or even intentionally shelled it.

Remember that we went to war over Assad supposedly attacking children.
Remember that these cops don't do shit at the 20 anual nigger riots.
Remember that these cops have names and adresses and live among their own victims.

wtf i love jews now

At 00:21 the girl says:
So it sounds like the yellow vests were pushed back by the cops (this is usually the case) and ended up next to this fairground area. The cops would have known beforehand that there were kids at that location, but they pushed the yellow vests towards there and sent tons of gas into the area anyway. Don't forget that the cops always control the possible exits for crowds. That's how they funnel large crowds into the places they want them to be. So they are at fault.

This is why resistance has to be armed. This is why gun rights don't matter unless you're using them.

KPD Jew Wagenknecht promotes Yellow Vests for Germany.


How convenient, well after the fact.

Does the guy say "you have to scream" or "they are screaming", in the beginning? It sounds like "il faut crier" which to my bad French sounds like he urges the kids to scream so he knows where they are (?)

Police is at fault regardless. The fair is at a fixed location. If you are chasing a thug by car and they zigzag though a playground you also don't risk the lives of some kids to catch him, you let him go. That's the law in virtually any Western country.

To clarify, I meant the second video in OP.

IT sounded like:

Sahra Wagenknecht isn't Jewish you retard, in fact both her Father and her Mother aren't even slightly jewish.



the yellow vests have been very disciplined, this kind of attack on kids is what creates a mass movement. The common people being victimized is creating an atmosphere where the frogs are starting to see that there is a monarch ruling over them; a coward hiding in the shadows.

of course not, and neither are you.

Wagenknecht isn't jewish. She also withdraw from politics after being critizied by her own party for being too right (criticizing mass migration etc.).

They yellow jews did it on purpose, they intentionally went around there knowing they'd use tear gas and do this shit to create sympathy. They're no better then anyone else, using kids to push their faggot shit

Is there a youtube link?

not more then Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht

Look at you expecting good things to happen! Look at how you exhort for actions, yet offer no leadership in return! Look at how you will soon begin too accuse others of never doing anything, yet then begin to shill your nerve gas recipe or talk about a week of planning to take out a power station.

You first Leader-sama. Why don't you show us it can be done?

Complaining about random people on the internet "not doing anything" when you know nothing about them is a good sign of being someone that does nothing but shitpost himself.


(((Macron))) and Cuck-France deserves.

If there is income control (min wage) why is it unreasonable to request cost of living control (max value) ? This conflic is an issue in the US with states having to increase wages every year while their rent goes up, too. jews have got to go.


What is the point of gassing children if you don't take them to your underground sex dungeon afterward?

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Reminder, their media silence and and shilling such as this is nothing but an attempt to demoralize and make you think nothing is going on.

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It's the Weimar playbook all over again.

Far right and far left, both jew backed fighting for control.

Jews win either way as the 3rd reich barely lasted more than a decade and jews made a killing off WW2, no pun intended.

You must be kidding if you thought any country can defy Jewish control.

I've aways been up front about not doing anything. Do you even know who you're talking to? Of course not…

I don't do anything because when I do things, it fails. Every Effort Always Fails. So, as an expert in failure, I'm perfectly able to call people out on it. Go ahead and lead us. I dare you. I'll just be screaming until someone finally helps me kill myself in person.

They are a scalpel the gods have designed to torment us with. That's the only reason jews exist and the only reason nobody has ever been able to get rid of them.

1488. The jew, the muslim and the traitors who enable them will soon swing.

Spotted the larping kike.

You're dead, jew. Your entire race is finished.

You hope too much. Why would anything good ever happen when it can just get worse?

Sorry, kike. It's only downhill for you from here. Projecting your defeatism is futile.

If it's futile, I'm sure you'll be able to prove me wrong in person. Will you be the one to meet me in Lexington, KY and help me kill myself in person?

I'm right and you know it. If I was wrong, you could prove me wrong right now at this very moment.

Explain the context of that picture.

I think it has something to do with the fat sweaty bearded man with an open shirt in the background. Does he look familiar?

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The siege will continue until jewish morale is destroyed.

The truth, kikel shill, is that everyone sees through your trash narrative already.
The only thing that remains is a few criminals in uniform using oppressive violence against the public being swiftly killed by small mobs taking them to the ground and shoving spikes through armor into critical locations and you won't have the criminal zogbot shield any longer.

You can't imagine how close you are, in Western countries, to having your homes overrun, you and your children pulled into the street and beaten to death, and fire set upon your Criminal Corpses.

Criminally unchecked prophetic trips.


France is lost and no one cares. You list these things as if someone will take notice and rescue the situation.

Nice try, zogbot niggerfaggot.

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Hard to disagree, the time for peaceful protest is LONG OVER. Only violent revolution (specifically targeting finance and media) can save the Aryan sub-species nya~

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if they're communists why do they oppose higher taxes
explain that samefag


bruh its a samefag hiding behind a tor ip while using a normie browser at the same time


go farther my brethren in spirit, we the germans have to take back wat is truly ours and we have to crush these fat fucks right where it hurts - we got to hang these politicians high and stop paying taxes, we got to create independent little states and start right from within to destroy their filthy cancerous construct like a toxic bacteria wastes an entire body, they wasted us so we have to annihilate them and their methods of manipulation and infiltration, fuck these cowards and their money, now its our time

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Funny how our enemies don't care about harming our children, but a few muzzie pups get made good and I'm supposed to be upset according to the opticscucks.

The protests(ers) have been pretty adamant that they have no political leanings, they're not interested in insisting on anything but cutting taxes on gas so that they can sufficiently commute to work. So it's hardly a win or gain for Europeans, much less France if things get patched up. If things get sour under Macron (democratically elected "anti-nationalist" that he is) then that makes the right look better (which translates to Le Pen). Le Pen is basically the female version of Trump though. The only remotely desirable outcome of these protests is entropy.

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>ID: (((000000)))

So when are they going to be banning (((TOR USERS))) from using this site? This shit is getting really fucking old at this point.

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This. Stop playing the game where they've set the rules when we're perfectly capable of making our own

Not surprised ,cops don't give a single fuck ,they just gas people.
Pretty Sad it happened to childrens who were just playing. gazing is hurtful (i mean not really but you can't properly open your eyes during 5 min and can't breath properly during 10mins i would say).

In France, teachers are contacting parents and warning them of repercussions if kids show sympathetic attitudes toward the yellow vests.

It's not just the people against the elites. There is an entire strata of the populace, the commies who parasitize the institutions, which is actively working against the real French.

Indeed brother. Mistakes are made by those who hate freedom and liberty.

basicly its already a failed state

Fuck off, blackpill faggot. Your particular brand of poisonous rhetoric is nothing more than crab-bucketing. Anons have made insane gains over the years, to the point where we've forced a corrupt political system to shoot itself in the foot by citing a fake, user-written dossier as evidence for circumventing its own laws.

Stand firm with the people around you who you can identify as being honourable. If jews control figureheads, then don't follow figureheads. We are Legion, after all.

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Then teachers will be in the firing line too with the rest of shabbos statists.

Gross; race traitor she is so shiny and oily.

we've been giving them too much credit this whole time. They really just aren't as smart as we thought they were; else they would not have fucked it up as bad as they did. They had a winning hand, got cocky, and dropped the ball…

If anything the shills just confirm more and more that our enemy is stupid, scared and vulnerable.

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Semites fighting in their natural environment. You be the judge if this is something we need to be worried or concerned about.

Their arrogance will truly be their undoing; good.


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Bump for importance