How could 'bleeding heart' plane passengers stop my rapist being deported...

How could 'bleeding heart' plane passengers stop my rapist being deported? Young mum whose 'screaming' Somali attacker was kept in the UK by Heathrow mutiny reveals her fury at their intervention

The 27-year-old mother sitting beside me on a suburban park bench is trembling with a mixture of fear and rage. She can barely suppress her anger as she recalls the moment she watched a video of a refugee being escorted from an aircraft at Heathrow after a mutiny by passengers halted his deportation.
As The Mail on Sunday revealed last year, that man was Yaqub Ahmed, a Somalian who a decade earlier had been convicted and jailed with three others for a sickening gang rape.
Today his victim breaks her silence and, in an exclusive interview, condemns the holidaymakers who stepped in to defend him, ignorant of the horrifying attack that ripped her life apart.
In the video, filmed by a passenger, Ahmed, 29, is seen screaming as a group of people on board bellow at officials to ‘take him off the plane!’

For Hannah (not her real name), those pantomime-style cries were as nothing compared to her terrified screams as she fought for her life during Ahmed’s gang’s attack in a dingy flat in North London in August 2007 when she was just 16.
‘You think that was a bad scream? Try hearing the screams that I made,’ says Hannah in a powerful message to the ‘bleeding heart’ passengers who decided to intervene in Ahmed’s deportation.
And she asks them: ‘How could you defend a rapist? How could you intervene? He was in handcuffs, he was being taken out of the country… who are you people to interfere with justice?
‘Fair enough you didn’t know the situation, but now I hope you feel proud of yourselves because you stopped something that I have waited for for so long: something that made me feel that little bit safer.’
Her four tormentors were jailed for a total of 35 years and, while one is believed to have died after fleeing to Syria to fight for the Islamic State group, she is haunted by the thought of seeing the others who have now been released and remain in the UK.
Ahmed’s deportation would have given Hannah a modicum of comfort, but since the failed attempt to kick him out, her mental health has collapsed.

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the eternal Anglo strikes again

I can understand women doing this, but mostly it was dudes.

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The tragedy, outside of what this poor woman has been through, is that none of these people involved in stopping his deportation will give a single damn for this woman. She is white and the man they "defended" is not, therefore they believe they have brought out justice and the cycle will repeat itself. Jewish brainwashing quite literally sucks the human out of people and turns them into actual NPC's. What a fucking nightmare we live in.

Who probably didn't much relish the prospect of spending hours with a screaming somalian on a plane that they had to pay to fly on.
These fucks should be in the back of a Hercules at gunpoint, and it shouldn't land, just open the back and push them out, parachutes if budget allows.

That's because women are children at best and barely human at worst

Parachutes? More like bowling shoes.

Brenton Tarrant did nothing wrong.

What no practical, cheap and durable concrete footwear?
You're all decadent.

The only thing he did wrong was aiming at the symptom rather than the disease. Without jews there would be no influx of nonwhites into europe.

does any fire burn hot enough to purge this?

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Only thing I don't understand in this i why don't the authorities just yell out why he's being deported? If they were to tell them all he's being deported for raping a young girl I bet they would shut the fuck up real fast

Never underestimate the resolve of virtue-signaling whites.

They need to put these shits on trains. You can't stop a train like this.

England is an island

As if this actually happened.
They did a bunch of these "mutiny on aircraft" hoaxes within a short space of time a while back. You might recall the one with the "Swedish girl" who "stopped a deportation" around the same time.
Fake news like this also subconsciously reminds the viewer of plane hijacks and 9/11.


So drive the train to the bottom of the ocean and call it a day.

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I'm confused. Why weren't the protesties arrested/removed from the plane? And why was it screaming in the back?

This was my first instinct, then I remembered England is the most cucked government in the world that runs its country the way an american college campus is run, where they bend the knee to whatever insane liberals want whenever they want

Remember Jimjam, always kill a traitor before an enemy.

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this very based opinion

I hear jet fuel burns pretty hot these days…

Has anyone ever figured out where Elin Ersson lives?

dox please

Elin Ersson
Mejerigatan 2 A lgh 1303
412 76 Göteborg

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[email protected]
0768114038, 0763205473, 0768114038.

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May the universe bless you, user.

Her facebook:

picture of the father

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so black on black.

op disregarded

The victim was white you dumb kike.

I love how so many people are filming like they're heroes.

The vast majority of white people need to be killed.

This shit is so clear cut anti-citizen and disgusting it's even getting some mainstream attention, throw out the redpills everywhere you can about it. Good eye opener for at least some who haven't opened already. Hopefully at least it can convince some average jackasses to stay the fuck seated and not join the mob in shit they don't understand.

God I hope someone rapes her and ditches the body. Perfect poetic justice.

is this from the actual happening? I thought it was an earlier thing.
lets dox the actual cunts

Unedited Full NZ shooting:
Condensed shooting footage with added hit markers and music:
Marty Robbins/Johnny Cash edit
Dope Fiend edit

She should have killed him. Then she would feel much safer.

If you do figure it out send the address to some somalis or other subhuman filth so that they can rape her.

Thot wants child support?

Just put the somali in a dog crate and make him ride below…he does deserve a helicopter ride though…

I hope they both die of cancer.

He didn’t do anything wrong user. He picked the target he wanted to make a statement about and he made it. He was extremely proficient and executed it perfectly. SELECT APPROPRIATE TARGETS. Anyone you select who is invading/invader of our nations IS AN APPROPRIATE TARGET.


We should find out eh?

I used to be filled with such explosive rage when reading these articles. I used to smash things, scream out in the woods, or hit the punching bag. But now its calm, controlled and purposeful.


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A proper Air Marshall would have pulled out his gun and told them to get off the FUCKING PLANE or SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SIT DOWN. It is only because there is no authority in Europe that these fucking subhumans are allowed to ‘be the authority’ in our nations and chaos reigns.

I’m not there yet buddy…I have a plan but the rage inside me will not be stilled or quieted.

It happened because everything must suck.

oh don't worry, if you do anything REALLY serious in Europe, like trying to take a half bottle of water though security and deny the (((departure lounge))) their shekels, you will be put down in a second

ps, just had to post from vpn because I am now banned from posting on /pol .
seems i touched a nerve on another thread by asserting that god does not exist and Christians are playthings of the (((masters)))
nice work (((

Gods do exist. Many. More than one. They're all evil. They all hate us. They only created us to torture us. They torture us with jews and POZ which they created as impliments of torture that could also suffer.

You should NEVER be bareback on Zig Forums user.

No that was 100% OUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR BEING TO SOFT and not removing what needed to die when we identified it.

I see, the protesters are all shitskins.

Then why were we allowed to have free will when gods have the power to see the future and know we would fuck up?

Because they wanted us to. This was the plan all along.

keep going, keep reading and learning about the slaughter of our race

eventually the rage will ignite you and drive you to such purposeful things that will save us.

try reading more and learning every day, information is power

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And what about those of us who have read all that and still understand that there is only punishment, only misery and only failure in the future and past? What then?

How do any of those books throw off ZOG at this instant?


It doesnt, we dont have the manpower or firepower yet to overthrow the jewish controlled governments that enslave our race, but we will soon

keep learning and keep your head down, use tor and vpns

And we never will, because as soon as that reaches critical mass, the kikes will nuke the world. Major General Jack Weinstein.

None of your books address the condition of Samson.

Men stand up ready to fight, they're all shitskins.
>Great Britain

ASSES AND ELBOWS is that you again? We were discussing you the other day.

Great SHITAIN…that looks surprisingly like the half nigger word for Satan

why go through all this theatre when we could just harvest their organs and be done with it.

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No reason at all user…no one could figure it out or what had motivated the Whites to put these shitskins/kike and other detritus and parasites in camps.

If you ever see some shit like this, start sucker punching cucks. Knock them down like bowling pins. Cucks won't fight back. The one in… 25 that does, is out of shape and doesn't know how to throw a punch.

Doin Gods Work Son

Have any of the people shouting and cheering for the immigrant been identified on social media?

Left literally defending rapist criminals but we're bad for wanting to defend ourselves. A reminder that the left is a projecting mess of mental illness.