The EU was created adter WW2 to finally put a stop to the endless wars that had plagued Europe for centuries and create...

I thought you guys would love Europeans being more united and not fighting each other.

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I'm judging things by their real-life results, not their words. The EU has created peace and in Western Europe, you can't deny that. Are you sure that without the EU that Europe wouldn't fall back to it's familiar pattern of squabbling over borders and ethnic issues, and eventually war?

When europeans were killing each other we actually had balls. Its not because we want to be friendly. Being friendly sucks. Peace brings about the destruction of civilisation.

To join all (((feudal))) domains together.

Good luck selling that to normies

No it wasn't.
That the was the european coal and steel community.
Made on the basis that economic entanglement in two vital war materials would make war between those involved unlikely.

That became the European Economic Community which expanded no tariff trade between members and sought to encourage similar standards in terms of goods between its members.
Then ensure currency stability between members (bad idea)

Then and only then. In the 90s by this point was the EU formed.
And Britain never voted on joining the EU. Only the EEC

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The people of the past seemed to have no trouble doing that. Hatred is the result of love. For instance germany should hate russia for the atrocities commited.

Intention vs outcome.

Europeans have been at war with themselves due to jewish schemers. All the great wars in Europe were the byproducts of jewish philosophy or actual jewish scheming.

Nuclear weapons stopped large countries going to war with each other.
You cant assemble a huge army in one place for an invasion because it would just get nuked.

That'd be good, if the EU was a white ethnostate and that was the only thing to the EU. However, kikes control it and that means they get to squeeze the member countries out of money that should rightfully belong to their people, and push white genocide by the deliberate replacement and outbreeding of white-genes (see the Kalergi plan). Therefore, keeping the EU around is not in whites' best interested; it has to burn down.

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The casualties of the new war are European heritage, culture, and demographics.

The casualty of the quiet war that Europe now suffers from under EU policies, is Europe itself.

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The EU didn't create peace in western Europe. The EU can exist because there was already peace.

The peace was created by the allied armies of occupation right after WWII. Peace continued due to the USA paying to rebuild, plus the US nuclear threat.

Next version of story: Islam created peace in western Europe after the Cold War.

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don't be retarded, NATO stops war in Europe, the EU army will start one

It worked more or less well until they decided to replace europeans with sandniggers and niggers. Now it is USSR 2.0 with anti-white twist.

EU was made so kikes could rule their provinces more easily, having the common legal framework, extra-national control, market and all that.

EU it's nothing more than a big economic zone
no shit you don't have conflicts when you completely neuter the locals to the point they don't even know who they are anymore aside from braindead consumers

Two issues.

First one being that just because Europe isn't fighting through wars, doesn't mean there aren't things that need to be worked out. When problems arose back in the days, war was the only final option, and sometimes it was done unnecessarily, and sometimes it did its purpose. That's fine. But just like how you have to have an argument or a fight with your wife every now and then, because you do actually need to come at real problems from two different perspectives because you are two different people, so must nations.

What EU has done is not fix the underlying problems, just banish the underlying mechanism to fix them. And as a result, we haven't had any ways but every single reason to have a war has slowly been creeping up to a point of no return, and when we hit the tipping point the war to come will be a thousand times worse than all of the little conflicts we could've had on the way.

tl;dr The Eu didn't fix the underlying causes of war, it has just prevented the mechanism to get at those causes, which is war, amongst other things. It is oppressing nations and cultures, it is committing genocide, it is sacrificing the common man for the elite which run it.

Why the fuck would anyone who isn't one of the elite every like the EU.

Second issue being it wasn't as much the EU creating peace as it has been the advent of the nuclear option, the dependency on trade for wealth(Which holds true between Britain and Chile, for example, without an EU's supposed economic policies, which really just benefit a small minority as opposed to both economies of the countries) and finally we've been united through a military pact towards a common ideological enemy. It was the Soviet union, which fell but was quickly replaced by China. But no matter who that enemy was, it forced most of Europe, which was in a militarily bad place, to create a military pact to achieve anything, and that also meant more checkpoints for a decision on military action to be made.

tl;dr The EU isn't responsible for the peace, its existence just coincided with the european nations having to rebuild post ww2, increasing trade between nations, the dawn of nuclear arms and the cold war.

lol, oh look the US has not gone to war with itself since… must have been the end of slavery.

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Originally thats what it was meant to be.
But like all unchecked political entities it has used its power only to seek more power for itself. It now has its own court and police system. And wants to have its own army.

The EU was created to destroy national autonomy.

It is currently forcing replacement immigration on the native white population to destroy our people.

The EU seems decidedly less controlled by jews, hence the consistent stream of financial and political attacks on it from Washington and israel.

A constant stream of non existent attacks isnt that bad really.

Youre either a faggot, or you have no idea what the EU actually is.

The migrant invasion stemming from US/israeli conflict zones and largely passing through NATO Turkey [whose citizens the JewSA forced onto Germany during postwar occupation] looks very existent to me. Along with the "media scandal" that seems to exclusively pop up in the American media regarding the German automotive industry every so many years, like emissions or sudden acceleration from the 80s.

Why don't you want to be destroyed?!

You've already been conquered and the Jews are accelerating the plans for your replacement.

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If you had said attacks from Turkey I probably would have agreed with you.
The US itself is a victim of mass migration just like the EU.

That was not specific to the USA. German car makers were cheating the emissions tests here in my country too.
They actually programmed the engine management system to detect when it was being tested and perform differently.

When you control both the EU and whether countries go to war, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

the EU is a master plan alright, but we should not try to disband it, we should strive to take control of it.
a unified right wing EU is the only way to ensure the full removal of kebabs.
there is an MEP election soon…use it well. right wing votes count. democracy brought hitler to power, it can do greater things yet.

No, it really isn't. It's White population is, but they are the same White population who formed the core of the military force that occupies Europe and enforce jewish order.
It originated in the USA and satellite parasites were ordered to comply with the "results". It is the periodic "checking" of the German economy, which no matter what barriers the US puts on it always rises to the top.

That was the purpose of NATO, not the EU. Are you saying that NATO is worthless? Let's get rid of that too. The EU was supposed to be purely about economics. Many people warned back then that the same power-hungry filth that never wanted to just leave the common man alone back then, would eventually try to make it into a political union. They were proven right. Now idiots like you pretend that was its purpose. Burn in hell.

Nope. Hitler brought Hitler to power, and he used violence to fight his way into the hearts of his followers. He had a truth to tell and a new lifestyle to sell, so he crushed anyone who didn't let him speak and used idolatry (cult worshiping, symbolism, a spectacle of believe) to sell his Weltanschauung.


Suicide now.

No one will ever believe you, ever.

It was never meant to be that. The WRITTEN PURPOSE of the EU has been white genocide since the idea was formed.

NATO is a full on joke after inviting turkey onboard

White genocide is still a thing retard. Sage and reported. Lurk 20 more years idiot.

The bad thing is that they are turning Europe into a draconian (((globalist))) hellhole with no rights for native Europeans. Not even to mention they are hellbent on replacing the native Europeans with 3rd world Muslim immigrants.

Sage for low effort obvious shill thread.

You mean NATO right? The EU is a relatively recent invention,.

Redpill me on an EU army, good idea or bad?

That the JewSA puts so much effort into stopping it should tell you all you need to know.

Obviously bad, the cops in the street of Paris aren't french police but police from neighbors countries.

This guy gets is and also why Brexit is such a shit-show. The UK still claims Ireland under feudal fee but the (((Republicans))) (sorry Gerry, you guys are fucking marxists) want to keep the EU's camel nose under the tent.

EU is the (((HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE INC.))) if you're familiar with strawmen corporations.

Vassal states fighting each other without permit of their overlord. ever.

What are you, of kindergarten age? Don't you know only adults are permitted here?

No Warsaw pact country did fight the other either.

Yeah, the USA wanted the participation of its vassals in Korea and Vietnam and the Gulf war

OP for some reasons is always a faggot.


Don't confuse OP with facts

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We do, except a couple of retard psy-ops shills try to make everyone believe otherwise. The EU has prevented more white deaths than Hitler has caused.

The EU was created to stop normal upstanding white people from questioning the Kike.

Bump for Brexit and for Yellow Vests

Bump for Anti-Kike proceedings

No disagreement except for a question;
Apart from the jew, what underlying problems face European nations that would lead to war?

You correctly point out the fact that nukes create peace.
The reason is that war becomes so terrible that we can no longer afford to slaughter millions of White men to it. The conclusion thus is that we shouldn't be waging war on one another. War now only creates losers. There are no winners.

What is with all these 4pol tier threads all over this fucking board? It's very annoying to see

You seem angered mosshie. Is MIGA annoying you much?

Yeah, at the expense of our industry and our wealth. Finland's industry was devestated when we joined EU due to the regulations that favored German products than Finnish ones. We weren't allowed for god sake make larger toilet paper rolls….

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Pacifism is a terminal condition of a tired and old people's unwilling to defend themselves. The Europeans want to suicide themselves because they can't be bothered anymore. The Jews is to blame but the traitor allowed the Jew in. Pacifism means wielding power to the non-pacifists.
'War' only went away in Europe because the Americans and Russians controlled either side. These two countries are naturally of course the most opposed to European unity. The only country not fully controlled by either side was Yugoslavia and look what happened to them in the 90's. Unresolved issues boiled over (encouraged by the JewSA) and they were killing each other again.

Yeah why wouldn't we love our ethnic homelands being crushed under foot of Jewish usury and Shitskin breeding programs? That's just crazy! Well at least we won't risk European dominance of the globe ever again, thanks EU!

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Usury would still be here with jews but it's needed to have mass migration so that holocaust can never happen again. Divided shitskinned countries will not resist the jew, they won't unite and decide to destroy jewry. Therefore jews just push multiculturalism and negroids everywhere since these dumb cretins are easy to control and manipulate.

Shut the fuck up, maggot. is right.

It was used to consolidate kike control over Europe. There weren't any fucking wars of note being fought after the 2nd. Everyone stopped fighting each other when kike subversives were kicked out of their kingdoms. Repeatedly.

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no, NATO was created to stop wars, the EU was to further trade and the movement of people between trading partners

The trouble is that all those wars were because of jews and their monetary control over the nobles, not because of Europeans.

At the expense of massive debt and ethnic replacement. You think this is sustainable? Get real. I doubt you even care, though.

(((You))) must be new here.

Peace = being exploited by the Jews as individual economic debt units.

There's nothing wrong with a European Union against Jewish/American/Russian interests, for preserving, protecting, and growing Europeans everywhere. The obvious problem here is the EU aren't interested in the European, but in Jewry.

there is a direct correlation to the establishment of the EU and 3 generations of under productive birthing rates. the EU parliament is a socialist body which seeks through non-european influence to erase our people from the planet. as an institution it can at least be overthrown but, not politically.

the eu's purpose is anti white subversion, not the kike lies you got off wikipedia
a white eu would be what? a white group subverting the non white majority?

Not only am I sure, I'd actually bet money on it. You're falsely attributing success to the EU when in actuality it's war fatigue, a historically complacent population of beta soy boys who are drug addicts to modern convenience. The modern EU nations wouldn't know how to fight a war let alone be motivated to do it. The economic ties that bind them would exist without the EU - they're geographical and the EU has taken credit for this too.

right the anti-war (which they obviously don't subscribe too) and economic cooperation (hahaha) are just fronts for a soviet style minority beneficiary. tying all the peoples of europe to a common currency so that they are easily controlled and demanding their loyalty lest they go the way of serbia is classic. although they're not serving a russian soviet (which can be racially beneficial) but, a suicidal eurabian replacement policy

It's still bad, even if it wasn't a project by the Jews to subvert and destroy European countries, even if there were no mass non-White immigration to Europe, Schengen still allows for massive migration between the countries, allowing for dilution of the default diverse cultures of Europe. It would basically be like the USA had it remained ~90% White with mixed Euro ethnicities.

The natural state of the White man is the battlefield. No other race is as capable or at joy in the fight.

The EU has two purposes:
1) Destroy all of europe (people and economy simultaneously)
2) Sell whats left to the chinese for their belt and faggot project.

The first point is crucial because if any euro country is left standing when it all goes down all whites and their money will flow to whatever country(s) are still left standing. Sort of what happened to america post WW2.

Good thing that kike's dead lol. Unfortunately, his kids aren't. They should rot in hell for ruining Europe.

I would be totally fine with an EU that was not ran by kikes.
That's why we must be focusing on subverting the EU to have it ran by people that serve European ethnic interests, not for kikes.
Ultimately though that's why NATO is for, a united white army.

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NATO has to be destroyed. Its foundations are anti-German and anti-Russian. Virtually nothing of American institutions can be allowed to continue existing.

There isnt a war because the EU is a vassal to foreign master. Of course if you submit to your enemy, there won't be conflict. Without war, Europeans are submitting to ZOG and their ethnic replacement.

Also nukes is why there isnt a war retard.

If you look into the background of it and who did it, it was all part of the same kalergi plan.
The "to end all wars" was the emotional propaganda that they sold it to the intellectuals with, the plan itself had already been in the works for decades.
1948 was the year they declared that they would 'mix all peoples of the world into one race - so there will be no more war'.
The reality is, control. Nothing to do with war.
War is natural, and development of the species can not occur without it. The greatest inventions are born of war, one way or another.
EU and killing europe is born out of pure kike fear and greed. They are a demented cult.

if you want to defend your civilisation from extinction, guy fawkes a politician.
there are comparatively very very few of them, and doing that would immediately stop all immigration, and immediately allow the true people of europe to start sending all of the non-europeans out of our homes.
it is far less bloody than an all-out race war, a mere few thousand would be killed, and more importantly, these would be the ones who created and injected this poison into our lands in the first place.

The EU exists to prevent Germany from taking over the continent. That's its actual purpose.

The EU exists solely to facilitate policy laundering and to create indirect laws which would never pass through any nation's constitution or judicial system, under the guise of being an "agreement" rather than a law.
It also made it extremely easy to transport non-Europeans to countries which would otherwise be very remote to foreigners, whilst putting the burden of controlling the "common border" on countries with established organized criminal organizations that directly benefit from trafficking.
It's a recipe for disaster, and it's very easy to see why (((they))) would want it if you take into account their vehement hatred of anything European, especially anything vaguely related to Germany, and their history of assassinating any politician or diplomat who isn't on their side, going back as early as the sicarii, and in modern times the assassination of Folke Bernadotte the very same year Israel was founded. Quite literally their very first act as a nation was assassination and subversion of others, which by the way was never even investigated.

Cuckchan tier thread/10.

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They deleted a fucking honk honk thread but keep this shit up?

You absolute twisted doublenigger. Defenestrate yourself.

Why the fuck don't we populate