Diana was murdered for being Muslim

Diana was about to marry a pakistani muslim and so was murdered. Too many people look up to the British, a muslim in the british royal family would spell the end of western civillisation.

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Makes zero sense with Charles' antics and the non-stop flooding of their country with ragheads. The UK goes out of its way to elevate muslims over its own citizens. It was either not a conspiracy/hit job or it was done for a different reason.

People think it's silly to think that Diana was murdered for being engaged to an Egyptian Muslim but they don't realise this gives the royal family motive to kill her, you see unlike other princesses of the British Royal family whom divorced Diana got to keep her title, which means her kid with a Muslim man coykd assets to the throne if prince William and Harry were murdered, then Britain would have a Muslim monarch.
If Diana had married dodi all Muslim extremists would have vowed to kill William and Harry do as to make Diana's kid Muslim kid the monarch one day, so there was a real genuine life long threat to William and Harry if their mother married a Muslim.



Cuckistan has bowed to the will of Allah long ago.
They have a separate legal system for muslims.
They have a separate banking system for muslims.
They turn a blind eye to child marriage.
They ignore FGM.
They ignore people who have fatwa death sentences imposed on them in their local community for leaving a death cult.
They arrest Christians reading the Bible in public for Islamophobia.
They arrest politicians who quote Churchill's writings on Islam.
They have a muslim mayor of their capital, and another muslim is in charge of law & order and immigration as home secretary.
If anything Diana was murdered because she was going to expose pizzagate before people knew about pizza menus.

They're heading for a civil war & republic by stopping Brexit.

my mistake, he appears to have been egyptian.

Long ago situation was not decided. Power groups fought each other and Diana murder was exposure of such infighting. Of course it didn't change anything.

Charles is already a muslim. He just doesn't come out and announce it, you fucking moron. Look at UK society. They have done nothing but make it more muslim and VIOLENTLY oppress any citizen who does not like it. Muslims live rent free in their own heads, being incapable of understanding that they are invading naturally resource-poor countries and then taking over social service divisions so if they don't like the conditions in the countries they have effectively colonized it is their own fault. They then extrapolate this out into believing they are "victimized" by their own subpar colonial governments.

I keep getting banned on pol. We need a new chan quick or we will disappear 1 by 1.

honking out.

especially considering william is a candidate for the antichrist.

Over and HONK

Couden-Hove & Kalergi didn't rock up yesterday

Something people should know which the press never likes to mention is that several years after Diana's death, bbc's kids newsroom, a programme where kids read the news and also interview people, they once interviewed prince Charles, charges obviously hadn't seen the show before and so Charles was expecting it to be a childish interview with a kid asking him silly questions such as does he own a Ferrari and how much money has he got, but it wasn't like that, it had some serious questions, Charles wasn't prepared for it and he didn't have his aide nearby for when questions got tricky, so Charles did the interview and the kid asked him could you have a person killed if you wanted (lol) Charles was dumbfounded and speechless for several seconds, he kept looking off camera for someone to help him but nobody intervened as his aide was out of the room and the studio production crew didn't want to intervene, they were in on it and knew this kid was gonna ask Charles an awkward question, so nobody intervineand so Charles awkwardly reluctantly continued to do the interview and answered the question, what he said was that if he wanted somebody killed, if somebody was a problem then he could have them killed but he'd have to get permission first, he went on to explain that he would have to speak to mi5 and if they agreed then the prime minister would be told of it and that both the head of mi5 and the prime minister would have to agree to it and sign off on it and then it would be taken care of,
Charles saying such in an interview in the years immediately following Diana's death should have been major world news but no newsmedia mentioned it.

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The royal family is descended from Mohammed.

It is pretty probable that Queen Elizabeth is actually a direct descendent of the Prophet Muhammad when you look at the ancestral family history descended from the Spanish aristocratic branches. Like this is quite likely really, she can also be descended on another branch too. Being Muslim if anything wasn't the deal breaker, it was being an uncontrollable thot.

Careful, dont give the Jews any ideas.

What's fucking Jews got to do with it?

Yeah right. She was murdered for being muslim yet Harry is allowed to have a niglet baby with a ginger afro. Meanwhile the royals say nothing about flooding the UK with millions of these kebabs. Your post is big steaming pile of illogical horseshit. Also who the fuck cares? The royals are anti white trash.

Well, OP just samefagged without realizing we have IDs here. So this thread can be wrapped up.

Come on, the Jews will use their usual social engineering to get a british royal to marry a muslim. "Go on marry a muslims! Diversity! Equality!"

The british are the cause of all jewish problems, from brexit, which america looked at and copied and elected donald trump, to the throwing away of liberalism, also started by the british and brexit. Once the jew takes out the british their dominion over the world will be complete.


I bet you write G-d

Diana was killed because she knew the British Crown - ruled by House Windsor - consists of babymurdering, childraping pieces of shit who deserve death. She was a good soul, and they hated her for it.


She wasn't murdered.
Mainly because she never existed.
"Princess Die", nee Goldsmith, (sic, called "Di" and died, how 'ironic' right?) was just a character, played by transvestite David Furnish.
He is now married to Elton John.
"She" was also the person who kicked off the anorexic fashion in the UK.
Of course the sheep won't see it.

Makes sense, the jews will eventually impose their pet sand niggers onto us

KYS, Langley.



Really though, completely reasonable.


Stop bumping.

I don't believe she was murdered I was just pointing out some interesting facts

Anyone remember the white car, there was a white car chasing Diana car, it was pulling along side and the occupant taking photgraphs, that car chasing them and led to Diana's driver speeding and swerving and crashing.
The press never like to talk about that white car as it controversial.
The driver was a French photographer whom lived in Paris, after the crash the police sought him out but couldn't find him do they contacted the guys brother whom Aldo lived in Paris, his brother told them he'd not heard from his brother, the French authorities told him to contact them immediately if he knew his brothers whereabouts or if his brother contacted him.
After the French authorities had gone the guy later realised that his brother may be at the family home, the brothers had grown up in a farmhouse in the countryside about six hours frie outside of Paris, when their parents had passed away the brother had inherited it and they used it as a holiday home and weekend retreat if they ever felt the need for a break from the city (paris) so he wondered of maybe his brother had fled to there and was hiding out there, the guy didn't notify the police of this and instead drove there to see if his brother was there, he arrived late in the night, his brothers car wasn't out front and his brother wasn't inside, it was too late to drive back Paris so he stayed the night, he slept in a room at the back of the house, in the morning he opened the curtains and saw out the window that at the end of the the farmhouses field at the rear of the house was what looked like an old scrapped car, he went down stairs and outside and went to look at the car as it was strange as hecdidbtbknie how it got there, as he neared it it could see and smell that it was freesgly burnt out car and had a dead burnt person sat on the drivers seat, it was his brother car and his brother.
He immediately repurposed to the authorities whom confirmed that it was his brother sat in his car, he'd had gasoline poured over him and been set on fire.
ThevUSthe didn't look like it had struggled (a person set on fire in that way would writhe flail around but the body was just sat there almost as if it was dead before being set on fire.
The French authorities quickly ruled it a suicide.
His brother doesn't believe that his brother would drive six hours away to commit suicide not does he believe his brother would commit suicide in such a painful way.
The British press never mention that story in fact all britains allied countries press never mention that story.

Although the royal family had motive and means to kill Diana I think Diana's death was an accident in part caused my that white car.
If anyone was murderec it's the guy in the White car.

the royals are jews and diana was a maggot in the shwarma. good riddance to her coal burning cunt and soon may the robot reptilians fall one and all. liz2 should be dead long ago, i think they are pulling a Brezhnev with the help of jim Henson's crew. a new broom is needed to sweep away the monarchy, and its cucked parliament. hand over control to the house of lords unironicly

wow retarded post of the year
they're all jews, even Diana

princess Di was just a slut for sex, when they looked in the car wreck her dress was wet with arab semen stains

It is Godin, you nigger. Different from jew.

are going to a mutt, and the mayor of London is a muslim. What timeline are you on op?

Diana Frances Spencer was born on 1 July 1961, in Park House, Sandringham, Norfolk. She was the fourth of five children of John Spencer, Viscount Althorp (1924–1992), and his first wife, Frances (née Roche; 1936–2004). The Spencer family has been closely allied with the British royal family for several generations; Diana's grandmothers had served as ladies-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

The British Royal family are jewish freemasonic royalty, so there's that.

It's not nee goldsmith she was the bastard child of a goldsmith raised as a Spencer, who historically looked after the royal chamber pots. The resemblance to her half sister Jemima is striking.
The tranny Di is Furnish stuff I'm not buying at all.

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England is a muslims rapefest, with daily nigger machete duels in the streets. Nothing was saved.

Fake news there are only 4.
Male: Male reproductive parts
Female: Female reproductive parts
Hermaphrodite: Male + Female reproductive parts
A-sexual: No Male or Female reproductive parts

She had a mud baby in her whore's belly. Dodi was an ugly Egyptian pig shorter than her but despite having a fortune of $35 million it wasn't enough for the rock star lifestyle she craved so she prostituted herself out to this greasy pig. She was an apex yacht girl

0 fucks given

She left the hotel and got in the car on her way to her death wearing a pants suit

Dodi, being a muslim Egyptian wasn't an arab. He was a Mamluk Turk. The majority of Egyptians are now Turks, more than 85%. The original Arab Egyptians, descendants of the ancient Egyptians are Copts, and Coptic Christians are heavily persecuted, even murdered to this day by Turkish Egyptians.

That was Twiggy in the sixties dumbass

She knew they were shit before she married into it.
She fucked niggers.


theory is disproven by the literal nigger in the royal family

lol mud in the belly

Kill yourself nigger, the Queen claims king pedo goatfucker blood.

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Look into Sufi Mysticism, Prince Hall freemasonry and Brothers of Light. She was killed because the (((Royal Family))) was getting too halal. Megan Markle being a marrano is approved.

Royal perogative, what they used to off Diana. Republican France is actually under the British Crown after the demise of the French Crown and after the Napoleon and Bourbon problem was fixed for the time being.

There may be another Napoleon here lurking.

>A (((sheboon)))

Subtle but important difference. I suspect that Harry and Megan will be given the Commonwealth Realm of Canada upon Chuck taking the throne, and William given Australia and the other hemisphere. Chuck is too unpopular. Maybe he can go golfing with Ratzinger.

Dodi al-Fayed was Egyptian you complete spastic.

Check out her relationship to (((King David))) and (((Jesus Christ))) too. Islam is a maguffin.

Actually it was cocaine and speed but no one likes to talk about that.

t. once fell in love with a model, never again

No it's more complex than mere drugs; in the Victorian era it was fashionable to be fat (plump) and very pale, as white as can be. Being tanned and skinny was unfashionable because only poor women who worked out in the fields were skinny (starved) and tanned (toiling out in the summer sun) Rich women were indoors and ate well, very well.

By the sixties being pale and fat meant you were probably on welfare and ate shitty macaroni and cheese diet washed down with Pepsi. Being skinny and tanned meant you were skiing in St. Moritz and eating a strict macrobiotic diet.

Fashion = symbology of wealth
Unfashionable = symbology of poverty

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interesting dubs

I'll say it is interesting considering what you said here, it must be weird having that much power, even decent people could get angry sometimes and say things they don't even mean

Only in the developed world where desk jobs are available and common. The rest of the world, white still means aristocrat.

Only the developed world counts. The rest? ha..

Kind of lines up too, 'Alex Jones' once said that you can get away with murder in freemasonry and that it is very complex (not necessarily in a bad way)

Interesting how he says this kind of stuff whilst deriding monarchism.

They did it to save their bloodline. Royals /= England.

Typical nu-polack, thinks if you add "you fucking moron" it gives his asinine argument more weight, when in reality it just confirms he has a mediocre mind.

OP is a shitskin

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Boy things have changed a lot since then haven't they?

Looks like the royal family saw which way the wind was blowing and decided to darken up in hopes of having some appeal to Britain's new majority.

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shit thread OP, you're also gay


With quotes, of course

They aren't related to the British dynasties. They are foreign traitors pretending to be sovereigns, living a in a traitor state run by jews. Many of them are jews themselves.


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in a propaganda thread

someone knows the truth


I seem to remember a few years back, anons posting redpills about Syria and she came up in relation to them. Her Muslim boyfriend was connected to the oil pipeline or something like that.

I remember reading in a newspaper in 1996 about an assassination plan by French and British intelligence against Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic. He was in Paris in 1995 for peace talks about ending the civil war. According to the article, the intelligence services were worried he'd refuse to sign an agreement or be intransigent, so they cooked up a plan to get rid of him. Apparently they would overtake his limousine with a high speed motorbike in a tunnel, the pillion passenger would use a strobe light to blind the driver, and the car would crash, killing or injuring Milosevic.
Either way, he would be out of the way and a more amenable Serbian successor could be pressurized to come to a peace agreement.
In the end, the plan never needed to be put into effect, because Milosevic signed a peace agreement.
I remember thinking, that's a pretty candid article to publish, but as talks were still going on in 1996, I presumed it was a further way of putting pressure on the Serbs, sending the message "If you don't play ball, we can have you killed". I believe the Newspaper was the " Irish Independent", a Saturday edition, and the article was republished from "The independent" (A different newspaper in London).
I forgot about this until a year later when Diana was killed. Witnesses started talking about a motorbike chasing her car in a tunnel, a flash of light etc and other details that sounded like the previous assassination plan from 1995.
I immediately thought, "Holy shit, they dusted off that old plan and actually used it on Princess Diana"! I guess her going rogue, wandering around the world campaigning for the banning of landmines, and generally making a nuisance of herself, was seen as fucking up British foreign policy.

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We wuz prophetz 'n sheeit

I don't know anything about it and I was a kid when this happened, but I would assume there were jews involved in it.

not a downvote newfriend


Get out. Don't come back.

harry is a bastard diana cucked charles with a soldier. tbh it does a lot to explain that ginger lust for oil drilling that nigger bitch.

funny how they try to whitewash her in all the photos

Diana was trying to avoid the paparazzi and her driver speed through a tunnel, lost control, and crashed.
There's no great conspiracy and it's not like the British royal family has any fucking say in anything.
It's been over 20 years and faggot still milk this shit, Jesus.

Diana did not get to keep her title of HRH, she was Diana, Princess of Wales. I also think she was killed because she found out about their Satanic ritualistic child killing.

Which anally raped goat was their ancestor?

Her filthy turkroach that filled her English womb with his vile seeds was an LA coke dealer who laundered his drug profits by producing the hit movie Chariots of Fire


The funny thing about the Diana assassination was that there were four people in the car at the time of the accident. The French driver, the British bodyguard, Diana and the father of the nigger bastard in her whore's belly.

Three passengers didn't wear seatbelts and one did. All the passengers who didn't wear seatbelts died. The one who did, the bodyguard, lived.

Which reminds me of a joke.

Did you hear that Princess Diana on the radio the other day?

No, what did she say?

She was on the radio, she was on the transmission hump she was on the windshield she was on teh glove compartment she was on the steering wheel…

Most accounts said that Dodi was raised a Muslim, though, oddly enough, he told Suzanne Gregard—his wife for eight months during the 1980s—that he considered himself a Catholic. “Maybe the help in the house was Catholic,” says Gregard. He also suggested that for most of his childhood he didn’t really know his mother. Gregard believes that he didn’t actually meet her until he was in his teens—though photographs show him with her at five or six.

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This is the Express reporting it Hitler-Satan.

oy vey goy nothing ever existed



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look this thread contains no 5s it's fake news

Diana's death was a hoax.

It's thanks to the British (in reality Anglos) that Jews today are in the position that they are, nice try Tommy, but you are just as much of a criminal race as the Jews and share many characteristics with them. The Anglo empire was a whore for Jews which helped them spread to many places in the world and subjegate many non-ZOG societies.