Understanding the jewish mind

Understanding the jewish mind

The jewish mindset is profiting off other peoples labor as politicking and scheming middle men that manipulates people into thinking they are getting a good opportunity when the opposite is the case.

Be it freelancing at Fiverr and Upwork which jews market as a realistic income to goys while charging usurious omissions as the one and only route rather than doing the jewish work of relationship building, politicking and corrupting people in order to gain business - an art that they will never teach to goyim.

Just like negros can't run a simple farm, us whites can't handle the politicking and maneuvering to build modern mega corps as us whites are more focused on producing value rather than building and maintaining power while more often than not corrupting people in the process (this is where fellow jews like Epstein come handy). Mega corps are generally anti human which goes contrary to the white mind set of treating each other like we want to be treated and putting people before profit instead of hellish Amazon working conditions that match Foxconn and the like. A jew can never be rich enough and no matter how much money he has he will never give two shits about non jewish workers and pilpul all day to come up with justifications like globalization, lower management being responsible, workers councils being there with strong rules that are magically never enforced and whatnot.

SMEs is pretty much all that exists in Germany for example and very large companies are semi government or kike run. Whites can't think beyond the tribe while jews have a mass exploitation mindset with the help of corruption of a country on all levels.

Big megacorp is a jewish construct to profit off white labor while giving very little in return to workers and customers alike.

The jewish mindset is having eskimos selling a freezer for the maximum possible price to fellow eskimos at the lowest hourly rate and commission while still keeping them motivated, with the peak of this being MLM companies that exploit human relations to the core.

It's a mindset of manipulation which is what talmudic debate is all about.

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kill jews

This is a no nigger zone.
Keep telling those Mestozos your White Huns, we all know the truth when we look at your high cheek bones.


It's 'overstand', user.
Or 'comprehend'.

The Huns were genetic Hungarians. You are thinking of Eurasian Mongolian Khan.

"Can't" and "choose no to" are very different things.
And there is no "White™".

White to me as an eurofag is northern European.

I'd say a white characteristic is being honest to a fault and very trusting with a low population of psychopaths while semites are cunning, untrusting and exploitative by nature.

I can easily think of dozens of ways to get rich by exploiting human stupidity or gimicking the system. My family past time is coming up with these schemes and laughing about them. However, because I'm white, I'd never do them. That's the only way Jews are different. They have no conscience.

IF you're posting in good faith, I suggest removing "can't" from your vocabulary

I am Northern European Burger. "White™" strips me of my ancestral heritage and cultural identity. I almost never say "White™" as an identifier for Europeans, only by accident. I use 'European', although I get a fluoride stare from boomer burgers who think "but I'm American", and often just use the linguistic group like 'Celtic', 'Germanic', or 'Slavic'. Also, in public, at least in the US, "White™" draws attention where specific genetic and cultural labels do not. This unwanted attention lessens the effectiveness of my message.

Is that jews are destroying every nation and state like a parasite.
I live in the Northeast along Leafland border and get to talk with Leafs about race and culture and politics in ways they cannot in their country. The Sikh warriors and Leafland police are the most eager to accept my message. Not sure how it is for BC Leafs.

I do the same TORFag. It is proper to call us by the tribal affiliation. I hate the ‘white’ meme because lots of kikes (who are semites and not related to us at all) claim that they too are ‘white’.

You'd be surprised. Freemasonry is jewish nepotism for the goy and us whites are now taking it back online, with no faggotry or Captain Morgan rum.

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They all look like chugs to me. KTAALGSTO.

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I came here just to tell you that the name 'Europe' comes from the Phoenician goddess 'Europa'. An actual Semitic fairy princess. It is a new name and only widely used beginning in the late 1800's, as was the case with 'America' for the US; it was called 'Colombia' before, as the lady on the dome of the capital shows.
The true name of 'Europe' is Celtae.

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Masonry, as a sekrit club, predates jews by thousands of years. They are who built pyramids and henges. Modern lodges, only starting in the end of the 19th century, are jewish by subversion, not by design.

lol they lawyer their way around the rules of their own religion.

This world map clearly mentions Evropa though.

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Very well said.

In short Jewish mindset is a mindset that’s incredibly tribal. They only care for their own and their ever increasing parasitic grasp they have on this world. The Jews hate whites to the core also because we were the only people throughout history to find them out and expel them for our societies, we were the only people to stand up against being their slaves. Young Jews are taught that whites are incredibly evil and have always persecuted and slaughtered Jews for no good reason. A massive victim complex is ingrained in the Jews mind that give him an excuse for all the evil shit they do.

They are also taught they must keep doing what they are doing for the survival of their race depends on it. They are already dug a hole to deep and if they are ever found out will be all executed in a week.

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The first recorded usage of 'Eurṓpē' as a geographic term is in the Homeric Hymn to 'Delian Apollo', in reference to the western shore of the Aegean Sea. The spelling in your map makes sense given that the name originates it's use as a label for the lands of the SouthernSlavic/Greek people.

If whites would only deal with other whites, as Jews only deal with their own, we would exceed them. It's jews relentless desire to promote their own in all industries that gives them the edge. One Jew gets in somewhere and he will only hire other jews.

The closest I have seen is the mormons. I'd join, but they pretty much completely take over your life.

I'm pretty sure they're subverted by jews as well.

The whole religion is so cultish and weird and lots of shady companies preying on non mormos operate out of Utah - probably with the same justifications that non mormons are dreck that should be exploited if their traveling salesman can't convert them.

They promote race-mixing to rid the world of "racial hatred". Amy Color fucked Samoan negroid. Would have made 10/10 waifu.

Interesting information if you go here:
Then here:
It seems that the word 'Europa' is intentional jewish trickery at work.

Europa was not a Semitic fairy Princess…

She is from Greek myth.

She had sex with Zeus in the form of a Bull.

Okay.. sure it's sick..but it's not fucking jewish.

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Fuck. Jews are experts in Manipulation through language. Is this another one of their games?

given the chance i would murder every kike on the planet.

I would have clown death squads shooting all them kikes


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Jews have surprisingly simple minds. They are equivalent to chess computers from the 1980's. Sure if you do not know the basic rules of the game the computer can beat you, but with a little training you can easily outflank the Jew. Look at it this way, the jewish mind generally cannot comprehend abstract military tactics, they must always rely on Americans. They very rarely can compose a masterpiece in music composition or paint a beautiful picture that touches your soul, but they can monopolize the distribution rights to the music. They are quite inept at doing manufacturing but they often can outsource jobs and bringing in foreign contractors even if it hurts their host country.

What the Jew can do better than us is lie and use nepotism and my god are they good at that. If one Jew gets into a position of authority he will bring every other Jew he can bring up the ladder. If a Gentile tries to make it up the ladder they will stab the gentile int he back and not think twice about it. Once Jews got on the admission board at Harvard around the 1960's suddenly having a Jewish last name meant a student was over 3000% more likely to be admitted. If I never found this message board and had to base my opinion of the Jews off of my personal interactions with them I would come to the same conclusions.

For example Jews may not make better music than the indie band in your local bar, but they can call up their cousin Ezra at Clear Channel radio and see to it that nothing but the most synthetic repetitive musicians under their labels get airtime. They aren't clever mathematicians but they understand usury well enough that they can subvert entire economies for their own benefits. They aren't great scientists, but they can worm their way into professorships where they can stamp their names on gentile research projects.

I can go on and on but the strength of the Jew is entirely in their ability to leach off of white accomplishments. You as a white man have an obligation to work against Jewish interests in anyway you possibly can. If you see a Jewish business, leave a bad review for them online. If you see a Jewish developer working to renovate a building, report them for violations even if you can't see any. Be creative. Never hire Jews and always work against their interests because whatever is bad for the Jew is good for the white man.

You won't though because you post cuckime on Zig Forums. Nothing is going to happen just because you wish it to or you wait for the chance. How long are you going to wait user? Wish in one hand shit in the other.

You niggers need to understand a few basic principles.
Despite most people here seeing themselves as "nationalist" and "against Jews", they ignore something very simple: Jews are the most nationalist race in the world. They understand national unity and cooperation is real strength, they know it more than anyone else.
Not only that: they also know how having a well-defined history, tradition, religion and cultural identity is crucial. They still have their own, ethnic and non-universalist (read: non-cucked) religion, their own language, their own writing system, everything. They are culturally "self-sufficient", in a way.
It's exactly because they know how important they are that to this day, they still use them to strenghten themselves and their people and weakening their enemies by destroying said traditions and spreading the notion that they are unimportant.
In a way, Jews have almost the same beliefs as most of Zig Forums. They simply direct themselves to the preservation of their own (obviously), but unlike the Aryan, they also seek to subvert every Nation in the world and submit them.
The reason they were so successful is simply because they, ironically, were able to apply these principles a lot more effectively than Europeans ever did.
And no, blaming their control over having "pulled the strings from behind instead of facing them honorably in the battlefield" is pure cope. There are no rules in war, and the modern battlefield is everywhere. Every tactic counts. The ends justify the means. That's what we must learn from them if we are to beat them.

This user gets it perfectly. This further illustrates why (((individualism))) is a another shitty meme further pushed by kikes.
Contemporary (((capitalism))) encourages you to stab others in the back to be the best, whether they are your allies or your enemies. This divides and weakens your people: it's the millennia old, always effective tactic of divide et impera.
Don't fall for this trick. Don't betray your allies and work together against the (((common enemy))).

The decay and degeneracy injected into our societies has all the hallmarks of a weak weasel-like people that use deception to subversively destroy those that they cannot face off against directly, they choose to poison and rot it from the inside out.
It isn't a real victory in the sense that they were "greater" in any way, they are not, but in their rat brains it's a win over their more powerful enemies/competition to use cowardly methods of destruction, it's in their neurotic nature to give into paranoia and feel compelled to do this, especially if the society is clever enough to call out their tricks or schemes, you are high on their threat level, you are then potentially a mortal enemy.

Start with Gab's Andjew Torbowitz. It's a gas!

To understand the bible one has to read it as a jew. For the most part "cattle", "beasts of the field", etc., refer to nonjew humans.

I refer to them as:

(((Linguistically & mathematically gifted Romani Gypsys)))

The moral and psychological fabric are identical. Just one isn’t fully retarded.

No. They could never hope to succeed as well as our nations have at their peek. But they've always been around them which led them to leech off of these successes, and have had this system of branding themselves with the mark of submission to the tribe (or rather to the authority that supervises it) leading to a forced subconscious unity through one of the oldest iterations of trauma-based mind control. I'm talking of course about shackling the masculine component of their race through circumcision, thus effectively enslaving the entirety of it. This means that whatever they learn and acquire can easily be entertained and passed on since the individuals that make up the tribe get little say over their place within it, but obviously that doesn't bother them too much since their whole plan is to lord over the goyim either way, so why would you give a shit when you're still supposed to get the bigger slice of the cake. The whole Eric Clopper shit back then detailed the ritual and its function within the tribe well enough, but the gist is that because you've had such a significant part of your being sacrificed, you subconsciously endeavor to give meaning to this loss by building an attachment to what you obtained through it. So before a jew even has the chance to realize what's happening, he finds himself serving the tribe no matter what. Most will likely never question it and will even take pride in it. Its then easy to teach all their bullshit to each other since they're already bound to it. And so you have a by default enforced tribal cohesion that's never going to be contested and ensures that wherever they go, the jews will take their collectively extorted baggage with them.

So, when you say
I would rather say that they are the worst nationalist race in the world. A race that doesn't and cannot erect its own nation and needs to have another do it for itself and only so that they may pretend to be equal in nature, a race that doesn't have cohesion by choice but only through force and fear, a race that is uprooted and torn apart and alienated from its own life force to the point of having no creative power whatsoever, a race whose history and myths and legends are not even their own and has its national unity built around a manufactured culture stolen from other peoples that it then destroys so that no one may claim otherwise.
The only thing you should learn from the jews is how to avoid becoming them. Instead you seem hell-bent on emulating them. You don't seem to realize that all our shortcomings came from that very mindset.

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They are jewing God.

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requesting pics of female IDF merchants like this

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and this

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I want the one of a billboard in space saying "remembuh the 6 gorillion" or something close.


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Of course op

Kill all jews.
The end justifies the means. Do anything, above everything, in order to genocide jews. There is not a single thing in the whole universe that is wrong, when it is used to genocide jews.

yes, thanks

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Fuck it. I've been on the chans long enough to know that they are evil bastards that need to be wiped off the face of the planet, and that's all I need to know.

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It would have originated from masonry and/or religion you nigger.

Kill yourself, culture destroyer. You call others useless, yet you can't even do a basic bitch thing like cap the best post ITT.

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What more is there to understand about the kikes?

I've been really close friends with a jew for a few years now. He once told me that he can't tell the difference between what he thinks is cool and what is real.
Yes he knows I'm a white nationalist.

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Yeah… I'd rather learn how to knit. KILL ALL JEWS and be done with it.

Daily reminder that Jews are beautiful people, many of whom oppose mass Muslim immigration. Bankers represent a tiny minority of Jews, and Jewish libtards are libtards not because they are Jewish, but because they have been deceived by secular society.

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Daily reminder that jews are literally the children of satan (John 8:44) and as ugly on the outside as they are on the inside.

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Ben Shapiro the JEW supports mass immigration.

Too late for pleasantries, and kissing ass to save yours.

(((They))) are an enemy tribe to my tribe.

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I agree they are an enemy tribe. (((They))) are not all inherently evil, but they are an enemy analogous to an enemy military. They deserve dignity but should also be peacefully removed.

You cannot make friends with your enemy, every stead you give your enemy will be used against you. Failing to work against an entire group for the benefit of your entire group will not mean a final victory, thus you will have to rely on your descendants to do the work you should have done, this leads to stress in your future generations.

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Why do kikes hate the goyim? Jealously?

That is an adopted version of the myth. The origin is Phoenician.

The Psychopathology of Judaism
from Hervé Ryssen

Judaism is not merely a “religion,” as many Jews are overt atheists or agnostics, and they do not consider themselves less Jewish for all that. Jewry is also not a race even if it is true that a “trained eye,” most of the time, can recognize a Jewish appearance, that is to say, a characteristic pattern which is the result of their strict observance of endogamy for centuries. Jews see themselves as the “chosen ones” of God, and marriage outside the community is strictly frowned upon. However, mixed marriages do exist and have also helped to renew the blood of Israel during all the centuries spent in the various ghettos where the Jews preferred to live, separately and apart from the rest of the population. The essential condition for such mixed marriages is that the mother be Jewish, since Orthodox Rabbis recognize as Jewish only the child born of a Jewish mother. However, having just a Jewish father or grandparent can suffice for a person to identify completely with Judaism. Jewishness is therefore a “mental race” that has been shaped over the centuries by the Hebrew religion and the universalist project of Judaism.


Helpful info.

Then you better get busy cleaning up your tribe, b/c the lid has rattled off and it's starting to boil over

As a profession, what club.

Is it the opposite day or smth?

It's also worth noting that the whole matrilinealology came about because jewy wemen are whores and the world tribe gave up on keeping track of who the fathers are.

jews are a race of parasites who subsist off of healthy races. The jewish mind is driven by a fathomless hatred of Aryans. The lie is their weapon with which they wage war against us.

Calling others useless is basic skill, Onon

I see no truth in this post


- The Jewish World Plague -
(by Hermann Esser)


What's there to understand? Jews are a race cursed by God through Jesus proven by religion and Judaism is a mental illness proven by science





jewishencyclopedia com/articles/8123-insanity



The Jewish mind is one of insanity and it causes harm to everything they touch.


I've known many Jews and I've come to the conclusion Jews are all mentally ill as they believe stupid things, I'll give you samples.

They believe stupid stories of patting seas, talking burning bushes etc.
The story of Moses is ridiculous, the Pharaoh was given a prophecy that a new born boy would overthrow him, OK thats possible that someone thought that, so he had all the new born boys in the city killed, ok that's possible, but one survived and just so happen to be adopted by the royal family, the odds of that are astronomical yet Jews believe it.
The story of the parting sea is another ridiculous one because of there is a god he could have just teleported the Jews rather than part the sea, that's the flaw in that story, the person whom made up that story lived in a time where there was no theory of teleportation, nor s true understanding of the universe and as to how powerful God is if he exists, so when making up the exodus story the best the writer could come up with was the parting of the sea (lol), Jews can't see this obvious flaw in the story cuz they're ill in the head.

The Orthodox Jew community shun any Jews that have disorders (including their parents and siblings if it's s kid with a disorder) cuz they don't want them to grow up in the Jewish community and marry and breed within their community because Jews usually only marry people from their community, so let members of their community whom have disorders marry others from their community then in the future many family's in their community would have the same disorders, now the problem with this is that if people from their community develop disorders then all their community already has that dna in them cuz they've been marrying cousins for ever, so the Jews shunning makes no sence, other than to them because they're mentally ill and don't think logically.

Jews think they are persecuted and that thevtreatmentbthet receive is in no way their fault, Jew seem to be totally unaware of how they are, a pedo knows he's a pedo, a gay person knows he's gay, even Down syndrome people know they're different, but Jews don't see what they're like, cuz they're mentally ill, mentally ill people don't always know they're mentally ill.

Jews believe false versions of history that the facts prove otherwise, for example they think countries such as Spain and Portugal were racist and expelled the jews, what what's that, those countries expelled jews, how were any Jews living there in the first place if those countries were so racist? It's because they weren't racist against the Jews, and they allowed Jews tribes to move there but after centuries of seeing how Jews are they realised they'd made a mistake and so expelled the Jews, these countries could have done a lot worse, remember these are the same country's that made blacks slaves and took them to the Americas and sold them, any that got ill they killed them, so these countries could have just enslaved the Jews or even just killed them yet all they did was expell the Jews, but of cause they Jews have their own warped version of such history and can't seem to figure out that their version doesn't fit exactly with the facts, why don't Jews see this, because Jews are mentally ill.

I've known at least two Jews that were athiests and openly admitted they didn't believe in God or silly stories of parting seas and talking burning bushes yet they still believe God promises Jews a land, and when I questioned them and as to how they think s God they don't believe exists promised land to Jews, they had no explanation, such a mind of that of a mentally ill person

Inb4 someone posts a screencap of disinformation saying that jews have no long-term thinking. Jews clearly do. They spent 1500+ years gaining monetary supremacy, gaining control over as many governments as possible, infiltrating as many institutions, keep to the same repeated narrative and tactics, etc. Kalergi plan, greater yinon plan, etc.

Pleasant reading.

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Jews are actually honest. So who is really being talked about?

Peaceful lives are pleasurable lives. The weakest people of all are not peaceful.

The most national socialist country in the world is Israel. Yet, no production can uphold it's military presence, as it feeds off the American people.

Some of the greatest mass murderers just happened to be Jewish and the land of Israel is build on treachery.

OP is either a commie nigger or a kike.

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fuck off, your average german male is more attractive than that thing will ever be

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Imagine the hubris to think you can jew God Himself…

No it isn't you worthless retard. It is a greek myth. The character was a phoenician in the greek myth. There was never any phoenician myth about her.

There’s more to it. Jews have a different consciousness to Europeans. Notice what inspires the European is the hero, the sacrificer, the noble death, the beautiful. None of these are the same to the jews. There has never been a Jewish hero. They are not inspired by the same things, they do not have the same imagination or understanding of the world. They do not see beauty like we do. They do not see life like we do. They are more different than we even think

Then what exactly is the jew inspired by?

They have always profited from the weakness of others. That is why they fear those that have no weakness to exploit

Americans can't really comprehend abstract military tactics either, tbh. They rely on either martial races such as white Europeans to fight for them while Americans supply them (WW1, WW2) or massive technological advantage (every war since then). The actual performance of American soldiers against peer nations such as Germany or Britain has always been atrociously bad.

Korean war and before we had great strategists. It's about using what you have effectively. The limeys were actually surprised we learned so quickly in Europe. I agree that organized, continental warfare is much more of a European thing. We only ever had exhausted Germans and non-whites against us.

Saw this in another thread, it's relevant:

If jews are honest they tend to talk about their crimes.

that's literally what their religion is

Anything other than killing jews is a waste of time
The system is held against you, chaos is the only way forward.

wow haha wow that's reall deap like wow haha you're some jenis haha

OP should start his own fucking business or go back to school. Get your fucking nose out of the Jew’s ass…….it’s starting to become embarrassing. A grown ass man sulking and complaining about the Jews. No wonder your birth rates are falling because your women are embarrassed of you😏just saying

The exercise of power over other sapients, and over their belongings, and/or their creations, both physical and non-physical A beloved story/saga is changed intoa an inversion as an exercise of power over said creation. often in such a way as to be an inversion of the norm, i.e. Post Modern art.
Just the exercise of power, and it's addiction, combined with the psychological trauma all males undergo during infancy stunting their sense of empathy.

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Inspired by John Earnest fan fiction, in Minecraft one night you can use commercial drones to drop the alcohol portion of molotovs on 1-2 synogauge roofs per major city overnight then drop the ignition at 7 or 8 am in cities across the US. You can subvert US MSM if necessary because citizen journalists will record roofs burning in major cities across the US at the same time. 2 days later you can do the same to Federal Reserve Banks in Minecraft. 2 days thereafter you can do the same to tv stations or whatever else Jews control because normie whites dont retaliate. in Mincraft.

You're a moron, and your incompetence hurts the movement.

For one thing, landlocked African countries like Mali have traditionally farmed very effectively for centuries. But that's beside the point.

The reason Jews run thing is because Russian peasants, many of whom were Jewish, clustered in the slums of New York in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Because they were clustered, they started putting together businesses. Many African Americans had also fled the south for New York. American Jewish business owners of course employed black New Yorkers, because they lacked the conflict with them that whites who'd been in the US for a long time did. These Jews were essentially nomadic, so naturally they were rootless and identified with groups that lacked power - in other words, they had to be liberal. Since these Jewish businesses in New York, which started growing in power, were employing the types of people who fled for New York - blacks, homosexuals, unmarried women - the Jews were identifying with and supporting civil rights, gay rights, women's rights, etc. because they identified with and employed the people from those groups involved. THAT's why Jews sponsor degeneracy. They see no value to nationalism, because they're rootless, and they've always identified with other rejects to the nation.

This obviously gets complicated by Israeli nationalism, which is largely a consequence of WW2. After that, many Jews went into survival mode, acting aggressive toward outsiders. This created a Jewish right wing. Most Jews in the US are still liberal, and the really left wing ones are even against Israel's actions toward the occupied Palestinian territories. However, there are also right wing ones who are against immigration in the US, and are especially prejudiced against Arabs. The hypocrisy comes in the moderate majority, basically establishment democrats, who are sympathetic to both Israeli nationalism, as well as ideological liberalism; they seem resigned to accepting their own hypocrisy.

You are thinking like a white man user.
A jew god would be proud of their chutzpah and appreciate the sneakiness of their jewry.
I had a muslim I worked with explain a similar concept to me once:
"Allah is omnipotent which means he is, among other things, the greatest deceiver in existence. He is proud of me when I deceive others, especially unbelievers"
Too many good and decent people assume that others aspire to decency and goodness and forget that they are projecting.