Father of Ebba speaks

Father of 11-year-old Stockholm attack victim longs for new child

Ebba Stefansdotter Åkerlund was hit by the truck hi-jacked by the Uzbekistani terrorist Rakhmat Akilov shortly after stepping off a bus on Drottninggatan, Stockholm's main pedestrianised shopping street, on April 7, 2017.
"It has been a living hell over the past two years," Stefan told Swedish state broadcaster SVT from his apartment in Stockholm's Norrmalm district. "But just now I'm starting to see the light."
Stockholm last year said it would not to hold any further memorials to the 2017 attack, which left five dead and 14 injured, a decision which was criticised earlier this week by the parents of 31-year-old Belgian psychologist Maïlys Dereymaeker.

Stefan said part of the reason that he had struggled was that he had stopped working when Ebba started in the first class at the Campus Manilla school on Djurgården, meaning he had little social network to tap into after the tragedy.
"People who have a job to go to can get new contacts, but I'm not interested in going to work or getting any sort of hobby," he said.
Last year on the evening of April 7, there was a memorial concert held for Ebba where top pop stars such as Albin Johnsén, Cotton Club, Lisa Ajax, and Nano performed.
Last summer Stefan broadcast an emotional personal essay about the tragedy as one of Swedish Radio's popular 'Summer on P1 programs, talking about how he had struggled with depression, insomnia and loneliness in the year since his daughter's death.
But this week, he told reporters from SVT that he since read the story of the entrepreneur Pigge Werkelin, who lost his entire family in the 2004 tsunami, but then married again and had two daughters.
"For me the future means a new child, and I really hope to find someone in the inner city of Stockholm who also longing for one."


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Absolutely based and my heart goes out to this undeservedly tortured innocent European man.


Imagine what he felt when his daughter's grave was desecrated… so many times…



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What do you mean desecrated?

Sieg Heil Zig Forums KRIEGSMARINE


We have accomplished EVERYTHING we have ever set our minds too…now is the time for ALL EUROPEANS to exterminate the subhuman FILTH of the world!


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I don't think anyone has said that, ever. Have they?

Eco Naturism with National Socialism. Less than one hundred million total worldwide population all of them white. Total peace is the final solution

You should have murdered him.

I sincerely hope he begins stalking and murdering these scum - combined with a series of mosque burnings

I unironically think we can actually win this.

He's confusing falseflag with hoax. Plenty of people have insinuated it was the latter.



Could be more of a translation thing. I got that feeling as well but the dude does indeed need to move on and expressing himself may help.

Lean to Tau motherfucker.

It's Sweden, if anything we should be happy that he's not trying to fuck the migrant.

if after a year mr. akerlund doesn't understand that his government's immigration policies and broader global white genocidal program aren't the root of his misery at ebba's death then he's hopeless. if one of my family member's are killed or destroyed by this plague then there will be results. fuck this sheep faggot

all we ever needed was a chance at a chance. Fuck yeah we can win this I’m not playing to lose user

Blessed Post.

Ethnoglobe is the ultimate purpose of why we inhabit this Earth.


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Oh boy, he's gonna marry a negress and racemix.

Some mudslime shitbag keeps vandalizing her grave. The Swedish sharia police are too busy smuggling in AKs to no go zones to care.

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Hail knight St. Tarrant.

I know what he said publicly, but this reaction just shows what he really felt when he learned about Brentons actions. This is what vengeance does to you, not the Hollywood "ohh noo vengeance didn't help me at all :(", there is a reason nature gave us the ability and instinct to seek out vengeance. No matter how squandered and suppressed it is, it will always be within us.

Somebody should tell him about jews, Hitler and white genocide.

Also another proof that muslims are not humans and killing them is not sin.

Swedes seem to be absolute failures at manliness to let this happen … 30 times!!! My goodness and her father, frankly, grow some balls and do what you see at night when the demons come

mfw he has a half nigger child

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I hope a Swedish inner city doesn't mean the same thing as it does in the U.S.

Please forgive them. They have families to think about, and if they stand against the muds, they'll be massacred by an angry mob while the police look away. They need weapons and fire support to fight a war.

Maybe its time for the weather forecast to predict a steady hail of barrels packed with magical good fun in the no-go zones.

Muslims are savages - a parasite race dependent on welfare that destroy everything they touch. Its like a king midas but everything they touch instantly turns to shit.

Here we go.
(((they))) are shitting it because anons exposed here and elsewhere, that "Ebba" is a crisis actress.
Show us a photo of her and her father together.
you can't, because they're not related and the kikes behind both of these hoaxes (Stockholm and Christchurch) never thought that any doubt would be raised, so didn't bother making photos of the two together.
Play us a video of Ebba speaking - there's got to be one as she has tons of professional photo shoots and obviously enjoyed media, plus a Gen Z social media native.
Gee wonder why that is.it's because she's American, or Australian, or British
She doesn't even look Swedish, but most anons don't know what a Swedish woman looks like so it just goes unnoticed.
Video related.
Note: I have been working on overlays of photographs of "Ebba" and "Reece" and can say with 100% certainty that they're the same person. Will post work when finished.
And this is the latest tactic of the kike. Incorporate a "cute" young female. Young enough to trigger maximum male protective instinct, old enough to elicit the sexual response.
Double whammy.
Carry on, believers.

if any sane man's daughter is murdered despite his race he should be on the war path. if there were 1 tarrant attack per year than 'black' on white crime would be halved, prove me wrong.

Forgot the video
Ebba = Reese.
Same actress, two psyops.

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he's got no family to think about anymore

fuck off back to your asylum ostrichbitch

There comes a point I'm afraid when people need to stop being afraid. This man has lost everything, the only thing that would shock me if he pulled a Tarrant would be, where did he get the guns from?

The Sadim touch, sounds Arabic too.

You should be locked up in a cage and sedated you fucking schizo shit.


Like that?

You can't stop me from exposing this.
And I will post it over and over and over again.
And when I've finished the graphical comparisons, even more anons will realize the truth.

Tell me, Chaim. What are you so afraid of?

Keep doing that you retard, Zig Forums is autistic at times but we can still differentiate faces.

'tis you kikes who are afraid.
You are shitting it so much that you rolled out a "father" to reinforce the idea that Ebba Akerlund existed.
If what I posted was "schizo" then you wouldn't feel the need to screech "SCHIZO" and other desperate and transparently jewish rhetorical group-influence strategies better suited to Reddit,

Good fucking riddance. Now go do something about it you cuck.

I'm counting about 3 minutes until your "SIGNAL BOOST" is received and acted upon by your fellow shills, and the thread is flooded with "SCHIZO" hebraic kvetching.
The memetic equivalent of moneys tossing turd at something they dislike.

Yeah, its some big organization targeting your posts.
I just put out my memorial candle for her, and I would urge other anons to honor her for her death is in the hands of all white men. We haven't stopped the kikes and muds yet, but we will win if we fight for what is lost.

Your kind tends to erase, memory-hole and eliminate people who go against your narrative. Muslims just make a slop job of it.

Interview is hilarious.
Looks like a kike, and learning from previous failed "family speaks" tearless interviews, they've managed to summon up some watery eyes.
All good, until we notice something strange. Normally when a person is tearful, it's their eyeballs that become red prior to the tears flowing.
This joker's eyelids and all of the surrounding tissue are lobster fucking pink.
He's been furiously rubbing his eyes to make them water!

Nice jew projection there.

Then you're an easily led fool and a slave to your emotions.
Men determine what's real through reason and analysis. Lighting fucking candles because a jew media story makes you sad is frankly, pitiful.

"Papa" has the David Duke nose remodelling, but profile tells us the real truth.

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Sharia police in full panic. As calculated, they're flinging shit everywhere.

You have determined it is false because your autism makes you unable to distinguish faces. I know Swedes from that city, do you think their government paid them to tell me lies?

Oh shit, he's really doing it.
Strange way to refer to Stockholm when you allegedly know eye-witnesses.
Also laughable to think that those receiving the heaviest dose of jew media propaganda (the locals) would be any better informed about an event they didn't personally witness.
To think that people relying on a local news service which pulled contradictory evidence (completely deleted the interview where medical staff revealed a truck-crash 'disaster training drill' was going on at the same time).

The fact that the same actress has played two different characters (which has happened in many fake events since Sandyhook) isn't even critical evidence.
The Stockholm attack was debunked long before that was noticed.

Many of the probable false flags are further validated when one asks "cui bono?". Events like Vegas and Sandy hook are obvious. Who benefits here, if Stockholm was indeed a false flag?

Just filter him user. He probably thinks his own birth is a false flag and his mom is a crisis actor.

The same groups that always benefit.
kikes and globalist government.
Justification for erosion of civil rights.
Justification for remote police vehicle shutdown (been in the EU pipeline for years, will attach pdf).
Justification for whatever bullshit they want to do in the middle east.
One group that certainly doesn't benefit is muslims. There's no reason for muslims to perform terrorism in our countries, they're already winning splendidly and would do better staying off the radar.
But cui bono is for when there's no evidence, there's plenty of evidence in this case.
Here's one piece.
The truck they cut open to get to the "bomb".
After it had been shown in flames.
And the white interior is completely clean.
No scorching.
No smoke damage.
There's even a heap of brown paper that didn't get burnt.
Unsurprisingly it's virtually impossible to find pictures or video of the truck in flames now, it's being purged.

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EU pdf revealing project to give police remote kill switch power over all new vehicles.
Truck and car "attacks" (which suddenly became en vogue and frequent a couple of years ago) utilize terror to prime the populace for acceptance of kill switch hardware in their vehicles.

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He probably knows what the problem is but is too afraid to say it publicly

I typically only filter obvious shills, feds, or malicious shitposters (cuck porn etc). This is clearly an autistic user that means well, so I feel it is worth my time to engage.

My question for you, FalseFlaganon - why do you give shitskins so much credit to think they would or could perform the calculus of "staying off the radar"? There have been many truck of peace attacks and ZOG/globalists will attempt to use any crisis to their advantage whether real or faked.

See, you completely ignore the damning evidence I posted, pretending it doesn't exist, then change the topic from empirical forensic evidence to speculation about motives. Classic pilpul.
Please explain how brown paper survives an inferno? Maybe it is the same paper that Saudi passports are made from?
It requires no skill, they simply have to avoid performing terrorism, which is exactly what they're doing - they have better, more enjoyable things to do like dealing drugs and raping young women. The government is on their side, as Rotherham grooming gangs and the subsequent inquiry proved.
No there haven't. There have been many hoaxes. Every single truck and car attack was debunked within days of it being reported, including the one where a "right-wing Brexiter" supposedly attacked a mosque.
In fact one of the staging points was directly outside of an user's home and he filmed them casually chatting with "casualties" who were healthy enough to walk, but who suddenly became gravely ill when placed on the stretchers.
Which is exactly the purpose of staging terrorism.
The actual terrorists are our own governments, staging hoax massacres and then using the resulting fear and panic to push through laws, restrictions, monitoring.
You're playing good cop but you're in with , no Zig Forumsack could be so naive as to think that kike govt is against muslims.

Explain the photo, I won't address any other post.

Final bonus red pill.
SCRUBBED from Youtube.


You got me, i'm sitting here with my yarmulke eating matzo or gifilte fish in Tel Aviv. I never said at any point you were wrong, I was just asking questions and was actually willing to engage you rather than "report, hide, filter" but clearly that was a mistake. Shalom.

thank you rabbi very cool.


This is a joke right?

Dude has Stockholm syndrome and marries a Muslim woman and has muslim babies, calling it now.

Calling it now, he hooks up with a muzz, from the inner city, they make a new swede-muz cross.
Trusting the (((press))) ever.

then read the post directly above mine and felt like a vindicated retard

Good job inoculating yourself for when others show up to call you a complete retard.

May he find peace, God protect

14 words tbh fam
Its the only way to bring happiness, no matter the tragedy.

Goverment don't even need these any excuses. Theys don't care what people want. None of their restrictions hurt muslims. Also debunking is bullshit. You false flag fags debunk everything with insane explanations. I enjoy good conspiracy theories but your sucks balls.

If everything is psyop and hoax, you can kill yourself because your whole life is lie. All your posts are psyop. Your friends are fake. Everything is fake. Hitler was psyop. Cesar was psyop. Jesus was psyop.

It is called schizo posting for reason.


Pedo detected

There’s only one way to find out

you are insane. With billions of people on the planet why would they do that?

I would have.

I'll lay odds he goes for a niglet, preferably from a rapefugee family, to adopt. He seems cucked af tbh smh.

Ebba is the pill for normals to swallow

Blessed are these digits

I have 2 daughters, if this happened to them I would not stop until I had blood restitution and it would be a lot of blood. I guess it is easy for me to say, not having experienced what he has, but I could not be at peace until I killed a very large amount of sand nigger children. Then, and only then, would I take a ridiculous amount of opiates and walk into the ocean.

Muzzie women don’t marry white men, ever.

This sounds interesting.

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No…but they like to suck white dick for some reason


Go on…


Man vandalizes his dead child's grave, spits on him, and he bitches about it on the internet? I would knife him in the throat and piss down the gaping wound.