Brandon Tarrent is a jewish puppet

He planned his attack with such great detail, but obviously, he knew this actually wouldn't do anything to stop the wave of migrants. This would be a forgotten blimp to antagonize the right, you'd think he would just walk in kill two people and get arrested right? No, apparently he killed "50".
There are two theories.

One, that the jews knew this attack was happening and prepared some crisis actors to further bolster the number of people he would kill, to make this insignificant terrorist attack seem like a major deal.

The other one is that Brandon was in cahoots with the jews, they would plan the attack and give him his guns and he would do the dirty work. You're probably asking yourself why these same jews that let the migrants inside in the first place got them killed, well its to antagonize the right of course.

This will be used relentlessly by the left in the 2020 american election and in numerous other elections across Europe against parties who wish to stem the flow of migrants, in a way, by sacrificing ONLY 50 migrants– millions more will come as right leaning parties will be pushed down for years to come as a result of this attack, making sure that the jews are able to keep the borders open.

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Jewish puppet or not, he's still gonna be out of jail in < 5 years. Mossad screwed the pooch on this one. I've just about McFuckin had it.

hey yall

mutt mind machinations….goes like this…!) if bold and successful occurrence takes place…than take the piss out of it by flooding joo mossad globalist tool false flag memes/theories…
2) See Occams Razor
3) when in doubt or possessing of a nigger mentality see .2
4) Subscribe to Acceleration.
%) when down or negative in outlook…if stricken with the Globalist inspired defeatist disease see 4

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Obviously he's gonna get out of Jail to do more deeds for the Jews, unless this is his last one in which he might be there permanently.

I dont even think he was that. I think he was an actor hired to participate in the fake shooting so that stupid gun laws could be passed. Seriously, no one fucking died.


OP is a jewish puppet.

For some reason he insists on misspelling Brenton Tarrant's name.

The mentally ill boomer strikes again. Can the mods ip range ban this spammer?

"Brenton" is his actual name. It's like how criminals change their name from "Micheal Swift" to "Michel Rift", Brandon will get out of jail within a decade and after that will be able to stop pretending with his fake name and persona

meant to say isn't not is

Take your meds.

wasnt a hoax or false flag hes just a fag who didnt have the balls to shoot it out with zogbots or murder politicians. shooting up a synagogue or mosque is the easy and ineffective way of acting. probably a narcissist as well seeing as he livestreamed it and obviously wasnt prepared to die fighting. which is why he surrendered to the zog. also his 666 hand signs in court show what a spastic he is.

Nobody with a brain thinks he's some sort of savior, in fact quite the opposite.

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That's what I'm saying, he's a lobotomized retard yet was smart enough to carry a plan at this magnitude. Almost as if someone else was doing the planning for him…

Try harder JIDF.

His name is Brenton Tarrant.

it literally takes no planning to drive up to a mosque and shoot it up. maybe a few minutes to find out what time the most people will be there.

The jews are on an international campaign. First they did (((terrorism))) funding jihadis through the corrupt saudi qatar networks. Then they did wars to soften up syria, iraq, egypt, jordan, yemen, saudi, all the lands of biblical israel, using the american and european armies (white nations) who the jews consider amalek. Next they took all the civillians from those nations (Canaanites) and sent them to europe. Then they turned up international non-free-press to full-retard to make people rightfully pissed off. They created the modern right left spectrum and have jewish pundits refereeing both sides as commentators, politicians, businesses and ngos. they've now successfully made everyone so pissed off, theyre ready to kill eachother. The jews in the past 6 months have now begun to slowly align and conflate "jews" with "right wing" and "muslims" with "left wing". This is a general global trend. In the states they are playing the "muslim-omar is anti semitic card" and blasting articles on info wars about jews in maga hats getting harassed. Obviously, the (((left))) identity is the artists/media/intellectuals and the (((right))) is military/police/general labor. The jews have to divide, distract and conquer. Always have. They want the whole world focused on eachother, not on jews.


So far he was a:


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I like your jokes. But i just hope you know how silly it is. Sloppy job Mossad is new meme. Thanks to guys. But you should also care about optics. Nobody take you seriously anymore.

His name is Brenton Tarrant. He is legend and you are not.

lmfao I missed this narrative.

Brenton is a hero. All government agents and aliens should be shot and killed




'The NSA is one person now'…

The truth is, for most of us that's irrelevant. The guy is a total memelord and that's why I respect him, he also killed mudskins, what's there not to like.

Also, the more globalists push with their insanity, the harder the reaction is going to be. A C C E L E R A T E , make the frog jump out from the boiling water.

If it were that case that Tarrant is a psyop it was done so poorly that the exact opposite of the wishes of jews is happening in response.

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this image is at least as old as June 2013

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I always hate the "well he didn't kill one of the guys at the top" complaint. Anyone at the top has security detail, and in order to kill them you need several more people working with you to distract/break through their body guards. Killing anyone at the top is virtually impossible for a lone wolf, and thus when that is the criteria for a legitimate action, all lone wolf attacks can then be falsely labeled a false flag.

No shit.
So much astroturf for this jude

Trips of truth. Tarrant

1.) Made muslims look less bad

2.) Made whites look bad

3.) United muslims

4.) Disunited whites

5.) Cemented the alliance of muslims with leftists

Good idea to save the world’s fastest declining group (whites) by picking a fight with the world’s fastest growing group (muslims).

Fucking jew moron

Damned if you do damned if you don’t. You’re the same type of person that’ll complain that nothing is ever done. Not that it really matters. Whites sealed their fate after ww1 and ww2.

At least once whites go extinct the world will be a more miserable place for shitskins to sufffer in. So there’s that.



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You fucking yid.

What if he was a tool to enable Article 13 to come into effect? They didn't have a 'strong enough' case before, then they used him as the basis for pushing it through. Just seems like it was done simply to censor the internet.

Die in the most gruesome way imaginable


Ok kike 👌 . But you know im right. West is fucked. Enjoy the decline, faggot. Lul #stayrektstaysalty .

New approach - start thread to argue about whether Tarrant is a jew puppet, implicity avoiding the question "was the event even real?"
Thankfully we have the footage proving fakery and staging, from the second mosque.
Three people resurrected on camera, one gets up and starts walking.
Attachment: raw footage
Link: frame-by-frame analysis for those who can't yet see.

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Cringy /ptg/ meme.

The only reason he's a legend is because jidf is using their resources spamming his shit.

How many years do you think our board will be flooded with schizo boomer posts like this because of the shooting?

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