What's your ideal woman?

I'm a woman and found this place after Saint Tarrants heroic actions. Now i've been wondering, what do you guys look for in a woman? I want to improve myself and become an ideal wife so I can get myself a nice white husband and have beautiful white kids.

Just so you guys know I'm 165 cm tall and weigh 54 kg, I have naturally blonde hair and blue eyes and very fair skin. I'm Scandinavian and fairly attractive.

So, what do you look for in a woman looks and personality wise?

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I'm American and my entire criteria is just not a whore who gets drunk and fucks everything that moves, not absolutely braindead, not actively trying to subvert my country, and mentally stable and at least moderately physically fit (no need to be a super athlete or anything). Also she has to have interest in having a life partner and raising kids, and the kids have to be born and raised outside the system (preferrably in the forest). I will provide all necessary resources to keep her and the children healthy and happy, but for many women "happy" is a fancy new car and a pound of makeup. Oh and she has to be white but that was sort of a given.

I have yet to meet a woman in real life who satisfies any of the criteria past physical fitness. A single one.

I married her, a pretty, anglo-saxon housewife. We have our first child on the way in July.

One who posts her tits with a timestamp in this thread.

post pics of yourself. there are no girls on the internet.
also, the ideal wife is white, not fat, and wants children. everything else isnt really important.

Before we can proceed with this potentially interesting thread, we need proof you’re a woman and not some man who pretends to be woman on the internet

White and prime aged

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A 8/10 green eyed angel that tells nigger jokes and wants 3+ children

One who has a bigger dick than mine

I'm hanging you and the rest of the pedos first on day of the rope. There's an argument to be made for 14-16 y.o. when you're like 22 and under but you're just a sick fuck.

White and virgin.

For me? Loyalty.

Stay mad.

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you're glowing kike

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Slim, honest, and wholesome. Independent enough to manage the household in my absence (Career requires me to be absent from home), but dependent enough to know we are better as a team. She doesn't need to be amazingly pretty or a towering intellect. Unfortunately these extremely basic requirements are almost impossible to find today. White women I've met can almost never manage to meet these traits, which is sad. Plenty of asian women I know can but I don't really want to marry an asian girl.

Lmao saved. They want us to be just as disgusting as them.

My question would stay the same even if I secretly was a man, I'm not becoming some internet whore and posting pics of myself on here.


I prefer Non 3d. Youre gross, ew. We should have Pity on you and lobotomize you in a breeding camp. Or just kill you.
Thats 6 kg too heavy. 48 kg is my max. limit. Fucking fat disgracefull ageing cow.

Now stfu and go have kids or be a sexmaid for a white spiritual Noble neet now, gash.
Also bdsm themed cosplay by you or stfu.


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You too will be burned along your kikpanions

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My first reply literally made an argument against the aoc meme, yet this is how you respond. Are you a spambot or do you just not read?

Whatever you say mosshie

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tits or gtfo

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they aren't toddlers, agecuck

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Too bad the eyes don't shine to add nice glow to the image. Either way, probably became fairly beautiful provided she was raised healthily and properly.

Why do you guys have such a strong need to see my tits??

get the fuck out then

(jew) will never be white.

So this is how Mossad bots work

* Pure Euro - not race mixed
* desires children
* subservient and supportive of husband
All else is shaped by the man. If he cucks, he gets what he deserves.

Hahah, if you want to see tits go look up some porn.
I just want to improve myself and become a good wife. I'm not gonna cheapen myself by posting pics.

Lmao you're so new to this board it hurts

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She will be loyal until the end.

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The importance of the core subject of the thread stems from your claim that you are female.
Seeing tits with a timestamp validates that calm and gives anons such as myself a reason, beyond superficial interest, to interact with you and monitor the thread.

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you're not obese so that puts you ahead of 30-40% of your competition, everyone is going to have different preferences on looks, with most not wanting you covered in insane tats and piercings. I'd recommend squatting and hip thrusting regardless of how into fitness and exercise you are as a woman, doing those two lifts really doesn't take much time (20 mins a week or so max) and you get an enormous amount out of it, boobs / face you either have or don't, every girl can have a killer ass.

Personality, don't over shit test your guy, I know you have to do it to weed out the weak, but don't do it constantly, it gets fucking tiresome even for men who know exactly what your doing and why

The sad thing with our modern world is most men and women are just total piles of shit, the bar is pretty damn low and yet so, so hard for many.

Because its proof you're what you claim you are, obvious no?

yeah, sorry, haven't lurked for long enough, but I really wanted answers.

lurk for 2 more years

OK. Step 1. Stop using imageboards. Step 2. If you must, don't be like the average normalfag who ruined imageboards. Step 3. Get rid of social media. Step 4. Get rid of the internet.
Most of this assumes you lack much self-control in the presence of entertainment like most women (or humans to be honest).

Just like a kike to ruin something before it can become something beautiful.

tits or GTFO

You're a faggot slide thread shitposter is what you are.

Remember anons;
Report D&C threads.
Sage D&C threads.
Filter D&C threads.

Remember anons;
Report slide threads.
Sage slide threads.
Filter slide threads.

Remember anons;
Report duplicate threads.
Sage duplicate threads.
Filter duplicate threads.

Imagine being this normal and smallbrained

Bdsm themed cosplay now or ur a jew. Stupid cunt.

My preference is dirty blonde hair and blue eyes since that is what I have but, but I would settle for any blonde hair or really any hair in all honesty. I will be lucky to find a girl like this. I thought I had one and we dated for 4 years and she cheated on me. I am still 20 so I have plenty of time but every day more and more girls become whores :/

Women are evil. You should not be in this public space. A woman should be seen and not heard. You should not speak unless spoken to AND THAT. IS. IT.

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lmao, Zig Forums

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I'll marry you if you're younger than 20 and within 3 years of that age, you have to teach me Danish or whatever language you speak though.

Me and like one other person gave you honest answers at the beginning of the thread under the assumption you were being genuine.

Any post or comment claiming to be written by a women is viewed as inherently manipulative and will always be answered with "tits or gtfo". You could have made the exact same post without claiming to be a woman. "What is Zig Forums's ideal wife? Personality, physical traits?". I responded honestly cuz I liked that you said Saint Tarrant.

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You seem mad. Tell your bosses to fire you and get better replacements

There, now you can see my small tits.

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Damn, I'd fit your requirements, I don't speak Danish though, just Finnish and Swedish.

We believe you. Now you have to quit the internet and be a good wife.

It shouldn't be too much to ask, but in this day, it is apparently is.

you're a soiled whore now, no respectable man would wife you
now gtfo

too old btw

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Dude. Nope.

I wouldn't want a dumb bitch that exposes herself online because of peer pressure.

Whore? He did it for free.

Lmao you dumb bitch you are obviously not wife material you failed the shit test hard. Get off the internet.

How did you find Zig Forums and why do you browse Zig Forums. Oh and Christchurch was a false flag.

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Woah dude, fucking hardcore. I want my happy loli-chans to be able to expres their purity. At what age will full suppression set in? Can we stall developement into old hags with science at least?

Fake. Fotoshopped text onto a stolen pic.
I like how small and childlike her modest chest is though. At least not cowlike utters that would have traumatised anons here.

Posting nudes on the internet isn't ideal wife material, but now you've shown bobs, please show ass and vagene.

You must put a sharpie in your pooper next.

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trap confirmed

Discord. kek.

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My only one would be that the individual never grows arrogant. I.e., my desire is for there to be someone I could grant everything to, yet the individual would never become consumed by greed or grow to have a feeling of entitlement. I would wish the same of my child if I were to have one.
Separately would be the desires for a decent physique, but the first is what I deem necessary for a long-lasting relationship, so it takes precedence. It's mainly spurred by my dsitaste with the idea of having to "dominate"/"make her conform" and have to constantly be "fightng" a battle of keeping another in line. If having a wife becomes a burden, at that point just using a surrogate or something becomes more worthwhile if the end goal is just to continue one's bloodline.

Filter this kike btw.

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wanna see my tits Zig Forums

Nah show us your schlong

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First of all I personally don't believe that Christchurch was a false flag. Brenton Tarrant sacrificed everything for us, he did what many only dream of. All the arguments for it being a false flag are easily debunked.
I've been on pol before Saint Tarrant but never got into it. Now I like it because it's the only place I find people that agree with my beliefs wholeheartedly.

OP is a fucking trap from /cuteboys/

You probably could have proved you’re who you say you are without doing that. Writing the time on a piece of paper, setting the paper on a table, and taking a picture would have worked. Maybe put your hand in there if you really want to. Seems like what you did is a little much, though it is funny that you actually did it.

They anglo?

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Fucking hormone therapy boyslut


Women(male) don't belong in politics. Sorry sweetie.

Now that I think about it we still wouldn’t know if you were a woman though. I guess it worked out either way.

spoiler that, its going too far. you shouldn't have a nigger's penis on your computer

White Roastie thots are going into a clownworld-mode now. Incels will be resented for this, but its a transformation that roasties have to make. Without it, clownworld will not survive.

Still more feminine than 95% of white 'women'

Without a fully body pic including vagina I'd wager you're a man, man.

You're used goods now sweetie

Only if they're sweaty hairy man tits.

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I'm about 193 cm or 6'4", blond haired, and blue eyed. Dutch/German descent, live in Ontario.

What I look for in a woman is perfectionism. Not in the shallow sense but the godly sense. I want a woman who thinks every day about an omnisicient, omnipotent, omnipresent, absolute, intelligence underlying the universe and strives to embody that intelligence. A woman who feels wrath towards that which ought to be despised and who loves that which ought to be loved. Who leans not on her own understanding, however so great, but whose heart and mind is turned to God. Not one who is turned away from God. A woman who cultivates and brings out the best in herself and those around her and especially her husband. A woman who loves virtue and seeks out the way, the truth, and the life. She also must desire to have as many white children as possible and know joy and contentment in being a mother and a wife. In short she must be basically a redpilled Mennonite woman.

To give an example of the kind of woman I'd absolutely hate: A woman who thinks she's "good enough", a woman who demands I accept or turn a blind eye to her vice, a woman who enjoys radio and television and mass-media and is blind to how it poisons her, a woman who chases extended education and a career only to consider having maybe one child at 30+. Note most of these things are all universal standards that I apply to male friends too except the career thing because seriously you got to make a choice either you're raising children properly or you're abandoning them to work some job. It's not that you can't do odd-jobs here and there or even be a maid or a skilled worker or a work-at-home-mother or something to bring in a little extra money but you need flexibility and in an ideal society women wouldn't be working any kind of job at all.

Appearance wise she must be blond or red haired or blue or green or gray eyed. Black/brown eyes or black/brown hair and she is dead to me. I don't want to screw up my lineage which is blessed to have actually interesting phenotypes instead of looking like the masses of mud people.

Here are things that make me instantly disregard what a woman has to say: "I'm a feminist (of any type)", an over-reaction to me criticizing the jews as if I had just broken some major taboo, a woman who makes everything personal (my mother does this, I will cite some statistics or something, and she does this weird fucking thing where it suddenly becomes about her and she's offended, where any normal fucking person can differentiate themselves as an individual from any and all groups they may or may not happen to belong to), an attitude that there is something wrong with wanting to live in a nation of your own people and not have to see a non-white face ever again,

My email is [email protected]

Hope so!

they shouldn't have any political power, but they can be useful for beating the betas into line

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Ya'll bamboozled me, goddammit.

That is the job of the Alpha male.

Alright fam

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If you really want to better yourself, just follow the basics of pre liberalism era.
Don't be a whore. Regardless how fucking hard the marriage is, stick to it, fight for it. Limit your drinking, don't smoke, limit your make up (not because of retarded reasons, but because it will age you faster, and it's bad for your health).

But find a decent man, the same shit applies to him. Faithful, doesn't drink that much, is stoic, can withstand hardship, is willing to provide, there is enough shit on the net about this. If you want to be a good wife, find a good husband, or you will end up miserable.

My ideal woman is the one willing to go to war with me in a metaphorical sense. And on a realistic sense, live in the middle of nowhere, raise our children, do what makes her happy too.

If you're trap (looks like it, but with all the hormones on food these days, who the fuck really knows), you can find a decent man, but you will be ostracized by your "community" unless you live in a degenerate shithole. Got fix your issues, measure the pros and cons.

Make white children

Your thread is done white woman

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This fucking thread is a trainwreck, doomed from the start.
A thread died for this.

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Fuck off e ethot this is not your orbiting station


That link answers the question and sums up what we should focus on.

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You don't have to post your boobs. Just snap a pic of your arm, from elbow to fingers - that should prove you're a girl without making you feel like attention whoring.