Theoretically, lets say you want to organize something akin to a less faggier, non satanic version of atom waffen

Theoretically, lets say you want to organize something akin to a less faggier, non satanic version of atom waffen
Coordinated, organized violence against high ranking officals. How would you go about recruiting people? How would you get funding? Who would you get rid of?

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A you wouldn’t
B you’d have feds (kek) all over you from the get go
C you should try it. Be sure to hold classes on how to modify shotgun lengths and openly discuss tactics and targets
D profit

Go fuck yourself, Fed

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But the basic characteristic of urban guerrillas is that a person fights in the use of weapons; In this case, the odds of him being able to continue working for a long time are lean, and the police did not disclose his identity. The role of expropriation means it's noon. There is no reason why urban guerrillas should not fight for expropriation.

Therefore the direct armed struggle of rural guerrillas and two important goals:

1. The physical abolition of direct aid to the armed forces and the police;
2. Expropriation of national resources and wealth belonging to wealthy owners, large and imperial downers, and little executions by supporters to maintain their local organization.

It is clear that efforts are also in the city is armed with terrorists. But now we insist on two important objectives, especially the execution. Note the requirements of each land-bridge that could save his life if he was to kill police officers and those who are true, and when it confirms the truth-make sure that there are many wealthy businessman, landowner and imperialists.

It was one of the most important features of the Ecuadorian revolution and, from the outset, reversed the expropriation of major asset activities, as well as the imperialist interests in Ecuador, rather than the elements of trade of which the largest and great interests focused on import and export. And the rich enemy of the people, the Ecuadorian revolution is a systematic attack that strikes the important center, the team and their banking network-that is the most powerful attack is the cheap nervous system that the entrepreneur

The robberies of the wounded of the bank, which led to the guerrilla city of Ecuador and others, the company decided to establish a bank, the capital of the United States, the industry and the governments of the states-all this was the SYST a realistically worn today.
The result of the expropriation was devoted to the study and completion of the guerrilla-guerilla process, shopping, entertainment, weapons and ammunition in the rural city, protecting the security of the rebels, to keep the Warriors, who were freed from prison in the army, those who were injured, and persecuted by the police, and various problems involved in the liberation from prison or the giant widow of the police and the army itself.

I would encourage people to read Term Limits by Vince Flynn, and hope they aren't impressionable enough to act on it.

Do it with the utmost secrecy, lest you get infiltrated by luciferian CIA niggers, just like attomwaffen

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Can anyone tell me if pic related is viable?
If so i'm finna do that shit

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New weapons must have big corporations, mayors, the big landowners, and the government also state – and state-based activists and oppressors. And race, the agent herself and minimalism lives to go global, particular, will have to pay for his life for the sins he abused people Ecuador.
Ecuador, usually one and many in the city area, such as executions, destruction, weapons, ammunition and gravel, attacks on banks and prisons, and thus do not think because of it will not be the Mafia. Everyone is a testament to the disease fact that we are at war and the military coup in the war limited expectation of this disease.

Honestly? Make a minecraft discord and slowly drop red pills until you have your army.

Dudes not a Fed, just a LARPer. Feds don't play games. They don't wait. Chumba is a street level turd, nothing more.

Just advertise on reddit.

You'd realize that lone wolf is the only solution

Why that finger gesture and not this one?

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If only White Nationalists would fucking kill themselves Whites could finally defend their interests.

I disagree, especially after reading Hunter
While i respect pierce for those sick redpills, i just dont like his books

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That one is based on a true story.

OP the only solution is the folkish solution, which means segregation from the modern jewish world. Do not fancy yourself with entertainment made by them. Make your own entertainment. Do not fill yourself with food delivered at their behest and mercy, feast upon food grown by your own hands and the hands of your people.

Do not abandon technology and science, RECLAIM THEM. Everything the modern world is, we can do better, and cut away what is not needed. A revolution of soldiers who have only known life within the jewish perspective will amount to nothing. You must truly understand the struggle that the natural order presents to us, to take part in the conflict demanded of us.

This step in the war was not necessary for the Third Reich, because they were already part of the natural order, they weren't consumed by technology designed to drown you in jewish perspective. Most of us do not know the toil of soil, the struggle of building a house, working a factory, handling ore and turning it into steel and the rest that makes us men rather than slaves.

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Wtf, really? On whaf events?

The media desperately wants spooky Nazi badguys to position their Globohomo Captain America superheroes against and posture as the good guy. I cannot express in words how happy I am to give them a monster beyond their ability to comprehend. I welcome death every second of my life. How about you, Shlomo?

Why can't they just look normal for once, i mean seriously.

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Exactly what a Fed would say.

Jewish commissars had people wrapped around trees with their intestines, you dumb nigger. Every hellish horror you can imagine, the jew has already done, and is doing at this moment, to "gentiles" of all races. They worship demons, and do their best to act like them, because at their core, they are stupid and fearful, and seek solace in the extreme abandonment of logic and reason. You won't phase them by being "extreme" and "violent." You feed directly into their plans. I won't go out of my way to stop a retard like yourself, maybe you can get the ball rolling in a way they can't keep up with or contend with, but it's not my path or strategy in this conflict. There have always been differences in approach depending on the perspectives of those involved in the conflict. Rather than take what little I have and throw dust at an empire, I would rather take to the soil and foster something that can contend with global jewry. The only way to begin such an arduous process, is segregation. Then again, you're just a dumb glow in the dark nigger.

Do you look normal?

Ye bro, i'm a qt.
I'm actually certain most people on here are relatively normal looking.

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These guys are so larpy lol

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Special place in hell for fags like that

Well, maybe you should do something to break the trend.


An armed struggle is why the System began to listen to the physical cessation of bacteria in the body and spend 24 hours a day on deportation of these exploders.

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Breh, your bot OD'd on autism, reboot and try agen

wow nice magdump man. really on point shouldering of that ak as well.

Learn from the SLA.

They didn't recruit other edge lords from the internet, they were a bunch of retards who radicalized each other in college. The only outsider they recruited was a criminal who had just been released from prison (unsurprisingly a nigger).

They also had a reason to be part of the cult that was outside of politics. Many of the members were hot young women and because they were commies it was all about free love.

So the way to do this is to start a cult that contains several hot, but kind of stupid women, then recruit a few beta/gamma males desperate for sex. Have everyone live together and pump them full of propaganda designed at creating a mindset where they think the world is doomed unless they act immediately.

The bad news for you is that the kind of people most susceptible to this stuff are midwits who tend towards leftism. Basically they're all in antifa already.

Although that might be an alternative. Join antifa and convince them that jews are the real nazis.

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Anything the requires funding is going to be funded by Jews or the federal government.
Why do you need funding? Gasoline is cheap. Acetone is cheap. Black Pepper is cheap. Hydrogen Peroxide is cheap. Match heads are cheap. Twine is cheap. Battery acid is cheap. pipes are cheap. Pressure cookers are cheap. Nails are cheap. Ball bearings are cheap. At what point, do you need any funding, when everything you need for a revolution, is cheap as fuck or laying around your house?
Having others involved only increases your chances of working for the fed, or being setup to fail. Like when the CIA gave terrorist what looked like explosives, so they'd have a reason to arrest them on explosives charges. The reality is, anyone attempting to create some kind of "terrorist group", is going to be infiltrated by the feds, from day one. Anyone in the group, is going to be watched and arrested, if not initially, then in the long run, after you lure a bunch of fucktards in to the shit show you have created. Most KKK members are law enforcement members. Most militias in the USA are infiltrated by feds.

Yeah. I've came across several examples of trannies, furfags and other degenerates living together in basically Manson/Spahn ranch tier environments. as for SLA they simply did not have the internet in the 70s.

Made me kek. Here's a (you)

Anyone dumb enough to join Antifa, should be easily redpilled, once they have accepted you as one of their own. Useful idiots, are more useful, if reprogrammed to be used for your causes, while thinking they are their own.

I actually wasn't joking. I realized half way through my response that I was describing antifa. They already murder people and with some moderately competent leadership they could be turned as a weapon against just about anyone.

It'd be pretty easy to tell them to target the 1% (jews), big political donors (jews), bankers (jews) and those racists who are mean to the poor Palestinians. honestly just create an antifa offshoot called "freedom for palestine" or some dumb shit and anyone who joined would be ripe to start murdering kikes.

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These are the most important questions revolutionary White Nationalists should be asking themselves. I have thought about it for a long time, and here is the barest outline of some of my thoughts.
The first thing before you go about recruiting people is you need to prepare yourself for doing violence. If you're not willing to do it, it is doubtful you will be able to recruit other people into doing it. This is all, "theoretical" of course.
So you should start with small fry. Know a store run by a Kike? Rob it. Hate niggers? Go find a nigger drug dealer and kill him for his money and drugs. Hate spicks? Pick one up somewhere, lure them to a safe location, kill them and take their stuff. Hate boomers for forcing integration with niggers on us? Burglarize one of their homes, killing them inside. You get the idea.
Now, the real trick is finding a way to do stuff like this without having to have a real job. Once you do that, then you can start recruiting.
Now you need a front group. This can be whatever style of organization you want, but basically it is to find people who would be willing to do the same type of stuff you are. You might want to look into some kind of prison help group for white men, because white men typically get radicalized in prison. You could start some other types of political groups on college campuses, but my guess is that pickings would be slim there. You want angry white men with nothing to lose, and who wouldn't mind coming to help you kill a nigger/spick/Kike sometime, after you get them a bit liquored up and ready to kill. Then you hand them all the cash (maybe even a little more than they really had). The goal is to put the thought in their mind "Why am I working for the ZOG when I could be doing this instead?"
Once you get them to commit a violent crime with you, you basically have them. You should form some kind of initial ritual for them. This might seem lame for the first few recruits, but will be quite powerful later on at keeping people in your violent organization.
The small beginnings are the harder part, overlooked by the Turner Diaries. When you became larger, you should stick closer to that blue-print. Eventually you'll wanna drop the crime for printing counterfeit currency, and go for big targets like politicians, CEOs, etc. But you must start small. You shouldn't try to do stuff like that, not until you're large enough to start sending people to other cities for recruitment purposes.

Many leftist hate like antifa groups have rich kids as members.

unironically looks like the kid that makes war aesthetics videos

his videos are pretty good

I mean there are some parallels with national socialism and "leftism".
I get along with nazbols just fine, with them our differences are mostly economic.
The thing with the radical left is they're exactly as you said, midwits. They're smart enough to see the problem, but not intellegent enough to see the actual root.
I mean, i used to be a (authoritarian) commie too. The switch came when Iearned about the JQ and the facts of race.

Do a livestream of yourself strapping 50 sticks of dynamite to your body, walking in the building that hosts the 8 chan server and yelling Heil Hitler right before you ignite.

Is there any possibility of cooperation with leftists (NOT liberals) or did OWS completely shut that down? I would think there's enough common ground to unite against Jews (or what they call capitalists/banks/the 1%) but it seems that petty inconsequential bullshit like trannies and nigger rights keep everybody divided.

Any good tutorials on making a fertilizer bomb?
Preferably one that won't make me blow myself up?
Either that or better alternatives to a fertilizer bomb.

Zig Forums is a board of peace, user

I mean "leftists" is really really broad.
Though I don't subscribe to the left right spectrum meme, lets for the sake of argument assume national socialism is in the center.
If they are economically left, as in say workers seizing the means of production, or abolish private property - I disagree with you by all means. But if you wanna overthrow ZOG too then I'll stand shoulder to shoulder with you for the time being.

But advocating for say - importing millions of non-europeans to my country or pushing miscegenation? No way in hell.

Anyone got more tutorials for home grown domestic terrorosts?

How many jew/pedo politicians have atomwafen killed?

zero right?

conceptually atomwaffen is a great idea
it is the ultimate idea for a terrorist cell to seize and use nuclear weapons
there is every reason for a unit of white nationalist to commit this action within the usa
that is why the feds especially dislike this group of people
sure would be something if that mission were accomplished

But they like gay anal rape.

How to seize nukes?

it would take generational planning
with a million dollars radation bombs can be manufactured
noone has attempted it so far because everyone in the "terrorism" buisness is too short sighted
globally a few hundred thousand dead americans would be highly beneficial


That sounds awesome

Because op is a fag.

i live in the baltimore washington metro area
i pray everytime i hear a loud noise that i'll see a flash of light
at least i can die knowing shit is going down instead of hoping it goes down after every murderboner spree kill


shooting up a mosque or synagogue is okay for giggles but, we've gotta stop playing here
nuclear weapons were not developed for deterrence. we developed them for effect.
the longer the world goes without a greater conflict and higher birthing the greater that effect will need to be
socially we can only become so decrepit before we might as well just nuke all of our own lands instead of focusing on foreign enemies
i think we've already passed that fucking threshold by a mile

This is how I would do it:

Step 1)
Buy a box of delicious cereal.

Step 2)
Buy a bottle of milk

Step 3)
Find a clean receptacle

Step 4)
Find a clean utensil that is capable of holding liquid

Step 5)
Combine purchased food items into receptacle

Step 6)
Use utensil to transport food items from receptacle to your mouth

Step 7)
Chew and swallow food

Step 8)
Repeat steps 6 and 7 until receptacle is empty

Step 9)
Repeat steps 3 through 5 before repeating step 8

Step 10)
Repeat step 9 until food items are depleted

Step 11)
Repeat steps 1 and 2 before repeating step 10

Step 12)
Repeat step 11 until death.

Step 13)
Upon resurrection repeat step 12 until the heat death of the universe

Step 14)
Upon revival of new universe repeat step 13 indefinitely

What is the point of that finger gesture if not larping as Muslims?

No, I'm not a bot. I'm Sitachaki.
And Beware. For the Hinkers, I have a tendency to die.

You forgot subscribe to pewdiepie

You also need to start doing bizarre stuff so that people won't look at you or will condition themselves not to look at you, not totally weird but just odd enough that you become invisible in our society. Once you cultivate that and not one 'sees you' anymore, like a homeless person, then you can pretty much do whatever you like in broad daylight.

1. Cut off your dick.
2. Call yourself a tranny.
3. Go back to discord.

Coded message. This guy is CIA.

Nukes are passe…everyone knows that biologicals are where it is at now…and you probably shouldn't join a group that is not smart enough to know which way the wind blows or how to a engineer biological weapon. user's got to have their standards, right?

He should fuck off to his containment board then.

What's the message?

hint: northern us army weapons depots are virtually unguarded during the winter

there isn't any known manufactured bacterial agent without an antidote. radiation bombs are cruise control for cool. somehow mystically capturing a deliverable thermonuclear weapon would be highscore. you could pretty much extort the globalist world community in seceding territory for a euro-centrist hold out with a single city killer.

Pay attention to the keywords and the order they appear in. Correlates with his previous message, the rhythms are a clue too.

This is what needs to be done then

Weird fucking message if you ask me.


the long game is to make "zog" clamp down on whites until they're fed up
frankly i think 90% of white adults would rather be slaughtered to feed africans rather than fight against the insidious geno-suicide they're currently subjected too

You are so easy. Do you like Q-tards?
Different ammo and rubles is another way of thinking about it.

oh, now that you said "inb4" this seems totally organic and definitely not a federal operation.


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Yes I noticed, it's beyond disturbing how they've ground our senses of any kind of pride or just preservation really down to nothing. And yet whites were the only ones to ever come up with concepts like human rights.

I'd rather die fighting alone than accept this world order. Rather be forgotten than remembered for giving in. Now is the time to start putting hits on 5-0.

Read this story, it is about you (not a troll):

Why doesn't he just target jews in your story…why target elderly whites and not bugs, poos or niggers (ok I get the niggers part but why whites)?

Why not target other scum?
Why aren't they dead from fighting for the liberation of the White Nation? Because they made their peace with the ZOG, after forcing integration with the niggers on the White Nation.
If you're over 30 and living in that thing called "America," you're a sell out, and deserve whatever collateral damage happens to you in the course of the White Nation Liberation War. If they weren't sell outs, they'd either be dead or in prison.
These groups aren't gonna die for the ZOG, unlike niggers. When things get hot, you'll see them start packing up their shit and leaving.

I don't believe they will EVER leave user. I think they are here to occupy or die. You think they would leave because you have rose colored glasses on, did we 'pack up and leave' like the native Americans thought we would? Just saying you should target the FOREIGNERS before you target our own people.

A prison show on netflix had a white guy who knew how to make excellent fully automatic weapons (his father made them professionally) and he learned the skill from his ood man. He was in jail because the feds approached him to make them some (in the US you are allowed to make your own weapons but are not allowed to make them professionally without a license).

This, the plus here is antifa are funded and you can easily trojan horse them, just shittalk conservatives and 8ch but say jews are really holding you back and must be dealt with first before anythng can be done about society.

Make Phosgene, from memory you make chloroform but then let it react with oxygen, birds will drop out of trees so will insects etc.

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Foreigners are the first to flee, like rats on a sinking ship, in the middle of a civil war.
First and second generation Pakistanis and Indians? No. They'd go back home, because they can speak the language. Niggers got nowhere to go but the arms of the ZOG, unless they were smart enough to side with the revolutionary White Nationalists in return for some rump nigger Nation-State (don't bet on it). Even if the other foreigners didn't leave, the ZOG isn't going to recruit them as soldiers, like they will niggers.
Any foreigner in the ZOG is fair game. They immigrated to the ZOG knowing what it is, and hence, deserve their fate as much as the boomers.

Stealing a nuke is easy.
The hard part is arming it, and detnoating it?
And how do you go about doing that? Lol.

Satanism is a perfect tool for radicalising pussies who won't ordinarily do shit. How the fuck did people not realise this op

Hey OP you need to learn opsec first. You need to look for online cybersecurity and counterintelligence tactics. Convince me you're serious and I'll share what I know

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OP here, not sure if ID changed.
I'm taking baby steps my guy. The plan is to take what I know, and translate that into action.
Been thinking about joining the military to gain some hands on experience on the field, even though it means serving israel.