Was Fields guilty of INvoluntary manslaughter?

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Fields was the only victim in that case.

Fields should've got the chair

I don't see how that matters. He was not guilty of the Stalinist rammed-through charges, and he should have been able to argue that he was not responsible at all because of the situation. As it is, now antifa types will block roads more often.

He never hit that fucking landwhale. Quit spreading fake narratives.

Fields never killed anybody, and he was being chased and shot at by a mob. He was trying to escape. He did literally nothing wrong.

No. Fatass had a heart attack. Fields was assaulted. no crime was committed by him.

The fucking brake lights were lit, he was obviously panicking.

No. Fields is 100% innocent.

antifa moved the police barriers, waved him off with a gun, blocked the street with their cars, flooded the streets with their bodies, attacked his vehicle with bats and a frozen urine bottle.

police verified his phone activity before this was on a GPS app with his home address punched in, he was simply trying to go home.

fuck antifa
fuck White traitor faggot judge Richard Moore. I hope someone executes him.

Fields is a martyr

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Charlottesville leaders and their police are more responsible for what happened than that goofy fucker. Had they followed their own rules and honored the permitted demonstration it would not have occurred. (instead they ceded the streets to the permitless commie rabble and then herded the opposing sides together. This caused the calamity).

In retrospect it kinda worked out for the best:

All they had to do was show this video.

I heard his lawyer threw the case due to her agenda

Incorrect, although Heather Heyer is not blameless (her unhealthy lifestyle, her choice to march with a mob she had already witnessed was violent towards vehicles) she is certainly a victim of an accident which resulted from the two men attacking Fields' car. Those two club-wielding thugs need to be brought to justice for being the prime cause of Fields' murder.

Meanhwhile, Netflix put out a documentary adding fake high-speed car-revving noises to the footage to make it sound like he was driving faster, as ART exposed last month


Of course it matters. We know he's not guilty of the higher crimes, so we may as well move on to discuss if lesser ones are appropriate. We are reasonable and honest people, not someone trying to get him off scott free no matter what. If there was evidence he ran a red light earlier on, I would definitely consider issuing him some demerits and a $50 fine.

You need to catch up with the research as of July 2018 my friend, please watch the stabilized slowmo zoom of that video with the clown guy: youtube.com/watch?v=G6MpeoeHbuA&t=1m30s

Actually the braking was done BEFORE the panicking. He used them to slow down so people could get out of the way. He stopped braking after he had reached a slow speed and just sorta coasted (without accelerating) until the guys hit him, at which point he did accelerate (not brake) and hit Heyer. He couldn't have seen she was there though, since he was ducking to avoid what he thought was gunfire and his glasses fell on the ground.

That seems like the most probable explanation, although we don't have any video evidence of who exactly did it. The interesting thing is that Tay Washington describes seeing a police car parked next to the barriers…

There's too much focus on (((Dwayne Dixon))) even though we only have him confronting Fields on Market+5th minutes before Fields turns left on Market+4th due to the barricade.

I guess it's possible that he might've followed him west+south though. Could this possible be him walking north on 4th from Water>Main afterwards?

Fun fact: the Impeccable Pig used to be a Five Guys (Burgers and Fries) back in 2014.

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He didn't fucking hit Heyer. There are two videos from different angles that prove that his car was FEET away from her. Fuck off, you revisionist faggot.

1) Troubles me is that the Cow was in the street.
2) The Mob of people Herding the Cow into the street would be just as guilty.
3) Mob herded him forward as well.
4) He was not speeding?
5) Maybe Reckless Driving, maybe. see 3.
6) McDonalds just as guilty.
Hefty Heather's humongous heart attack hampers homicide hubbub

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Killing anti-white activists is not murder or manslaughter. It's like a bug splatting on your windshield

We are still under zog's thumb user

What happened was Heyer rolled off to the right side and was carried away from the vehicle. His car was indeed feet away from her AFTER she fell off the hood. That's what you are seeing in the first image at

Since you obviously didn't watch the YT, I've made an MP4 for you, lazy faggot. Or are you perhaps Mossad trying to tank legitimate lines of discussion with your "Heather was never hit" bullshit? I used to believe that too but you can't discount EpicClownVid

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this fat autist wasn't driving the car

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Also, james fields, the kid, wears glasses doesn't he? So he's not the kind of guy to drive without them

Is it just me or does he look a little like Jim's illicit love child? Obviously, White women aren't to his taste but maybe he 'lowered' his standards when he was younger. :^)

That's not her, nigger. She's standing up straight on the sidewalk when his car approaches her direction. Cause of death was a heart attack according to the coroner on scene, who reported no injuries. Fuck off.

A) Fuck off, and come at me any time cocksucker.
B) Being alarmed about your safety when you are literally surrounded by a bunch of feral niggers, cucks and batshits–all with the tacit approval of the nearby authorities–is in no way cowardly but simply good instincts at self preservation.

They fell off when he ducked after the guys smacked his car and he thought they were shooting at him. After he reversed until his arrest he was driving near-sighted. Cops found his glasses on the floor of the vehicle.

Vid or it didn't happen. I just showed you a vid of her rolling off the right side of the hood and you're still spouting this bullshit.

What was the name of this on-scene coroner? I have attached her autopsy from charlottesville.org/home/showdocument?id=63761 for your purousal.

It was the very first exhibit in court, and signed 30 October 2017 by Jennifer Bowers (Assistant Chief Medical Examiner) and Sanisha Bailey (Reviewing Medicolegal Death Investigation) also present was "A. Rowshan" (WTF) and detectives Carper and Hickey.

Why did it take them 2.5 fucking months to perform an autopsy? Hell if I know. Maybe some JFK-style tampering

Ducking when you think someone shot at you is good instincts, but it isn't good instincts to do so in a way that your fucking glasses fall off, four eyes. You should have had your glasses properly fitted and have a cord around the back so if they slip off your ears they will still stay around your neck you nerdy POS, come at me bro

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The hambeast should’ve stayed home in its chair , not attended a dangerous rally where it had the heart attack at
No impact with any vehicles a heart attack killed it dead. Not manslaughter or anything. Accidental death of an endangered land whale

Yes, we know. Having a heart attack doesn't mean she wasn't hit by the car. I'm not saying that the impact from the car is what killed her (the CPR seems a better candidate IMO) just that we know she was hit now thanks to CLOWN

It's BOTH. I just showed you footage at of her being hit. Are you some kind of D+C shill?

Wrong. Autopsy concluded transection of the aorta, which would be instant death. Fields is innocent - he feared for his life as the mob was already attacking them. The crowd obscured the parked/stalled vehicles. He just thought he would scoop them over his hood and beable to get out without people (himself most of all) getting badly hurt or killed. The mob were out for blood.

only the "White Balance" was used to adjust the image. Inside the car was too blue
the diagonal lines on the windshield is reflections of the buildings to the driver's left

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PSA fields needs to use glasses to drive

Clown world.

slightly different contrast bright shadow highlight setting

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there is no way that these two people are the same people

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Autopsy said she died at the hospital later, she did not die on the scene. I don't think it would be instant, you'd last a few seconds while your heart bled out internally, right? I'm thinking for her to last all the way to the hospital means she got the transected aortic via chest compressions from paramedics though, not from rolling off Fields' hood onto the ground.

The only thing he slaughters are buffets. Chunky fucker shoulda lost weight.

Some jurisdictions use the term "Vehicular Manslaughter".

I dunno if it's more accurate to call Fields' automobile mishap by that name, or to describe the result as a violation of the well respected International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling.

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He was, but they made it first degree murder based on a meme he posted on a discord.

What I dislike about that is the term does not designate whether it was voluntary or involuntary.

I also think it is sexist. Surely in the (((#MeToo))) era we should be calling this PersonSlaughter. Heather Heyer did not identify her gender as a man, though she would have 100% support from me in getting male pronouns applied should she have desired it.

I'm aware of a text he sent to his mom and something he put on instagram, nothing related to Discord.

Posting some image as a joke is not grounds to call any collision with protesters in the future as premeditated. You need more than that. You SHOULD need more anyway.


Is it possible that Trump could order a retrial (or just issue a pardon) in 2021?

Guilty of being a traitor by participating in a jew psyop more like.

He wasn't guilty of anything. The jew bitch put herself in harms way and you'd almost bet that she wanted to die, just to become another level of eternal victim. She has her own plaque at the SPLC apparently.

With the video showing the hambeast keeled over and died on its own without contact with the car I don't see how. What I still don't know and am curious about is whether the video was used in the defense. If not, WTF.

Could easily be that his (((lawyer))) neglected to present evidence that could get his client off (not in that way).

Also wondering if he's appealing the guilty verdict. If not, WTF again.

He seems mentally fragile. I don't expect him to take the route most would, due to poor counsel.