Defining Degenerate Women

Look up:

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cluster b = jewry
as in, cluster b disorders are the essence of what is disliked about jews
to be jewish is to be cluster b

The following is a list of maximum degeneracy that is to be tolerated in a female partner

If you come across a woman who claims to be redpilled but has had more than one sexual partner, she is only good for fucking not a relationship or starting a family.

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Why is femdom bad?

It goes against the natural order of male dominance and female submission. It also makes you a beta faggot.

Just a heads up that shit is not easy to actually pull off IRL in a stable manner

I know I am simply drawing a line between what is acceptable from your women and what is not. It is up to you to decide how to deal with it.

Looking at those charts it seems like women who have anything to do with men become depressed. The happiest women are the women who have nothing to do with men at all. Hmmm something to think about.

Never date a woman over 25
Never date a woman who says she has mental issues
Never date a woman who has had more than 2 sexual partners
Never date a woman who doesn't know how to cook
Never date a woman who doesn't like dogs

Looking at it from the female perspective femanons should never date a man at all if they want to be happy and not depressed. 0 partners looks like the best option for a stress free, happy fulfilled life.

Constantly peddling their queers friends out onto uninterested straight men. Even after they frog those men.

STFU you fucking kike shill. It’s partners before Marrige you retard. If you plan on not reproducing then just kill yourself so you stop wasting everyone time with your fucking subversive ideas.

Fuck it, i'll just go get myself a geisha.

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You're getting a few haters, but there's a possibility you might be right. You should look at happiness data for married women with children, at a certain age, then compare it to chaste women with sperm donor children (0 sexual partners), at the same age. I'm sure lots of anons would love to see if chaste women are indeed happier.

What the fuck are the shills smoking?

You faggots are the biggest group of cock blocking losers on the planet, so shut up crackhead.

Crack, they just tried frogging me with that shit again. It's always the niggers and their crack.

Acknowledging every possibility is the fulcrum of Western innovation. I suspect that he is wrong, but data could prove him right or wrong.

To imply otherwise is disingenuous.

Ok buddy

Who am i with? You are advocating for antinatalism aka white genocide.

Maybe, maybe not.

Yeah…I am aware that it is 'partners before marriage'…what I am saying is that as encounters with men INCREASE happiness and satisfaction DECREASE. There is nothing in the data that doesn't support my conclusions. It seems logically consistent looking at the data that exposure to men is what makes women unhappy, rather than any other mitigating factor.

Even if they were, wouldn’t make sense because of evolution, it wouldn’t matter since civilization and the 14 words is what matters.

I knew a woman who never had a relationship with a man and was very isolated.

She killed herself.

I'll die alone than racemix with a gook.

The happiest people I know are Amish and they don't avoid marriage.

I am actually incredibly curious about this. We already know that when women are widowed they don't remarry and they are classed by survey as the 'happiest people in the USA'. Now I will give you the fact that it is because they are surrounded by children and grandchildren but I can't help but wonder if it is actually exposure to men that makes women's quality of life decline so rapidly.

I suppose we could look at nuns as well…or people who have no sexual partners their whole life.

You are being so fucking retarded. Love is a thing and so is pair-bonding which occurs during your first time having sex. To suggest that the more committed a woman is to her man the happier she is means she would reach ultimate fulfillment by becoming a cat lady is so cosmically stupid that only a kike shill could say as such.

Yes they are much happier than average citizens for a large number of reasons. High trust society that can't be broken, relgious cohesion, cultural cohesion as well as being the most prosperous (financially successful demographic in the entire USA). They are the net wealthiest people because they have as little as possible to do with the jewish financial system.

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I think you are ignoring the larger picture and seeing what you want in the data instead. Why does it bother you if men make women miserable? It should be meaningless to you.

I think my sister has this one. Though, I've met women that largely had their heads on straight, but still whored around. Didn't matter how much of a "chad" or an alpha that one is, or how perfect the bones in their face were, or any such things. The Jews have totally destroyed and hollowed out the social order that even the best of women are affected by it. Nothing less than another Hiterite revolution will fix this mess, I'm afraid. That, or taking the Vargpill and (nearly) completely abandoning the technological civilization that we live in.

What will fix this is repealing the 19th amendment. This discussion of pairing up with non-degenerate women is merely a temporary solution. The answer to the 14 words is to repeal the 19th.

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I think it's important to control for the presence of biological children/grandchildren when comparing 1 lifetime partner women, 0 lifetime partner women, and 2+ lifetime partners women in happiness. But yeah, I'm interested too. It's funny to watch other anons in this thread assume pair bonding is the causation of happiness and not the lifetime partner count itself. It could be either, or neither.

This board in general. It doesn't take a hint, and the turds won't go away.

Thus calling me a piece of Jew currency is the worst. I leave the site for months and the fuckung trap bullshit, shills, and goons still harass me. I post regularly and I get nothing but faggots harassing me. I try to talk to a woman and she pulls the same hand off to the fags that lurk here.

This site is shit and apparenyly only exists to ruiin white peoples lives.

You forgot to add another category of women to avoid on your list: Women on the pill.

I was made homeless thanks to my past involvement with this site.

The faggot cops have been trying to screw me over for a fucking year to turn me into "King Nigger".

I keep getting called green, and I have no clue what that shit even means.

I think a lot of the anons in this thread are (((anons)))…not so interested in what women think in the first place.

Yes, disturbingly I watch late Gen X and Gen Z and they have 0 interest in any sort of either pair bonding or matrimony (especially the women). They are adamant about never taking a vow which is strange because the number of them that I know as well have never had sex either. I asked a group of them the other day and they said they would never get married because it makes you miserable.

Hmmmm {shrug}…looking back on my own life I can say that my quality of life was MUCH higher before I had exposure to men. When I was a young virgin I had a much higher quality of life…but of course, we would need more than personal experiences and anecdotal evidence to establish any real connection; we would need a wide research base to draw from.

Also, side note, eugenics would help with all of this as well. Women and men would never have to form any sort of pair bond to have a eugenic biological child or offspring.

You're not white, kike.

A mirror study with virgin guys using surrogates would be interesting too in finding out if more female partners makes men happier (or unhappier).

Warning you right now if your going for the traditional asian wife you have to stay in the 3rd world, moment you bring her back to the 1st world hypergamy kicks in and she joins the whores. This whole western women are bad meme started 40 years ago, end result all women are the same what matters is the society they live in.

evil wymen btfo-d again by baste the_donald incels

Maybe the mgtows were right all along then.

All i know is that every single day i grow more and more disappointed in white women. Just being honest here, maybe i haven't met the right one or whatever.

Yes, I would be curious about that as well. It would shine a very bright light on the cultural aspect of our pair bonding institutions if we could find out the emotional motivations behind them. I know that men who are married live longer, but I would be surprised if they were more satisfied with their life because they had married. In particular, I would be curious about the male virgin and their overall depression as it related to being married. I know marriage is much more stressful for a man but I am not sure if they thrive on this stress or whether it makes them profoundly unhappy (as I suspect).

Right…there is nothing wrong with Western Males…just the culture….it is the culture that makes women 'go bad'…even when they are from widely varied backgrounds and cultures. You sound like the jews when they complain about all other peoples in the world being 'antisemitic' rather than their behavior being the cause of the problems with peoples from vastly different nations and culture. If the only thing consistent in an equation is the variable (you) you might be the problem rather than the solution.

Again, it's vital to control for the presence and number of biological children in any of these studies.

Nice assumptions faggot

Western males are totally cucks thats why women run wild and no one stops them, literally spoiled children. Strong men matter but if the society has already gone to shit and the laws are in the woman's favor then no amout of "ALPHA" will fix things. Anyways I'm just giving warnings based on actual results. Because as history shows repeating the same thing time and time again expecting a different outcome is sheer madness.

And no solutions. If we need to fix laws to fix men to fix women to fix laws to fix men, where does important effort come in?

Not sure that 491839 is really interested in bettering the situation as much as he is interested in knee jerk reactions without critical thinking. The very thing he claims to want to avoid, doing the same thing over and over, is the very thing that he is advocating as the solution.

There is no magic solution for everyone, that isn't how life works. You either move to another place and start over or you prepare to endure the worst when it finally happens.

Inb4 I'm called a defeatist, literally no society has come back from death in the entire time humanity has existed. It is a fact that everything lives and dies which includes society. If you think your a main character who can over come all of history good for you but don't be surprised when your just another statistic. The reality of this world is harsh and nature has no mercy for the weak and stupid.

Problem is we can't beat the ignorance out of these cunts anymore…back in the old days a good flogging set these "mental disorders" straight… Honestly did your grandmother disrespect your grandfather how's about your great grandpa did he take any shit from your great grandmother… Well proof is in the pudding

>Why can't I get laid? Why aren't quality White women interested in me? I know, it must be that all women are degenerate whores and not just that I'm a disgusting aspie retard with no redeeming features!

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Fuck off to reddit.

When did eating pussy become a major socially acceptable thing?

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The rest are fairly obvious but holy shit these two are absolutely spot on. Never making that mistake again, my divorce can't come soon enough.

>kike D&C (((disorders))) that have no basis in reality are real
>the (((DSM))) is a very good manual and doesn't assert things without evidence

The #1 reason for nigger suicide is having a small cock.

Imagine being that jealous, of a micropenis that you put efforts into posting of this shithole of a website about it.

Bs are hot in the sack.

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You would literally die in less than a week with no electricity, refrigeration, roads etc. living in the jungle, or wherever you imagine you a total non-male influence fantasy land would be. A very stupid idea.

The #1 reason for complaining about White women is being a D&C kike paid for by the JIDF.

Imagine fixating so much on your problem of having a tiny dick that you ignore all the other points I made.

sounds like a whole lot of pyschobabble. defining pyschological conditions is erroneous because a pyschological being is required to observe the supposed behavior. you could see someone flailing their arms around and decide they're spastic but, what if they were swatting flies? the only truly fucked up people are those who would willingly allow themselves to be analyzed despite the hypocrisy of the situation

I wouldn't have expected a Person of the Nigger-Color like you to be literate, though.


That's because you're a feminist brainlet that viewing everything through vaginagoggles. The woman compelled to fuck around indiscriminately is already broken inside, and the more she does it, the more fractured she becomes over time. It would be no different for some lesbian whore blasting through a multitude of female partners. In pursuing hedonism and novelty over stability and discipline, indulging her dopamine response, she compounds both the damage to herself and her misery.

Holy shit, you brown gorilla nigger. How do you manage to live your life as black as you are? Statistical graphs are not the coloring books you use to entertain yourself when you're out of your own niggerbabies to throw against walls.

There is nothing in those graphs that shows what you are saying. The studied groups do not contain unmarried, zero partner women. You saying "1 partner women are more unhappy than 5 partner women, so 0 partner women would be even more happy!" is not shown anywhere in the study. You are not logical, but you are the coolest monkey in the jungle, you branch swinging ape.

Why would the human (that is say, nothing like the nigger brain you have) brain make it's consciousness feel satisfied for being a genetic dead-end? And at the same time, why wouldn't it's consciousness feel terrible after hormonally fucking itself over by having more than one partner? Do you know what having multiple partners meant back in the tribal days of humankind? (again, i emphasize human, unlike the female gorilla you are) It means that your former husband died, disappeared, you chose a shit-tier husband, or that you are a useless whore whose children will be viewed with disdain and some disgust.

Meant for: .



maybe you should

take the loli pill

The degeneracy of white women will continue to get worse as long as they are (((liberated))). What exactly have (((liberated))) women contributed over the past century that makes up for the fact that we have essentially given children voting rights, and thereby given kikes an easy, painless avenue to implement their agenda in every democracy on the planet?

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Thanks, this slut-brainwash really bluepilled me. Do you want a free gassing in return?

Sure is a lot of knee-jerk anger in here. I dearly hope no women feel personally attacked and traumatized by any of these mean internet words.

Your daughter will do.

Why would I gas my own daughter? Besides, the nose on yours is much better suited and sized for inhaling zyklon-fumes.

nu-Zig Forums and Zig Forums are on about the same egalitarian wavelength when it comes to women.

Since youre already here guys. Is discussion with women something that is possible?

I mean, is there any woman out there that can even deal with disagreement?

Also: Women are in an emotional or in a "sentiment state" most of the time aren't they. It's as if we would FEEL the most ludicrous of things. Literally just turn off the mind and feel lol

Thos seems very… incel-ish.

That Chick is Crazy, you know how I know, because

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You mean trying to redpill them or debate them? Women don't think the same as men do, which is why there are so many instances of literature, poetry, slang, sayings etc. about how men and women don't understand each other. Men think with logic and rationality first, emotion and feeling second. Women think with both at the same time. There is a very small number of women capable of debate, logical thought, open mindedness to be redpilled, most however, are not. They will have kneejerk reactions, get triggered fast and probably rat you out.

The best thing to win women to our line of thinking is to be confident, well spoken, well dressed and groomed, fit, motivated, healthy and successful in work. Not an easy list to reach in this climate of barren job fields and an economy in the toilet. Women will follow the strong and passionate men, because they have goals to strive for, a future to work towards. That speaks to their biology because they want a mate that can provide for them and keep them safe. In modern times, that essentially means a man that has a good job and the confidence to put his foot down on her bullshit.

Welcome to the filter, faggot.

We got fun and games…

Maybe its a test? Perhaps she wants you to throw those weirdos into the bog, like a true Aryan man would have done thousands of years ago.

Never date a woman that owns a horse unless she or her parents own a horse breeding business.

Anyone who has experience with women who are Level-1 Autistic (DSM-5 American Standard)? Advice would be greatly appreciated since that classification matches my girlfriend. I'm Level-1 Autistic too btw, but it affects men differently from women.
I figure it's best practice to marry a woman with the same disorders as me, so feel correct me if I'm wrong in that assumption too.

Wut. Do you have an example i don't understand.

The level of unbridled butthurt at the thought that males are making women unhappy and depressed. lol You guys are living in a fantasy if you think that you are some 'prize' that women just can't resist. If I had it to do over again, I would not have gotten married or become involved with a man. I am glad that eugenics is going to make these marital arrangements obsolete. You will do your work for pay, but you won't 'do it for pussy' and that will be the best thing that has ever happened on this planet because everyone will be better off if they go their own way.

That’s your fault. You chose to marry that man.

It's very cool that you could come up with these society-level changes ```just``` by projecting your own ```feelings``` felt after marrying men of your sub-sepcies outward, LaShuquesha. You should go implement these ideas in your African home nation of Nigger-Wakanadypt, and in Nigger-American communities. Jewish and turkike communities too, if you get the chance. That would really be the best thing to happen on the globe. I'll even help. Many others here would be glad to assist you in this effort, too.

Just leave Europeans out of it all, okay? The native ones, not your blood-brothers and sisters migrating in.

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Actually I don't dislike men, at all, men are my favorite sex and I get nothing but shit from women over this. I just don't think marriage is a viable institution, for women anyway, it is dysgenic because you are not selecting the highest quality partner to advance your species. It would be sort of like choosing a nigger animal to mate with when you could have had a chad inseminate you and bring a better, higher quality offspring into the world. Eugenics will rectify this so that we can all chose the highest quality offspring we can purchase.

I am simply saying that if I had it to do over again and since I don't I can still share my feelings with people, young women and men, who haven't made the decision yet, but if I had to do it all over again I would have chosen a different path and then picked in vitro if I wanted to have children.

You are very emotional. Almost like you are a tranny or a faggot.

How do you intend for these store-brought Chadlings to be raised? If solely by the person who bought them, I'm sure you've seen the statistics on single parents.

I am speaking in terms you can understand. So yeah, emotional ones. As all of your responses have been pure emotional shit, I hit the mark.

Um no. I am not emotional about this at all. This is pure calculation on my part about the good of the species/race rather than your personal self interest in keeping a slave/wife who you can breed more betas, like yourself, on. Rather the eugenic good of the European race should be the only consideration.

As far as single mothers raising children, I am undecided on this…yes their kids are fucking pain in the asses and unmanagble. But better that than ZOG cucks 'made in the image of their father' who are 'good shitizens' and 'successful' in the ZOG empire because their fathers trained them to be slaves. You train your children to be cucks for ZOG…that is why there is no wildness left in Europeans anymore…I have no fondness for the things you have done to our nation and the depths you have led us to in terms of your willingness to be slaves.

If I could, I would breed with Tarrant and then raise the children wild and educated by natural cruelty…that way they would never be good little slaves of ZOG.

Tarrant wouldn't breed you. A wise man never sticks it in crazy.

'Crazy' is a kike label for people who don't conform to their ZOG standards (all 'psychiatry' is the kikes forcing their own standard of behavior on people that don't agree to be ruled over by them, so congratulations ZOGBOT you get one slave shekel in your bank account for giving your ZOG masters a blow job). I didn't say I wanted to FUCK HIM user, I only want his sperm. In a sense this is not any different than the thousands of women that Genghis Khan slept with…they all got superior sperm stock and the race was improved with warrior DNA.

And he would refuse you. Because you are genuinely batshit crazy.

That is a nice strawman you have there beta cuck TORFaggot. Rather than debate the ideas you attack the person, because that is all you have…absolutely PATHETIC…the state of nu/males/ in the ZOG empire is just disgusting.

No wonder humanity is declining through dysgenics…you and people like you are actively trying to destroy our race by encouraging breeding with a slave class of incompetents.

Nigger. The entirety of your problems are caused by how three thousand years of jew-monitored warfare, reaching a climax in world war 2, has been enforced to eradicate any non-cowards out of the European genepool. As JC Brenton has demonstrated, Australians got off easy on the plan's peak moments. Find a eugenic method that selects for warrior chadbarians and against beta cucklings, and the issue is solved. A nice temporarily-enacted strategy to restore things to as they were before the Kali Yuga.

To prod at and test your ideas directly now: So much of reproduction is geared around how the individuals reproduce. If you're going to use that plan, make certain that you keep the selection-part of the brain intact in your gene labs. Otherwise, with enough time passing, everyone's sole satisfaction will be in wageslaving endlessly to buy more six-packs of Übermensch. Not a good future. And what will the men be doing? They'd be biologically incapable of raising the children, No way to give antibodies, no way to breastfeed so they'd turn out retarded thanks to the fake milk. so why would they choose for this system at all? Even if it has a method to reward the chosen 'best' by spreading their genes about, why would any of the others go along with it? Why would any men even choose to be the scientists who develop it all, if they just end up genetically cucked by their own machines?

Also, I don't mean that single parent's children are unmanageable assholes. I mean that they grow to be gibbering retards quickly after the infant stage, and that is what causes the ass pain. Who gives a shit if they're hard to control anyway? If it was only that, it would be a benefit.

dd/lg? The fuck is that?

Take the dog pill

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It means that "Daddy" meme from a while back.

Only one way to find out. She will have to make the conjugal visit.