Which one of you goys did this?


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More of these need to happen. It's a tiny gesture but it's fucking something.


I hope next time somebody mentions jew involvement in the slave trade; would be political action and generate massive butthurt ;^) .

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At the very fucking least, post the fucking pic of the fucking graffiti, you dumb fucking animal. Standards have fucking dropped around here.

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The kikes are a little shaken boys. I love this.

Subtle yet powerful i think

This is either a gay op to further crack down on whites by holding this up as another example of “white supremacy” and “the growing tide of antisemitism” or an unhinged wignat taking TRS memes (13 do 50) into the real world and fucking everything up for us.

they don't need excuses to crack down on whites, or false flags, it's already institutionalized

How about you tell people how they sterilizing niggas in the here and now?


Absolute mad lad, 10/10.

Oh shut the fuck up you disgusting cowardly effeminate cuck. You fucksters will screech about false flags at literally every single occasion. You have basically neutered yourself by your own fear and cowardice to complete inactivity. Do nothing goy! Kikes couldn't be more happy about your sorry ass state, they didn't do anything yet achieved that at least one cretin will do nothing because everything is false flag against muh optics.

Literally physically revolting.

There was one that said USS LIBERTY

To make matters worse, they are now offering counseling in case these words offended people. Imo it just shows how powerful words are. for all we know it could have been one of these old timers in vid related

Not how it works, user. They use fake martyrs and hate crimes to justify more anti-white legislation.

Who hurt you, sweetie?

There are plenty of kikes who are familiar with (((alt-right))) and Zig Forums memes. You can see a mosque get vandalized tomorrow with the honk meme but it can easily be a false flag because how often do you see whites actually do shit like this? It’s almost always kikes. Wasn’t there that Israeli who was known for causing the most amount of “hate crimes” or whatever the charge against him was?

It was this guy

Here is the original thread

Filtered. Should have done it right away, sissy cuck won't produce anything of value anyway.

Fight Jewish Supremacy

Help this hero user, and produce keks aswell:

Look at that smug self-satisfactory face after "despicable coward" bit, as if he is some kind of batman. MOST ABSURD IS THAT HE PREFACED IT WITH "oh he did some research to make those slogans" ←- eluding to truthfulness of his slogans

You virtue signalling cunts will have your balls cut off and then force fed back to your ugly cunt faces.
Then your heads will be chopped off and in those last couple of seconds of conscious severed head you will be throat fucked in the reverse so I can watch you while you slip into death you FUCKER.

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I get it.

and of fucking course they will disable comments.
Can't get those ebil raycists to get control of the narrative.
USS liberty? Only an antisemite would tell people to research it.

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He did say that didn’t he? What a fucking retard. These Kikes and good goys have no sense in maintaining their agenda whatsoever. It will be easy to overthrow them when the time comes. We just need to gain the numbers.

As long as you care what kikes and their puppets will say about you, you gonna be their true slaves. When SA marched and vandalized kike shops, made graffiti all over the cities and bashed them apologetically just about everywhere, do you think there were some cucks like you who screeched about muh optics? Sure they were and no one cared. As long as you gonna care what kikes and their puppets will say about you, you gonna be afraid of those never-ending "false flags". The second you stop caring, even if it was a true false flag, it will only help your cause, not to mention any kike above double-digit IQ won't waste any time with it anyway. At this moment you will also really start pushing the overton window, because if you have solid amount of people doing those "hate crimes" all over, the value of that "hate crime" inherently lowers. What was shocking year ago is not that much shocking now, after every wall has same words, right. You will also stop dissuading other mad lads whose instincts tell them (rightly so!) to do something similar, thus effectively killing your own side.

Stop being a tool, stop caring what kikes will think and start painting.

They can't disable comments IRL. Watch out semites, Wheatpaste Nationalism is coming for you

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What thing involving wheatpaste did i miss. Did a thread get shaohed before i could see it?

kek now a few hundred more do thanks to this little slimeball

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(((They))) are not happy
OP is a faggot for not providing link to facebook as well


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What is this like saying???
Whatever. Filtered.



Kikes on damage control

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Why do they sound like their mourning? Low IQ kikes are ridiculous.

Once again it proves, the truth is "Hate Speech"

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No, it proves that cringe stormfags keep supporting Jew victimhood.

If it was so 'cryptic' then why all the hoopla? Just send the maintenance guys over to paint over the graffiti. Makes you wonder.

it cant be both lel

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Think deeply about what you just said. If graffiti posting about USS liberty helps Jews by supporting “Jewish victimhood”, then what is your end goal? How do you actually plan to address the the Jewish problem we have?
If literally anything we do, even something so innocuous as ducking graffiti only makes them stronger, then what chance do we have?
Are you in fact implying that liberal whites will, instead of opening their eyes, become instead more subservient to the Jews because of such actions? If that’s the case, then why is the white race even worth saving?

I’m just trying to get into the minds of the “don’t do anything goy” posters here. Seriously if you are such critiques of simple things such as this, then what is your grand solution for winning over the minds of totally cucked white people and expelling the invaders from our soil?

They have no plan because they are kikes or inadvertent quasi-kikes trying to derail any progress.

Did you know that "goy" isn't really offensive and basically means "gentile"? The offensive/racist slur would be "shegetz", plural "shkotzim", which derives from the root for "a detested thing".


It wants us to do nothing. The kike wants you demoralized. It is terrified of every little thing we do.


Opinion immediately lowered

That was a thing of beauty!
Keep up the great work 'goy'!
13%=50% LMAO…like niggers don't already know exactly who their own people are and what they do.

Not advocating anything illegal here, and this really is nigger level vandalism but…

"cRytiC gRaffftii"

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By that reasoning 'kike' is just a way of saying jew as well…or 'faggot'…or 'pedo'…or 'incestuous homosexual'…those are all just descriptive for jew as well.


do, do we clap?

Goyim means cattle in Hebrew and is used as a word for gentile slaves.
I’ll keep goy because the word in itself shows Jewish supremacy.

Only if it was permanent

Please leave your IP address on your way out

t. nick fuentes

It's how you paste up posters that will not come down. That is all.

this made my day. the jokes write themselves!

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What an ugly bastard. What a dream it’d be to throw these pathetic demons in an oven.

What's the 13% = 50? referring to?

Matthew 13:50?

And shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

So fight back. That's how it stops. Real violence in real life directed at state authority and non-Whites. We don't need cowards. If you're out, then be out.

13% of the niggers/people in the USA is commit 50% of the crime. If we could just get rid of the subhuman infestation we could reduce all crime in the USA by 90+%

13% of the population commits 50% of the crime.

Sounds about right. I thought it was a low key bible ref for tossing the kikes into the oven

Nope but I FIND IT HILARIOUS that this works out this way…it just keeps getting better.

I hate kikes so much.

Do you have any concrete proof of that? From everything I've seen, it doesn't directly refer to cattle, but they all clearly see us as cattle anyway.

Fucking dumbshit optics cuck. The more we put the Jew in the spotlight the better. The more and longer (((they))) are the spotlight the more people will question (((things))) and wake up.

If we all did things like this the Jew would be so terrified, so terrified to the point they’d try and start rounding people up and putting them in camps. People would instantly become redpilled on (((them))) when they start making stupid moves in response and the purging would begin

Yeah…like they were so red pilled by the Inquisition and the Bolshevik revolution? People are not LEARNING SHIT or really capable of shit…they are going down for the slaughter because that is who they are and who they want to be. You are different and the kikes HATE your for it. Protect what you love, fuck the rest of the people, they are never going to wake up because they never have in the past. When you are in charge of armies you have to make tough decisions. In this case your decision is to let the people who want to die, die. Use them as a buffer to keep you and your family alive if you can.

By posting these, as well as one defining what the numbers mean, and the "most people don't know what this means", means a lot more people will be looking it up.
The graffiti method works even better with attention.


Leave now


Actually, that would be you.

I got banned for posting some biochemistry information. But I am not done talking for the evening so I am TORposting.


Wha’chya doin’ Rabbi?

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Lets see what happened that year in history:

Checked. Nice trips


>“Whoever it was that did this, I would say to them, you may have done some research to come up with those elusive slogans. But you are a despicable coward,” Woolf said.
Whoopsies, Mr. Woolf! You may have said a little too much, there.

Pretty obvious who was behind this one. (((They))) included the star because the majority of cucknadians wouldn't know what the hell it meant.

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nah, its gotta be one of ours.


sure.. you hate niggers.. I hate niggers.

but the important thing here is that Israel hates niggers, and we need to tell the niggers and nigger lovers that.


Jut sent them this:

>Thanks for making yourself available in such a difficult time.
difficult to process. Why would my people attack a US Navy ship on
purpose? Is this a joke? Did they edit Wikipedia, too? How am I supposed
to explain this to my non-jewish friends at school? Or to my family
while we celebrate the murder of Egyptian children during Passover? How
do I tell them that I am chosen by God and they are not supreme like me?'''

>Thanks in advance,

God I hope one of you does this…


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This is brilliant. The fact they have their panties in a bundle and it is a fucking "news" article is great. Educate your white friends into what is going on. A rising tide floats all.

Hi timeline user.
Far from home, desu.

Ugh. Thunderbird copy/paste newlines every tabbed string. Fuck my gay life.

So what's your plan of action schlomo?

That poor merchant needs to stop trying to win his harridan mother's non-existent affection.

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Must be the first legitimate "hate crime" of 2019

Kike can't even make a post trying to defend themselves without adding secretive scheming at the end of it.

Trash OP kill yourself nigger kike.

[email protected]
Don't any of you blackhat spammers add that to your lists.

They like that it is a well done symbol since none of them can make a proper windmill of friendship

Nice work.

Pure salt.

Street art is far from nigger level. I'm surprised there isn't more pic related showing up to drive home the message.

user, do you understand why they're called kikes? Arriving at Ellis Island, they wouldn't sign the requisite entry forms by making the usual "X" mark since it resembles a Christian cross. They insisted to mark with an "O". In Yiddish, 'kikel' means circle, and that's the true etymology.

Those digits should inspire you to research deeper.

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how is this antisemitic?

Bullshit. They do it anyway. They don't need any excuses. Stop playing their game. This what they want. Do nothing, because everything is false flag psyop.

"Jews enslaved Africans and blamed it on White sharecroppers and subsistence farmers in the 1800's South."
"Jews hate seeing Whites and Blacks who want to self-segregate."
"Strong healthy Gentiles terrify Jews to their core!"
"Jews sabotaged and killed Blacks who wanted to create a Black Ethnostate in Liberia!"
These statements are kind of verbose for graffiti I suppose. What say you Zig Forums? Throwing the D&C bullshit back at the Jew?