Foreign Military

I'm thinking of joining a foreign military for a bit of "training", which should I join frens?

1. Russian Military

2. French Foreign Legion

3. Luxembourg Army

4. Irish Defence Forces

5. Danish Armed Forces

6. Belgian Armed Forces

7. Canadian Forces

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What languages do you even speak

Kill self.

We should all join the army of some random irrelevant country no one cares about and make it our base for RWDS

Currently I speak English and I'm learning German, but I think I might learn Russian, French or some other language in order to join a foreign military.

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Russian Armed Forces won't let in foreigners.
So you have to go with the Légion étrangère.

But you will have to learn french and being a bitch will get you kicked out quick.

You are a part of the Legion, every Legionary is your Brother. No matter if active on duty or living as a civilian.

Yes foreigners can join


French Foreign Legion for sure. They're the best, and the ones which will allow you to move around the globe pretty often. Also, they have the most hard trainings (jungle, desert, ice, sea etc). The best would be to join the 2ème REP (you have to be on the bests during your selection training at Légion étrangère), which is the best special force in the world. About the languages, you'll have to learn french, of course, they'll teach you tho. Many of the officers etc, speak English, and you'll find many people from all the countries in the world, speaking numerous languages.

First of all, The Moscow Time is a US financed News Agency publishing in Russia. Therefor it is a NGO and receives no funding of the Russian State.

Second, no you can't. Unless you are born in one of the nations of the CIS, you just won't be able to join.

Why not join your domestic military?

Join the US military. Unless you cant cut it. Basic is a joke. This guy will be your boss. Then go to ranger school when you need a challenge.

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The U.S army is a kike slave army

U.S Fights Nazi Germany in WW2

U.S Also fights arab countries


If I had to go to war I wouldn't want to fight for kikes

I think about this every day

You better make them get DNA tests then…If you won't have standards, you will end up fighting for a kike at some point and THEY WILL STAB YOU IN THE BACK.

Russia is the only one on your list that I would even consider. In all the other militaries you'll either be doing sod-all at home or - as a part of NATO - sent off to some sand country to die for the ZOG. Obviously the U.S. would be the worst in this regard, so assuming you're American it makes sense that you'd want to join someplace else.


Russian forum:
FFL forum:
article which may connect the two:

I doubt op could cut it. If he can, he'll never know enough or be accepted by the other foreigners, in any foreign legion. If you're Anglo AND American, there's always the sheriff's dept. You'd be a colossal dumbfuck to go anywhere else first, and like you said you want training. Then you could do private security or mercenary work on a ship or in SA. This is a Zig Forums topic.

For the love of all that is holy, read this book before choosing the FFL.

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Learn to shoot a AK accurately 100 yards.
Full of Muslims, get a turn in the barrel.
Germany has FKK clubs, thus this is my vote, just for when on leave. Note; Former USMC here.
lol, did not even fight in WW2, pussies
I think they have a Tank, maybe, got their asses handed to them in WW2 by 12 year old Hitler youFFs

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French Foreign Legion, not even close. Never join the US or UK military. All you are is Jewish cannon fodder and most of the commanders are literal traitors. In the Legion you will go all over the world, Legionaries are fucking bad ass. No Tranny gaping it's hole in the barracks like the aforementioned. You will make friends that spans the world, go anywhere if they know you were in the Legion there is respect.

FFL full of muslims ? KEK. You're saying bullshit.

Yeah, they are. If op is American and he wants training, there's only one route for him. Especially if he looks white and isn't fluent in anything but English. I'm sure he's a badass psycho motherfucker polyglot, but you faggots advising him to leave his country and fight in the FFL are feeding him a shit sandwhich.

user looks at the 'French' citizens

Shut up and talk about thinks you know. FFL is not full of muslims, they are, few, I'd say less than 20%. FFL is full of eastern europeans. They don't expect you to speak any word of French when you ask to join, you'll learn it with teachers. FFL is the best way to train, in any kind of situation : urban fight, fight in the jungle, in the cold, in mountains etc. When you join FFL, they don't care that you're a muslim, that you're a nigger or whetever, they'll give you the best training if you're able to endure it.

Kek, calling a Légionnaire a subhuman, you really are an ignorant piece of shit who'd not be able pass the first test to become one.

They're mostly muslim asians, albanians, and africans. You might get buddied with an anglo - if you're anglo - but Americans are the most hated people on the planet. Go be a deputy, op. Get your training and go be a badass on a container ship, or work to be a good sheriff some day and do good for the White Man in your H O M E country.

Did you google that dipshit?

I'm french myself and have contact with many Légionnaires.

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BS. They're mostly Romanians, Ukrainians, Polish, Germans or Russians. You can just check a training session on YouTube for exemple and see than you'll find maybe 3 or 4 niggers.
PS: Albanian's are more than 50% christian you faggot.

Subhuman FILTH and niggers, user. It isn't what 'organization you belong to that makes you subhuman' it is their DNA. You will never be White user…

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The propaganda videos are mostly white? That's a surprise. If you really wanted what was best for op you wouldn't be shilling this life for him. You don't though. You saw some jewtube propaganda and googled a statistic.

I'm French-Romanian with German ancestry, blue eyes and blond hair. You're a piece of shit who tries to talk about something you know nothing about and use a random pic you've specifically searched for where you could finally find a nigger and a sandnigger in the légion. Pathetic. I have more respect for niggers who did the legion than for whites pathetic pieces of shit like you who are using fallacious argument.

No propaganda. Actually, the Légion have too many people coming to apply. Anyway, I don't see the point when you gus are talking about the amount of niggers or sandniggers/muslims in the legion. OP wants the best, that's the best, even if all you said were true (it's not tho) that doesn't change anything.

op wants what isn't best for him, and he has no idea

What would be the best then ?

It is literally the third pict in a search…I didn't actually 'search' for something specific at all user. It is FUCKING DISGUSTING that you would partner with subhuman filth in a military situation. Are you a kike? No one is 'into multiculti' around here except for the disgusting part nigger kikes.

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The nigger is not a part of the FFL, that's why I said you're using a fallacious argument. No need to say more, you're just a stupid faggot, you must be american, wouldn't be surprising tbh.

do you want to be a mass shooter user?

I can literally SEE THE NIGGERS in your FFL…literally…I am not the delusional one here. Your nation is wrecked, you are a multiculti kike and who knows, but it seems like you are simply trying to get some fresh american ass or something…did the nigger ass get stale, that you have to come here recruiting for the subhuman parade?

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(I need training for a violent revolution like what happened in france/russia/the u.s.a a while ago)

If you'd know anything about the Légion, you'd have seen that he's not wearing a Légionnaire Uniform. Here, the FFL is in an african country where they have duty or training stages. I don't need to talk more with you, you seem to be retarded, you're a shame for the white community.

click on my id and scroll up

Anyone can do the search themselves user; this is not 'super secret'. I am probably not super keen on being shot in the back by your multicult nigger pets.

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What are you talking about ? That's a total nonsense, of course the FFL is multicultural you ignorant faggot, it's called the French FOREIGN Legion. The fact that there are niggers or w/e else won't change anything and nobody of your camarades will shoot you in the back. When you're in the Légion, you have to consider the nigger as equal to you, no, more, as a brother. That doesn't mean that the nigger is not inferior, of course they're genetically inferior, but that's not the point here, we don't care about that in this situation, it's purely senseless to care about that when the only thing you want is training, especially when you have the same military grade as the nigger.

shit I meant waffles

Alright, my bad, doesnt change much tho. It's nearly 50/50 tbh.
Anyway, muslim or not, Albanians generally don't care much about religion, it's mostly a cultural thing.

Love the advice from obvious internet Navy Seals. USA miliatry=Niggers-Tranny-Dyke-Jewish Goyfodder. UK=USA but now with even more nigger. Out of the 7 OP listed FFL is the best, followed by the Russian but I doubt he can get in, then LeafForce Fag

So gross…I can't believe you just typed that.
You have to be a kike to push this type of multicultural bullshit this hard.

Yeah, seriously user that's fucking repulsive.

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Only because of Kosovo without it, it would mostly be Muslim

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It's only in the military context, which is normal tbh, stop being a retarded. Being around people you consider as brothers is a good thing, especially for trust etc. And africains can be good people. They're genetically inferior but there are still some africans with an high IQ etc. Of course, they must remain in Africa.


Kosovo belongs to Serbia faggot.

exactly bring Kosovo back to Serbia, Albania becomes overwhelming Islamic

kys, its one less zogbot we'll have to kill later

It matters a lot, as most europoors already hate burgers, and the ones who would join the FFL most of all. Then you add the asians, the niggers, and the muslims. No, it would be extremely stupid for op to join. He has no prior combat training, and he will have to know French. He'll need to take orders, communicate, and respond in French. He's better off doing exactly what I said, and if he wants to make a difference in the civil war, he'll be positioned to as a sheriff.


"Hi foreign government, I would love to join your military! I in no way am a spy."

don't do this

Then do what?

Get fucked, smartass.

Regarding the FFL, having some military background is essential or your average Omar or Ivan can get into it easily? My country says i'm too old for military service, but it has always been a dream of mine. 27 here.

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Well if the point of joining for OP is to get some "training" then going off to shoot sandniggers for ZOG is not a bad option in the US military. Otherwise he will have to join Russia, which will have him going off to shoot Ukrainians for Communists in Donbass or sandniggers in the middle east for ZOG. Hate to break it to you guys, but there isn't a armed conflict right now on this planet that isn't manipulated by some kike puppet master.

I'd recommend U.S. military because it looks good on a resume. You can serve your minimum 4 year commitment then become a private contractor. You'll make much more money and can pick the deployments you want. It's not a great life but at least you know you are only fighting for money. Not some fake patriotism spewed by General Shekelberg.

Lastly… IDF might seriously be a good option if you want to "train" and learn how the enemy works. They take gentile mercenaries.

I don't think you are grasping the idea of enemy combatant.

Yes of course. Because the French are so based full on 1488 yup. The legion… best weapon the French government has. That's a totally non-pozzed government free of ZOG influence.

Most of the french speaking territories in Africa are Muslim dominated. These areas used to be legion strongholds decades ago. The legion deploys often in these areas. It's not surprising a bunch of Muslims in these shitholes see the Legion and take it as an opportunity to leave. Since they already speak French it's a easy decision.

Also Macron stuffs the ranks because Muslim foreigners won't care about mowing down a crowd of Catholic French.

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Why do you have to take orders from someone and go on missions in niggerland for no gain, no reason, no effect, no change, with no autonomy? You are willing to die for some foreign cause that has had no effect on your own life, yet you're not willing to do anything about the problem in your own back yard?

Are you willing to abandon your family and kin while you do so because mega corp needs you to secure some bumfuck poppy fields or some other stupid shit while your home nation is being ravaged by the militaries that were imported into it…sounds pretty good actually…sign me up.

I literally just need training nigger

FFL has a lot of non whites, if your into that sorta thing. Just save yourself some time and money and just take a small arms tactics class, all they teach you in the military is "listen to my orders, your my bitch", so unless you enjoy getting screamed at from a dead sleep at the ass crack of morning and being scrutinized constantly, then find something else.
There is nothing they can teach you that you can't learn yourself that would be valuable to you.

Are you in the USA?

Great scott that it! Go to Ukraine nigger, you can even get a qt waifu who will love you unconditionally.

My question would be in dense tactical urban fighting environment is 'being someone's bitch' really the best option? Innovation wins wars. Most people are just shit for brains grunts, true, but I think the fighting environments of tomorrow are going to require more than grunt bitch tactics.

Yeah, she will be a Weimar-tier nigger fucked hand me down but she will 'love' you.

This shit is a joke. Join your own fucking military, keep your mouth shut, and don't be retarded. Also, learn to kill things really really well.

no, it's the only option, if you want military training, then you have to get a military ass fucking via being their bitch, you will always be someones bitch, taking a small arms class limits the time your someones bitch, and thats only because your paying them to teach you.
Here's the fill on it friendo, you will only learn when you study and practice, go visit Zig Forums or /pdfs/ for some materials to study, and then practice to the greatest extent you can, the only difference between that and actual combat is the killing people part. keep in mind tactics have 2 purposes, make it easier for you to make others dead, and to minimize the risk of you getting dead in the process. also you can practice with a fucking stick for a gun, you just gotta go through the motions and imagine that your sights are on target and pull the trigger, mentally of course.

Not quite,somewhat as in they will be in a not so good economic situation but that is all the more reason for them to stay with you. from what I can tell there aren't many niggers, if any, in Ukraine, and since men are scarce she will likely be of the highest quality anywhere in the world for a chance at escaping her dreadful life of borderline poverty.




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You're the faggot, you fucking nigger loving kike

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He should use online resources right now to learn some French.

If he does get through the 4 or 5 years of FFL he'll have not only a French passport (and thus all the EU) but also a new identity. Verrry useful.

And they're the best really. Not quite SAS or SEALS but as far as soldiering goes they're the best.

just play fortnite smh

Ukraine is literally Weimar tier now (since the 'Nazi' NEOCohens took over). The sex trafficking is all underage girls and boys, HIV and IV drug use as well as starvation among homeless young adults is out of control in the cities. The main 'customers' in Ukraine are rapefricans looking for young white pussy and shitskins looking for the same. Since there are no 'borders' after the legal government was overthrown, millions of slave and people are trafficked for sex, organ harvesting and other 'niceties'. They have the largest STDs growth in Europe from all the rapefricans and subhuman niggers putting their diseased dicks in the underaged whores. They are also a big exporter of sex slaves to israel…so your honey might be someone who has had 10 unprotected jew cocks in her per day.

Exactly this. Download or buy field service manuals and learn, go to a gun range and learn to shoot. If you don't have funs or people to go with their are firearms training courses to take where you can rent them.

Tell that to your CO and see how that goes for you. You say you want training but you seem to think you know what 'wins wars'. Command structure and discipline are essential to any military unit, always will be.
That is like saying I want to learn to backflip on a dirtbike but don't know how to ride one.

99% certain that rambo is a burger.

Then all the more reason to go cut fence with the local "nahdzees" and clean the place up, then comes the ethno state part where you take over europe, ezpz.

Ukraine's soldiers are very badly treated. All the billions the NEOCONS are getting the US to pump in there is being stolen openly. Nothing gets down to the common soldiers. Food, ammo, armored vehicles, decent uniforms, camping gear, forget about it. It's the most humiliating servitude you could ask for. If you manage to get out of there no honor or marketable experience will be accrued to you.

Sounds like the US MUHREEN CORPS. Do more with less, faggot.

meant for

I feel like this is about the greatest achievements of blacks. They have no driving force in life outside of the act of reproduction so their entire culture is surrounded upon it in the most basic sense.

By having all of their women line up and shake their ass to encourge men to come and fuck them.

Aren't we looking at an age of chaos and guerrilla warfare in the near future? I mean at some point the old volley fire was the thing that 'won wars' and people would have sworn by that as well…IDK I know nothing I am just asking question that seem logical to me.

I remember seeing some pictures of their faces online. They are completely demoralized. I think they tried a couple of coups as well that were violently put down in some pretty terrible ways…hours and hours of torture for the perps and their extended family members, from what I remember. I think I saw some gore posting of 'what was leftover' when they were done…but that was a couple of years ago as well.