13% 50% Campaign

We all know that US blacks commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime to whites. Normies know this is true, yet they try to repress these thoughts in their own minds. If we push this meme even further into the public eye, the Jews at the ADL and SPLC will try to counter signal it end up looking even more ridiculous by trying to explain it away. This reaction would cause conflict on the surface as well as stir the minds of the masses.

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Everyone, even the goodest of goys knows this shit. It's purplepill tier. We should be focusing on the regeneration of our own race biologically, politically and spiritually.

Good one. Wheatpaste your local synagogue. Get on the news for free.

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It's a useful troll because, in order to criticize it, one must fill in the blanks, so to speak. The news media and ADL would need to explain that the poster's author is referring to American blacks, in order to then levy a criticism of it as hate speech.

Everyone knows this.. they won't say it out loud,, but they all avoid black majority area.

and thus force them to acknowledge the stat.

I did this as a troll years ago.. I asked what do you do with the 13% of the population that does over 50% of the crime.. they called me a "racist" and I replied "I didn't say anything about race,, you brought it up."

it's an oldie but goodie.

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That is the point. Everyone knows this, but they either conceal it or try to ignore and repress it. This meme would require the establishment to reaffirm the meme by having to state that, "Yes, blacks commit more crime disproportionately to whites." Who cares what the reason is.

ok, but going after jews and their over-representation is better

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this is good. im the one who came up with that months ago though. the iotbw crowd whined about it

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OY VEY Like my latest cringe White Nationalist activism

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So if you think instead of merit skin colour should limit how many people should be in different groups that means you want more black billionaries, supreme court judges, etc?

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fliers are pretty cheap, user,, you can make plenty of them.

Perhaps. It's all about timing and ensuring that "all the planets are aligned," so to speak. You have to ensure that the public has had the proper appetizer before serving them a massive redpill which would likely end up being tossed aside in a knee-jerk response. I think we need to establish a suitable environment for such an act to even be able to materialize.

Newfag raus

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No. OP is a fag. You want to change the world?

2% of the population
90% of the media
70% of supreme court justices (whatever the real value is)
Etc etc

Jews are still considered white in the normie mind.

We've already got a suitable environment. Normalfags are reading The Great Replacement. Time to attack on all fronts, in minecraft, with wheatpaste.

Not yet, we can't even talk to boomers about Israel and the Jews without them having a heart attack.

Your kvetching has told on you. This is now an anti-semite wheatpaste thread.

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I agree, so the next step would be to create a distinction, then association with their travesties. You can fight niggers all day, but there are millions in Africa they can ship over as refugees and burn you out. You have to shine the light on the problem. Jewish leadership and policies.

Check 'em

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Might as well pump the numbers then force them to look it up. "FALSE, Jews are only 35% of billionaires!"

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Non-ant version

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Fucking newnigger kike

It's best to use true figures for the lefties who hate being a leftist but think it's objectively correct. They pride themselves on intelligence and reject the right wing because it gets painted as the stupid people politics.
If we can pull those types they'll have a mental breakdown and become politically reborn.

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It was to point out that the digits are on my side. Not yours.

Trannies? Who the fuck cares about trannies?

Focus on Israel being a bunch of murderer who get 4 billion dollars a year of our tax dollars.

You goyim are fucking fast.

original thread, no archive because I get error when going to archive


That's closer to 13% than 22.2…% is to 13% so nogs already have their 1 seat.
jews on the other hand should have 0 seats.

You made this happen OP

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Thanks. Forgot pics but yeah, some user is fast.

Why are niggers never charged with a hate crime…

pretty good stuff despite not liking graffiti campaigns

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Fuck you nigger.

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>(((he))) picks the least niggeroud niggers possible to push his niggenda

Wow edgy

Lol you’re so fucking lame bro

Natural series of posts plebbit, try harder.

Give a shotgun a blowjob.


Nobody has ever gotten away with graffiti

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Monkeys are gross and violent.
Most of them deserve to hang.

I thought the 50% figure was strictly for murders

13% of the population
85% of the STD/STV

blacks are ONLY a problem because jews

Anti-sage bump.

Do the math.

They would be a problem in once white countries even if jews weren't a thing.

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Asians commit crime by existing in WHITE land

Actually its 6% since its mostly men.

great info user. do you have a sauce collection?


It's not 50% of violent crimes. It's 50% of murders. You should use a thinner font too so it looks similar to the original IOTBW.

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It's 40%, if not more

Be off by 1%.

no one is getting reborn when you are against CP

Shitposting IRL. Based.

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They like to pretend that it is due to "socioeconomic" reasons, so I'd advise you to focus on that; prove it isn't so. Show how the crime rates of extremely poor whites do not correspond to those of blacks. Focus on that entry-point and you may gain success.

Nope, he insinuates that there must be a reason for overrepresentation, just as with blacks there are reasons for underrepresentation their on average much lower IQ, to name one

I see no reference to skin colour, I see a reference to RACE. Your deconstructionist nonsense won't work here, newfag.

Boomers are irrelevant, they are not fighting age and will have very little influence in the coming times.

It would be funny for someone to graffiti this quote next to the Riddler. Shame I suck at spray painting.

This might work better on another chan, little Chaim.

Unorganic, you're a foreign element.

No honest to god 8/pol/ack believes in any democratic candidate, and never did.


Stop letting these obvious shills derail what was a productive thread.

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I would be interested to learn how this clear tendency toward violence has changed since the 1960s. I strongly believe the problem has always existed, but has been made worse by the welfare state and the demolition of the black nuclear family.

It's more, that one spic who obama appointed turned out to be a sephardic jew


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PS dont worry about interior rating in a year all the shit will be raggedy.

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blacks aren't the problem, hispanics are the problem
black population is steady, hispanic population is exploding
stop diverting resources to fighting the WRONG ENEMY
its all about the birthrates
its all about the birthrates
its all about the birthrates
its all about the birthrates
its all about the birthrates

All nonwhites are the problem.

In a decade or two you won't be talking to them about anything.

The point would be to make normalfags racially conscious in general, not turn them against this or that race. Once they see there are differences between races, they'll understand that race is significant, leading them to oppose their own race's replacement.

so you're going to have fifteen or twenty kids to offset immigration,,, even if you've found two or three white women willing to bear those children, how the fuck are you going to support them? You'll end up in poverty with a bunch of ignorant hell spawn.

Civilized people have fewer children but invest more in them. quality verse quantity.

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My well off irish-italian side of the family has proven to me that having many kids will not put you in poverty

If your worried about parenting quality or favoritism, space them out. There is no set number of kids you should have, but at least try to a have as many as you can manage. Don't be a faggot that two kids and then bitches about white replacement because your no more help than a kike.

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Not to be a debbie downer, but the left has already inoculated the normalfags against this disclosure.
And before you say that you can debunk those things, the npc mind shuts off as soon as it's given its programmed rebuttal.

Solipsism's for Jews

The fewer words, the better. If you can minimize it to just the numbers and keep the meaning, that's the ideal. I'm sure a widespread IOTBW-type campaign would work with just numbers alone as the media would pick up the slack and explain how offensive it is or whatever else.
I'm not sure if IOTBW is the right format for this, though. If there was another format, using something subtle like simple color or symbolism to explain the basic idea, that would be better.
I considered something, like replacing the slash in the 50% percentage sign with a knife or something but it seems fucking gay. Something more subtle would be good, and I'm not sure about how to portray niggers within 13%. Just keeping the font black would not be obvious enough, I don't think.

I don't have the IOTBW font on hand, or at least can't find it.

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It's realism.
I'm not saying that no one can be converted.
In fact it was the crime stats that woke me up back in the 90s.
Up until that point I was vocally "anti-racist".

The good thing about murder is that one of the biggest defenses against black crime rates disappears with the nature of the crime. Most times, they call it police prejudice, stop and frisk, and whatever else. Basically claiming that more blacks commit crimes because blacks are pulled over and stopped more by the cops. But with murder, you don't have that excuse. Murder's investigated when murder happens. This isn't drug offenses or something like that where many people do it without getting caught. Most murderers are found, the few unsolved cases could never skew the statistics in any significant way.
And how does poverty affect murder, really? Theft, sure, but you can be a thief without being a murderer.
As for racists making them angry, why are most niggers out there killing other niggers? That's what most of that murder is targeted at - each other, the only good thing niggers ever do.

bump, because i like screeching kikes

Normies are so removed from reality and so filled with nonsense from their goytube I guarantee 90% of people will not know what this is in reference to, unlike IOTBW which was clear and easily digestible to these people. They need a little more nudging in the right direction, needs to add a word or two.

51.1%! Don't Dow play it!