East African Federation

Continents are becoming the new nation.

Thankfully, the EU looks like it's not going to be a threat to the American continent. And after Qaddafi, I don't think Northern Africa will try something like that for a while.

HOWEVER, other countries are trying to unify, which MIGHT pose a threat to our sovereignty at the top. I'm thinking of retiring in Honduras in a decade, and I don't want to see our continent go down from number 1.

China and Russia are doing their thing, but we have an advantage for now. Anyways, how should we deal with the EAF? Should be try to build a nexus with them?

Also, how should we fuse the American together?
Here is the plan I created many years ago:

1) Get a certain South American country to form a Free Trade and Immigration zone with it's South American neighbors, which will include Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, as well as trying to get Chile and/or Argentina.

2) Once this alliance forms, use that country to house certain peoples from their neighbors in Development Zones within that country. I was planning to establish said communities on the opposite side of the country when their borders exist. This way, while most people can move around, certain communities from other countries will be locked in the central country.

3) Use immigration and legislature to move in on the Panamanian border. My plan would entail to move +1,000,000 of the most poor/homeless people in the countries to the northern part of Panama, forcing Panama to enter the Union.

4) Also, I would try to have a strong relationship with Russia to ease the acquisition of Venezuela, I would do this via immigration. Immediately after Venezuela becomes ours, we would use our Russian diplomatic connections to help us move people in exchange for securing their interests. Any internal migration at this point will try to use parts of the Argentine plains are resettlement zones.

5) Because Venezuela is more of a Caribbean nation than a South American one, we would push for the immigration of its people into the different countries of the union. Furthermore, we would repeat the same thing with those 3 small countries at the north-east of South America. We would use some of the Venezuelans that want to stay and send them to those 3 countries. Furthermore, we would send the populations of those 3 countries to push into Paraguay and Uruguay.

6) Start using the populations we don't want to start acquiring the Central American countries, mostly using the same method. At this point, we will call on Russia and even China if possible to help us migrate some people in Europe and South Africa. This is important because I'm planning to disperse the South African farmers in the empty farming areas of Central America. Furthermore, we will "try" to get Reparations from Europe because of Colonization or some other excuse. This is important because I want to get people from there to live and settle down here. The high movement of people will be used to killed make feminists/communists and get the feminist women captured and raped… then forced to form a family. Any abortionist group that targets their marriage will be dealt like terrorists.

7) Once we get to Mexico, we will "try" the same trick, while pressuring Mexico and Canada to enter into a Confederation (which will make the US diplomatically trapped between the two). Once US is on that point, they will have no option than to enter into a formal pact between us (South American Union) or them (Mexico-Canada Confederation).

8) Once the pact is formed, we will push for immigration policies that "restrict" immigration between our countries BUT in actually it creates a pipeline to send any and all immigrants to the opposite side of their entry. This will diffuse any "taking over" sentiment on part of the immigrants while our governments grow stronger due to the immigration (economic and police expansion, to name some of the benefits).

9) Allow the people of our nations to drive the country together. The governments' jobs should be to form a continual and unified culture based on our history and rejecting the (((modern))) way things are done. We need to create our own history, cherish our own heroes, and have the same vision of the future. We might need another 9/11 to unify the country in tragedy, perhaps a terrorist group nukes some of the most degenerate cities in the continent.

reminder that the whole reason why central america is so fucked up beyond repair is because murika's foreign policy prevented them from forming the USCA

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Sounds good, how do we start going about this?

Not necessarily a bad thing. Its much easier to erase browns if they're not one complete country.

Now if they were still European colonies instead of mulattoes and mutts it would be a different story.

I agree, but now this is beneficial to us because it means we can absorb them easier. If Central Americans want to do something of themselves, they need to wait until they are inside the Republic-Empire.

In fact, if a USCA is formed in our modern era, it might serve as a roadblock IF we don't make their government a puppet government.

To start, someone from the countries in step 1 would need to become /ourpresident/. After this, their administration would need to push for that Free Trade and Immigration pact. The important thing though would de to enure that the intelligence community there is very powerful. An example of which is Peru as it has strong connections to CIA but it lacks personnel competence, although it makes up for it with it's operations (number and scope). Once the abilities of the intelligence community is assessed, they can start making their move. NOTE: The reason all this works is because immigration is an excuse to gain power in the region.

Just as I thought. You see how this one step might be a bit of an issue to accomplish, yes?

Maybe I'm just slow on the uptake, but I am having a hard time following what you're trying to achieve even with the step by step listing.

I have a suggestion for when we you get to Central America:
Lobby in the US to make "anti"-hate legislature that will target WNs. Then work with the US to allowed people marked as "potential terrorists" to be able to go to Central America with their weapons and property.

This one move will ensure that you have men of fighting age (with American weapons) and no loyalty to Central America, in that region. You should allowed these WN to have land while the Central American governments are changed to favor South America. Furthermore, if you manage to import South African farmers, make sure you spread them all out evenly and also allowed them to keep their weapons. This is ensure any revolt in the region is stalled by the farmers.

Second suggestion:
Once all of South America is one (Central America might also be needed), Brazil should also be targeted. They have a lot of land as well, so rowdy people in the Empire can be put their plains (which surrounds their new capital, Brazilia).

Another thing you might need to watch out for is that Brazil has a lot of people, so it will be tricky how you divide and distribute their populations. I recommend forcing some of the Europeans to settle on one of the cities along the coast, then taking the people and sent them close to the border with Mexico. And then move the most poor of the Central Americans and place them in the middle of Brazil on developing areas.

How would you get Brazil to play ball? Also, why wait towards the end for Brazil?

spic globalism is not Zig Forums, retard

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Most of Brazil's economic activities are on the coasts, therefore there will be a lack of focus in that area even with the government wanting otherwise. With this in mind, we just need to turn on the immigration to the rocky plains of Brazil while their government tries to deal with it. Once we get into diplomatic talks, we would simply have to offer to help them move some of the people in the coasts (mostly the worst off) into the middle of Brazil along with the new immigrants.

I think putting some of the europeans in the northern coast would be better, but most of them would be integrated on the middle part of the country.

In case of war, Brazil is surrounded. I am aware of the amazon forest, but it will be difficult for Brazil to deal with both a front on both sides. Also, a quasi-guerrilla incursion from the Amazon forest would eventually weaken their focus, as any action against that will be met with naval attack on their ports from the north and south.

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It's very thought out turning practically uninhabited parts in Brazil into multi-ethnic hubs. Before any activity against the government can take place, you will simply pressure them to infighting.

This part of the plan would be boosted if you give incentives to marriages where the parents are from different countries and the child is biologically from both parents. That would kill off a lot of problems in that area. Another thing to ensure those people are not pushed into revolting, is to make maglev trains from these hubs to the Atlantic. These way, these areas would develop quicker.




You'll be surprised how many anons are trying to get power to make this world a better place.

The last generation gave us 9/11, what are we going to give the next generation?

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I want to give them a nation that is expansive and free. There is a lot of struggle along the way, but that's an Aryan trait: To go through the pain, so that our children don't want to.

We need to unify our nations, so that the next generation doesn't have to go through it. AND IT'S GOING TO BE THROUGH OUR TERMS, NOT SOME KIKE'S.

The banana wars?

I like the idea of keeping Brazil for last in southern America, in many ways they are the Russia of the region. They have a pretty good military and a lot of land. The only way to bypass all of this is to overwhelm them with a lot of manpower. They don't have Russia-tier winters, but they are also part of BRICS. India has a lot of people and a decent airforce, while South Africa has nukes. This means that working with South Africa, Russia, and China is key if you want to be able to absorb them. You need to assure them that their business deals will be fine after the fusion.

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This is another Jewish superstate project. Don't fall for it

While the world is moving, ignoring reality is the worst thing you can do. Either the world will continue moving out of control or you will man up and ensure the inevitable happens under your terms.

No more brother's wars!

I don't if OP's plan comes to pass, central America would be too hard to absorb.

Another question I have is what flag, symbols, etc will be a must to ensure that the citizens have background redpills in their culture?

For example I was just looking at flags of the first countries of step 1, and here is what I found for Peru:
"Red represents the blood that was spilled for the fight. White represents Purity and Peace." _wikipedia

War and blood shed surrounds peace

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