Massive e-coli outbreak

massive e-coli outbreak

randomly half of the country apparently had e-coli all at once overnight.

"officials" are blaming store purchased foods, but on the scale of this outbreak, even the same brands of foods have different sources. Highly odd that this hit so widespread all at once, usually if this happens, it happens over several weeks.. as people dont all eat the same brand with e-coli, at the same time, right when they get home.. and incubate it all at the same rate and show symptoms at the same rate.

in other news, fucking oodles of chemical factories have been exploding for no fucking reason everywhere.

and of course, nothing to see here at all.

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even the outbreak zones are spaced so perfectly

Are the red icons the sources of the outbreak and then you just shade a very general area and call it half the country?

in other news

the fuck are you talking about? yes the red are outbreaks.. yes it spans approximately half the country.

in other news

You're saying it is half the country, but the red icons only cover certain major metros. There is nothing listed for New England or Pennsylvania. It's not clear if that icon is NYC or North Jersey – is it both or one? It's in Columbus, but not Cleveland or Cincy. Nothing in the Carolinas or Florida or Indiana.

in other news

in other news

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This is a test run for biochemical weapons.

Ususally firms like (((Gilead))) are involved.
Gilead also runs the "Lugar Center" in Georgia (Caucasus), where they did/do experiments on humans.

in other news

I'm just trying to clarify if you're deliberately exaggerating to connect dots that aren't there, that's all.


in other news

in other news

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in other news

in other news

in other news

Look, I don't want you to stop talking about it it's just there's a difference if it is breaking out in some major metros and if it is rapidly spreading outwardly from these major metros.

i could paste 10 other chemical leaks/factory explosions, and 20 other random outbreaks in the past week, but i think you get the fucking idea.

difference noted.


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Daily reminder to only eat food that you know is safe
Growing your own vegetables & fruit is fun, cheap, and most importantly, very safe
When buying meats, try sticking to meat you can go and meet before it gets sodoku'd

And most important of all ==COOK YOUR FUCKING FOOD RIGHT==
It'll taste better, and get rid of the microscopic jews

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i eat my food raw like any other fucking carnivore.

cooking fucks up the nutrients and releases toxins and your body is spending more time reacting to the dump of shit in your system rather than digesting.

to each their own. but you still must only eat non-zogged food.

you get e-coli and shit mainly from zogged mass processed vegetables

and from zogged animals who spend their lives in cages sniffing each other shit and waste 24/7

They are hitting international airports

sure is /x/ in here

funny how many "vehicle accidents" have happened around airports past few weeks as well

torpedo, check out this link it may help

it's only 72 e-coli cases with the majority being in kentucky
call me when thousands of bleeding ass cadavers are laying in the city streets and i'll give a fuck

will do sir. will do.

into the trash

Decent thread but missing source and archive. Really should not have to explain why that is, but possibility of it memory holed or changed is a big reason.
It has always been that way here so don't be surprised when people call it out.
Not sure what source you used but here is one

>3 seconds on (((google)))
I'm at a loss for words on this one.

that isn't to late. a global pandemic would be great for those who believe our social problems are unreversable

ahh, now we move from half the country to 72 people. thanks for the source, genuine user.
fucking /x/-tier larpers.

population density is much higher in the midwest and east.

This year's flooding is a probable driver.
E Coli runs downhill, and Kentucky is river bottom country. More at NOAA, but most are predictive. No idea about chemical plants exploding. I'm more worried about terrorist levee sabotage tbh..
Pic related is this year up to March 21

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stupid dumb must be spoonfed source scum

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yeah, hopefully spring flooding will continue. did you know we don't have a strategic grain reserve? i wanna see some famine. that will wake people the fuck up


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fuck jewified shithole has 600M barrells of oil in strategic reserve and not a single ton of grain. thats how fucked up this 'great satan' is. 100k dead ameribitches is all we need and civil war 2.0 is on

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Man, best bet these days is to grow your own lettuce and hunt your own meat. Only way to be sure

all it would take for famine is trucks to stop delivering food to walmart, food would be gone everywhere in a few days flat.

(id imagine outbreaks in "contaminated" food might be a good reason)


too many memes

dude shut the fuck up. the fruit we eat are meant for bugs. we eat oceanic bottom feeders that are meant for fish

Please stockpile your own. We need as much as possible when SHTF


well thankfully the productive farming is still white controlled. as soon as niggers or spics get into farm management is the end of that plot and thus why we've shipped them our surplus and nullified our strategic grain reserve in the 90s. supposedly we'll go around with a tin cup if famine ever hits but, then i bank on the world's cold refusal and enjoyment at seeing the american empire collapse.

i obviously was referring to humans as a whole. not autistic outliers

This is why we filter your waste of a textual post.

hahahah meat eating fags BTFO again. enjoy your contaminated meat. you literal shit eaters.

can confirm chemical plants are blowing up all over australia

So it's better to eat meat raw? I mean, I guess steak always does taste better less thoroughly cooked, but I thought raw meat was dangerous.

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whoops, shutitdown.wad

it is dangerous and extremely unhealthy. please eat raw meat, all anime posters should eat raw meat.

I like European food. Radical traditionalism is nice and all, but im not going back to the stone age. There is history to be found in your nations cuisine. The French invented bouillon because the food was scarce in times of revolution and war. Its why you have croissants too, lots of air. Hollandaise sauce is another example of cuisine making its rounds along European countries, born out of a nations product. You should read about Escoffier and tone down the larp about toxins and nutrients.

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The intention was mainly related to the stupid Apu. Nonetheless, I'm totally gonna down some raw bacon tomorrow because you said so.

humans eat bacteria and keep them prisoner in their gut

the bacteria eat and poop out sdstuff we eat!

thats effort posting. did you use a special tool to align a scythe to that shape
could also be the constellation of orion, any significance?

Last couple e coli cases I recall involved lettuce and vegetables. Probably the beaners shitting in the fields, so vegan fags better watch for Pedro's shit stains

that's not how it works brah

Yeah fuckwit. Floods soften our defenses, so if you see any olive-skins shoveling divots into the earthworks, they could be trying to flood the food basket - so be sure to wave your polymer knockoff 9 at 'em before heading back to the single-wide.

You sound fat.

yes, it is factually more nutritious to eat meat raw, but it is also way harder to do it right. dont eat shit from the store raw, hunt it, or buy it from butchers you know where it came from.

if you cant be sure about the quality of the meat you get, eating pasture raised chickens eggs raw is pretty damn safe.

also, raw milk is literally illegal. let that sink in. they dont want you to eat real food, they want you malnourished,


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i was actually thinking it looked like orion as well user, good catch.

man fuck this board, second thread in 2 days i make that is anchored and the catalog is full of reguritated garbage.

ill take my damn OC (non regurgitated garbage) elsewhere i suppose.

I actually enjoy anchored threads…sometimes the best conversations take place in them because there aren't any mods to moderate them.

THQH not surprised it was anchored, walls of greentext with no souces or archives. There are standards here for a reason. If you had sources it probably would have not been anchored. Lesson learned…I hope.

This is true…I have been delighted recently to see that the MODS are starting to take their job seriously and have some standards for OP's

oh fucking please, have you seen the catalog

torpedo IQ

I posted a thread bringing attention to current events impacting half the US, and part of canada,

and further brought attention to a series of questionable explosions at chemical factories across the globe, most of the people here are not aware of

yet, there are 5 "post your best nigger meme" threads.

i have no problem with nigger memes, i have a problem with low IQ pruning.

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Don't get mad user…

wow, you really think that actually does anything but further add to my point? you acting like a child?

Just saying that there could still be a productive conversation here if you let it. Not trying to make you mad.

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Not a jew…you are obviously not on Zig Forums as much as I am, also…why assume that I was talking specifically about your thread? I am here participating am I not? We get some FUCKED UP SHIT on Zig Forums nowadays that I have to 'global report' to get removed…not today (it is not too bad, but Friday was atrocious)…You could do a better job of formatting and we still need sources in the OP so that we can verify but I found the content interesting. Besides, isn't it up to YOU, if you want to post in a forum to find out the standards that they require for an OP? Quit being such a sperge.

I'm being reasonable here and here you are sperging out. I will agree the catalog is fucked atm, still nowhere near as bad as cuckchan. But as I said sources and archives make a big difference when current events are discussed. Learn from that mistake or fuck off, don't be a bitch to the ones that gave you a chance.

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