Blacks on twitter are trying to appropriate country music from whites...

blacks on twitter are trying to appropriate country music from whites. after lil nas X released this song with billy ray cyrus, many blacks have seen an opportunity. country music&src=typd

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Maybe they’ll start trying to repress their nigger tempers against whites if they start to like white American music.
I hate country anyway. Classical is where it’s at.

country is trash all it is is boomer patriotardism to the zogbots and israel

Country has been shite since the 1950s

Correct. Niggers will fit right in.

Thank Nelly for this shit, but at least that nigger realized it was fucking his career and stopped.


I live in a majority black area. All of the black people I know that listen to country music are generally pretty okay guys. They all have a strong "no nigger nonsense" attitude. Music is linked very close to culture. I could see this being a very good move for black culture. This is not "appropriation." The majority of blacks in the country live in/came from the South. This is the culture that a lot of them have been living for generations.

Shut the fuck up.

Lord. Kikes already did this to jazz, blues, and bluegrass.

correct, for confirmation see

Its called the yeehaw agenda. seriously look it up

it's we wuz kangs for music.

I genuinely like listening to Rebel Son and Johnny Rebel, Marty Robbins is pretty class though. It would be a shame if niggers started mixing their jungle booga beats with country.

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Simple OP, pay for a petition drive drive on CMT, demanding reparations from the niggers.

You just found out just now? lurk 2 years

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Just the latest front of the Jewish attack.>>13092711
This is just the latest in the ongoing assault on white people.

All music unless its from indie labels is corporate jewish trash. Let it burn.

true, surrounded by decency, people emulate decency
it works in the reverse, when whites are surrounded by degenerate blacks, and rap, they emulate the degeneracy around themselves.

Country music is cucked as hell from 1990 onward. Nigs can have it.

Agreed, this was the way nations were able to intake immigrants and trash, because those trash would become enveloped by decent whites that would cause the immigrants to integrate and show decency over time, to the point that their children would be fully integrated.

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Where's Stephen Paddock when you need him?

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Good for them.


Is that little Timmy in TN? haha. Who the fuck do you think your kidding? You don't ANY of the subhumans your dumb ass is surrounded by. No nigger family invited you over for dinner. All of your interactions are brief and formal and based on a pretext other than personal reasons.

Next thing you know niggers invented country music

Who cares? Country music is horrible.

It's ok, Eminem being the top selling rapper of all time makes up for it. Imagine a white man taking your shitty genre and dominating it with his superior verbal skills.

Eminem is an insufferable shitlib boomer who hasn't made good music in over a decade…

Also his beard is weird

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I heard a top 40 country song yesterday, that was clearly making fun of whites. It was droning on about being in debt, not being able to find a job, wanting to go back to (((college))), et cetera. Obvious as fuck as to who could be behind it.

Johnny Cash/the Highway Boys were about the only tolerable country IMO.

Country music is trash.

This is shilling.



Hank Williams dude.

Highwaymen, they weren't boys you dick.


Country is for wiggers tbh. Every song I hear is either about getting drunk, driving a tractor, or knocking up some whore, or all three at the same time while all talking about how jesus doesn't give a shit and will love them anyways. Absolutely degenerate.


Except for most classical.

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German classical

Country is shit full of lying Yankees pretending to be Southern/rural. Bluegrass is the real stuff where I'm from

t. Dixieland mountain monkey

You're either nigs, liberal kikes or urbanite hipster faggots if you don't like Waylon and David Allan Coe

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As a fellow Dixieland mountain money it pains me to see how bluegrass is being appropriated by faggoty hipsters but I agree. Come to Galax Fiddler's Convention in VA this summer and we might run into each other

The Confederacy was created by the Rothschilds and America was a Zionist Freemason state from the beginning. Who cares anymore.

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I might make it sometime. I go to the Georgia String Band Festival myself. That's when there isn't a local show, though.

Government =/= People, dumbfuck.

this is true, but I know some of the younger players, and they're good folk.

Good. That's a positive step for them. That rap shit is toxic psychic sludge

That shit started with John Prine in the aftermath of the Vietnam war. I always hated it for being whiney self pitying sludge.

A lot is shit, and then some of it is pretty good…

I like this a lot too.

It definitely sort of died by the 70's

But if you dig assiduously it's worth it.

David Lynch should have been a C&W singer instead of movie director

Even though it was really really unhip in 1967, Graham Parsons was crazy for C&W and he insisted that the Byrds cut a C&W album.

As for negroes doing C&W, well there's this cover by Taj Mahal…

Of course Dave Dudley is the man for Six Days on the Road…it's his song


nigs always nog faggot, I've lived around them long enough to know this

even the least noggest of nigs need to go

Let us come together and sing with them.

Niggers are constantly trying to latch on to white people and our culture. Ever noticed how many niggers have now started to wear mossy oak and realtree camo, as if those niggers hunt or do anything outside their concrete shitholes? Same idea here. Niggers (and by extension white lefty cucks) are trying to find something to make themselves unique now that rap and hiphop have run out of steam creativity wise.

Wouldn't surprise me at all if fucking synthwave became popular and nonwhites jumped to it.

Country music is nigger tier anyways, nothing of value is lost

Culture is downstream of race. A dog in a stable, or even born in one, will remain a dog and cannot become a horse.

Bluegrass is better, country died with William's Jr. Despite outlaw country having some ok songs in the 70's-80's it was exceedingly bad. Same with the glitter and glam of the 50's and 60's. Bluegrass or nothing now. Real country. Can't stand listening to the popy shit.

I hate rednecks who wear camo and hunting gear everyday, even when they aren't hunting. Like wiggers. Can't just dress decent can they?

And Sr and Merle and Billy Joe

Blacks on twitter are trying to appropriate country music from whites???

Like Charlie Pride????

Country Music was never about color!
Lets don't be like the leftist, Makes ya look silly :D :D :D



So are the damn Muslims, too!

commercial country has been kikes for decades
why does every country song have to be about getting cucked and losing your truck

we waz cowboiz n sheeit


Leftypol approves of this useless (((thread))).

KDE is worse

Are you guys seriously not aware that eminem is a jew?

I concur. Black who have real male role models in their lives and and who dont follow the niggerdom set forth in rap music wind up being normal.Throw in christianity and suddenly their crime rate drops to below that of white like it has historically been. I know one who enjoys classic rock and roll and he run a major industrial manufacturing facility….the rest of his family follow black culture and they have accomplished not shit.


"Country music" hasn't been country for years, its been shitty pop rap already. Nashville is dying and all this controversy is fake psyop to open a new target market to blacks.

Country is waylon jennings, merle haggard, johnny cash, and willie nelson.

If you want to hear good modern country check out Sturgill Simpson.

Also bluegrass is objectively > country

Just spam paddy Tarleton at them


Is this a conspiracy by boomers to make their critics look retarded?

I'm aussie, I hate the sound of Burger accents and American country music. Instrumental American country music is fine but as soon as you add those whiny 'broken heart' vocals you lose me entirely.
None of the americunts you posted hold a candle to vivaldi or bach.
Your four chord progression simpleton trash. You should take it along with your shit opinion and shove it up your arse.

You too faggot.

Yeah I really hate whites that don't do anything wrong and instead love muh based niggers that steal shit and kikes that run the financial system.

Nah, its weird you're running damage control.

Go listen to your jungle beats, faggot.

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Nigbots stop rapping and instead appropriate boomer culture, boomers dissipate forever except as a shitstain in the annals of history long forgotten, the world is good.

I kind of do agree. America has some damn good songs if you look far back enough though.

Dude, he hates country in favor of classical music. (And, more traditional folk musics.) Country is very poppish anyways.

This will get less traction than White rappers do with Blacks. Idk if Hebes will promote it to any great length, as it may have an inverse effect of promoting a more functional culture to Blacks by way of association. Though, the number that would tune in will be low and the content of the songs of the Black artists will be fully degenerate.

Looking forward to muh diking in cowboy hats.

The Black Man Invented Country Music and Whitey Stole it

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To sincerely compare country music artists to classical composers might be peak autism. No offense. Doing so is like comparing apples to cats. They both grow from a living thing but that's where the comparison of form and function stops. There's a place for four chord progression, math rock, classical compositions, and most things in-between except for modern nigger muzac. On that we might agree.

Would the return of the age of classical music be culturally ideal? Maybe. But at least you can still listen to it to the exclusion of all else if you want to. Wheres the large rural and southern White population in the USA, living in the vast regions of this nation with a limited economy, might be more consistently and better emotionally served by simpler compositions similar to how a shot of whiskey sometimes is more appropriate than a martini. Thank goodness for a choice in tools. No need to condemn the hammer as one day you might find it to be convenient to use when you come across a nail.

I agree that country music is an acquired taste, and my preferences within the genre are limited. In my experience, a person needs to find one artist that speaks to them before they start appreciating the rest. After they find that artist, a it leaves the door open for an increasing appreciation of the stuff that initially made you flinch. A lot of the better country music artists, today, are not well known. Most of what is played on the radio is trash, outside of stations that concentrate on older artists.

blues niggers would be ashamed
the rivalry between black's blues and white's country is legendary
it was from them that rock and roll was born

I'm ok with this if we can get Charlie Pride 2.0

Find this niggers address and post it all over Zig Forums.



unironically based niggerime

What the fuck is wrong with this board?
You people have no sense of white culture?
Country music has been produced by whites for whites. How is it that you want white ethno-states if you don't even appreciate your own culture?

I seriously doubt Tyrone will be blasting Hank in the ghetto.
I don't give a shit about the lolipop jew trash on the radio. Hopefully they'll hear a decent message in contrast to the degenerate shit they're always listening to.

We wuz cowbois n shieet nau.