This is multiculturism in Canada. A Canadian city was once 70.1% white in 1996 but just 20 years later is 26...

This is multiculturism in Canada. A Canadian city was once 70.1% white in 1996 but just 20 years later is 26.7% white in 2016.

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The place has gone to shit anyway.
I used to be like you and wanted to fix it but it's gotten so bad that it no longer matters.

Then why stay? Some misplaced sense of fondness? Nostalgia? Or do you just not know where to go from here?

Well, where can we go?

Millchan, Nanochan, Megucachan, Endchan…there are alternative boards. Probably nowhere near as active as this one, but does it mater when the majority of that activity are Reddit, Qlarpers, and shitposters shitting up the board further by pretending to be one of the two?

Brampton is Indians. Markham is Chinese and I think Richmond is a mix. Anyway, Justine has been bringiing in 500k+ a year the past three years (and the cunt wants more) up from the 300k we've been getting the past 30 years. So every year it's like 1.5% of the population and it's ALL non-White. It's also the entire cost of the massive deficits that have taken place the past 3 years. Over 20b a year. When Harper spent 8b in 2008 to save the economy, that was a record and the media when nuts but are quite about this. This is going to lead to Canada becoming Brazil but with shitty weather.

I live in BC. Been to Richmond it’s taken over by gooks. Charts legit.

i believe it. but for propaganda purposes having an archive link to the proof is helpful

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Markham region is upper Chinatown, Brampton is also called Bramladesh for a reason

What do you expect it’s Canada, shiiiieeeeeyyttt

You’ll also realize that these non whites are not even niggers they’re chinks and sand niggers. Those are smarter especially the chinks they’ll fully take over soon

I often joke it's now Chinese Colombia.

The time is ticking, patience has limits.

That's how fast it happens, there simply isn't any "let's just wait" time left.
One generation and it is too late.

Multiculturalism is a failure.

Chink farmers are buying up land as fast as they can in Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Even poor countries don't allow foreigners to come in and buy up land like this. The leadership class has no idea how to run a country. Total incompetents or hateful pedophile faggots that are trying their best to destroy it all.

Absolutely true.
In the philipines for example, it is almost impossible for a foreigner to buy land. The best they can do is to rent it long term.
The same applies in many other countries. Yet in new zealand, canada, australia etc, the governments let anyone buy up the entire country, they don't even have to live there or set foot in the country.
Our lands have been sold out from under out feet, our country, our history, everything our ancestors worked for.
Guy Fawkes them all.

this dosnt seem right, canada should have been way whiter then 70% in 1996 right? people call my state "basically canada" and its like 90% white even now

i can only hope that white elitists are intentionally subjecting the entire population to racial replacement with the certainty that we will rebel as a united race against non-whites

Keep in mind too, that China has 1,500+ million people, so even if just their top 1-10% want to buy something, that is 15-150 million people.
There are only 23 million in australia, 5-6 in new zealand, 37 million in canada. The top 10% of china can buy up half of the land in those countries, and once it is gone, it is gone. They control it.
Chinks are obsessed with money, they don't give gifts at chinese new year, they give little red envelopes with money in it. They aren't malicious in subversion, or hyper violent or aggressive, but they do stick together, they do accrue, and they are like ants - never ceasing to toil until they've turned the entire patch of earth into a termite's nest.

yeah i don't believe those numbers. canada like the uk has had strict muddling of census figures but, i seriously doubt any canadian city was under 80% white in '96 except possibly vancouver.

Vancouverite: I've actually grown accustomed to Asians. They are actually easy to be around, don't bother you, and only really judge each other based on looks and status. If you are educated, presentable, act respectable, and are intelligent - they will like you.

They all think that everyone else hates them and will almost cry in happiness when you treat them with any degree of respect. I told a massage parlour girl that I like living around asians because they don't hassle you and their communities are safe - and she got excited and asked if I wanted to cum in her without a condom.

What I really notice is that they are genetically immune to jew propaganda since jew propaganda relies on the reader actually caring about things that don't affect the reader's own life. Asians simply don't care about anything other than their own life, career, finances, and material possessions. They never talk about racism, globohomo, feminism, or other nonsense that whites can get suckered into caring about. That is one of the things that makes being around them easy. I have white family in other cities that are easily manipulated by the media and it makes me cringe every time I see them. My mom is pretty much a mirror image of Andrea Dworkin and can get very high and mighty about her beliefs and you'll really never see that type among Asians.

IMO living around asians for a year will give you a good idea of what parts of our own culture could be reformed, since they do seem to fare much better than whites in degenerate societies.

Fuck off libtard.

It is just one town.
But Canada as a whole has gone from 86% european in 1996, to 72.9% in 2016 - keep in mind that it is now going down by about 1% PER YEAR. Meaning it is around 70% now.
Half-way down the page is demographics by race.

execute a regicidal spaniard and then behead that king's sun 60 years later. that is the essence of why the anglo is in his current predicament. that is why he has drug all of europe into a state of mongrelization.

If this was Canada in just 20 years, imagine what would happen in the next 20 years.

Here is what it comes down to:
china is a consumerist country with a huge productive base. Canada is a consumer country with no productive base. If there are no barriers to buying land and properties - people from producer countries will use their wealth to buy land and property in simple consumer countries like Canada. Canada needs to start producing again AND lock out foreign "investors". Canada benefits in no way from selling our land and property to foreigners.

Did you now?

Just leave this board like you'll eventually leave your homelands. The white man is a cowardly dog at this point. It's over.

chinky eyes must give them tunnel vision. i've noticed gooks are pretty good at living in whatever rats nest amongst the refuse of civilization as well. i don't hope europeans have to adapt as they do in foreign lands in our homelands though.

Exactly, it only accellerates the more there are.
In 10-20 years, western europe, canada, australia, new zealand will be unrecognisable unless something is done about it.
John Rhys Davies (Gimli from LOTR) speaks about it openly in various interviews.

I'm just saying that if they are in a degenerate society, they still educate themselves, dress well, avoid drugs, and keep strong families. They also have racial networks that they can tap into to fund business ventures. Whites here are a mess: blue hair, uneducated, obsessed with SJW nonsense, poor, few own properties, and most are estranged from their racial and family networks.

The war must start THIS YEAR or everything is LOST.

Yellow and brown niggers either assimilate or get the fuck out of this country.

tbh just get a chinky gf lad

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Kill yourself, kike.
You freaks are transparent, and always try to pin your schemes on the 'anglo', which in itself is a word that was popularised by kike television and film with spic gangs "ey, fukin ese I fukin keeel u fukin puto anglo carbon".

than i'd accuse you of tunnel vision. the chinese have a significant ghetto culture. prostitution, drugs, and racketerring is still normalized in the chinese emigrant communities. take off your weeaboo goggles and investigate.

this is what I see when I get on to work in the morning in Vancouver. This is how the Chinese present themselves vs how whites present themselves.

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No need to be a defeatist. The sooner the better, because it only becomes harder with each day that passes. Harder but not impossible.
Europeans have survived ice ages, and have been biologically conditioned to the peak of war through thousands of years of warfare. High iq, the strongest people in the world physically - see world's strongest man for details, the foundation of 95% of inventions throughout history.
If it comes to a fight, it will be as it was before, with one of us being worth 10 of them. It is just far better to do it right away so less of us are lost in the conflict.

um no sweety. if we've learned anything from the last 100 years it is that it is the weak willed pyschotic anglo which enables anti-european policies. it probably stems from their parliamentarianism and warfighting with france.

That's not to say all is lost and you shouldn't reproduce. White women can be converted, with massive effort, and the already wife material Asian women can bear white children with IVF and white ova. The effort or 10k is within any user's grasp.

I am actually setting up my own massage parlour soon. I have friends that are in the business and it is very cheap to set up compared to restaurant franchises.

I am well aware of what they do. I'm just saying that in general they are significantly higher functioning than whites. On the upper end, they are significantly better educated and higher earning. Among the criminal types: few whites have it in them to do sophisticated racketeering, but you will see whites getting arrested outside drugstores after stealing razors.

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Those are all philipinas, and are half spanish anyway.

Same phenotype as southern chinks.

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Derp. The chinks that go abroad and set up instant businesses are the better educated and wealthier ones. That's how they can do it in the first place. That's why you usually don't see them on benefits/government money.
Go to china and spend some time in one of their cities, you'll realise what the other 90% of chinks are like.

than fuck yourself and goto >>>/reddit/ if you wanna discuss your race mixing anti-white nature
nothing of value lost to us should you literally suck a pistol tomorrow you degenerate faggot

the majority of the Chinese here are descendants of working class Southern-Chinese. They did not come with money. Many of them are second generation and have gone from parents that are poor and ESL to being accountants and doctors and lawyers within one generation.

Never gonna make it

philipinos are quite different even from others in SEA, have similarities to pacific islanders, and have 50% spic in the prettier ones, due to 500 years of spanish rule, not to mention the effect that being christians for the last half a thousand years and having had spanish culture for all that time.

lol, if you want to make a change in the world, you need money. You can churn $150,000/year out of a massage parlour relatively easily. I see nothing wrong with that.

Some look like that, the wealthy, well educated, intelligent ones.
Most of the other ones are fine in terms of personality, but have short, bowed legs and are at least as chubby as the girl in the first photo.

no you can't. no you won't. you're straight up larping you fucking bitch

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middle class southern Chinese that come from humble backgrounds look like pic related. They're less flashy than the mainlanders, but very well put together. The difference is striking when you compare them to whites that come from a similar class background tbh fam.

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When you finally find out that Q is a homeless guy that talks in his sleep and was replying to questions while he was sleeping.

You fucking stupid nigger.
There are many pakis and gooks like the girl on the left picture.

lol, you can set up a massage parlour for 30K. It's literally a lease ($2500/month), four rooms, massage table and shower in each room, desk in the front, and a fridge and couch in the back so that the girls have somewhere to sit while waiting. You'll just burn money on the least the first 6 or so months while you build up customers.

Canadafag here. You gotta move out of the cities to smaller cities. Where I like it's over 95% white, beautiful, affordable houses, small town friendliness, etc. There are some methheads and drug addicts but I just don't associate with them.

this x1000

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A White man can non longer live in the cities, sad but true.

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Whites are the highest common sense, most beautiful, nicest, and the best race on earth.

Where do you think the pakis and chinks will hit next? You're only temporarily safe in the rural areas and more likely to fall victim to normalcy bias. By the time the horde finds you it will be too late and your community will be destroyed.

lol, you're a faggot
eurasian and eurabian policies are the weapons of a defeated enemy
we will not only overthrow the globalist
we will eradicate the miscegenated

From the article:
For those who haven't heard of this, it is a common hobby among rich chinese. They buy businesses and properties around the world for status points, similar to owning a fancy car or expensive watch or a thoroughbred horse they never ride.
They do this in Paris and the other capitals, and clearly they are doing it in Canada too. "oh i'll own a vinyard, that'll impress my friends and rivals and raise my status so the business deal goes to me instead of them."
They don't care about the businesses, or know anything about them, to them it is a painting in a vault. If it goes under, it isn't a big loss, they just buy another one.
Family run businesses are bought out, and are then killed off through neglect/lack of care. Or they just replace the traditional food/wine with some cheap chinese shit because to them it doesn't make sense to have 'quality', it is not within the chinese philosophy.
Made in china means mass production with the end result being unimportant, as long as it sells for maximum profit.

Canadian here. I'm going to have to execute you. Fuck you and all these Asians.

im not married to or dating a Chinese. I am just saying that they are high functioning in our sick society.

I am a committed white nationalist and am going to marry a white waifu. It's true that the pull of asians is real and I do get a lot of attention from them. The higher tier of office asians here look like pic related. They look nice, but I will perpetuate my own race.

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These stats don't even include the fuckload of illegals we also have. For every one legal shitskin they usually house like 5 or more extra illegal shitskins.

Same in europe too, the figures provided are likely half the real amount. You can SEE how many there are with every year that passes. The streets fill up with them.
I would rather an apocalypse happen and wipe out the planet rather than see civilisation killed by this war without weapons.

sounds more like you are going to join anti-fa just so you have some company and join their suicide cult.

if europe should fall to migration replacement i hope that the chinese at least will start the destruction of world civilization through a nuclear exchange. we're the aryan work horse and the world can continue after us but, without our invention and intuition it will goto barbarism. we progressed largely our experiences with the black plague and dark age feudalism. the world can only go back to that age after we've been blighted.

Just do what I'm doing which is posters to demand deportation of all the non-whites along with threats that if they try to stop peaceful means then violence will be the next step. Make it clear to everyone in every city and town you can bother to visit that we want them all deported or it will be war. Then it's just a matter of seeing if they're willing to let you speak freely or not. If not it's time for war and it's their fault.

when i was a teen i liked jap girls but, now i think they're repugnant. each his own i suppose but, not mine so fuck him.

t. subversive antifa fuckhead who is more obsessed with racemixxing than the average anti-white libtards around me who aren't even white nationalists

This. Cities are gone. Unless you're an ultra wealthy White, the cities are a death trap for Whites.

threats don't matter if you can't back them up. I doubt you could even run a cnc machine and get a gun factory going. I doubt you could even afford a cnc machine.

Assimilation is a codeword for racemixing.

Fuck off with that assimilation shit.

They need to leave or die.

I guess your way is the beginning of ETHNOGLOBE…so it could be tried, maybe. As long as we continue to develop the methods to exterminate the subhuman parasites from the globe after they all go home (to avoid a repeat in the future when it strikes their fancy).

i know right. what a dork faggot

What are fires and bombs?

THIS!! There are a lot of kikes in this thread though like here so expect flack.

97% white country in 1971 20% white nationally by 2060.

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White people obviously have more common sense than Asians. Whites do not get as stressed out, their parents are not as strict, and still end up being more successful than gooks and pakis who have less common sense. Stupid ass niggas liberals should go fuck themselves.

The japanese are being targetted too, for being a homoegeneous, safe and civilised country with high intelligence and creativity.
They aren't the same as us, but they are seen as a threat to the demented (((cult))), that can only thrive in depravity and chaos.
I read recently that a large amount of europeans, especially north western europeans, still carry a genetic immunity to the black death and as a consequence, similarly functioning diseases.
If there is a biowar, europe might have a large amount of survivors compared to other places.

lol, my post was literally about how I recognize that they are good looking, but am determined NOT to marry one of them because I want to perpetuate my own tribe. The chicks in that pic are literally a dime a dozen are marrying one is extremely easy. Just saying that it's hard not to feel the pull when your own race is so much more dysfunctional.

Middle class white women look like pic related. I can't even guess what they do for a living. They all wear those stupid Blundstone boots.

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just think of the men that died at dieppe for this
fuck us if we cannot fight the invasion. we deserve to be brutalized.

Shut the kikes down, point them out, and carry on with the core thread.

you're a materialistic homosexual. go get an asian husband. we don't want you in the tribe any longer

Note to self: firebomb the massage parlors…

(((canada))) they deserve it

There is Power in a Nation…
by user

None of 'us' did any of this.
If you buy a teddy and it turns out to be a lead-filled radioactive fire hazard, does your child deserve to die, or do you kill the kike that sold it to you claiming it was a top quality toy.

rolling for this

if our country wasn't so jewed, and we actually had a developed economy, I wouldn't even think of running massage parlours - but we don't! In Vancouver you can
1. Build homes for Chinese people (which is slow right now because of the foreign buyer tax)
2. Import building materials from china and Europe
3. run warehouses and logistics for developers
4 run Tim Hortons franchises (expensive)
5. run prostitutes or drugs.

We have NO industries in Canada. No watch making, no textiles, no automotive, no cars, no software (outside of small outfits like EA). Canada is a disgrace. It's a banana republic. If you want to run a company that does something productive, you need lots of other people playing the same game, but Canada is simply not productive at all. Our economy is garbage. That's why massage parlours are a good alternative.

yes anyone who is a citizen of the nations which fought against the progressive policies of the third reich is an associate of white genocide. their only proof against criminality is to immediately stop participating in that nation's development and work towards it's destruction. we are the children of our ancestor's unfortunate crimes and must absolve ourselves.

one other thing: here are the barriers to productive business:
1. minimum wage laws make our own goods uncompetitive
2. expensive shipping
3. high taxes (including sales taxes)
4. endless environmental regulations
5. onerous intellectual property laws that countries like china don't have to pay attention to.

If we simply reformed those 5 points - our economy would lift off and we could actually start developing our disgraceful banana republic. Suck my cock if you think massage parlours are disgraceful. They're one of the few ways to make money here and since most of the women are broke here - it's not hard to find workers.

go count your shekels you dumb yuppie bitch