The truth is hidden at plain sight

-Part 1-

For a long time an inscrutable truth has been hidden in plain sight, a red pill so obvious but elusive that molded our community and the digital culture in general without being directly pointed: Behind all the conflicts in which the chans has had direct or indirect responsibility, there is a power struggle between the aspies and the normies, a struggle between the mainstream evolutionary branch and ours, an emerging alternative that in the last few centuries has seen extraordinary growth along the ever-increasing pace of technology and specialization. Trough history most of us were ostracized, excluded and forced to live in a world where we were no more than foreigners. Those "functional" enough were tolerated to a certain extent due to their inherent skills, the rest were discarded ad lib, relegated to perish alone and in despair. And from this despair, anger was born among us, the desire to retaliate against an invisible but oppressive enemy never to be identified. This lack of self-perception enabled the normies, in the form of various political movements, to canalize our vindication against their enemies, in a war in which we have nothing to win but everything to lose. Our internal political differences are being exploited to separate us in order to neutralize any possible resistance. The "alt-right", the incel movement and the chans are, all the same, the materialization of our political development and the consequent will for power, the power to take over a society that despise us for what we are, that leaves no other choice for our people that hide from its scrutiny. In the past an implicit pact was made with them, our existence will be tolerated to a certain extent if we secluded ourselves into our fantasy worlds, the only place far enough from their reach.

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-Part 2-

As time passed, our numbers grew and the paradigm changed. The invention of internet connected us, in the depths of its embrace we discovered that we were not alone, that the same traits for which we were alienated brought us closer to people like ourselves. A profound misunderstanding was exposed, what seemed like deficient social skills from their point of view was, in turn, a consequence of a profound cognitive contrast. Between ones and zeroes, the unity of the scattered was discovered, and across social classes, languages and nations bonds were made and a new culture emerged, a culture still not fully aware of itself. Ironically as time passed that little fantasy world started to grow stronger, in the era of knowledge the table started to turn on them. Thanks to a cognitive configuration with an elevated affinity with the demands of this millennium, some of us started to gain an enormous level of power and influence inside this new technological paradigm, but sadly there is a long road ahead and the vast majority still suffers from the exclusion and the alienation imposed on us. This was not unnoticed by the normies, whose natural disgust against our kind generated a strong and diversified reaction against this new culture. A conflict like no other is starting to grow, a conflict that is fought by our army on multiple fronts, an army whose identity, expressed through symbols (memes) is still being developed. Sooner or later the real nature of this combat, that hides beneath a multitude of political (and temporary) proxies, will be revealed. Those of you who are lost and confused, don't surrender to despair. Each day, our memetic power (political influence) increases and the time will come for us, for our kind, to gain control of our own destiny. This is just the beginning.

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In all seriousness, your writing is pretty incoherent, poorly organized, and grammatically nauseating. You shit out 20 words that skirt around what you're trying to say—like you're getting paid by the word.

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Good shit op. Keep writing.

Freedom is the kingdom.

I also appreciate this post. Although I don't understand what you're trying to say with

I think he means the kikes have been exploiting aspies creative genius through the centuries to keep their enemies down, and thus, them on top. we got nothing from them for all our troubles, because kikes view all other races as mere cattle. That's not a brief consolidation, but the meaning is near enough I think.

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kek. if the kikes are attempting to gaslight this thread now, op must be onto something good.

The aspie/robot/incel anger and frustration generated by the alienation imposed by the neurotypicals instead of being directed against its causes was capitalized and used by them for their own gain.

It is not uncommon to find aspies among the perpetrators of mass shootings and politically motivated acts of violence, "vulnerable" people is easier to radicalize. None of its acts benefits us in the end. Even if the enemies of the alt right are defeated, we will continue to be the underdogs.

I see this political movement as a demostration of power for us, robots, but not as an end in itself.

The real enemy is not politically or nationally defined. The real enemy are the normies whatever its form. As long as they continue to exist we will be oppressed.

This battle exceeds the ideological field.

I see these meme wars as the political awakening of people cognitively
similar (characterized by some grade of asperger) which until now were relegated by the rest of society.

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Verbose, but I must agree. People with Asperger's Syndrome (combined with above average IQ, perhaps?) have a gaze that pierce through man-made lies because our understanding of the world is rooted in nature itself. That is not to say our understanding of the the human world can be muddled. With the internet, our inherent weaknesses are now our strengths and in one flip, we now have the potential to be steerers of the ship of humanity because we are not bound by the usual worldly vain lies like riches or success. No, each of us have the potential to become philosopher kings, guiding humanity towards a bright future (and away from danger) from our comfy homes. It's ironic that we fight the lies of an elitist race that deems itself as God's chosen while we may very well be the chosen ones, although it comes at costs that neurotypicals will never understand.

Sometimes I wonder why I was put on this confusing Earth, wandering without direction through life… until I found out why it was so confusing. It was the work of (((them))). I'll never yield, never give up. My resolve was hardened before I was born, so keep your inspiring words to yourself, OP, and start working like the rest of us. If to drown is to die, then I'll swim 'til I can swim no more…

Look at me, now I got verbose as well. Fuck you, OP. I bet you're an aussie.

Artists aren't smarter they just care less about fitting in (which is a basic human function, that they've already failed at to an extent) so they dare to question more. That becomes a feedback loop where they are further alienated, and in turn question more because there is less to lose. Normalfags "just want to fit in", and will stop questioning things to the extent that their fitting in is endangered. That's just enough to make them feel like they at least tried, and are very smart. Then they can go on with their normalfaggotry without significant cognitive dissonance.

I really have no idea what you are talking about

That's an on point observation. I guess I mistakenly used my own experiences and applied them as a whole.

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OP sounds good.

the nature of this conflict is spiritual, adhere to your inner values and you cannot be defeated

definition (((they))) are using now is pretty good.
hybrid: (adjective) of mixed character; composed of different elements.
warfare: engagement in or the activities involved in war or conflict.
while we are at it there one other term that is useful.
total war:A war that is unrestricted in terms of the weapons used, the territory or combatants involved, or the objectives pursued, especially one in which the laws of war are disregarded.
we are getting there. slowly but surely.

They probably learned how to write in a college composition class. Maybe he just got in the mood to write it as a thesis? I often have fantasies of writing college papers on the stuff we cover on this website, and presenting those papers before my comp class. Perhaps OP has similar fantasies?
Of course if this is the case, then OP probably should have put some citations in there for good measure, and maybe used proper paragraph rules. Anybody have the link to that pdf that explains how to properly cite imageboard posts in MLA format?

"Autism" has gold in it's root.

Gold means we don't fall for (((emotional))) arguments.

Nazis, like most Germans, were somewhat autistic too. Seeing the truth in a situation and not hiding your power level for personal gain is a pathological altruistic trait of the white man. We have to train ourselves to ignore (((arguments))).

The best of us turn gold.

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It's freemasonry (and the neposism and allegory games they play) that sets off most autists. Some of us adapt, however. Live is good.


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we've had this since Lincoln, the way he slaughtered his political opposition with physical violence is appalling

all in order to build Henry Clay's American machine aka the Military Industrial Complex